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MettaWorldPeace37Win578 karma

MWP signing off

Thanks Reddit

cbrian13394 karma

What prompted the name change and how did you choose your name?

MettaWorldPeace37Win887 karma

I changed my name because I grew closer to Buddhism from a baptist. I love having the freedom from religion and being more open to all people while living my life.

Chromsom364 karma

As a mental health advocate, how do you feel about Naomi Osaka's refusal to participate in press conferences to address her personal struggles with anxiety?

Do you think the NBA and other sports leagues should adopt measures to better manage the relationship between players and the media, especially with the additional pressure players face from social media?

MettaWorldPeace37Win618 karma

I think it was brave. It is important as athletes and people in general to take care of our mental health #namaste

I think the league is making strides to better manage the relationship. I hope they continue to do so.

loudanduneducated298 karma

Thanks for doing this,

Have you ever encountered a player that made you drop your jaw with how much they improved from the last time you saw them?

MettaWorldPeace37Win512 karma

julius randle

sshanbom111296 karma

Hey Metta, thanks for doing this AMA. Who was the funniest teammate you ever had?

MettaWorldPeace37Win518 karma

mike bibby

Kobe3rdAllTime278 karma

how many burgers do you think you could eat in one sitting?

MettaWorldPeace37Win715 karma

Now I want a burger

Fickle-Investment-91271 karma

Hi Metta, who was your favorite teammate? Or who was a player you hated playing against?

MettaWorldPeace37Win624 karma

Kobe. Kobe

dannytg241 karma

Hi Metta! Who would you say was the most challenging player to guard during your career? Do you have a story that puts into perspective how good they were?

MettaWorldPeace37Win638 karma

jordan. gave me 40 points when he was 40 and i was young

SillyHatMatt225 karma

Metta, about 10/12 years ago you said you play defense for the ladies. As a defensemen in lacrosse I lived that creed for years. I’ve gotta ask; do you still play defense for the ladies?

MettaWorldPeace37Win423 karma

i use to love the basketball and entertainment . I always thought it was fun. I don't agree with that comment i made now that i look back at it.

wubiwuster207 karma

Hey Metta, thanks for doing this AMA. You’re one of my favorite people from the NBA - on and off the court. What’s one advice you would tell your younger self?

MettaWorldPeace37Win359 karma

Anytime friend.

Advise: have fun youngin

devicto89202 karma

The infamous brawl that happened in in 2004, what was going through your mind from the court to the fan that threw that cup?

MettaWorldPeace37Win858 karma

i was pissed .

jpgmike197 karma

Hi Metta! I was a huge fan of you on Celebrity Big Brother and really thought you added such a fun and entertaining energy to the cast. What was that experience like for you and do you still keep up with the show? Thank you!

MettaWorldPeace37Win463 karma

Hey Mike, Thanks for watching me on CBB. I still don't fully understand the show, but I made it pretty far because no one saw me as a threat. It was cool for the first few days. Then I missed my wife and tried to escape...

tehtris188 karma

My guy. I bought your jersey the on the way home from the bar after you clocked that guy in the face.

Question: What types of community projects and donations have you been up to lately?

MettaWorldPeace37Win367 karma

Thanks for buying my jersey.

I have the Artest foundation me and my dad run. We try to give back as much as possible to underprivileged youth.

I grew up in the hood...the key is to remember where you came from and try to give kids the opportunities that were given to you

thelamb710183 karma

Hey Metta, huge fan since you joined the Lakers. I remember you being a menace on the defensive end of the ball in the previous year when Houston played the Lakers in I think the WCF?

Anyway my question for you is what was going through your mind when you went from Houston to LA after battling against Kobe the year before ? As a kid I was shocked lol.

MettaWorldPeace37Win310 karma

In basketball from the streets , its about survival. For Kobe , it was about being the greatest. So when these two characters go head to head, its war

skinsballr172 karma

Hey Metta, and thanks for doing this AMA.

Since you have played against Michael Jordan and LeBron James and played with the late Kobe Bryant, how would you rank the trio all-time?

MettaWorldPeace37Win473 karma

Jordan , Kobe , then King James. Even though King James Career is more impressive to me.

SlowSpeedsYT147 karma

Where do you see yourself, if you never played professional basketball?

MettaWorldPeace37Win770 karma

Good Question. If i never played ball , i would've probably been a junior high school math teacher , or potential a dope dealer. I was on the verge of both .

MisteriousAttention141 karma

Hey Metta! Long time fan. Thank you for this AMA.

In a battle of the five boroughs of NYC, which one would you side with if you couldn't join Queens?

MettaWorldPeace37Win228 karma

Staten Island

WaxMuseumPodcast138 karma

Hey Metta! When you signed basketball cards for companies like Upper Deck or Fleer, what all did the process entail? Did they send to your agent? Was it done through a team manager? Also, what are your feelings about sports cards in general?

MettaWorldPeace37Win301 karma

I really like sports cards , but i don't like the creative process. I wish i could have had more input on my pictures. They picked pictures i hate.

WaxMuseumPodcast57 karma

Thank you so much, Metta!

MettaWorldPeace37Win166 karma


no problem .

MettaWorldPeace37Win129 karma

When I would do signing , companies would contact my agent or manager and work. out a deal that was a couple of dollars per card. Then they would set up the cards at the practice facility so the players could sign after practice.

TheOGPrussian137 karma

How was the process of adapting from being a franchise player to a role player on a championship team ?

MettaWorldPeace37Win296 karma

Being a franchise player to a role player was an adjustment . It was very difficult. But my goal was to win a championship . So that I did.

sleepy-floyd-is-goat113 karma

How did you feel hitting the “big shot” in the finals vs the Celtics?

MettaWorldPeace37Win253 karma


Thorgan_Sterner110 karma

How was your experience with Phil Jackson?

MettaWorldPeace37Win275 karma

I love phil. He gave me confidence to meditate more.

thunder3029109 karma

What was the craziest part of playing Big Brother, and if you could go back in time what would you do differently while playing Big Brother?

MettaWorldPeace37Win164 karma

If i could go back in to time with big brother , I would probably learned to cook more.

mikey12345101 karma

Interested in an upcoming coaching career? I'd love to see you in that role, I think you'd be a great mentor to some young players in the league.

MettaWorldPeace37Win324 karma

My goal is to win an NBA Championship as a head coach and dedicate it to the streets in which I am from

boysensprite90 karma

Hey Metta I hope you're doing well in life. Congrats on your recent (kinda?) marriage. What do you like to do in your free time, and do you play any video games?

MettaWorldPeace37Win180 karma

In my free time, I like to watch boxing on youtube , and listen to the interviews from up and coming boxers

BradyBunch1290 karma

Have you apologized to James Harden?

MettaWorldPeace37Win207 karma


JaysonTatumOfficial87 karma

Hi Metta. I see you’ve been Skip and Shannon to discuss basketball and give your opinion on news around the league. Could you give any insight as to how Skip and Shannon are off-camera?

MettaWorldPeace37Win261 karma

Skip and Shannon off camera is mostly texting . I am pretty sure they are extremely busy.

aaronthenia79 karma

What was it like meeting/being interviewed by Nardwuar?

MettaWorldPeace37Win139 karma

It was funny. i didn't know who he was . but he was full of energy

Onepopcornman77 karma

Hey Metta.

Without naming names, when you see someone in the NBA having mental health issues, do you ever reach out to chat about it? What kind of advice do you think NBA players need when trying to deal with that stuff?


MettaWorldPeace37Win155 karma

Yes. i always like to reach out to people who might need a little advice. the type of advice they need would be to enjoy life and dont overwhelm yourself with too much burden

lacrorear74 karma

Which player do you see the most of yourself in?

MettaWorldPeace37Win181 karma

the Klaw

AstroChimp7X65 karma

You played a long time in the nba who would be the best street fighter and worst street fighter of anyone you played against?

Thanks for doing the ama man it means a lot for you to take the time

MettaWorldPeace37Win225 karma

Best: The predator (street player from New York)

Worst: Nobody on the pacers team


nakiaaa9562 karma

What was the worst part of being on big brother and did you enjoy it?

My husband is your #1 fan! He only watched big brother because you were on there 🤣

MettaWorldPeace37Win108 karma

not having a phone was terrible

Rumble2Man60 karma

Hey Metta, thanks for doing this. What's something most people don't know about the Malice at the Palace? How do you think your career would have been different if not for that incident?

MettaWorldPeace37Win154 karma

people don't know that the purposely don't show the fan throwing the cup of beer at me

ninjacereal57 karma

Favorite piece of sports memorabilia that you own that isn't related to your career?

MettaWorldPeace37Win175 karma

i pretty much gave everything away

legendaryufcmaster55 karma

Any chance you can knock out one of the paul brothers for us?

MettaWorldPeace37Win116 karma


Cali_dreamin2455 karma

Hey metta, always wondered why the NBA has been so much into wine compared to other liquors, what drink was the league into back when you played? When did wine become the thing

MettaWorldPeace37Win114 karma

I think people have different taste. The difference is now , companies work with minorities more so now you see different things that players like to venture in.

so-cal_kid53 karma

Hi Metta big fan of yours. You were known as one of the toughest NBA players out there that seemed to intimidate other guys. What other players would you put on the list of real tough guy NBA players that you played with or against?

MettaWorldPeace37Win83 karma

harping , gerald wallce, tony allen, maglore

luke_liao50 karma

hi Metta!

What’s your favorite albums/artists of all time?

MettaWorldPeace37Win160 karma

my favorite artist is probably NAS

Blacramento48 karma

Hey Metta! Could you please explain your thoughts and feelings on teeth?

MettaWorldPeace37Win116 karma

jesus baby teeth

alesinas_acolyte46 karma


You once called Kyrie Irving the 4th greatest NBA player of all time, right above Lebron and below Oscar, MJ, and Kobe

Has your list changed at all since 2016, and what exactly draws you so much to Kyrie?


MettaWorldPeace37Win159 karma

i think kyrie is great. maybe not 4th best , but for sure amazing. maybe top 100 of all time

ITeachMunchkins46 karma

Hey Metta! Huge fan! You’re known for being an elite defender throughout your career. Who was the hardest player that you’ve had to defend?

Let’s Go Lakers!

MettaWorldPeace37Win73 karma

Michael Jordan

GOOooo Lakers

IntrovertAlien39 karma

Hey Metta. Thanks for your time.

Did you have fun doing Metta World News? And, Who was funnier behind the scenes, Key or Peel?


MettaWorldPeace37Win41 karma

lots of fun. they were very normal behind the scenes

MettaWorldPeace37Win37 karma

yes. they both were normal behind the scenes .

vmb50938 karma

Any regrets from your earlier years in the NBA?

MettaWorldPeace37Win117 karma

not really. sometimes its so far from today , i just like to move forward

BrewQualityControl38 karma

Good afternoon Meta, thank you for doing this AMA! As an individual battling anxiety and seeking help, are there any mantras or meditations that help you focus or channel these thoughts? Thank you for all that you do, sir.

MettaWorldPeace37Win134 karma

i would say relax your forehead , jaws , shoulders and hips before making any decsions

parisjava36 karma

What was it like playing with Kobe?

MettaWorldPeace37Win79 karma

fun. he was a joy to learn from

Darlington2827 karma

How many cats are too many?

MettaWorldPeace37Win77 karma


-do__ob-24 karma


MettaWorldPeace37Win41 karma

we do sports consultation which sometimes lead to ways to find sports therapy. perhaps if you played sports and wanted to do sports therapy consultation , maybe some conversation could lead to other things that can help. DM XvsX Sports on XvsX SPorts app . But i dont personally do counseling. I think making new loyal and trustworthy friends should help

TheLastSecondShot24 karma

Hi Metta!! As a guy who was a phenomenal defender in the NBA, what do think is the most important trait for a player to become a great defender? Is it something physical like length, strength, or lateral quickness? Or is it more mental, like intangibles or toughness? Thanks!!

MettaWorldPeace37Win52 karma

mix your mindset with your physical make up. Everyone's body type is so different. so work with what you have

melwin8821 karma

What advice for today's athlete, around sustained entrepreneurship and not getting caught up in low margin investments? Will there be more Davy investors like Steph Curry and Carmelo Anthony?

MettaWorldPeace37Win62 karma

biggest investment is teaching yourself and educating your family.

DynamoBolero21 karma

Do you remember when, as a Laker, you and Mark Gasol collided during a game? I don't know what Pau was thinking at that moment.... I do know that I was sending major props to you for holding it together as you stumbled away, instead of lashing out, and I always wanted to acknowledge that. High five many years later!

MettaWorldPeace37Win38 karma

ugh. i was so upset. i remember. the ref didn't call the foul

Yosemitehills20 karma

Would you want to go on the no chill podcast with Gilbert Arenas?

MettaWorldPeace37Win38 karma

of course. gil is funny

MWiatrak207720 karma

Hey Metta, what was the team atmosphere like when you guys lost to the Pistons in the ECF in '04?

Also, what went through your head right after you sent the Lakers to the Finals in 2010 with that insane shot against the Suns?

MettaWorldPeace37Win45 karma

we thought they were the better team. we was very upset.but the best team won. i was over the top with the buzzer beater because you always dream of doing that as a kid.

Aaronsolon20 karma

Your bits on Key and Peele are some of my favorite pieces of comedy, full stop. What was the process of making those like?

MettaWorldPeace37Win32 karma

i loved those. i wish i wouldve kept that going . i was suppose to do one episode , but they said they liked it , and kept it for the entire season

International_Egg2117 karma

What advice would you give to a person entering college who wants to work in the Front Office in the future?

MettaWorldPeace37Win40 karma

network. learn and play sports. try to understand what players go through

DilatedSphincters16 karma

What advice would you give a parent who is raising a young kid in today's world?

MettaWorldPeace37Win54 karma

keep them focused. teach them values and morals

boxonfire16 karma

Hey Metta, what's the best regular season or playoff game you ever played in and why? What about the most memorable, besides malice in the palace?

MettaWorldPeace37Win41 karma

a game with pacers vs sixers. i was cooking. man i wish i finished that season

thabigmilla15 karma

What is it like to change your original name to something that you wanted it to be? Would you recommend it for others who have thought about doing the same thing?

MettaWorldPeace37Win34 karma

its very cool to be able to change your name if you want. recommended

B3nt3z_G14 karma

Favorite achievement and least favorite achievement?

MettaWorldPeace37Win49 karma

DPoy is my fave

1 ring is my least fave

07bot4life14 karma

Hey, Metta. What was it like breaking Michael Jordan's ribs?

MettaWorldPeace37Win65 karma


SurvivorMartin13 karma

Hi Metta! Huge fan of Big Brother here, and you were one of my faves on S1 of Celebrity Big Brother! I was wondering, how confused were you when you voted out Chuck? That scene will be one of my favorites forever

MettaWorldPeace37Win37 karma

lol. i thought i voted yes to keep him

FriendsStinky10 karma

Hey metta, longtime fan. Which player in the league do you see as resembling your game the most?

MettaWorldPeace37Win21 karma

the klaw

doctorfroggo10 karma

hey thanks for doing the ama. what do you think about all the old heads like scottie pippen hating on the current batch of stars?

MettaWorldPeace37Win50 karma

no comment

karma_dumpster10 karma

What do you hope to be reincarnated as?

MettaWorldPeace37Win28 karma

hard to say. i am not even sure thats possible:)

DilatedSphincters10 karma

What advice would you give to a young kid growing up in today's world?

MettaWorldPeace37Win36 karma

meditate and learn

ronin_d10 karma

Throughout your time in the NBA what was that ONE restaurant in that ONE city you had to visit every time?

MettaWorldPeace37Win21 karma

Mukunis in sacramento

hf23969 karma

What was it like being on celebrity big brother?

MettaWorldPeace37Win19 karma


rifa249 karma

What’s up metta! Favorite Kobe memory ?

MettaWorldPeace37Win22 karma

his 5th ring

Archeign9 karma

What young guys do you see flying under the radar who will become threats in league at some point?

MettaWorldPeace37Win24 karma


MettaWorldPeace37Win8 karma


juicebox029 karma

When and who are you boxing?

MettaWorldPeace37Win24 karma

i will be boxing in september on xvsxsports.com

Paranoides8 karma

Hello Metta, is there any Kobe stories that you would like to share? I believe you would have many of them.

-Love you, thanks for the game 7

MettaWorldPeace37Win21 karma

i onced rapped with kobe the night we got into a city

nucipher7 karma

Do you regret going into the stands?

MettaWorldPeace37Win18 karma

you spelled regret wrong

flyshmokeaj6 karma

Hey Metta!! Who’s your favorite boxer to watch at the moment?

MettaWorldPeace37Win16 karma

the bronze bomber

si4ci76 karma

Are you working on any new music my guy?

MettaWorldPeace37Win20 karma

my sons jeron artest and ron artest are

MettaWorldPeace37Win9 karma

yes. follow u/saysoentertainment on IG

johnnylander6 karma

Hey Metta! Love that you still support Indy after all these years. Would you have any interest in joining Rick Carlisle's coaching staff? They could use a guy like you.

MettaWorldPeace37Win10 karma

rick will pick an amazing staff

Dishavingfun4 karma

I’ll always remember how happy you were when you got a ring. As a non Lakers fan, I was legit happy for you.

Who are the top guys that you want to see get that prize?

MettaWorldPeace37Win10 karma

pacers and knicks

KianNeon4 karma

Hello Mr. World Peace!

Is there an active player in the nba who you see yourself in or would like to get to play on the same team as?

MettaWorldPeace37Win8 karma

the klaw. but i would only want to play against him

hsvandreas3 karma

Hey Metta, thanks for doing this AMA. How often are you approached by startups about business opportunities? What would be the best way to get your attention?

MettaWorldPeace37Win7 karma


LosLakaFan283 karma

Do you believe the Pacers could have won in 2004/05? I don't want to be that guy, but do you think they could have?

MettaWorldPeace37Win10 karma



Which current NBA player reminds you the most of yourself?

MettaWorldPeace37Win3 karma

the klaw

H04X1 karma

Hey Metta! Who was your favorite head coach and why?

MettaWorldPeace37Win2 karma

coach butch from qb back home