Hi I'm Geoff Keighley, producer and host of The Game Awards, streaming live tomorrow, Thursday December 9 at www.thegameawards.com. Ask me anything!

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Reddeadseries1296 karma

Will you acknowledge Activision's shitty behavior?

geoffmk1633 karma

It's certainly been so sad to read all the stories - I'm thinking about the right way to address this in the show and how we can help the situation for developers. Last week I said I was trying to navigate what to do or say and that became a whole story unto itself. The situation at Activision is terrible, but there's also a larger industry conversation to have. How do you guys think I should handle it? I realize I have a big platform and am just trying to figure out how best to help tbh.

The_Iceman2288651 karma

The most important question of them all - why Thursday?

geoffmk465 karma

It's a great question -- as well as the time of the show. We have to find a time that works globally, so 4pm PT is late in Europe, but relatively good for NA/Brazil/Asia. We do the Gamescom and SGF shows earlier in the day at 11am which is better for Europe, less great for Asia.

Thursday is just where we started. We've talked about doing the show on a weekend, but it's always tough with the holiday season. One year I would love to try doing the show on a weekend.

Pretzelope295 karma

Will anything in this show put you back in gamer prison?

geoffmk486 karma

Oh probably? Expectations are a funny thing. I'm sure people will want more news than what we have in the show, but hopefully we also surprise folks with new games? I never quite know what to expect of the reaction. We just make the best show we can based on the content available to us. We don't make the games, and COVID is still a very real thing that has been impacting development. Given that we have a pretty amazing lineup I think.

AssaultMonkey150271 karma

How do you balance people viewing this as a place for big announcements like an E3 press conference while trying to make receiving an award prestigious? Do you worry by glossing over awards quickly they don’t show value?

geoffmk367 karma

Yeah that's always a tough balance to strike -- especially when a LOT of the audience just wants to see forward looking news. We never get it quite right (everyone has their own POV on this), but it's a constant conversation.

VikNik312256 karma

Hey Geoff, how long are "world-premiers" planned in advance? For example, how long was the planning to reveal Sephiroth or Joker take place?

geoffmk388 karma

It depends! Sometimes they are planned years in advance. Sometimes a few weeks. For Hades, we planned that out with SuperGiant for about 8 months. Often times we start to plan something and then plans change....as things go. Especially with the pandemic.

JordanDean04244 karma

What time are you revealing GTA 6 tomorrow?

geoffmk665 karma

Shocking headline: We are not revealing GTA6 tomorrow.

NightSwipe243 karma

Hi Geoff! Really excited for the show this year, and every year.

Recently there have been some discussions about a number of gaming company CEO's or higher-ups that have been accused of misconduct in one manner or another. Are there any plans to limit or cease how much influence they have on the advisory board or other interaction with the show?

Thanks for all that you do, again I always love watching the shows and seeing the reveals.

geoffmk420 karma

I think there's a general misunderstanding of the advisory board on the show. They have ZERO power related to the show. They are advisors, they aren't a board of directors, I don't answer to them. I own The Game Awards 100%.

Of course they are all big/important players in gaming so we care what they think, but it's not like the advisory board approves my scripts or decides on show content.

We started that board back in 2014, and the basic point was to get all the platforms and all the major publishers to back Game Awards as an official thing. It was needed when I was starting on my own, and it was important to have full industry support behind TGA.

Moving forward I'm definitely thinking about how to evolve our plans -- and new voices to add into the mix too. Today a lot of developer-publishers are making huge waves on their own and don't need to go through a publisher to reach the audience.

VillainVibe202 karma

Hello, Geoff. First off, let me thank you for everything you’ve done for this industry; your hard work and dedication have helped elevate the perception of games in the public space as more than entertainment, but products that require dedication, love, and hard work on the side of developers to create and give to consumers.

In that vein, I wanted to ask you this- has there been any consideration in the game awards for opportunities to create better environment and workspaces for these employees by celebrating studios that DO treat their employees with dignity, distinction, and compassion- unlike some studios which have been under fire for doing the opposite. Do you think creating awards or distinctions that highlight good workplaces with low crunch, fair compensation, and respect for employees would help to foster more healthy working ecosystem in the industry that could also lead to better games and experiences on the consumer side of the spectrum?

Cheers, and tell Kojima I say hi.

geoffmk245 karma

Yep we're thinking a lot about this and how we could do some good. I've thought about doing some kind of award/recognition for this, the real question is how do you evaluate this? Do you survey employees? Have an independent group explore it? We could totally do a "Best Workplace" Award potentially, I'd just want to figure out a really fair and good way to judge that. Open to ideas, but love the sentiment.

sekhem122 karma

Will you work with MEGA64 for TGA again?

geoffmk154 karma

I love Mega64! Rocco sometimes comes to the show, wonder if he will be in the audience this year?

Forward-Menu-730999 karma

Is anyone at the show going to say anything about Activision Blizzard?

How many world premieres are show/movie related?

geoffmk188 karma

People are certainly free to say what they want at the show. I'm trying to figure out the best way to address what's going on generally, and I certainly don't want to ignore it. But we're also a show about celebrating games and the industry, so it's a delicate balance. Hopefully it's ok to say I'm still figuring it out and trying to be thoughtful about it?

We have I think 3 or 4 movie/tv related things -- The Sonic movie, The Halo series, The Matrix are big ones. It's kind of cool how the movie/game/streaming worlds are all coming together.

SvenToMend91 karma

What was YOUR favourite game as a child, and what is your #1 currently?

geoffmk205 karma

I loved the old adventure games from Sierra and LucasArts. Games like Monkey Island 2 and Gabriel Knight.

Akane999VLR88 karma

Could you tell us about Kyle Bosman?

geoffmk108 karma

Kyle is so great! He used to work with us on my SpikeTV show behind the camera, and one day we asked him to do something on camera. It was for the PlayStation 4 reveal event! The rest is history.

DoctorStrife87 karma

How difficult was it to transition from the VGX show to the VGA’s? It’s come a long way!

geoffmk115 karma

Thanks. It was super hard starting out on my own in 2014, but now I'm so grateful for the opportunity.

RollingSilver87 karma

Hey Geoff, what would you say is your personal game of the year 2021?

geoffmk181 karma

Always hard to answer that, especially since I haven't had a chance to play anything for the past month due to the show. So I'd give you an incomplete answer. Ask me again in a month. Can't wait to play Halo Infinite campaign this weekend!

Memed_775 karma

Are you excited to be back in gamer prison Geoff? 🤩

geoffmk208 karma

What's going to send me back? If you're waiting for more Elden Ring I think I'll stay out of prison hopefully.

whitesnorlax63 karma

How annoying is it dealing with people constantly complaining online? Appreciate all you do, Geoff!

geoffmk94 karma

Comes with the territory!

Linebeckk55 karma

About the next Sonic announcement, can we rest easy knowing this isn't about another Sonic Classic Collection?

geoffmk117 karma

Rest easy

Mocha_Lad_1741 karma

Will there be any surprise guests?

geoffmk76 karma


Dry-Leadership983737 karma

Whats the biggest and hardest reveal you worked for to get at the VGA's?

geoffmk147 karma

That's a great question! I'm not sure. I guess getting the Breath of the Wild gameplay for the first show in 2014 will always have a special place in my heart.

Extreme-Tactician32 karma

Hey Geoff, viewer from the Philippines here! I'm surprised that you got Rappler on board! So my question is, why get advisors from our country? Not to say our country is bad, but we don't have a lot of influence in the gaming sphere. Not a lot of gaming journalists or developers from here. Anyway, I'm glad that you took a chance with us.

geoffmk46 karma

We try to be as global as possible! SEA is an emerging market I'd love to do more there.

vieira_rv32 karma

What game are you most excited for 2022?

geoffmk117 karma

Oh wow LOTS of stuff (depending on when things ship). Horizon, Elden Ring, Suicide Squad, BOTW2, Starfield, God of War? Going to be a crazy year.

Samoht9931 karma

Hi Geoff,

Thanks for taking the time to do this. I'm a big fan! What's your favourite part about doing the Game Awards each year and do you have a favourite year of the Game Awards? Have a good one!

geoffmk89 karma

My favorite part is just seeing how much the show means to fans and developers. It keeps me going. Favorite year? Great question. 2018 was pretty cool, with the big 3 opening the show and the God of War vs Red Dead rivalry.

JumpyLyon31 karma

game awards runtime?

geoffmk95 karma

I think the show will be around 3 hours long.

CheeseWithMe30 karma

How did you kept your passion for the gaming industry for some many years?

geoffmk66 karma

I don't know tbh. Whenever I feel down I see a new game and just get so excited about the future potential of the industry. We have some amazing stuff tomorrow, lots of cool gameplay too!

MoronicaForever29 karma

You mentioned a game that’s been in negotiations for over two years being at this year’s show. How much of an anomaly is that? What’s the average time for negotiations, in your estimation?

geoffmk58 karma

There are a few games in the show this year that are the result of 2019 conversations. (A lot of stuff was delayed last year). Most of our deals happen in the summer after the SGF timeframe.

kuroinferuno24 karma

Since we're going to see a live audience this year, can we expect to see our beloved Dark Prince of Nerd Media on stage?

geoffmk37 karma

He's here! Working behind the scenes

Kos-MosZE19 karma

Hey Geoff is Kojima involved in this year show ? 👀

geoffmk44 karma

He's never too far from my shows!

peacefulhaley10 karma

May I ask what jacket you are wearing in your picture?

geoffmk16 karma

It's a hoodie from ALYX I think

Black_Chamber_8 karma


geoffmk23 karma

Yep, pretty excited about that one....It's up for Most Anticipated Game.

whitesnorlax7 karma

Are we finally gonna see elden ring??? /s

geoffmk12 karma

You saw it back in June! Didn't you?

steve228uk6 karma

Will The Game Awards ever take place at a time slot that isn't so US-centric? If it were a few hours earlier many more Europeans would be able to tune in without worrying about work the next day.

geoffmk6 karma

We do gamescom and SGF at a Euro-friendly time. I'm not sure on TGA, it's harder to do like a mid-day show for a big awards gala.

snipars_exe5 karma

Hey Geoff! Will TGA become more of a general entertainment event rather than focused on games in the future? I'm asking this because the presenters and live music performances this year are %95 more related to movies instead of games (I know some of them voiced gaming characters)

geoffmk8 karma

There's lots of gaming stuff we can't announce in advance -- but yes, there are some cool movie tie-ins etc too. We're trying to navigate the right balance here. I'm sure there will be some purists who say "Why would you ever show a movie at The GAME Awards?" I look at it through a different lens: How video games are taking over popular culture in a lot of ways. The Sonic 2 trailer is insanely awesome....just you wait. I wouldn't have done it unless I was excited by the content.

Ultimately I just book the show with things I think are cool, and I hope you agree. Maybe you won't!

barnyboy884 karma

Why wasn't Returnal a candidate for game of the year?

geoffmk18 karma

Because the judges didn't vote for it? Not trying to be flippant, it just didn't get enough votes to be top 6.

spragooprod3 karma

Hey Geoff! I was lucky enough to be on the calls you had for last years show, so thank you for that awesome experience! What would you say was the most difficult part of planning for this years show and what was surprising the easiest?

geoffmk6 karma

Hardest part has been all the COVID rules/figuring out how to do things safely. Easiest part? I'm not sure. I guess since the shown has grown it's easier to book content and sponsors.


Ok... So.. i can say what is that rabbit in your tweet's? I think we have here a security breach ;)

geoffmk6 karma

Ha not Freddys -- more of a Matrix reference

Luck882 karma

Over the past few years people have had discussions about whether certain reveals/awards should've been featured in the main show rather than the Preshow (the FF7R and No More Heroes 3 trailers and the best Soundrack award come to mind to name a few), how do you tackle chosing which games fit in what spot other than trying to provide variety/alternating between reveals and awards?

Also have you finished all the games running for GOTY this year?

geoffmk5 karma

I have not finished all the games. I've finished Ratchet, ITT and Psychonauts, have not finished RE or Metroid (still playing) or Deathloop.

geoffmk6 karma

Oh and re: pre-show vs main show, it's always a toss-up. So many factors play into that. Honestly the distinction between the pre-show and main show isn't that much. It's all the same stream.

Peet_Smith2 karma

Hi Geoff! What is the most challenging thing in the organization of the Game Awards? Will the Suicide Squad game (by Rocksteady) be in the show?

geoffmk3 karma

Yep Suicide Squad will be there tomorrow!

Mario_Viana2 karma

Hey Geoff! Are there any presenters/performers that haven’t been announced yet?

geoffmk4 karma

Yes! We have some performances and presenters we won't pre-announce.

BChopper1 karma

Whats your favorite game that will be revealed tomorrow?

geoffmk5 karma

Haha can't tell you that! I have a couple :). What we're doing with The Matrix is also super dope.

TheDankDragon1 karma

How do you find the balance between indie and AAA titles for world premieres?

geoffmk3 karma

It's always a careful balance. We have to turn down lots of games unfortunately. We have some great indie reveals!

TheBrawler_1 karma

What are your thoughts about game exclusives especially from third parties (timed exclusives) and exclusive content (Only on x platform)? Do they harm the industry more than do it good?

geoffmk3 karma

I'm not a huge fan of timed exclusives. One of the reasons we do Game Awards is to give developers a platform-agnostic stage to debut games. I don't care where you are shipping.

Jstudz-5 karma

Why are you supporting Activision-Blizzard after everything that has went down? silence is compliance.

geoffmk44 karma

How exactly I'm a supporting Activision-Blizzard? We've said Activision-Blizzard is not participating in The Game Awards.