Hello Reddit lovelies. It’s about time we do this delicate dance again!


Whudd I Do:

I am currently hosting America’s Greatest Makers on TBS, Hack My Life on TruTV and the #Pointless Podcast. I’ve also launched a new production entity, The Attack, which creates live-streaming Twitch.tv madness and is developing two shows for Lionsgate’s Comic-Con HQ network.


I actually know what some of those words mean. And I’m not convinced that any of that really defines me.


I love deprivation-tanks, ayahuasca and brunch. Not necessarily in that order.


Happy to talk G4tv (Attack of the Show), canceled game-shows (Let’s Ask America), sex, drugs, rock and or roll, VR, anime, juggalos, gaming, BBS door games, Kanye… whatever you desire!


All Things Social:



Place your Q's. A's begin around 5:30pm-pst.


Thanks in advance for your interest and general awesomeness. And double-thanks to Courtnie and Elisabeth from Reddit for the assist!



I'm taking a shower, and some NyQuil. I've got a shoot for Hack My Life tomorrow, but I'll be answering questions from bed until the nightmares grip me. I'll even hop on at lunch to try and answer any stragglers. You are awesome Reddit, thanks for being so supportive. I love this site and community. Kisses, hugs and belly-rubs.


I Am Me. I Swear: https://twitter.com/Attack/status/725115364720402432

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ajoy39104 karma

Which AOTS/G4 peeps do you still keep in touch with? Any plans to do anything cool with those people soon? Can we get another Pointless with Adam Sessler?

kpereira119 karma

I still talk with a ton of AOTS types. In fact, at The Attack, I'm working with some of my favorite producers/writers/editors/etc. These Comic-Con HQ shows gave me a chance to bring a lot of them on board to play again, so I'm grateful. Talent wise, I still see Alison Haislip whenever I can, I visit with Candace when I'm in NYC, Herter and I bro-fist now and again... it's great. I'd love to have Adam back on any time, he's got an open invite, to say the least.

BigHungry7088 karma

Plan to do anything with Funhaus in the near future?

kpereira101 karma

Love those guys. Would happily do anything with them. Even in the front!

indeathvalley65 karma

Are you still friends with Olivia Munn?

kpereira120 karma


mc215754 karma

What's the first thing you're putting on your desk in the new office?

Also, more Yaniv please

kpereira56 karma

I just assembled a Mega Blocks Warthog while sick this weekend. So, I guess that will go up there, and be knocked off within a few hours. Also, yes. More Yaniv. In EVERYTHING. That man is an ultralight-beam.

cailanrocks47 karma

In your opinion, what's your most sucessful idea that was shot down at first?

kpereira164 karma

It took me YEARS to convince Attack of the Show to let me catch a greased pig in the studio. All I wanted was a triangle to interrupt an interview and an old-timey-prospector type to appear in the back of the studio and do a pig-call signaling it was time... ssssuuuuueeeeeey!!!

That's the first that comes to mind.

ajoy3946 karma

Where you really playing Diablo III on the set of Attack of the Show or was it just a bit with a blank screen?

kpereira107 karma

100% was playing. I had hit peak zero fucks at that point.

Chengweiyingji42 karma

Hi Kevin.

Three questions:

What was your experience on SASUKE (Ninja Warrior) like?

How much fun was it to work with Olivia Munn?

Would you bring G4tv back if you could?

kpereira58 karma

  • SASUKE was gut-wrenching. I could've passed the first course, up to the warped wall, I know it! But nobody told me about keeping my legs up on the log-drop and my foot hit the drink. Painful. I didn't even know I was out either, so I disrespected a lot of people by continuing to run for a few seconds. Amazing course, amazing people, amazing show.

  • Olivia and I had an amazing run on AOTS and developed a marriage-like-closeness. Which comes with all the trappings of said dynamic. For a while there, she was absolutely fearless and game for anything which made for unpredictable, and exciting television.

  • I think I'll do me for this go-around. :)

I_Arrived41 karma

I grew up on AOTS and G4, so thanks for being a major part of my life. I've been following Pointless & The Attack for about 8 months now and loving it.

I assume that a lot of people in this AMA will mimic the above, and that you receive these comments often in the real world and on twitter. However, I perceive you as a somewhat emotional dude 'who would focus on the 1 negative comment'. So I feel it should be our job to constantly berate you with unending support. You know why Mother Fucker? Cause you made an impact in this world. You made a change. And your best days are still coming.

Question: What are you currently listening to?

Also: There is more to dubstep than robots, sick drops, and molly. Real dubstep has more of a meditation vibe to it and I highly recommend you Czech it out.

Bonus: Is this were you found Alex?

kpereira53 karma

I am an emotional-dude. Most dudes are, we're just told to put on a mask and shovel-that-shit deep down inside because CULTURE! AND SPORTS! But yes, I appreciate your sentiments, deeply.

Right now? I'm into Lettuce, Karnivool, TLOP, Kasbo and as always, The Dear Hunter.

Bonus: Yes. That's where I was infected.

Snowpepper35 karma

Hey KP just wondering what you’re most excited about to do in the new studio? Seems like you guys found a great space and I’m pumped for The Attack to come back. Keep up the great work.

P.S. has Alex gotten his teeth fixed yet?

kpereira45 karma

I'm chomping at the bit to fire up the new space. We've got a lot of talent to pack into a small footprint, but I believe we're going to pull it off. I'm fighting a nasty cold at the moment, so I've been fairly useless during the move; high praise to the team that's been cleaning out nasty storage units, painting and moving things into place.

I'm excited to make these new CCHQ shows, to have "real" gear to film The Attack, but mostly excited to be surrounded by creative professionals I admire on a daily basis. Again, the deck is stacked in our favor talent wise, so if we can get the train on the tracks, it should chug along nicely... at least for a few stops, before exploding into flames and confetti.

73igg32 karma

Has there ever been any bits on The Attack that twitch wasn't okay with and if so which ones?

kpereira59 karma

Yes. Several. Man-nips are a no-no. And for some reason, usually when I'm away shooting another show, they pop-up on the stream.

Kutoyis16 karma

oh you know its the foot wedding <3

kpereira34 karma

I still stand by that one.

oldexperimenter30 karma

As you lay dying, which celebrity would you want to stroke your hair?

kpereira83 karma

Eliza Dushku from Bring it On.

AkodoRokku12 karma

Brr, it's cold in here!

kpereira21 karma

Those damn Torros...

Depleted10129 karma

KP--I'm a few years younger than you and my girlfriend of 4 1/2 years broke up with me on Sunday. You're a pretty insightful guy, and I really appreciate when you drop life lesson knowledge on the Pointless podcast. So, any thoughts/suggestions on how to deal with this? Is the answer heroin? Thanks sir.

kpereira133 karma

Oof. That's a good run you had there. Been there, a few times over. It sucks. It sucks the suck of a thousand Dysons trying to make rent. I get it. But find the lesson in struggle. It's there. Use this time to discover new music (make a playlist for your pain), confide in and rely on friends, channel those emotions into something creative... and date yourself. That doesn't necessarily mean an incognito-browser and merlot. That means be by yourself for the first time in a while and re-discover why you're amazing and the next one will be lucky to have you. No heroin until you find your true heroine. And even then, stick with pot.

Gameattic129 karma

Who is your favorite PA and why is it me?

kpereira95 karma

Are you a mod here? Can you ban yourself? If not, if someone could, that'd be great. Thanks.

kpereira63 karma

THIS is how I get Reddit gold? Amazing. I'll take it. Thanks!

SirRhosis_27 karma

You've mentioned in several+ podcasts about taking a risk(s) in order to achieve success. What are your first, or even recent, experiences in risks that were successful and ones that have failed?

What advice would you give someone that often feels stuck and settled where they are but wants to seek a better job and better area to live?

kpereira101 karma

I'm in the middle of several risky endeavors right now, actually. The Attack as a production company and show ranks right up there; lots of employees, massive studio build-out, several new productions that need infrastructure and pipelines created. I've also lost a lot of cash on several startup/app ideas over the years, because it's an area of love dearly but not one I know enough about to see execution through end-to-end. But I learned, and am still learning from it all, so it's entirely worth it in the end.

If you feel stuck, and can express that feeling in a sub-reddit, you've got enough resources to do something about it. You've got access to the internet and enough intelligence to navigate it, so start exploring. Make a thing. Can't? Then write about why. Spend ten minutes documenting the creative paralysis that's crippling you, the self-doubt, the lack of funds, whatever it is. Start getting it out there. Writing isn't your bag? Grab Garageband and mash your face against the home-row, or grab a decent pen from an art-store and start scribbling. Make until something feels better, then keep making that, and know that the job/money/improved-everything will come in time. Pardon the chicken-soup-reply, powering through these things, but you can do it. Just start. And best of luck!!

Mokkabean26 karma

What is something you have not yet experienced, but would like to?

kpereira47 karma

The Aurora Borealis. And a billion other things, but that. Also, HI MOKKA! :)

mc215726 karma

Whats the most valuable lesson you've learned since you launched the Attack? Professionally (business), Personally, and so forth?

kpereira58 karma

I've discovered I love mentoring. There's nothing quite as rewarding. I struggle with the blurred line between being a boss and a friend; I'm learning to navigate that.

I've also learned that none of my shit matters when it's go-time. I've got people that depend on me and regardless of what just happened in "my world", I've got to shake that ish off and put my chin up when I enter the office. I fail at this, constantly, but I'm striving to be better with it every day. It's something I do fairly well on set as talent, but feels harder in a managerial capacity. So, that's why you can find me shaking my head violently in my car and shrugging my shoulders before opening the door; yes, I'm probably off my meds, but I'm really trying shed it all before the "good mornings" begin.

kindodeku425 karma

Hey Papa Kev, been a fan since Attack of The Show when I used to come home from school when I was a kid. Probably shouldn't have been watching it when I was 10 but it was awesome. Been watching the new show TheAttack on Twitch since it started.

So my question: Would you consider being the main host of TheAttack again now that the show is moving studios? I like the current set of Hosts(Alex and Evanne) but my favorite moments were when you'd tease and haze Alex during the first 6 months of the show. Classic moments!

kpereira45 karma

The Attack is Alex's baby. It was bred that way. Someday he'll tell that tale, but the TLDR version is "I'm old and tired. You're young and inspired. Let me show you how to make a thing, so you can, and I won't need to."

He's off and running. And though I plan to guest it in the future once the dust settles, it's ultimately his vehicle and he gets to choose who's riding shotty. Thanks for the continued support!

ajoy3922 karma

If you had a magical unlimited source of money, what would be the first thing you added to The Attack? can be to the live show or another addition to the lineup/community.

kpereira49 karma

Support for the staff. The show needs additional writers and producers more than it needs anything else. The show could be shot with webcams and the graphic headers could be MS-painted-hand-turkeys so long as the writing is solid and the bits produced. It's a miracle Alex and the team churn out what they do with as few hands as they have!

DR9921 karma

What skit/stunt are you most embarrassed about out of all of the ones you have done over the years?

kpereira53 karma

I've talked about this a few times, but I'm most mortified by the Attack of the Show "revenge of the fatties episode". I can't believe we did it in the manner we did, and it's terrifying that group-think allowed it to become a thing. Lessons learned, albeit at the expense of hurt-feelings and a permanently damaged reputation to some.

50feetfromhome18 karma

Hey Kevin, thanks for doing this ama. I loved AOTS when it was on. Did being on that show help you prepare for things you did after it ended?

kpereira26 karma

Absolutely, in ways that I'm still discovering to this day. AOTS was my college/bootcamp/beginning of a career; I just didn't really have perspective on it at the time.

heavy_yawns16 karma

Hey Kevin, welcome back to our corner of the internet.

My questions are:

  • What are your plans for the future of The Attack? Will you produce small shows similar to what Nerdist has going on or will you focus all of your efforts on the live stream show?

  • As I'm sure you know, Cliffy B recently went off on Olivia Munn because she was supposedly very shitty towards those she worked with while at G4. Did you witness this?

  • Speaking of Cliffy B, I'm someone who also grew up on (and still play dead) Arena Shooters. Have you gotten to try out LawBreakers, and if so what do you think? Will it be successful, or end up like this new DOOM game which will be dead on arrival?

kpereira24 karma

  1. I have an entire slate of programming I'd like to do on The Attack, some really fun formats. But right now the goal is to grow the main show as quickly as possible so Alex has the support he deserves.

  2. Yes. To be fair, I'm sure some people would say I was really shitty at times, but to a varying degree.

  3. Haven't tried LawBreakers but I REALLY want to. I love MOBA style game-mechanics, but prefer FPS gameplay, so the combination of the two gets me all tingly in my nether-parts. I also think Cliff is an incredibly talented designer, I've been a fan since I was ten or so... so, I'm appropriately biased.

angrytaxman16 karma

Why don't you come back to the Shack and post again?

kpereira21 karma

I tried to a few months back but couldn't remember my password, and the recovery system wasn't working. I still lurk, often. #SadFace

JesusDeluxe14 karma

As a fellow 33 yr old i'm curious how your age is weighing on or empowering you? And I don't need the motivational stuff. Real talk on what's on your mind

kpereira46 karma

I can't drink like I used to, though I don't really care to. I'm in the best shape I've ever been in (sans current cold). Relationships are a bit difficult because I enjoy women my age, but I'm scared of commitment, though I feel that changing as well, surprisingly. I feel calm, despite the uncertainty. I don't know what to say, I like 33, just as I've liked every other year. It's what you make it.

TheGambit78714 karma

Hi, Kevin. Anyone can see that you are a successful person, but through each success story we always hear about the hard times. Citing Troy Baker on Pointless for example, he talked about how difficult it was for him to move out to LA and get the ball rolling on his voice acting career. I was wondering, and maybe this is more a difficult answer to clearly say but, what were your difficult times (assuming there were some, of course) like? What kept you going and how did you find a place in your life that you can be happy with? Keep up the great work, and thank you for being you.

kpereira25 karma

Really appreciate the kind words. There are always difficult times. Arguably, I'm going through the most difficult time of my life, personally and professionally, right this very moment. But what keeps me going is the realization that difficult times are where the most growth occurs, and I continue to evolve into a person I'm largely okay with. So that's promising, and exciting as all hell.

ShahofVista13 karma

Hello fellow DVHS alum, when are you going to release a follow up to XHS? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCol_g0gZTA

kpereira14 karma

My whole career is a followup to that video.

SigDAB53011 karma

Hey @Attack - so you've been pretty quiet since Brea...do you feel that you can talk about your experience or would you prefer to keep it personal?

kpereira19 karma

Breakups are the worst, and as someone who usually processes things publicly, they're especially difficult to navigate. I would love to celebrate and morn what was openly, but that doesn't feel right as there's another deeply involved. Thanks for asking though.

SigDAB5308 karma

Thanks for sharing Kevin - time does heal and we all move on. I can say from what I know about you publicly from your media content, you are one of the most down to earth, thoughtful and passionate people I've seen. Bottom line is whenever we see you, you're genuine and we know it's you. I know great things will be coming to you and I'm happy to see you succeed!

kpereira4 karma

Very kind of you to say. Thanks so much.

Rubberxsoul10 karma

Hey Kevin!

First I just want to say thank you. I really really love your podcast and it has really helped me out the past few months. I was PAing for a production company in NYC and it was such a huge and scary undertaking for me. Having your podcast to listen to on the subway every morning made me feel kind of like I had a friend in what can be a very lonely city. Also we follow each other on Twitter so that's awesome.

My question is, what advice do you have for someone just starting out in the entertainment industry?

kpereira30 karma

Happy to hear my podcast matters in the slightest, thanks for that. For this industry, and any other really, never idle. NEVER think that work is over simply because your job is done. As a PA, when I finished my tasks (and admittedly took a 10 minute Virtua Tennis break) I immediately sought out new ones. Be proactive. The more people you assist, the wider your breadth of knowledge becomes. Your value increases, and you eventually become indispensable, or at least closer to it. Good luck!!

heavy_yawns10 karma

How's your relationship with Joe Rogan at the moment; were there any hard feelings about you leaving his network (which was a very good move)? Also, how good was that Kevin Rose episode.

kpereira14 karma

Joe is an inspiration. I don't believe there were any hard feelings. Things were strained with Redban for a second, but I left because I needed to operate on my own schedule and control my own ads; pretty simple stuff. I still miss Brian's presence on the cast though, he was so much fun to work with.

WhyDoges9 karma

What is something you think Twitch could/should improve on?

kpereira20 karma

Stream delay and discovery.

boomerbanter9 karma

Why did you destroy that virtual LEGO tower 11* years ago?! They spent hours on it! Why were you such a bully?

EDIT: i was wrong about the date!

kpereira11 karma

I have zero recollection of that, so weird. Yeah, that was a dick move. Wow.

Silemtiousbeing8 karma

Yo Kevin, do you still bring the fire?

kpereira12 karma


JesusDeluxe8 karma

What up and coming technology frightens you the most?

kpereira51 karma

Whatever-kill-machines-the-boston-dynamics-guys-are-building. And vape mods.

But it does startle me that right now, as I type this, someone is creating code for a self-driving vehicle that will determine if it plows into a power-pole or swerves and hits a group of schoolchildren. How will it weigh the decision? What's the cost-benefit-analysis that's taking place under the hood? And can I hack it so it always chooses to preserve my integrity, even if it means detouring through a petting-zoo at a Make-a-Wish fundraiser? 'Cause I'm installing that mod. Sorry llamas.

throwawayaccountfive7 karma

Hey Kp! How's it going man? I hope the new studio is up and running soon!. Question here: how would you feel if you saw a start-up streamer who happened to co-opt The Attack's countdown graphic and your usual sign-off "Hugs, Kisses and belly rubs" What would you say to that person?

P.S. Im loving the new show! Keep up the great work.

kpereira9 karma

It goes, thanks. I would say, "Alex, please stop stealing everything from me. Eventually you have to be you."

If this hypothetical streamer weren't Alex, I would say, go with God. If you need my sign-off as a creative-crutch for the moment, so be it. Someday, you'll need to walk on your own and I'm confident my legs will hold, so best of luck to you.

Appreciate the kind words on the show!

visage117 karma

Big fan since AOTS but couldn't watch it back in the day bc parents.. but I snuck in a few views.

  • Where do you see VR headed in the future? Do you think it'll be the standard someday?

  • Where can I learn about your awesome trip to Peru? I've been catching up on pointless (and loving the deep convos that do happen) for the past few weeks and wasn't sure if you went in depth or anything

  • Drum session again sometime soon?

  • How can I get an internship at SuperCreative? Maybe someday...

kpereira9 karma

AR will be the way hotter field once the technology catches up to the potential, and eventually AR will become so powerful people will argue whether it has become VR. I think AR will become a "standard" before VR, though the use of standard here is tough to define. Will it be the go-to-method to play a game or "watch a movie"? Maybe. I love the tech, but I also want to put on a podcast and do something else sometimes, so full immersion might not be preferred method of consumption by all.

As for the ayahuasca, I did a lengthy podcast about it with my friend Jeff Cannatta: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bq6e8w5D6Ow - you can grab the audio version at http://www.pointlesspod.com

And YES, drum sesh soon. I've been cutting videos and drumming along... I just have to kick this cold and get my cardio back. Likely a week out. Thanks!

KennethPereira7 karma

As a kid did you really think you were going to make it big in the entertainment industry? What do you have to say to someone like myself who would like to make it in the video games industry/ indie games as a living and is in their late 20's and has yet to do anything? Should I just forget this dream?

kpereira8 karma

I knew I would do or make something, because I always wanted to. I didn't know who would care, how it would be perceived or if I would make a living in the pursuit of making said thing... but that was largely irrelevant, and remains so to this day, thankfully.

leafeator7 karma

Hey Kevin!

I just moved into a new office today and I get the pleasure of painting the walls any color I want. Do you have any suggestions for good office colors? I really can't decide.

Love your work xoxoxo

kpereira8 karma

Blues and grays are all you need.

cyrussyn1876 karma

Any Twitch steamers that you want to have under The Attack Family umbrella?

kpereira6 karma

I enjoy a ton of different streamers, but The Attack strikes me as something so wildly different from what most are doing that I'd need to see them play within the format to know for sure.

AthielianCosplay6 karma

Hi Kevin, I just wanted to say I grew watching Tech TV/G4 I really loved Attack of the Show and Xplay. I honestly felt like you were a role model to me for someone in the entertainment industry. I was really sad when I couldnt get meet and greet tickets for the last time AotS was at SDCC lol. The Attack is also really funny and I'm looking forward to see what you guys do with the new studio/production value.

My question is, going from something as big a viewer audience at G4/AotS to Podcasts/Twitch talk shows what do you like more? The bigger productions or off the seat of your pants like The Attack? Do miss the G4 days and want to work towards something big like that again?

EDIT Also favorite hentai lol?

P.S. I loved that one time you showed up the metal drummer dude on AotS.

kpereira11 karma

I'm pretty slashtag blessed in that I get to do multiple things. I've got America's Greatest Makers which is a Mark Burnett "super big-boy" production on TBS, then Hack My Life which is surely shy a few bells and whistles but still by all means a "real" production on TruTV and then I have my podcast/Twitch shows... which are tin-can and silly-string productions under a fluorescent light in a sex-dungeon. That spectrum of work gives me the freedom to hone my chops at the highest level, then put on an ill-fitting-mustache and scream curse-words on a live-streaming platform for gamers. I get to explore all sides of myself as a performer and producer, and it's quite a treat. I would hate to only have shiny-floor shows and not a more real/raw outlet, if that makes sense.

thosewholeft6 karma

Will there be more The Real Housewives of Horror? I feel like it didn't get the recognition that it deserved.

kpereira3 karma

Me too! I loved the series, but it likely won't get more love, unfortunately.

Jeffool6 karma

I would think Let's Ask America is a great idea for something like Twitch. Do you own it, or were you just the host?

kpereira8 karma

Just the meat puppet. But I'd love to do more game-show formats on Twitch. Time and money...

thylekrush6 karma

Hey Kevin! Love the Attack and I'm starting to watch Americas Greatest Makers now. Two questions: When are you and Corrado doing a jam sesh together? And how much money do I have to donate to make the shock game a regular thing?

kpereira2 karma

I've been nagging Corrado for weeks. I think once we settle in with these new shows we'll be able to play on that level. And every dollar helps, so keep donating until it happens. It will. :)

Jazzremix6 karma

Are you ever going to be on Joe Rogan's Podcast again?

kpereira6 karma

Whenever he asks!

greglyon5 karma

What's your favorite toy you're playing with now? You hype your IEMs from time to time... what else?

kpereira3 karma

I LOVE my Ultimate Ears. Custom IEMs are a must. Outside of that, I'm really enjoying the Vive and my V-Drums.

Wickedawesome315 karma

What's one piece of advice you wish you had when you left G4?

kpereira10 karma

I wish I'd have leveraged the show more. I was too afraid, too shy, about using it as a platform for my other projects and that harmed those endeavors.

no1kares5 karma

What is your take on the current US presidential election? Are you as pissed off about it as Most of us redditors?

kpereira12 karma

It's fascinating, inspiring, depressing, infuriating and par for the course. I'm feeling the Bern, personally, but I'm trying to get my Portuguese citizenship. You never know.

mooseshark5 karma

Hey man, I stumbled upon AOTS and have been a fan ever since. I've spent many of hours consuming Kevin Pereira media, so thanks for all the awesome content.

Question time: You hosted the show after the series finale of Psych, and it seemed like a really awkward time? Was it actually a pretty good time or were you just kind of like, "Yep, I'm here, this was a show"?

Keep doing the things that you do good sir.

kpereira11 karma

I don't recall it being that awkward, heh. I was definitely moderating a funeral in some ways, but it was also a celebration of the series, so there were a ton of emotions flying around. I hadn't really seen the show so I binged what I could going into the event, so maybe the awkward was just me pretending to know all about pineapples?

JesusDeluxe5 karma

What substances have you sworn off?

kpereira9 karma

No more salvia (despite several amazing journeys). And a lot less booze. Also, no creatine. Sorry, gains.

NinjaKillBunny4 karma


Well then...

You can only listen to one Kanye song for the rest of your life. What is it and why is it Ultralight Beams?

kpereira15 karma

Because it's a God dream. It's EVERYTHING.

ElAmigoAbad4 karma

Been watching Attack for a while now, i love the show. What is your favorite meat? KappaPride

kpereira16 karma

Spin. And thanks!

Kushoverlord4 karma

Hey KP, thanks for doing this! With the new big moves in life. If The Attack and SC Blow up huge do you see your self moving away from TV and going full internet content ? ps. any plans on a life documentary ?

kpereira8 karma

TV is going away, not me. (HI TBS/TRUTV!!) But seriously, it's all blurring together as predicted years ago, so going "full internet content" just means continuing to make content that will get distributed under a gem/app on whatever platform you choose. And to be clear, "TV dying" doesn't mean the TBS/TRUs/NBCs/FOXs/etc of the world go too, they're powerful brands with immense resources that can distribute over IP just as effectively (if not more so) than their traditional means. So, in success, I just keep making. But I get to make more of it on a grander, more ambitious scale. In failure? I keep making, but pretty much as I'm making now. ;)

mc21574 karma

Whatever happened with Leetup and would you be willing to do more live shows again for fans to attend?

kpereira8 karma

It failed. Well, our rollout failed. The first event was awesome, but then we tried to book it nationally and found ourselves completely understaffed and lacking the knowledge/experience to pull it off. It was painful, to say the least. Now, there are other live touring shows that cater to similar crowds, so that's that. But I LOVE live shows with an audience, and hope to bring something like that back to life again, someday.

rlar3 karma

Favorite car you have owned or driven? Also, how can I volunteer to mop your floors if I live in LA?

kpereira3 karma

[email protected] - ping us with a resume/letter of intent. And I loved my Audi A7 something fierce.

Undeadgamr193 karma

Good evening Kevin. Nerdy question and serious one. Nerdy question: Just based on your thoughts and your thoughts alone, which do you think will do better? Batman vs. Superman, or Captain America: Civil War? Serious question: How exactly did you break into the entertainment scene?

kpereira7 karma

Batman v. Superman was a boring mess of a film. I like Snyder, and Bat-Affleck, but man that was painful.

And, I hustled. Got a gig as a PA (production assistant) and I worked my ass off, paid attention and cared deeply about everything I did along the way. Well, almost everything.

Panerai903 karma

Is the CEO of Intel a cool guy? Did you get a free computer?

kpereira9 karma

Brian is awesome. He's the real deal, a passionate CEO and a hardcore engineer. Some of the most fun I had on the show was just hanging out and talking future-tech during the breaks. No free computer, but they were very gracious and hooked me up with a Tag Heuer Connected watch!

Sgt_Dashie3 karma

Hi Kevin I just wanted to say thank you for all you've done I've been a fan of yours since Attack of Show it helped me get through some rough times in High School and I love the Attack keep up the great work. PS congrats on getting the new building for The Attack I can't wait for it to come back, Also would ever consider Zack Pearlman hosting again?

kpereira5 karma

It's always awesome to hear that our show helped someone out, thank you for sharing that. I heart Zack Pearlman, he's always welcome by the show. The Azzack was a wild ride, for everyone.

alysli3 karma

Where should I go on vacation this year?

kpereira3 karma

Cabo. Or Tokyo.

CassaroleManiac3 karma

You say none of the above career adventures describe you, how would you describe you at this point in your career/life with the many successful/non successful career ventures?

Would you count it experience over time to your success and does it ever take a toll?

kpereira8 karma

I have trouble describing me at this point. It's a fascinating question. I really don't know how to define me, but I do know that it's far more intricate than just a collection of gigs and accomplishments. I believe I am kind, honest, faithful and constantly curious. I also like to laugh... at the risk of this sounding like a Tindr profile.

SigDAB5303 karma

Have you ever thought about doing stand up or going on tour?

kpereira6 karma

Yes. It terrifies me, but yes. I've started a notes doc, accordingly. :)

DeathStrikeVirus3 karma

Unreal Tournament or Quake?

kpereira5 karma

Quakeworld. 4 LYFE.

xenoxonex3 karma

Hi Kevin.

Can we play Destiny together and do some raids? Also, if no, please send me a dick pic.


kpereira5 karma

We can, to avoid the d-pic obligation. But I'm over Destiny, unfortunately. It had me hooked until the first DLC...

JesTr823 karma

What are some of your favorite anime?

kpereira3 karma

Not huge on anime, but I'm super into Attack on Titan at the moment. Making up for lost time.


How much of the funny were you responsible for on AOTS? You were my favorite part. I'd like to think that your words were your own. How much say did you have in anything?

kpereira2 karma

I had a lot of creative control, but I also had an amazing team of writers and producers who armed me with all sorts of madness on a daily basis. The show would not have been the same without them. But basically, if you liked something on the show, it was entirely my doing. :)

timfoxtrot3 karma

Hey man! thanks for doing an AMA again. The first one was a lot of fun.

Grew up watching techtv/g4 and my favorite moments were always whenever you and Kevin Rose were on screen. Are you guys still cool with each other? Would love to see a reunion of sorts

kpereira4 karma

I'd love to connect with Rose again. I didn't really get to know him when we worked together, so it'd be interesting to find out who he is now and reconcile the past.

t1tg2 karma

I was a big AOTS fan, then I saw you linking up with Redban years later. Where can/should I catch up on you and your entertainment career? Glad to see that youv've been busy, I liked you more than Mrs. Haislip and that says A LOT.

kpereira6 karma

Wow. There's a lot going on. Check out the links at the top of this, those should get you started. And thanks!

Mokkabean2 karma

What's the best trip you've ever been on? Whether this relates to a physical journey or a psychedelic one is up to you.

kpereira3 karma

Ayahuasca ranks up there, along with my second trip to Japan. The first was overwhelming, the second was still filled with whimsy, but I had a good friend and an ounce of bearings to help navigate Tokyo.

mc21572 karma

You really spoke a lot about staying healthy and in shape towards the end of your time at G4 (and interviewed the creator of P90x!)

What's your daily workout and diet regime like now? Is there a reason you put behind why you felt so passionate about the subject?

kpereira5 karma

I've only recently gotten into pretty solid shape. I credit discipline, consistency and Corrado (my workout partner) with a lot of the progress. I try to get in the gym five days a week to do heavy lifting (supersets, drop-sets, muscle-confusion via varying routines, etc.) and another day of just cardio and core-building exercises. It pains me to type this right now, as I've been out of the gym almost a full week due to a cold and travel, so I feel like a shell of my former self. Yes, the neurosis is that real, a week out feel like I've abandoned my body. But, I'll get it back when I can return to training in a few days, fingers crossed.

ValhallasKeeper2 karma

Love the KPer! More vuvuzela!!!!! Keep up the great hosting man. You've said how much anxiety you get with interviews, I love you plow through it to give us great TV. Watched ever eps. of that former amazing show with Sarah Lane and some douche with no facial hair that came to ruin everything. Currently loving your Tru: Hack my life. I know you'll just break my heart again, but I just can't quite you! If you die tonight ala prescription OD, you've made my life better. ATN ATN ATN!!!!! Question? Uh, what kinda Hoon do you drive now? Stay alive Mr. I before E except after c and Pereira.

kpereira6 karma

2016 Chevy Volt. Love it. Haven't been to a gas station in ages. And I'm waiting for autopilot and range to improve before entertaining a Tesla purchase.

sheerscorpion2 karma

Hey Kevin, My fiance and i have been religiously watching Pointless podcasts and The Attack since it's inception. My Question and it's a tough one is what has been your favorite character that has been on The Attack? P.S what happened to the Canadian tux you used to wear on Arena?

kpereira3 karma

The tux was retired along with my "amber alert" mustache ages ago. And my favorite character has got to be Gerard DeParjew. Yaniv had me crying with his slamma-jamma-poetry.

nunchukity2 karma

Who would be your "dream" (I don't know how else to phrase that) celebrity psychedelic trip mate?

kpereira3 karma

Hmm... good question. Maybe Jon Stewart? Tough to say. I'd love to trip with my brother, actually. Don't think that's in the cards as he's in law enforcement, but that'd be far more interesting to me.

madsenkd2 karma

Hey Kevin, how long have you been drumming, and would you ever consider doing it during a full Attack show? Cause you're pretty damn good at it and more people should see.

kpereira5 karma

Thanks so much. I played a bit when I was younger, then took years off, and I'm still struggling to integrate regular drumming into my life. Once I shake this cold, I'll continue working on my Life of Pablo set and cutting more videos to jam along with. I'd like to make it a weekly thing. I need to see if there will be enough room at the new studio to dedicate space to it.

Panerai902 karma

What is a "MAKER" anyway?

kpereira4 karma

Someone who creates a thing.

link18732 karma

Any timeline with the new office?

kpereira5 karma

Not soon enough? We've moving in now, likely 2-3 weeks away from firing up the studio(s).