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I loved living with David Gborie (a great comedian for those that dont know!). Sharing a bathroom with him was the worst thing that's ever happened to me.

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I really enjoy being on All Fantasy Everything because I get to be mean to them and they’re not fucking crybabies about it ;)

and right now I LOVE the podcast LOUD: the history of reggaeton

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Thank you! I am great at twitter. The trick to staying informed but not constantly outraged is setting boundaries they way you do with anything else. Go outside. Sometimes I call a friend if I’m outraged. You end up talking about something else eventually. Hope that helps!!

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Hmm. Great question. My father was a huge Beatles fan, so I hate them all equally. Hope that helps!!

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THANK YOU. I've always wanted to be Beetlejuice for halloween but knew I needed time to do it right. I did it all myself thankyouverymuch. It took about three hours. I watched the movie early October to start studying the mannerisms. I watched a YouTube make up tutorial to get some ideas. And watched the movie WHILE doing my makeup to refresh on the voice and mannerisms. I actually lost a Funniest Costume contest that night because my hometown has no real sense of humor lmao but THANK YOU, it was my favorite.