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Hi Reddit. It’s comedian/podcaster/TV host Marcella Arguello, here to answer your questions on life, love, being funny, personal hygiene, and anything else redditors tend to struggle with. Answers start at 10AM PST / 1PM EST!

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T3canolis29 karma

What is your best safe-to-share story about living with David Gborie?

MarcellaArguello34 karma

I loved living with David Gborie (a great comedian for those that dont know!). Sharing a bathroom with him was the worst thing that's ever happened to me.

DeadHeadSticker24 karma

Hi! Love your Twitter. How can we stay informed but not constantly outraged?

MarcellaArguello29 karma

Thank you! I am great at twitter. The trick to staying informed but not constantly outraged is setting boundaries they way you do with anything else. Go outside. Sometimes I call a friend if I’m outraged. You end up talking about something else eventually. Hope that helps!!

BetaAlex8115 karma

Your Beetlejuice costume and antics were some of the best Halloween content I came across on Twitter, thank you for that. How long did it take to get ready? How much help did you have, was it professional? Those Michael Keaton-esque mannerisms...did you practice them? They come naturally? Just incredible stuff.

MarcellaArguello19 karma

THANK YOU. I've always wanted to be Beetlejuice for halloween but knew I needed time to do it right. I did it all myself thankyouverymuch. It took about three hours. I watched the movie early October to start studying the mannerisms. I watched a YouTube make up tutorial to get some ideas. And watched the movie WHILE doing my makeup to refresh on the voice and mannerisms. I actually lost a Funniest Costume contest that night because my hometown has no real sense of humor lmao but THANK YOU, it was my favorite.

BetaAlex818 karma

Absolute home run, made even more impressive that you spent all that time and effort and did it yourself. I don't know who won, but you were robbed!

MarcellaArguello3 karma

thank youuuuuuu

CountDrewcula11 karma


MarcellaArguello10 karma

That would be tight.

OleGravyPacket11 karma

Woke Bully was fucking amazing. Do you have any Spotify playlists of comedy you personally like that you can share?

MarcellaArguello16 karma

Thank you, I agree with your incredible mind. I don't, that's a great idea but until then check out Laurie Kilmartin's new album Corset.

kplaysbass10 karma

what's your favorite podcast to be a guest on and what's your favorite just to listen to?

MarcellaArguello32 karma

I really enjoy being on All Fantasy Everything because I get to be mean to them and they’re not fucking crybabies about it ;)

and right now I LOVE the podcast LOUD: the history of reggaeton

babymargaret7 karma

I learned about you from r/AllFantasyEverything - I LOVE how you all interact!

MarcellaArguello15 karma


kplaysbass5 karma

thanks for answering

MarcellaArguello6 karma

thanks for asking!!

disfordanie8 karma

Why do celebs keep sharing their hygiene habits?! Is it truly narcissism?!

MarcellaArguello14 karma


milkmade6 karma

Hi Marcella! I recently discovered you on Twitter and think you’re pretty badass.

How tall are you and how do you keep that body so bangin’? As a 6’ tall lady, I need tips!

Also, have you had any disappointing encounters with any comedians/celebrities that you admired? If so, what happened?

MarcellaArguello17 karma

Thank you. It's all lighting and angles and good genes.

Bitch, I'm not talking shit about your faves on reddit r u twisted!!!

milkmade2 karma

Girl, you don’t have to name names. C’mon!

MarcellaArguello12 karma

I dont judge people on their worst day! how's that :)

baltinerdist6 karma

My bathroom door constantly sticks. When I first moved into the house, it didn't do this, but over repeated uses now it has gotten harder to close and when you open it, it sticks a bit and you really have to pull to open it. Do you have any advice for how to make it smooth again?

MarcellaArguello15 karma

Hmm, sounds to me like you and your housemates are taking too many long hot showers and your door can no longer handle expanding. I hate to say it but you should seriously consider purchasing a new door before someone gets trapped inside. Also, check for black mold.

kimmyz2995 karma

You’re totally my WCW by the way!!! How do you watch comedy without being afraid that it’ll subconsciously make you steal the jokes? I’ve always been hesitant because I don’t want it to mess with my natural funny. Tips??

MarcellaArguello8 karma

First of all, it's Tuesday.

Second, there's always parallel thinking. The more you stay true to your own personal experiences the less likely that'll happen.

babymargaret5 karma

I’ve got young kids and I probably fucking suck at parenting - did your parents do anything particularly good/bad that you want other parents to be aware of?

MarcellaArguello6 karma

I mean the fact that you're asking is already ahead of most parents. I never understood the yelling. I think clearly communicating with them is always good and being aware, as they get older, that they know more than they let on. Thats a big one.

highseasofemotion4 karma

Is there any crowd work that you've done that sticks out in your memory?

MarcellaArguello13 karma

Well, if you've ever seen me live then you know I have a story about breaking a couple up. No further details, come see me live so I can ruin your marriage!!

theshwarts4 karma

Being a comedian I'm sure you've had your fair share of hecklers.

What was your worst experience with hecklers and what happened?

MarcellaArguello7 karma

there was a show where katt williams was sitting in the front row and it was not fun for me. I'll say that! I still love him forever tho.

theredditforwork4 karma

Hi Marcella! If you had one thing to say to David Gborie right now, what would it be?

MarcellaArguello7 karma

"Let's go get some hot dogs"

9lbmoustache4 karma

Who’s your favorite of the four Beatles and why is it Ringo?

MarcellaArguello22 karma

Hmm. Great question. My father was a huge Beatles fan, so I hate them all equally. Hope that helps!!

Altruistic_Ask_57674 karma

Best personal hygiene tip?

MarcellaArguello16 karma

Stay away from men.

KageSaysHella3 karma

Where's your favorite place to eat in Modesto?

If you had the choice, which comedian (living or dead) would you want to work with on a project?

MarcellaArguello5 karma

  1. my favorite place to eat in Modesto is my moms house.

  2. "I don't dream of labor"

Turd-ferg-993 karma

Do you think average height guys or short guys are more intimidated by you?

MarcellaArguello10 karma

Well for me, there's no such thing as average height because they're all shorter than me. And I think they're all equally intimidated.

arruns3 karma

Do you and Jeremy Renner get together to talk about Modesto?

MarcellaArguello9 karma

Every November 5th.

ecuchoco3 karma

What has been your best or favorite project to work on?

MarcellaArguello1 karma

The Cache!! Don't forget its free on Tubi!! Streaming now.

ecuchoco3 karma

Saw you in Boston with a crowd that kinda sucked (drunk college chick trying to finish your jokes). Will you be coming back?

MarcellaArguello4 karma

I would love to!

babymargaret3 karma

Have you encountered many comedians moving up in the business that cant/won’t/don’t do a drug? Do you think the ability to party is a must?

MarcellaArguello8 karma

No, look at Taylor Tomlinson, she's killing the game and doesn't use. Love her btw.


Okay, I have one more question, what’s the worst public restroom you've ever used and was it in San Francisco?

MarcellaArguello12 karma

Oh man. I was in WeHo at a gay night club, coke and blood everywhere!!!

ecuchoco3 karma

Any chance Woke Bully will ever be released on vinyl?

MarcellaArguello5 karma

Probably not no, sorry!!!! But thank you for listening, I'm very proud of my album.

comedianthrowawayyes3 karma

I enjoy your comedy but I’ve noticed you’re really mean to people on social media. Does this mess with your bookings?

MarcellaArguello14 karma

I don’t think I’m too mean on twitter, I think people are too sensitive. It’s weird when a complete stranger expects you to act a certain way to their reply to you.
Also what stops me from getting booked is sexism.

babymargaret2 karma

What are the odds of you and David Gbore getting married?

MarcellaArguello4 karma

we've discussed it and it could work if we cheated on each other the whole time. but girl I've shared a bathroom with him, I'm good.

I_Tell_Penis_jokes2 karma

For those of us who are vertically challenged, what should we know about the tops of our refrigerators?

MarcellaArguello6 karma

Are you doing my material back at me? You know damn well what's up there - FILTH.

I_Tell_Penis_jokes1 karma

Sorry. I couldn't resist. I remember you yelling at everyone in the Brainwash that their fridges were gross.

MarcellaArguello3 karma

damn! the brainwash! rip.

Prize-Date64012 karma

What is your new show The Cache?

MarcellaArguello8 karma

Very simple: me making fun of viral videos in front of a green screen. Free on Tubi check it out: https://tubitv.com/series/300007927/the-cache?start=true

elmonoenano2 karma

Are you the tallest Salvadoran ever?

MarcellaArguello4 karma

lmao @ ur username. I think my brothers are the tallest!!

leo_cor632 karma

I've been a big fan since I first saw you on @midnight when I was like 15-ish, so I'm curious who you would say is your all-time favorite comedian?

MarcellaArguello4 karma

15!! Thats crazy. Thank you I dont have all time faves because comedians are rarely that consistent. BUT I will forever love Carlin, Bill Burr, Patrice O"Neal and Laurie Kilmartin. And the young guns right now: Lydia Popovich, Petey DeAbreu, David Gborie, Aida Rodriguez.

babymargaret2 karma

Are your brothers in the entertainment field as well?

MarcellaArguello8 karma


Noch_ein_Kamel2 karma


MarcellaArguello4 karma

Why not!!!!!!

Tintin_Quarentino2 karma

Has anyone told you you look like Sacha Baron Cohen?

MarcellaArguello7 karma

Yes. Actually my brother went as Borat one year for halloween. I also get Howard Stern, Slash and my personal favorite, Slender Man.

10thunderpigs2 karma

Who was your most influential teacher in school, why, and do they know how much they've impacted you?

MarcellaArguello2 karma

I would say my gender studies professor at Stan State, and she absolutely knows. I was probably 19/20 when I had her and she was just the first person that made me think my life could be more than just staying in Modesto.

billnyethesciencefry2 karma

Fave scary movie?

MarcellaArguello3 karma

im a coward I dont watch scary movies!

billnyethesciencefry1 karma

don't watch jumanji, it's traumatizing

MarcellaArguello3 karma


slumpbucket2 karma

Who would play you in the movie of your life?

MarcellaArguello6 karma

Hmmm... tough one but I would say a young Tim Curry as Dr. Frank N. Furter.

babymargaret2 karma

Is Solomon a good kid?

MarcellaArguello2 karma

you know it!

MD27712 karma

Did you know Norm Macdonald at all and what is your opinion on his comedy?

MarcellaArguello4 karma

I opened for him once and loved it.

slmngrndy1 karma

Do you like performing at colleges? I understand a lot of big name comedians quit playing them

MarcellaArguello3 karma

It's fun for what it is as long as you can stand it!

babymargaret1 karma

Do questions/comments about your height drive you bonkers or are you pretty used to it?

MarcellaArguello3 karma

literally both.

r2d2emc21 karma

Do you like Minnie Mouse?

MarcellaArguello1 karma

No I hate her.

billnyethesciencefry1 karma

Any fun, ongoing bits you do just for you?

MarcellaArguello2 karma

HELL YEAH but they're just for me so mind your business.

manoverboard3211 karma

Do you find Hannah Gadsby to be funny?

MarcellaArguello3 karma

Chappelle ... Is that you?

BlackJackalope1 karma

Can I feature for you sometime?

MarcellaArguello2 karma

I'm good.

ecuchoco1 karma

Do you like when supporters fan boy/girl over you when they meet you?

MarcellaArguello2 karma

It's cute for a moment but I am regular as fuck and prefer people to understand that.

mg4401 karma

how does your approach to performance differ from stage to tv to podcast? When you’re on TV do you think about the camera/audience at home, or just focus on staying present

MarcellaArguello3 karma

Yes once the FCC is involved you gotta adapt.

slmngrndy1 karma

Do you anticipate performing stand up comedy indefinitely? Hope so!

MarcellaArguello3 karma


BarnesTheHorrible1 karma

Who is your favorite member of Griselda?

MarcellaArguello1 karma