My short bio: Hi! I am Lily Larimar! I am from Pennsylvania, and I started my career in the adult industry at the beginning of 2020! I started as a webcam model and moved to LA to shoot scenes and create content. When I’m not working, I love to hang out with my cats, make unique smoothie recipes, or hit the beach! Ask me anything!

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EDIT: Thank you guys for the questions, I had a blast! * * *

A huge thank you to for making me their June Bang Babe!! * * * *

Peep the behind-the-scenes footage of my new scene with Bang on Youtube! *

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baltinerdist455 karma

I'm repainting the walls in my house and I'm reading conflicting information online. The walls themselves are already painted and it's a pretty bright color already. Do I need to use a primer or will the paint stick just fine to the already painted walls? I'm using an eggshell base if that helps.

realLilyLarimar320 karma

I would say use a primer and put the paint over...

OscarTheTurtle149 karma

How often do you do scenes? Is it like a daily job or just when something is available?

realLilyLarimar196 karma

It really depends, it is a daily job for me. I don't have a scene everyday but I'm committed to social, OnlyFans, preparing for a scene, etc.

danishduckling147 karma

What's your opinion on the entire "step" trend that seems to be so big these days?

realLilyLarimar186 karma

I think it's funny because I have what feels like real step brothers in porn. I like the power dynamic of step dad, and I don't really have a negative opinions about it.

delmarshaef124 karma

Is the money worth it?

realLilyLarimar167 karma

I would say it's not everything, but the money is great! It's how I pay my bills. I am comfortable!

bangsteve114 karma

if you could turn any book into a good movie what would you pick?

realLilyLarimar67 karma

Oooh that's a good question! I don't know of any books that I can think of on top of my head! Most of the books I have read are already movies.

jcgam110 karma

Do you ever get bored when filming?

realLilyLarimar136 karma

I guess sometimes it's a long day but then I go get snack and I'm good. I also drink coffee, tea, most those too. Redbull if they have them!

BigBlackHungGuy78 karma

What does your left arm tat represent? I could never see it clearly

realLilyLarimar115 karma

It is a landscape of a mountain scene. I got it spontaneously so I represents my willingness to do things spur of the moment.

whimsylights77 karma

What is the most memorable oops or blooper you have had on set?

realLilyLarimar146 karma

I was thinking this the other day! The first scene I shot for Bang I was sucking his dick in the ice maker room in a hotel hallway. They almost caught us!

RentalGuy20469 karma

Is there a community in LA where all adult performers live? Do you guys hang out with each other? Otherwise, where do you socialize. (Back when we could hang out with each other)

realLilyLarimar49 karma

I feel like a lot of the people I've met live all over. Some people live in LA or Vegas, and a lot of people don't live there. Sometimes we hang out with one another. If there is time and if our schedules work out then we hang!

ZingReads65 karma

Whats the best & worst things about webcamming?

realLilyLarimar127 karma

Best: A lot of people make me laugh and I made a lot of connections on there. I would have fun and we would be laughing, it felt like a community. I loved that aspect.

Worst: Sometimes the money can be inconsistent.

biipbiipboop62 karma

Do you actually enjoy the massive penises during a shoot or do they hurt?

realLilyLarimar84 karma

Uhmm, honestly the biggest cock I have ever had was through porn. I was a little bit scared at first but now I love it!

cancertable59 karma

What does your exercise/diet look like?

realLilyLarimar105 karma

I used to go to a lot of exercise classes but the pandemic has changed that. I work out at home and do yoga type floor exercises. My diet usually varies on my shoot schedule and I try to stay really healthy.

Tonight I'm making pasta, with some vodka sauce. I like to put vegetables with oil and seasonings.

PaulRuddsDick53 karma

How many taco's can you eat in one sitting?

realLilyLarimar78 karma

How big are the tacos!? Are the the smaller street tacos? Probably 3. If they are a little bigger, I can eat 1-2.

BloviateBetting32 karma

How many shares of GME and AMC do you hodl?

realLilyLarimar18 karma


Forge6428 karma

You say PA. Are we talking Pitt or Philly, or boondocks?

realLilyLarimar47 karma

Pittsburgh! I have lived in a many different parts of PA though.

ArchDucky20 karma

What's your favorite kind of sandwich?

realLilyLarimar29 karma

PB&J! They are so good.

Bvuut9917 karma

Would you rather instantly be able to speak 10 languages or instantly master 10 instruments? Also which languages/instruments?

realLilyLarimar36 karma

I would probably choose instruments. Piano, guitar would be my top choices. Ukulele would be in there too!

BangAndy15 karma

Ok, might be a simple question but...Did you pick the name "Lily" because you like the flower?

realLilyLarimar31 karma

I thought Lily was a cute name, and Larimar is a stone that I love, the Larimar stone!

MurderDoneRight11 karma

First off I love your work, Lily, big fan, my question is how do you unwind after a hard days work? Do you like relaxing at home or go out to blow off steam?

realLilyLarimar32 karma

I like relaxing at home more. Especially after this last year, things in LA aren't quite in full swing yet. I've taken a lot of baths and face-masks and massages. I like self-care!

SingularBread10 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?

What is your favorite treat/snack

realLilyLarimar22 karma

The 1 horse sized duck! The bigger one for sure. I'm good with that.

My favorite treat/snack has been chocolate covered Almonds or raisins. I make a trail mix and popcorn.

Pepparino6 karma

Any upcoming VR scenes?

Would love to see a creampie scene from a high quality producer like SLR.

realLilyLarimar10 karma

No not really. I just had a handful of them come out. I am trying to think of any that haven't been released yet. I do a lot of VR in the same week/month and then they all release.

Odd-Worry6 karma

What is your favorite smoothie recipe?

realLilyLarimar25 karma

My favorite smoothie recipe is anything with bananas and berries! Greens and bananas!

Matlarzer5 karma

Hi Lily thanks for doing this AMA!

What motivated you to join the industry, and do you see yourself in it long term?

realLilyLarimar21 karma

I started off webcamming and I just tried it out to see what it was like. I learned a lot more about it, after I wet my feet the water felt nice so I wanted to take a dive, hehe. I do see myself doing it long-term!

Darlington284 karma

How many cats are too many? And how many corndogs can you eat at one sitting?

realLilyLarimar10 karma

Anything more than three. Two is pushing it and I have two. Goose and Hazelnut! They used to be Gus & Hazel but I gave them nicknames.

I can't say I've ever tried, but maybe a couple? I 100% put ketchup on my corndogs though.

DuttyJagaloon4 karma

What is something about you that might surprise people?

realLilyLarimar12 karma

Hmmm, maybe that I am a chill girl. Most people think pornstars are partying all the time and I'm a very relaxed person. I like to have fun, but in increments.

colossuskidd3 karma

Pineapple on pizza? Yes or no?

realLilyLarimar12 karma

I actually don't mind that, it's good! I don't mind it.

deh7073 karma

Hello Lily!

1) favorite tv show?

2) favorite nail polish color/style?

realLilyLarimar8 karma

My all time favorite is Friends, and lately I've been watching Manifest. I binged it!

For nail polish, I mostly have white or light pink nails. I really like the almond shape, and gel polish on top!

Unreal24272 karma

Waffles or pancakes?

There is only one correct answer!

realLilyLarimar9 karma

Ooooh! Probably pancakes. I like both. What is the correct answer!?

Akorm62 karma

If you could travel anywhere in the world for free where would you go?

realLilyLarimar10 karma

There are a lot of places! I like to travel, and I really want to go to Italy, Greece and Spain.

AidsAcrossAmerica1 karma

Going from PA ton LA whats your new favorite food?

realLilyLarimar2 karma

I get sushi way more than before! There is way better sushi in LA. I don't have a go-to since I've moved around LA. I normally order Postmates.

Environmental_Web6851 karma

Do you like knee socks? If yes which are your favourite? You are gorgeous:)

realLilyLarimar3 karma

I love cute socks! I got these new cat socks and they are super cute. Thank you so much, you are too sweet!

sharksnameisnotjaws1 karma

Where are you the most ticklis'h?

realLilyLarimar2 karma

The bottom of my feet and whenever I get a pedicure I am afraid I'm going to kick them!