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known as a former co-host of G4's Attack of the Show!

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Thanks for the grilling Warlizard.

  1. Gone are the Cops, Cheaters, Meth-smoker marathons. That's first and foremost (and a direction I believe the network is quickly heading in regardless). I would take ten million and use that to spin up tons of smaller/shorter format shows (ala Google/YouTube incubator) and give premium on-air shelf-space to the properties that stick. Then, I would immediately give myself a 30 million "boats and hoes" bonus. Done.

  2. Live audience. Twice the staff. We are way under-resourced with relation to "major tv shows". Spoiler.

  3. We (Attack) pride ourselves on being the most honest show on television. I'm surprised companies still send us products to review, to be honest. :)

  4. Purple.

  5. All emails to and from Sara Lane are "drunk".

  6. Obscurity.

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Someone's gotta hold the phone...

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Not to my knowledge. That doesn't sound like something Morgan would do. It sounds like something I would photoshop, but that's about it.

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  1. Nope. Well, I did finger Sessler. With my penis. Does that count?

  2. VERY soon. Not sure what we'll gravitate towards, but no more Cops/Campus PD/Cheaters.

  3. I've been there for over ten years. Started as a PA and clawed (read:slept) my way through the ranks to become an executive producer and host.

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So many. Still play Team Fortress 2 religiously. Can't wait for Diablo III. I'm calling in sick, with Aids, and never going back to work. Ever. (You're all welcome)

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Agreed. And I'd still be able to clench my asshole...

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Shoot Gore. Marry Hardwick. Bang Sessler. Again.

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Trips to Japan. 4/20 specials around the globe. Firefighting in WWII planes. Recreating scenes from UHF.

Yes. Several moments. :)