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Ever see customers fight over the last few birds?

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Do you remember when, as a Laker, you and Mark Gasol collided during a game? I don't know what Pau was thinking at that moment.... I do know that I was sending major props to you for holding it together as you stumbled away, instead of lashing out, and I always wanted to acknowledge that. High five many years later!

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Aren't you just enjoying our glorious weather today?

Thanks for this AMA, And enjoy your kids, blink and they'll be gone. I think it's great they are growing up with musical parents!

I've recently discovered Samuel Kim as a musical arranger. Can you please give him a shout out to the Hollywood powers that be? I'm crying my eyes out to his interpretation of "Leaves from the Vine" from Avatar the last Airbender.

I'll check out your online stuff, sounds great!