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so-cal_kid571 karma

I have to say your use of profanity really makes me trust you more for some reason. Like if you had said anything under $200 isn't any good, that wouldn't have come across as well. But because you called them pure shit, I'm more inclined to believe you.

so-cal_kid200 karma

This is such a Metta answer. Love you dude.

so-cal_kid196 karma

Life, uhhh, finds a way.

so-cal_kid60 karma

You should read the dude's resignation letter. He's super duper smart and comes off like the kinda guy who can take any team in any situation and make them better.

so-cal_kid53 karma

Hi Metta big fan of yours. You were known as one of the toughest NBA players out there that seemed to intimidate other guys. What other players would you put on the list of real tough guy NBA players that you played with or against?