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'Georgian' refers to the period 1780-1820. As a period, it covers the years between 1714 and 1820.

Georgian architecture is classical in the majority of the exteriors, influenced by Roman Architecture. The interiors were more elaborate with a wide colour palette. In this period, walls in fashionable houses were paneled from floor to ceiling and divided horizontally into three parts to represent the classical proportions of the column. Walls would have been painted in a single colour, although a darker shade might have been used to emphasise details such as the skirting and door (stronger colours were expensive). Plasterwork reached a height of delicacy and elegance. Ceilings were divided into segments defined by moldings around the ceiling rose with details highlighted in white against delicate muted tones. The colours most used were light blue, lavender, pink and pea green - never primary colours. Fixtures and fittings were also used to introduce colour.

Main Features:

Generous proportions with high ceilings
External doors with 6 panels and a fanlight
Flat or shallow roof partially hidden behind a parapet
Stucco-faced external ground floor
Yellow bricks replaced red (it gave a more stone-like appearance)
Marble or stone fireplace shelf supported by pilasters
Niches shaped like scallop shells for ornaments
Plain openings, with deep double-hung sash windows
Doors and windows have entablatures, pediments, consoles and either pilasters or columns
Wallpaper using wood blocks, stenciling or flocking
Greater use of pine and fir, and less of oak
Wrought and cast iron balustrades on staircases in one sweeping curve only rising to the first floor (higher floors being served by a secondary staircase)
Colours of outside ironwork blue or steel blue, doors green or blue, windows dark brown in plain paint or grained
Plasterwork with smaller compartments arranged around the sides of ceilings leaving large compartments round, square or octagonal in the centre.      

As an architectural style, 'Edwardian' refers to the period 1901 to 1918. As a period, it covers the years between 1901 and 1910. The Edwardian era was a period of revivalism, taking ideas from the mediaeval and Georgian periods, among others. Houses mixed and matched many influences.

Houses had wider frontages so there was often more room for a hall, in larger houses this was even used as a living room. For example, it would be furnished with a desk and perhaps even a fireplace. The underlying themes of buildings and interior design of the Edwardian era were for expensive simplicity and sunshine and air. Colours and detailing were lighter than in the late 19th century, looking back to the Georgian era of a century before. The desire for cleanliness continues. As gas and then electric light became more widespread, walls could be lighter as they did not get so dirty and looked better in the brighter light. Decorative patterns were less complex, both wallpaper and curtain designs were plainer.

There was less clutter than in the Victorian era. Ornaments were perhaps grouped rather than everywhere. Displays of flowers were placed to complement the floral fabrics and wallpapers.

Today, fine examples of these homes can be most often found in areas like Dulwich, Southeast London or in the "garden suburbs".

Main Features:

Rough cast walls
Small paned leaded windows
Magpie work
Rustic bricks
Art Nouveau (*) influences in fire places, light fittings, stained glass and door furniture
Jacobean details such as gargoyles, heraldic devices, mullioned windows, studded doors and Dutch gables
Houses with Neo-Georgian influence: large bays and sash windows, columns and pilasters
Half timbering
Small feature windows to create a picturesque effect
Wooden porches with turned spindles
Brackets and decorative fretwork
No dado rails, leaving only the picture rail
Walls decorated in uniform colours with contrasting woodwork Bare floorboards decorated with rugs 

Source:http://www.housepursuits.co.uk/architectural.html OP passed on the question guys! David Cross had to know.

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