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Is Kyle Bosman taking part in this ?

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I'm positive he said to be looking forward to working again with you for Gamescom when asked.

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Share this on your social media, the baby Yoda reference will ensure Nintendo hears what you said.

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Realistically, how quickly would you answer Nintendo's request to develop a Metroid game ? like how many internal talks would you have to take ? Would you consider pushing the game you're working on to the side to take over this higher profile pitch ?

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How do you feel about this year's gaming news season in general? Do you think we're up for some good presentations? I feel like the announcements made in late May + some believable leaks probably will spoil for many people what would otherwise be a pretty solid lineup considering only some countries are coming out of the pandemic as we speak. Is there some unannounced game (obviously not in your presentation) that you'd love to see announced other than Half-Life 3?