I am Kevin Pereira. Ask me anything: even about fucking co-hosts.

You may know me as:

Alright chums, let's do this!

UPDATE: That's all folks! Had a blast, thanks for the kind words, taking the time to ask questions, etc. Hope to do it again! I truly love Reddit, and your mom. Xo.

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Warlizard868 karma

Thanks for doing this Kevin, although I question the sanity of voluntarily walking into the lion’s den.

  1. Boom! You’re in charge of G4 and have a free 40 million to spend on programming. What shows would you create and which shows would you cancel?

  2. If you were put in charge of Attack of the Show, what changes would you make?

  3. Are you ever free to give honest feedback on the products you review or are your hands pretty much tied?

  4. I always felt like you had a certain degree of contempt for your co-hosts. Maybe not contempt, but almost like you were kindly allowing a favored puppy to sit on the couch while hoping it wouldn’t pee. True?

  5. Do you ever send drunk emails to Sara Lane that say, “Kevin Rose. Good call on that one. Amirite?”

  6. What’s next for you?

kpereira1462 karma

Thanks for the grilling Warlizard.

  1. Gone are the Cops, Cheaters, Meth-smoker marathons. That's first and foremost (and a direction I believe the network is quickly heading in regardless). I would take ten million and use that to spin up tons of smaller/shorter format shows (ala Google/YouTube incubator) and give premium on-air shelf-space to the properties that stick. Then, I would immediately give myself a 30 million "boats and hoes" bonus. Done.

  2. Live audience. Twice the staff. We are way under-resourced with relation to "major tv shows". Spoiler.

  3. We (Attack) pride ourselves on being the most honest show on television. I'm surprised companies still send us products to review, to be honest. :)

  4. Purple.

  5. All emails to and from Sara Lane are "drunk".

  6. Obscurity.

vinigreti503 karma

Hey Kevin,

  1. Did you munn about Olivia Munn munning some olivia in the munn after she took it up the munn?

  2. What was your munn? How long olivia? Have you munned some olives while olivianing to the munn?

  3. And finally, Olivia Munn?

kpereira483 karma

  1. Munnlivia

  2. Munn was Munn, then Olivia Lisa'd Munn.

  3. Munn

trackstar786478 karma

Was it weird to have such a close friend like Olivia be dealing with a cell phone photo leak scandal?

kpereira1376 karma

Someone's gotta hold the phone...

CorporalYetiDick341 karma


kpereira785 karma


Dividebyx312 karma

Okay, so il break the ice for everyone.

  1. Did you or have you ever had any sexual encounters with any co-hosts?

  2. When will we see G4 break away from the 'Cops', 'CampusPD', stuff and back to game/tech related things?

  3. How long do you think your career with G4 and AOTS will last? When did you start?

EDIT: Spelling

kpereira703 karma

  1. Nope. Well, I did finger Sessler. With my penis. Does that count?

  2. VERY soon. Not sure what we'll gravitate towards, but no more Cops/Campus PD/Cheaters.

  3. I've been there for over ten years. Started as a PA and clawed (read:slept) my way through the ranks to become an executive producer and host.

kemmek274 karma

Did you ever get in contact with that metal guitarist kid from YouTube?

kpereira504 karma

Yes! His mother doesn't know about the video. I told him if he thought we could safely discuss it on air, he was welcome down. I wouldn't want to agitate an already volatile situation at home...

branedead273 karma

How many of the female co-hosts ACTUALLY play video games?

kpereira487 karma

Two of them. Maybe three. Or none. But certainly ALL OF THEM LOVE THE GAMEZZZ!

stalker8080189 karma

Even morgan? I always thought she was the only one who was legit.

You made my feel-bad hurt.

kpereira363 karma

Morgan and Jessica are crazy serious gamers. Super cray.

EDIT: Blair Butler does as well. Gotta respect the Butler!

DTrendy273 karma

Kevin can you tell us more about your upcoming movie, Ramp Heart?

kpereira577 karma


BtothejizA246 karma

If only you had boobs Kevin, you would be super famous by now.

kpereira593 karma

Agreed. And I'd still be able to clench my asshole...

chris_cr33p243 karma

how hot is sara underwood in person?

kpereira471 karma

Very. She's also super sweet. And 5'2".

TheMitchofEffingham228 karma

Do you stay in contact with Olivia Munn?

kpereira381 karma

Not since Brett Ratner appeared on the show.

shadokishi49 karma

kpereira72 karma

Three sides to every story.

MrEli227 karma

Shoot, bang, marry: Adam Sessler, Chris Gore, Chris Hardwick

P.S. I love AOTS and I have been waiting for this AMA for a while

kpereira539 karma

Shoot Gore. Marry Hardwick. Bang Sessler. Again.

harbeezy194 karma

Was there a specific moment in your career so far that made you stop and think, "Wow, I love my job"?

kpereira513 karma

Trips to Japan. 4/20 specials around the globe. Firefighting in WWII planes. Recreating scenes from UHF.

Yes. Several moments. :)

hollaback_girl71 karma

Recreating scenes from UHF.

Wait, what?! How did I miss that? Is it available online? You didn't throw poodles out of windows, did you?

MorningKnight42 karma

Once they did oatmeal wrestling.

kpereira47 karma

We also recreated the "bum change" scene with Weird Al himself!

prepend191 karma

Is it true that Morgan Webb did a fully nude shoot for Playboy that got shelved and never published?

kpereira765 karma

Not to my knowledge. That doesn't sound like something Morgan would do. It sounds like something I would photoshop, but that's about it.

Nembhard190 karma

Do you think that AOTS would benifit from being put online a day afterwards because I love the show but can't eatch it anymore because I dont have G4 anymore.

kpereira388 karma

I think our show should be live on-site (perhaps as a premium feed) and fully archived a day or two later. I've been told there are affiliate agreements and all sorts of red-tape that prohibit us from doing this, but I'll likely bring the subject up again soon. I want everyone to see us, even if they have to be forced Clockwork Orange style.

floopelian178 karma

What is your favorite game/the one you play the most???? Thanks! :D

kpereira637 karma

So many. Still play Team Fortress 2 religiously. Can't wait for Diablo III. I'm calling in sick, with Aids, and never going back to work. Ever. (You're all welcome)

bulletprooff175 karma

Can you talk about being raised as a portuguese kid? I feel like a lot of people don't understand how fucking strange our parents can be sometimes. Just share your craziest story!

kpereira415 karma


Sweaters with tons of glittery/sparkly patterns on them. The loudest talking is behind backs. Portuguese is a language that is only to be SHOUTED. At the TABLE. With mouths full of bread pudding, octopus soup or port wine.

laur2d2166 karma

1) Is Sara Underwood as dumb as she comes off on TV?

2) Are you tired of Olivia Munn questions yet? It's been 20 minutes, and there are a lot of them.

3) Do nerds regularly challenge you to fight, or just Noah Houlihan?

kpereira284 karma

  1. Sara ten-kinds of awesome. She's even good at iSlash. Be careful, she'll cut you.

  2. Nah. It's a part of my history. I'll likely be fielding/dodging Olivia questions for the rest of my life. I'm okay with that.

  3. I'm a lover. And I'm made of porcelain. I don't fight.

Broken_Orange158 karma

It might've been just me, or did Mickey Rourke didn't want to be there? Between insulting the "studio audience" and being creepy with the "lube."

He was right about the laughter, though. They can get a little annoying.

kpereira353 karma

I was really bummed by Mickey's appearance. I was hoping it was a bit, but, what you saw was what we got.

And yes, the laughter can get annoying, but without it the show would be microwaved death. We don't have a "live audience", can't afford it (yet), so we have interns and the same dedicated staff of "flaughers" (fake laughers) show after show. To be honest, without them, the show wouldn't be worth doing. Genuinely cracking them up is what I live for on a daily basis. I genuinely crack them up about once a week... but I'm getting better! Maybe!

mrpyro77157 karma

Be honest, how much of what you show in Around the Net did you see on Reddit first?

kpereira322 karma

Depends on the day, really. Sometimes none, sometimes all of it.

judog24142 karma

Do you miss the days of TechTV?

kpereira222 karma

I almost quit G4 early on to work for TechTV. I think TechTV lives on in various forms around the interwebs and is easily accessed.

Slyguy46130 karma

Thanks for doing this Kevin. Big fan of your work

  1. Who's your favorite guest you've ever had on the show? What's been your favorite interview?

  2. What do you think of the E-Sports scene? I think it'd be great if G4 featured some SC2, LoL, or CS on the network, but can you see that happening in the future?

  3. What is your favorite game from last year? Also, what is your favorite arcade style game featuring castles?

kpereira227 karma

  1. SO tough. James Cameron. 'Cause you asked.

  2. I watch Starcraft replays even though I have no fucking clue what's going on. Great announcers make everything watchable. But I still think the games themselves are too confusing for casual viewers to grasp. The premium digital distribution model is perfect for this type of content.

alysli124 karma

  1. Do you guys pick your own outfits for the show? And how do you avoid dying under the lights when you're wearing layers?

  2. What three things do you want to do/improve for the next leetUp?

  3. How's Ms. PennyApple?

kpereira191 karma

  1. No. And some days, I know exactly how I look, for better or derp. Budgets...

  2. Cheaper beer. Avoid Ticketmaster (if possible). More experiential zones.

  3. Likely eating something she shouldn't be.

thelongdivision114 karma

thanks for adding Matt Mira to AOTS! He's great.

kpereira151 karma

He's TOTES the best.

imclone103 karma

How did you land the amazing job that you have now?

kpereira320 karma

It took YEARS of sweat and blood. Mostly sweat. And maybe a little semen. Nothing was handed to me, and I'm immensely proud of that.

Yodamanjaro145 karma

You weren't handed semen?

kpereira211 karma

Some definitely got on hands.

RMessmann101 karma

Hey Kevin,

Remember back in the day when you used to host that show Arena? How did you get that job? Any particularly fond memories or interesting comments?

kpereira237 karma

I was FREE. That's how I got it. I was the PA on G4tv.com at the time, and they needed someone who could provide live commentary over gaming footage. I lied and said I could read teleprompter, they bought it, the rest was history.

My style was "Amber Alert" mustache, frosted tips and a Canadian Tuxedo.

One time, someone took their penis out in the control room. It made someone cry. One of those people MAY have been a Gladiator.

canada_dryer95 karma

Would you rather fight a dozen duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?

kpereira223 karma

A dozen duck-sized horses. I get steel-toed boots. And a miniature saddle so I can bond with one Avatar-style and ride it into the sunset for all of eternity.

Pancocks92 karma

What kind of drumset do you have?

kpereira164 karma

Roland TD20. I heart it something fierce!


What is your response to people that question your sexuality (yes, they are out there)?

kpereira494 karma

I'm secure enough to give precisely zero fucks. I happen to be heterosexual, but that doesn't define me, nor should anyone's sexuality define them unless they want it to.

Just my .02

ericleeparker88 karma

when are you going back on the Joe Rogan Podcast?

kpereira102 karma


Ivraalia86 karma

Hey Kevin,

  • what do you think of Todd Stewart?

  • Do you think he will ever get an internship?

kpereira184 karma



thank_bossy2285 karma

What's your favorite AOTS sketch?

kpereira141 karma

I love the "Distended Warranty" music videos. "Red Ring of Death" and "iHate, therefore iPad". So much fun to write and perform. Plus, I like tight leathery pants...

polack8174 karma

Is it time to build an underground bunker and stockpile in the event of the u.s. collapsing?

kpereira208 karma

Perhaps. At the very least, get a gun and a motorcycle, learn basic medical/survival skills and hide a map of everyone you know who IS keeping a stockpile of goods. Done.


Dear Mr. Pereira. Please fight Noah Houlihan. that is all.

kpereira127 karma

No idea who he is, but I'll assemble a robot army. Immediately.

Unit2760 karma

Hi Kevin. How did the idea behind The Playlist come about, and why do you think giving exposure to new artforms is important? Love seeing space given real time art using tech.

Also, I'd like to know what music gear do you have, and if possible, how many co-hosts have you fucked and how often?

kpereira118 karma

I love music. And tech. So, it was a natural fit, highlighting the crossroads of the two. I was told nobody cares about music programming, and audiences don't want to "learn". I beg to differ. So, I created The Playlist with the help of some amazing folks and we hope to turn it into a great show/brand.

I have a lot of music gear that I don't get to use enough. APC40, Roland TD20 Kit, Kaoscillators, NI Maschine, etc.

And I bang them all. Constantly. I'm doing it right now. Hard.

G19855 karma

Hey Kevin! Just a couple of questions.

  • Growing up, what got you interested in communications, tv production, etc. etc.?
  • Did you have any other interests or professions you wanted to pursue?
  • If you could give your younger self one bit of advice, what would you tell him?

Thanks for doing this, man. Keep up the awesome work. :D

kpereira138 karma

  1. I fell in love with the BBS community at a very early age. Naturally, that lead to a fascination with the early internet. The ability to interact with people outside of my small town was too compelling. When I was twelve, I had my own Internet Service Provider and gobs of bandwidth -- so I launched a small radio show (you kids call 'em PODCASTS these days :) and that snowballed into a video show...

  2. I love music. And activism. I don't have the proper amount of time to take either as seriously as I'd like to (at the moment), but one day I'll get it together.

  3. Stay happy, whatever that means. And money isn't everything, you'll come to find out it's nothing (trust Biggie). Learn to eat healthy/dedicate yourself to your physical well-being.

therealjgreens51 karma

How much ass do you pull being host of attack of the show? I'd imagine you slay mad bitches. Sorry for the super high brow question, just a bit curious.

kpereira177 karma

Super committed to my girlfriend. Thank GOD she loves group-sex. AMIRITE?!

NerdSwag45 karma

Can you give me a siren? The "Portugese Thigh-Shaker" sketch remains one of my favorite things.

What are the most important tech-news issues you think we face today? Privacy? Copyright?

kpereira55 karma


I heart that bit something fierce. We cranked it out in three hours, start to finish, and got it on air just in time to clown Kevin Federline. Love it.

Also, re: Privacy and Copyright? YES. Will get more in depth in another answer, but it's a VERY precarious time for the internet...

JAP59144 karma

What do you think will be the result of the whole kickstarter thing in regards to game publishers? Will there actually be a noticeable shift in how games are financed in the future?

Also have you seen the TAKEDOWN kickstarter? It's a tactical shooter - a genre that's been lacking recently - by Christian Allen, an industry vet. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/355932838/crowdsourced-hardcore-tactical-shooter?ref=live

kpereira45 karma

I think we are clearly headed towards a "kickstarted" future. Physical products, media, activism, etc. Legislation just passed allowing crowd-sourcing for small business and whatnot. I'm a huge supporter, and plan to Kickstart certain aspects of my leetUP live tour.

Also, I saw Takedown. It's not a game I'm particularly interested in (stylistically), but I encourage indie developers (especially on the PC) to keep creating amazing things. I hope they reach their target.

nself35 karma

Had you not been a show host/ in the biz at all, what would you ideally have done?

kpereira113 karma

Rockstar. Not the drink.

Cpt_Hockeyhair31 karma

With the success of Chris Hardwick and his Nerdist brand of... well everything that was ever put online, have you thought about starting your own brand of podcasts and such?

kpereira67 karma

I've got some traditional TV stuff in the works at the moment. Ideally, I'd like to create new content for multiple digital brands (Machinima/Geek and Sundry/Nerdist/etc.)

My production company, Super Creative, is clearly headed in that direction.

Aevynne23 karma

What do you REALLY think of Candace Bailey? :P

kpereira55 karma

One of the sweetest people I know. Truly.

Synthtastic17 karma

Hey Kevin, for you personally has there been a funnier moment on AOTS than the McHammer incident with Olivia?

kpereira18 karma

That was a unique breed of "funny". One of the top ten moments for certain.