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I think it feels great! And what makes Community so unique. Once you are a part of the world you are a part of the world. It is awesome! Luke who plays Magnitude is a great guy. He is actually English. So he has this awesome London accent. But obviously doesn't use it on the show. He is one of my besties from Community and I love when we get to work together!

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Is the Fat Neil and Vicki thing going to continue? It was a while ago that it was hinted.

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Keep watching to find out!

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THank you guys so much for all of your great questions! If you want to ask me more questions feel free to ask me via twitter @drkaplowitz I have to run now but I will also try to check back to answer any more questions on reddit a little later! Have a wonderful SUNDAY!!!!

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If Vicki was in her own study group, who would she want in it?

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oh that is easy- Leonard, Neil, Magnitude, Star Burns, Garrett, and Quendra with a Qu!

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What's Donald Glover like? Is he really that funny in person?

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Donald Glover is awesome. He is so sweet and nice and hysterical. Very welcoming:)

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Are you featured in any upcoming episodes?

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Yes I should be in 3 more episodes coming up this season. I am in the Law and Order episode which is going to be an awesome episode so look out for that one!

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What would you like to see Vicki do in episodes yet to come? Perhaps vengeance on Pierce, though admittedly, you did shove a pencil in his face.

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I would love to see Vicki really have it out with Pierce, although I think they have already made amends if you noticed from the Paintball episodes in season 2:)

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"She's a dance major Jeff! And she loves twinkies! Maybe you'd know that if you took the time to get to know her!"

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Great line...

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I would love to see Vicki and Pierce throw down! haha but I think they made amends as you probably noticed from the paintball episodes in season 2:)

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Are Troy and Abed actually good friends? Do they act in anyway the same offset as on?

Thanks for the AMA, hope I see more of you on another hopeful season of Community!!!(:

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Yes Donald and Danny are good friends in real life. THey do not act like Troy and Abed though- haha. Thanks so much! This has been fun! I hope we get one more season as well!

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Donald and Danny are good friends off set. They do not act like Troy and Abed in real life! haha

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I am close with Luke who plays Magnitude. He is my buddy! I love Charley Koontz too. He is a great guy. I tweet with his sometimes and we see each other around...I am also friendly with Yvette who plays Shirly. We just had coffee a couple weeks ago:) But I love everyone from that show and consider all of them my friends. Eric Charles Nielson and I had known each other previously from an improv class.

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Charley did an awesome AMA about a month ago. Is he the one that convinced you to do this one?

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no, but Charley is awesome- so that would make sense.

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Is Luke English? He was in Harry Potter and I know they cast only English actors. It would be hilarious to see Magnitude break out a accent.

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Yes Luke is English!

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Love Game of Thrones, MAD MEN, and just started Breaking Bad. I love many more shows but those are probably my faves. I always have other projects that I am auditioning for and helping to create:) I have a couple of things in the works right now...

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Does Vicki have a last name?

Were there any repercussions for stabbing Pierce in the face with a pencil?

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In one script I saw that it was Cooper. Vicki Cooper. Although I have no idea if that is still the case:) Pierce had me dance on a table during Paintball in his Saloon- So I would say he got the last laugh...

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Not a question about the show itself, but related. In the show, Vicki is the ugly girl. A loser, nerd, etc. That's where all the humour on her part comes from. Correct?

My question is, how did they go about advertising that part? Did you have to answer an ad for "Unattractive, awkward, actress wanted to play loser."? I've always wondered this for roles similar to Vicky and Fat Neil.

I really don't mean to offend by the way, I can't think of a more polite way to ask...

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No offense taken. Vicki is not a great looking girl. BUT i will say that they put me in the most awful clothes and give me makeup that makes me look dowdier and hair that just kinda hangs there. They really do what they can to play up that look. I swear I can clean up nicely! haha. But yes I am a character actress in every sense of the word and proud of it!

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Also your agent sees the breakdowns of characters on shows that are getting cast. They know what you can do as an actress and then they submit you. I have no problem being called in for roles like this b/c I am a character actress:)

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any time!

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I have always meant to start watching Community, everyone raves about it. From an actual star of the show, give me some reasons to start watching?

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Personally I think that it is the best comedy writing on TV. Smart, quick humor. There is really nothing like it!

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Best comedy writing on television. Smart and quick.

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Generic question, but what's the feel of the set? Are you and your fellow actors jovial with each other?

Also, do you give Alison Brie crap for being on Mad Men too?

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The actors on this show all love each other and are really close friends. They are incredible welcoming to all of us secondary players. The girls are sweet and nice to each other- not catty and the boys are the best. And Alison Brie being on MAD MEN?? She is AMAZING on that show. I was a fan of hers from that before she did Community.

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Hi Danielle. I love your work on Community but I see on that you were in the game L.A Noire. What was that experience like?

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That was really cool to shoot. Totally different than a tv show. you go into a white room with a million small cameras everwhere. You sit in this chair and you say a bunch of lines. I also got to work with Aaron Staton from Mad Men who I have known for years and love. It was nice to have a reunion during that.

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Do you have any funny stories from set?

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I wrote something for this already but somehow it got erased. If you have already seen the answer I am sorry for redundancy. I just said that during the XMAS episode when Taran Killam did his speech at the end...he did it 50 different ways and they were all SO FUNNY. Everyone on set was dying laughing that day. It was so fun to be there to see it!

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I hope the speeches show up on the DVD special features!

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Me too!

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Hey, if I wanna mention you to friends, do I say KAPlowitz or KapLOWitz? And do you pronounce the 'w' as a 'w' or a 'v?'

Also, I'd like to say that Vicki dancing for Pierce's empty saloon is one of my favorite sight gags from the whole show.

Thanks for answering a weird question.

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good question! my name is tough. It is KAPlowitz and you say the W like a W. It really is pronounced exactly how it is spelled. KAP-LOW-ITZ. Thanks for asking! I loved the dancing on the table scene! So fun to shoot!

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What sort of shows or books to you look to for entertainment?

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Well I love Game of Thrones on HBO. It is the best! I love MAD MEN and I am just finally starting Breaking Bad through netflix and I am already annoyed that I haven't watched this sooner. And of course Community:) Books- I love to read mostly non fiction funny books. For instance I loved Mindy Kaling's book. Great read!

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Have you read Bossypants? That's like my favorite non-fiction book right now.

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OMG just starting that one! I can't wait:)

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How is your relationship with Pierce outside of the set? I loved the episode in which you were running for president and Pierce was tormenting you.

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Chevy is the person I know the least on set...Thanks! That episode was a blast to shoot!

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Thanks for doing this!

Since doing Community have you ever been approached by fans?

Will you be in any more episodes this season?

What other acting gigs have you had besides Community and what was the audition process like for Vicki?

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I have been approached by fans of the show. It always feels great to know that people are watching and love the show. I will be in 3 more episodes this season. I have had many other acting gigs as I have lived in LA for 8 and a half years. I did a pilot for SHOWTIME that didn't get picked up, along with many short films, videos, etc. The audition process for Vicki was for the debate episode from season 2. A couple of lines and reaction shots. I had no idea on that day that they would bring me back as much as they did. It was the ultimate compliment:)

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Yes I have been approached by fans. It always feels nice when someone notices you and likes the show. The audition was a couple of lines and lots of reactions. Getting the call that I got the part was a great day! I had no idea when I shot that one episode that they would bring me back. I am so grateful for that!

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Do you think there will be another paintball episode?! It was awesome when you got shot in the season finale last year.

ribskib43 karma

Thanks! That was a crazy thing. I really got shot and it really hurt. So that reaction was not really acting:) I don't know if there will be another paintball episode. I wish there would be. They were amazing!

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No questions from me. Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to do this and to say that I like your yellow shirt....and your hat! :)

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THanks so much!

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Whats your fav pizza topping? Thanks in advance

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This is so weird but I love eggplant pizza.

thelovepirate23 karma

This does not sound like a good pizza topping.

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It is really good- you should try it!

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What do you think of recent butting-of-heads between Dan Harmon and Chevy Chase? Was it blown out of proportion by the media?

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Things are often blown out of proportion by the Media. I was not on set the day that it happened. I was at the wrap party but in another room. So I like you, only heard the story through the media. I hope everything can work out for the sake of the show.

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We are proud to have Danielle Kaplowitz on Inside the Reddit Studio.

  • What is your favorite word?

  • What is your least favorite word?

  • What profession, other than your own, would you like to try?

  • What profession would you absolutely not want to do?

  • What turns you on?

  • What turns you off?

  • If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you get to the pearly gates?

ribskib19 karma

  • "Fantastic
  • "conflict"
  • teacher
  • president
  • smart creative people
  • hateful people
  • Great job kid!

holidayvegas20 karma

Funniest person off-camera?

ribskib50 karma

hmmm. off camera? Everyone is pretty funny. If I had to pick one I would say Joel. He always has a great one liner ready to go...

runalongmantalk19 karma

If you could write a subplot for Vicki what would you want it to be?

ribskib35 karma

I would want to see her and Neil's relationship played out.

jesuz19 karma

Who has a higher ass crack, Donald or Joel?

ribskib21 karma

You would have to ask them...

nvenkatr19 karma

So umm...who's the beloved character that dies in "Course listing unavailable?

And what are your thoughts on Community competing against the Big bang theory in the dreaded 8PM slot? Should it be moved to a half hour later?

ribskib41 karma

I would love if Community could be moved out of that slot. I think it is really a show that would fare better in a later time slot. Only my opinion of course:)


Does your character (Vicki) resemble your own self in any way?

ribskib28 karma

There is always a little of us in the characters we play, but Vicki and I are very different:) I don't get pushed around as much as she does:)

shloimtotheE14 karma

How often are you on set?

ribskib16 karma

I am there often enough where everyone knows me and I feel comfortable. It takes 5 days to shoot an episode. Sometimes I am there for 1 day per episode sometimes 3 or 5. So it depends...

exsibilation13 karma

Thanks for doing this! What is something about the show or the cast that you would not have known had you not been a part of it?

ribskib17 karma

I guess I just would not have known all these wonderful people the cast and the crew. They are all so awesome. So much fun to work with!

AssViolator12 karma

Do you enjoy working with Joe Mchale?

ribskib23 karma

Joel is great. I love working with him and think he is SO talented and funny. He is an awesome guy!

TAReed12 karma

How hard was it to keep a straight face when being yelled at/tormented by Chevy Chase?

ribskib18 karma

It is hard, but that is part of the job!

LunarWillie8 karma

What was your favorite episode to film from season 3 so far? What should we be on the lookout for on the next few episodes?

ribskib27 karma

Law and Order episode coming up was my favorite to be a part of. But my favorite episode from this season so far was the one where the Dean is trying to make a commercial for GREENDALE. Jim Rash is the best guy and a total genius!

catterpillars7 karma

How did you land the role? Were you a fan of the show before you were cast?

ribskib20 karma

Yes I was a fan before I got cast. My agents got me the audition and I got it! that was a great day:)

themustardtiger7 karma

One of my favourite scenes in Community is when Pierce bullies you out of the election because you wouldn't lend him a pen. How hard is it for you to not laugh in such hilarious scenes?

ribskib9 karma

It is hard not to laugh. That was my first episode and I was nervous. So the nerves made me keep it together so that I wouldn't laugh.

kevintheimpaler7 karma

What was the audition process like? Did you audition for the role of Vicki? Or was it a more open thing, and they were like "Hey, you kinda get picked on, but we've got a role for you..."

ribskib23 karma

No I went in for the role of Vicki. My agents got me the audition. It was supposed to be for one episode- the debate episode. Then they called me back again and again for other things. Such an honor!

eztarget8967 karma

Don't have a question for now. Just want to say thank you for doing this ama and look forward to seeing you back on the show in future episodes.

ribskib11 karma

Thank you!!!!

RedRaider2196 karma

I am just getting into community, and as someone that is actually on it what makes it awesome??

ribskib10 karma

Great writing and hilarious characters!

throwaway30776 karma

Obligatory question about how it's like working with Chevy Chase.

ribskib7 karma

Chevy is a comedy legend. I don't know him very well.

jeremiahwarren6 karma

What other shows/movies have you been in? How long does it take to shoot an episode of Community?

ribskib12 karma

It takes 5 days to shoot one episode normally. I did a pilot for SHOWTIME that didn't get picked up, and I have done tons of videos and short films, web stuff, etc. Have some other stuff in the works. If you follow me on twitter I can update you @drkaplowitz

DankoRamone5 karma

How proud does it make you to be a part of a show that has such a devoted fan base, and is almost assured to be viewed in the future as a ground-breaking and at least somewhat legendary show?

And when are Vicki and Leonard going to hook up for a February-December romance? Or was Vicki already one of his pregnancy scares?

ribskib7 karma

hahaha- I don't know- I think Vicki really likes Neil so I don't know about her and Leonard. It has been a dream come true for me to be a part of COMMUNITY.