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Do you believe Vitamin D3/B12 Deficiancy plays a role in how our bodies react to Covid 19?

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What can a regular person with no cybersecurity or coding knowledge do to help?

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I have always had a higher than normal blood pressure due to being overweight. I also used to smoke cigarettes but going on 5 years free of them after quitting. However I still consume cannabis normally and I believe this does attribute to a higher than normal HR/BP. I am 34 years old and lived a younger life of not much exercise and poor dieting.

I recently have been working on my weight by dieting and stopping of eating sugary and processed foods.

I recently went to a doctor because after not going to one for over 10 years. Thankfully everything came out normal on a blood/urine test but he did note a bit higher than normal blood pressure. I did tell him I used cannabis regularly as well.

He didn't start me on medication but told me he advised exercise.

Right now I am brisk walking 45 minutes everyday. Is this enough exercise to bring down my BP? Do you recommend anything else to help (such as vitamins, anything really) to help?

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What is your favorite smoothie recipe?

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I used to successfully cultivate cubensis years back first by using vermiculite cake tek and then went on to using Rye berries combined with pasteurized cow/horse manure to produce large amounts. How do you produce them any differently now in a lab?