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Ask Us Anything and we will reply via written text, video, and photographs over the next couple of hours. Maybe our friend Scott Sanders will show up too.


EDIT: Thank you everyone for the questions! We answered them from the top down as long as we could, sorry if we didn't get to you.

xoxo Justine Joli, Charmane Star, Stacy Adams, and Black Dynamite

Watch for Black Dynamite : The Animated Series on adult swim starting July 8th, and a little something before that.

Also, as seen in a reply below, (NWS) (NWS)

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wil1732 karma

In before creepers.

WeAre_DynamiteGirls675 karma

Hi Wil :)

wil805 karma

Justine, will you tell the story of the first time we met at the Star Trek convention in Pasadena a million years ago? Because I've been telling it to anyone who will listen to me ever since. I even wrote about it in Just A Geek.

americanslang59918 karma


In Hot Anal Injection 2, I felt that you gave one of your best performances. The way you carried yourself was mind-blowing. Being able to take a cock in your anal cavity the way you did was amazing. Not only that, your asshole was creampied. It was one of the finer things I have ever seen in film. I just want to commend you on one of the best performances of your career. You deserve many awards for your work in that film. It's rare that a sequel is better than the original but you made it happen.

Also, Charmane, what was your first scene? What was it like filming your first scene?

Justine, why have you never done a boy/girl scene?

WeAre_DynamiteGirls404 karma

shoe on head —

WeAre_DynamiteGirls222 karma

Thank you everyone for the questions! We have to go now. xoxo Justine Joli, Charmane Star, Stacy Adams, and Black Dynamite

Watch for Black Dynamite : The Animated Series on adult swim starting July 8th, and a little something before that. Plastics...



WeAre_DynamiteGirls219 karma

Thanks for the questions. We will start making some videos in a few minutes!

roboticinsides215 karma

Is there ever a point when you just want work to be over: 'still four more hours of this shit before I can go home!'? At some point, a job is just a job, no?

remmycool171 karma

What's the strangest advice you ever got in the porn industry?

Preece142 karma

Do you think being attractive in a culture that prizes attractiveness so highly has warped your sense of self?

greatwood128 karma

did you ever think you would be in this line of work?

unknownfy24123 karma

What kind of food do they have on set?

Aferisan110 karma

Do you like video games?

jimmythunder96 karma

My question is this... How fucking awesome is the EXXXOTICA Expo? :) Not that I own and run it or anything... PS - Charmane is my personal fav and request her every year :)

Urlaz96 karma

Wow that third chick has nice tits.

logantauranga244 karma

That is Stacy Adams.

(If other Redditors are doing a word search on this page: here are some terms they would use: third, black, chick, afro, other.)

WeAre_DynamiteGirls11 karma

This one is for you. I can tell you are a man of taste. NWS.

WeAre_DynamiteGirls82 karma

@Huplescat22's Deleted Comment

VonAether78 karma

Hello, Charmane and Justine! I admit to not yet having seen Black Dynamite, but the trailers look amazing, so I'm sure I'll be seeing it soon.

I was curious: what led you two into the porn industry? Any crazy stories?

(Justine, big fan of your work; thanks for doing this.)

Narmi198776 karma

How do people normaly react when they learn you're a porn star?

vanilladynamite57 karma

Chill little girl, lot of cats named Black Dyanmite. Do you know any Vanilla Dynamites?

robotrock138254 karma

how did they environment on the black dynamite set differ from the vibe of an average porn shoot?

Warlizard42 karma

Dear Dynamite Girls,

  1. Any plans to continue in the more mainstream film industry or are you going to stick to adult film?

  2. What's the deal with naked whitewater rafting? Seems chilly.

  3. I have more, but I'll leave it at that.

IggsSnotley37 karma

Hi Charmane, Justine, and fans!

broadcastterp31 karma

What was filming the sex scene in Black Dynamite like?

IggsSnotley15 karma

What's the best way to pitch an idea for an adult film? Black Dynamite was such a cool, funny movie. I <3 U Charmane!

WeAre_DynamiteGirls13 karma

NWS - - Sorry this took so long to upload. Too many jigglebytes of information.

Please enjoy Black Dynamite's Natural Wonders, featuring Stacy Adams. A short film.