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Do you think being attractive in a culture that prizes attractiveness so highly has warped your sense of self?

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Is it really fair to call it a "coal addiction", as if they are reckless junkies? I assume most people are just trying to heat and power their houses and offices. What alternative power sources do you think they should move to? Solar and wind don't really seem like an answer. If rich countries like Germany and the US can't do it, I don't think India could.

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Courses on Game Programming would probably bring in a lot of people.

But personally I'd like to see biology and in particular neuroscience classes. That would be incredible.

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Do you think we should acknowledge a difference between denying that climate change is happening, and denying that it's catastrophic? I often see the two claims made interchangeably.

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"Haven't done it" is more accurate. I applaud and support efforts to keep trying and improving. I think we can keep improving. But we haven't done it yet, and until we do I'm skeptical that renewables can run our entire power grid.