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Why are pedophiles so attracted to your organization? I don't mean to be insulting with that. But seriously what's going on there???

And do you think that the brigading from all the folks over in the Catholicism subreddit are doing so in order to bury questions like this? (EDIT: This may not be a legit concern but a function of my AMA ignorance)

For the record I have zero problems with religion as long as you folks keep it in the church and your families and the hell away from politics. Y'all do whatever you want in your clubs as long as it's not illegal, but please leave the rest of us out of it. Especially when it is an organization as hypocritical as the Catholic Church.

I hope I am not insulting anyone with my question/comments. But I mean c'mon guys. Read the newspapers, going back like, 40 years.

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Wouldn't it be more of a man hole than a man cave?

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It's more about the hypocrisy of the position of the abuser combined with the absolutely abhorrent coverups than it is about the actual number/rate of abusers.

That makes sense. Why haven't people learned that doubling down on bad behavior only makes things worse...

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Are you going to stick with Chinese manufacturing given the recent political turmoil and the rumors/stories of near concentration camp like situations for Muslims over there?

What kind of wages do the people in China make when manufacturing your product?

I'm genuinely curious about the above two questions and I fully acknowledge that I have given very little thought to the near slave labor conditions of many in Asian factories. But I am thinking about it more these days and wonder if you have the same concerns from a product designer/businessmen perspective?

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But you left the world's largest 6 pack! WHATS WRONG WITH YOU!