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VillainVibe202 karma

Hello, Geoff. First off, let me thank you for everything you’ve done for this industry; your hard work and dedication have helped elevate the perception of games in the public space as more than entertainment, but products that require dedication, love, and hard work on the side of developers to create and give to consumers.

In that vein, I wanted to ask you this- has there been any consideration in the game awards for opportunities to create better environment and workspaces for these employees by celebrating studios that DO treat their employees with dignity, distinction, and compassion- unlike some studios which have been under fire for doing the opposite. Do you think creating awards or distinctions that highlight good workplaces with low crunch, fair compensation, and respect for employees would help to foster more healthy working ecosystem in the industry that could also lead to better games and experiences on the consumer side of the spectrum?

Cheers, and tell Kojima I say hi.