Hey Reddit! My name's Alex Kerr, I've been concertmaster of the Dallas Symphony since 2011. At 26 years old, I became concertmaster of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam. I went to Juilliard and teach music at Indiana University. I also love movies and golf!

Between June 11-19, I'll be performing with the Mainly Mozart All-Star Orchestra in San Diego, CA in a five-part open air orchestral Festival featuring the largest gathering of principal players and concertmasters in North America. You can view the 2021 All-Star Orchestra roster by clicking this sentence.

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Proof: https://imgur.com/a/69wC5Gm


Edit: I had such a blast answering your questions! I do have to run, but will do my best to circle back and answer more later today/tomorrow.

If you're in Southern California and interested in seeing the Mainly Mozart All-Star Orchestra where I'll be one of fourteen titled violinists, make sure to check out mainlymozart.org!

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FiannaTheBard88 karma

Teaching in Indiana and playing in Dallas, that’s a long ways to move! I realize it’s something that professionals often have to do to make a go of music as a career. What are some things you do to make moving around easier on yourself and your family and friends?

MainlyMozartSD89 karma

You're absolutely right...running around like I do isn't easy. I try and keep close contact with my friends wherever I am and talk to my sons every day, either by phone or FaceTime. I exercise a lot these days to keep myself fit and sane, walking about an hour and a half a day. I also surround myself with photos of those I love in both cities where I live...it makes me feel at home no matter where I am.

Moonmaster1067 karma

Do you have a favourite instrument?

MainlyMozartSD156 karma

CELLO! I always wanted to play the cello, but when I started playing an instrument in my elementary school, they didn't have one small enough for me! Ironic that I'm now 6 foot 2 inches!

DaveCoopHorn44 karma

I thought you'd pick horn? 😉

MainlyMozartSD31 karma

HAHAHAHA! Love you, my brother!!!

TheFrontierzman13 karma

I was really hoping you'd say cowbell.

MainlyMozartSD27 karma

You can never get enough...

jdjk750 karma

What's your favorite place to eat in Bloomington?

MainlyMozartSD75 karma

Depends upon the cuisine. Uptown cafe, FARM, Taste of India, Siam House, Lennie's Mother Bears, Ami, Feta, Juanitas

WeyardWanderer19 karma

Oh god I miss Taste of India. And Uptown. And FARM. And Juanita's. And Ami. So many great places in Bloomington. (I did MM and DM at Jacobs)

sleeplessorion13 karma

RIP Opie Taylor’s :(

MainlyMozartSD10 karma

I know...its so sad!

jdjk710 karma

Someone mentioned Feta the other day and we were legitimately unsure of what they might actually serve there beyond, possibly, the titular cheese.

Uptown's good, Taste too. Butter lamb and peshawari naan is an easy comfort meal for me. My girlfriend lives a couple blocks away from Juanita's, it's a place she likes a lot.

Our standby for "do ya wanna order something to eat?" is usually Crazy Horse, or Pizza X. (which I maintain is the best pizza place ever, though sometimes i encounter resistance on that idea... Mother Bear's is good too, i like a pan pizza and they have a much more diverse menu, but Pizza X just "hits different", as some might say...)

MainlyMozartSD9 karma

Crazy Horse is another go-to!

MainlyMozartSD10 karma

Forgot Little Zagreb!!!!

soggybutter47 karma


I don't have a real question. What's your favorite place for music in Indiana?

MainlyMozartSD37 karma

It's funny, I don't go out much when I'm in Indiana; I usually spend all my time either with my children or teaching! I do like going to hear the ISO! I miss those guys!

Connect-Lemon-83236 karma

Can you walk us through a normal practice day routine?

MainlyMozartSD100 karma

I usually start with a ridiculous a major doodling that my stand partner, Nathan Olson has come to imitate and mock me with! Then, I'll play one position scales for 10-15 minutes to warm up and get my hand frames solidly in place. Then, it's repertoire time; I'll work on whatever I'm going to be performing that week or start something difficult that I see lurking in the future. I will always start by practicing slowly, often with a metronome and as detailed as I can, always with the mindset that I will be performing the work, not just laying it in my room! Preparing for nerves helps a lot when you are suffering them in real life!

RagingAardvark32 karma

I'm going to show this comment to my kids (10 and 8) who refuse to believe that slowing down and playing with a metronome can have any benefit! (And mom couldn't possibly know anything about it, even after years of piano and violin lessons.) They play full-tilt until their fingers are hopelessly tangled and then get frustrated and try to go even faster. Maybe seeing how a pro does it will convince them!

MainlyMozartSD37 karma

Tell them Hilary Hahn and James Ehnes also practice SLOWLY!!!

runningrunninglost26 karma

When you play violin-piano duo/chamber music, how does communication during the rehearsal process take place? Do you spend more time playing, more time talking; do you primarily stop and start with short passages or do you tend to play longer sections at a time?

MainlyMozartSD37 karma

At this stage of my career, I usually perform with people I have known for a long time, so there are certain patterns hat have arisen throughout the years. usually, chamber music or recital rehearsals start with a run-through and proceed with each of us offering up their own most important musical observations, technical ideas and all of us talking about where it just sounded horrific. then, we will play through all of the passages, usually in chronological order. The last rehearsal is always a run-through with little touch ups...

I would say there is as much playing and as little talking as possible.

artemis_floyd22 karma

As a fellow violinist and private teacher, what advice would you give a younger violinist who wants to study performance?

Also - which is your favorite concerto to play?

MainlyMozartSD35 karma

I would tell the student that it's not an easy road but that if they are willing to enjoy not only the fun aspects of practice and performance but also the drudgery, then they have a chance! I love my jobs with a singular passion and that passion is a vital necessity.

I would also tell that person to be their own harshest critic in the practice room while also being their own best supporter on stage.

favorite concerto to play? BRAHMS!!!!!!

artemis_floyd12 karma

Yes! These are great tips, especially the need for an all-consuming passion for music - both the fun and less-fun aspects. On the performance front, any good tips or tricks for managing performance anxiety on stage as a soloist?

Love the Brahms! I've been big on Mendelssohn lately, but am finally diving into some Sibelius for the first time...it's a doozy, but a fun one!

MainlyMozartSD16 karma

I would advise reading Don Greene's books, as well as George Mumford's Mindful Athlete. Staying in the MOMENT is for me, the key to dealing with performance anxiety, and believe me, I suffer it as much as anyone else. Living in the past is pointless and worrying about the future only increases the stress.

artemis_floyd8 karma

Oh man, this is great advice! I of course have struggled with performance anxiety of my own, so these are great resources for both myself and my students. Appreciate the feedback!

MainlyMozartSD6 karma

My pleasure!!!

Pennwisedom3 karma

Brahms....double concerto? Cause really that's the proper answer.

In that same note, do you have a favorite Concertmaster solo?

MainlyMozartSD14 karma

Love the Double!!! Have performed it a lot!


hq198421 karma

What's your favorite concertmaster solo and why is it Scheherazade?

MainlyMozartSD20 karma

HAHAHAHA! Actually, its Heldenleben! First one I ever played and have loved it ever since!

-SesameSprinkles-20 karma

What was your most memorable music performance and who are your musical heroes?

MainlyMozartSD85 karma

Musical heroes...Brahms, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Michael Rabin, Aaron Rosand, Itzahk Perlman, Sting

Most memorable performance...performing Shostakovich's 8th Quartet with Maxim Vengerov, Yuri Bashmet and Mstislav Rostropovich in the Concertgebouw; it was one of Slava's last performances; we all cried at the finish...I'll never forget that night as long as I live. Another was a performance of Mahler's Sixth Symphony with the Concertgebouw Orchestra when the lights suddenly went out. There was about a minute of music left in the first movement and we finished it by heart and in complete darkness. It was unreal...

Genius-Imbecile19 karma

What's your favorite type of taco?

MainlyMozartSD34 karma

hahaha! There's a place in Dallas called the Velvet Taco and they have a Cuban that is AMAZING!

JPRCR17 karma

Is there a score/symphony/production that you’ve always dreamed to be able to perform?

MainlyMozartSD26 karma

I would love to CONDUCT the St. Matthew Passion of Bach. It is one of my top 5 favorite works and to lead it would be a bucket list moment!

BobDogGo7 karma

Where do you stand on historically informed performance?

MainlyMozartSD10 karma

I loved working with Harnoncourt and consider him a huge mentor in my life. I love period performance practice, only sometimes differing on opinions about vibrato, which I still employ, though not nearly as much as when I'm playing Tchaikovsky!

courtney222215 karma

What’s your all time favorite score from a movie?

MainlyMozartSD39 karma

Without a doubt, Cinema Paradiso. Within three seconds of hearing the main theme, I'm crying like a baby...

wslmllr5 karma

Have you ever heard of the album "Beyond the Missouri Sky?" If you havent, I highly recommend you check it out. It's Pat Metheny. On there is him playing the theme from cinema paradiso. Amazing stuff. https://open.spotify.com/track/5lsR6wuL7T7vR5IOZwPaEc?si=mDmYM0GlT027m1U0x7yL2Q

MainlyMozartSD6 karma

Metheny...one of the true greats. What a sound!!!!! Him and Pastorius together????

grnstrawberryfields13 karma

We love having you in Dallas!!!! I have been to so many of your masterclasses over the years, starting in Aspen and continuing at local DFW schools. I always learn so much from you. Thank you!!! Would you happen to have advice for working parents who have very limited time to practice/stay in shape on the instrument? Maybe a 10-20 min daily routine to help one from completely falling off the wagon? 😂😅

MainlyMozartSD7 karma

Sure and thanks for the kind words!!!! One position scales are great, Yost shifting etudes, Sevcik op.1 for dexterity. For the bow, Kreutzer number 2!!!

Telope12 karma

How many rehearsals do you usually get for a typical concert? Would you prefer more or fewer, or is it just right as it is? What could you and the orchestra do better with more time?

MainlyMozartSD17 karma

That is a really interesting question! An orchestra usually gets 4 rehearsals per week, sometimes 5 if a program is particularly long or challenging. I think that is a pretty good number for a professional orchestra that has been well-rehearsed by a conductor who has used their time efficiently. If I had more time, I would get into even more detail, perhaps promote more individuality and spontaneity by knowing how we fit in such depth, that even a conductor would be unnecessary. Not that I don't like conductors!

Lumen_Co12 karma

What lead you to the Dallas Symphony in particular?

MainlyMozartSD47 karma

Jaap van Zweden. He offered, I came! I love my orchestra...not just a group of amazingly talented musicians, but also one of the nicest group of people you'll find in the business. We are also lucky enough to have, in my humble opinion, the best CEO in the world and our new music director, Fabio Luisi is one of the most elegant and humble musicians with whom I've ever worked. Couple these things with one of the most beautiful halls in the country, if not the world...its a pretty nice place to be!

Bn_scarpia14 karma

Gotta love the Meyerson!

MainlyMozartSD10 karma

YES! It's so amazing, inside and out!

Jaapsboy-1 karma

Did jvZ’s rampant abuse of musicians affect your ability to sleep at night?

MainlyMozartSD3 karma

I don't remember having abused any musicians...I'll have to ask my colleagues how I treat them but I think they think I'm a pretty good guy. I generally don't sleep very well but I don't think that has anything to do with Jaap!

lipiti11 karma

What can or should orchestras do to help attract younger audiences?

MainlyMozartSD50 karma

Very good question...I think performing new music is one way, but honestly, the best way would be to restart music programs in the public schools. When a young person can PLAY an instrument, not just listen to the music, they become more invested in the whole genre. It makes me sad that so many schools have dropped their arts programs. Why live if there is no culture?

OccularPapercut9 karma

Were you involved with the collaboration between DSO and St. Vincent? That was the best live performance I've ever seen and I wasn't expecting it to be that awesome? If so what's it like blending a rock performance with an orchestra?

MainlyMozartSD8 karma

No, but I was there and I LOVED it!!!

griffinred178 karma

Who is your favourite underrated composer?

MainlyMozartSD40 karma

SCHUMANN!!!!! I have been on a huge Schumann kick the past few years...such amazing music from such a disturbed genius!!!

NaiveBattery3 karma

I've never given Schumann much thought. Any recommendations?

werq34ac5 karma

The piano concerto is an all time great.

MainlyMozartSD2 karma


MainlyMozartSD2 karma

Schumann or Mendelssohn!

BlakeMaster018 karma

Have you already played the third symphony of Camille Saint Saëns? If so, how was it? If not, greatly recommended

MainlyMozartSD11 karma

Many times! It's TRICKY! The coordination involved in playing the violin part isn't easy and then syncing with the other instruments rhythmically is a challenge. It's a beautiful piece and audiences LOVE it.

artistsluckydaughter7 karma

Hi Alex!! I know you recently got into cooking...what’s been your favorite thing to make and what is something you’ll never make again?

Hope you’re well! Can’t wait to catch up soon! -Z

MainlyMozartSD6 karma

Hey Z!!!!! Miss you!!!! I love making steak, when I can avoid smoking out my abodes!!!! Any advice on that???

fenlonconor7 karma

Do you think individuals with specific learning difficulties could ever play in an orchestra? For example, people with dyslexia, who may find it almost impossible to read and perform the music in realtime? Do you think playing in an orchestra is simply unattainable for those people who would find sight reading very difficult?

MainlyMozartSD19 karma

I don't find sight reading to be that important in an orchestra. preparation is the most important factor in determining how someone will succeed. Learning difficulties may present a hurdle but can be surmounted. laziness cannot...

DudFlabby7 karma

How do you communicate with the orchestra while playing?

MainlyMozartSD32 karma

If there is a conductor in front of us, I use my body movements to accentuate that person's movements. A combination of rising and falling gestures from both my arms (and sometimes my entire torso!)tell everyone where my perception of the beat is. It's a lot like predicting where a ball will land by seeing its prior movements.

Abmaj136 karma

Have you ever dipped your toes in jazz/improvisation? If yes, how did it feel, what were your major difficulties or surprises while doing it?

MainlyMozartSD10 karma

I haven't and have regretted not doing it my entire musical life! My college roommate, Benjamin Schmid is, as well as being an amazing Classical violinist, an equally great jazz musician and I have been so jealous of his freedom with Improvisation.I am actually thinking of taking an improv course at IU, where I teach. I think it can be an invaluable tool in any classical musician's experience.

wslmllr3 karma

To add on: I am a classical pianist and learning jazz improv has hugely informed my classical performance. It helps with nerves and makes for a more gripping performance. Since you can make it sound like your improvising, audiences love that stuff.

MainlyMozartSD5 karma

I am now strongly thinking about taking that class!!!

OppositeBid6 karma

Are you watching Anchorman on repeat to prep for San Diego? Make sure you hit Tacos El Gordo!

MainlyMozartSD3 karma

HAHAHAHA!!! I love that movie!!!! I will definitely hit Tacos El Gordo; thanks for the rec!

nurarikuo026 karma

1) As a non-musician, is there any music theory you can direct me to that might help understand the beauty of music more? 2) What do the two big symbols in music sheets? (treble and bass i think, could you tell me a bit about what they mean?)

MainlyMozartSD9 karma

Have you ever read the books of Nikolaus Harnoncourt? They are really wonderful!

Treble and bass clefs are signs that show parameters for the particular notes within a certain vocal range, in these cases, the highest and lowest. The lines and spaces represent places where the notes themselves can be notated.

nurarikuo022 karma

Alright, thank you so much for answering!

MainlyMozartSD4 karma


Novelty_Lamp5 karma

Do you think it would be possible for an adult beginner to ever have a serious career if they worked really hard?

I love this instrument so much but I feel like so many doors have already shut for me.

MainlyMozartSD12 karma

I never would want to squash someone's dreams but I think it would be very unlikely...10,000 hours minimum and that's just to be proficient, not an expert. Then there's getting used to performing. I wish I had better news...😭

Notesalot4 karma

Meeeester Kerr,

Really awesome to see fellow musicians performing post-COVID. Given the entire past year’s events, what are you most excited about seeing change going forward with regards to programming, both in large orchestral settings and smaller projects? And what is different about programming between RCO and DSO?


A Violist you met in Florida

MainlyMozartSD3 karma

I would say the major difference between programming in Amsterdam and the States is the huge variety within a one month period. You can play a Baroque concert with Harnoncourt one week and a week of Boulez, Ades and Adams the next and not even flinch. Since there are so many Classical weeks and a 96% subscription rate, one can stray into very uncharted waters with minimal risk. Much harder to do where...

As for this year...I am so happy that we were introduced to such a rich variety of repertoire, and reintroduced to smaller works that challenged the orchestra in ways we had never faced. As you know, socially distanced concerts are NOT easy. We learned so much and are a better orchestra in spite of the horror that we all faced as a society.

CyanCheetah_4 karma

What was your motivation to go to music full time? (I'll be honest, I LOVE playing the violin, but only as a hobby. In High School, and especially University for me, I won't have as much time to pursue this hobby. I mean sure, I like playing it, but not as much to pursue music as my major)

MainlyMozartSD2 karma

I get paid to do the thing I love most. I consider it a privilege and pinch myself every day that I have the opportunities I have.

EmperorOfGaming4 karma

As a trombonist about to go to college for music, how much sh*t are the brass gonna get from the strings or vice-versa in an orchestra?

MainlyMozartSD4 karma

Be nice and we will be nice right back! ;) And please try not to blow your brains out. Trust me, you'll win.

suger_daddy2224 karma

What was the first song you learn to play

MainlyMozartSD5 karma

Twinkle twinkle, like EVERYONE else!😂

danpf4152 karma

What advice would you give an amateur upper intermediate player on how to improve given relatively limited practice time?

Also, any thoughts on the Menuhin Competition that’s going on?

MainlyMozartSD7 karma

The four most important technical aspects to focus upon: 1. left hand weight to stop notes properly 2. The proper horizontal plane of the bow's path across each string 3. the balance of weight and speed of the bow, 4. proper frames in each position for intonation


As for the Menuhin..havent been keeping up with item though I did hear an amazing Erkonig on Facebook this morning. Man, ids are getting freakishly good at a young age!

CarelessShop2 karma

What are among the more difficult symphonies/pieces to play and what makes them so difficult? When's the last time you felt yourself struggle at all with a piece of music?

MainlyMozartSD10 karma

Great question! The most difficult orchestral piece I've ever played is probably Naive and Sentimental Music by John Adams, followed by any Nielsen Symphony.:) There are always 2 pages in each that I have to cover with fingerings!

As for struggling? Hmmm, I usually prepare as much as I can, so I don't have to struggle but there are certain solos that have driven me crazy; and not always the hard ones! Pulcinella drives me nuts!

fourlights2 karma

Naive and Sentimental Music is one of the great symphonies of the 20th century (of all-time, really, along with Harmonielehre and Chamber Symphony).

MainlyMozartSD4 karma

I totally AGREE.

Virtual-Owl-20202 karma

What kind of music do you listen to? Do you find you need a break from classical in your free time? Favorite pop-ish artists/bands/songs?

MainlyMozartSD5 karma

I listen to almost everything but mostly 80s pop, classic rock, jazz, rap...and a lot of classical! I definitely need a break from Classical in my free time. I spend hours every day practicing, teaching or performing...sometimes I just need to detox a bit! Favorite artists and bands...have to go by genre. Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, The Who, Queen, Elton John, Steely Dan, billy Joel Pop-Sting, Michael Jackson, most 80's one hit wonders, Maroon 5, Anderson P.A.A.K Rap-Tupac, Eminem, dr. Dre, NWA,

SuperMusicMan123212 karma

Curious how special events such as the concert scheduled with Flaming Lips work? I know that has sadly now been canceled, but does the band come into town ahead of time to practice with the orchestra? Or is it just performed for the first in front of the live audience?

MainlyMozartSD2 karma

usually, they send a conductor familiar with their scores to rehearse the orchestra prior to their arrival and then they come for the final rehearsal!

marzipanka2 karma

When you played in orchestra, have you ever disagreed with the conductor's interpretation? Did you defend your opinion on playing music?

Which are your favourite now living composers to listen to and to perform?

MainlyMozartSD3 karma

Many times but I never openly expressed it in a rehearsal... Living composers! Thomas Ades, Jonathan Leshnoff, John Adams, Jennifer Higdon, Anna Clyne, Esa Pekka Salonen...

CanadianW2 karma

Do you think Handel is overrated?

MainlyMozartSD4 karma

I honestly don't think about Handel that often, so I guess yes?:)

1SoftOpportunity92 karma

Favorite movie? Favorite musical?

MainlyMozartSD4 karma

Favorite movie...The Godfather, part 2. favorite musical...Sweeney Todd!

WallabyRoo2 karma

ell I know the AMA is over, but there is a good chance you know a few of my relatives, Mimi from Amsterdam baroque violin, and Richard Egar, harpsichordist and conductor, known for his red shoes and wild hair. He did conduct the DSO a couple of times I do believe. Do you happen to know them?

MainlyMozartSD5 karma

Of course!!!!! Fantastic musicians!!!!!!

Grey_Gryphon1 karma

how much is the study of physics important to the study of music? do you ever use a false color spectrograph while performing or rehearsing?

MainlyMozartSD4 karma

The study of PHYSICS is KEY to understanding proper violin technique and I use the most basic concepts to instruct myself and my students every day! I have never used a spectrograph but I now will!!!!

snorlz1 karma

How exactly is concertmaster determined, like what is the audition process like? Do you need to defend your position annually or something?

MainlyMozartSD2 karma

Positions are won in an audition which now, thank goodness, mostly take place behind screens to promote anonymity. once you are tenured, its for a long time and I'm thankful from that; there are some good violinists in my orchestra!

EpicZeplin1 karma

What's the most fascinating aspect of music theory that you think more people should know?

MainlyMozartSD5 karma

That the world has been obsessed by the meaning of tones since the beginning of time, the importance of music sound being an obsession to the Greeks to the point that it became a pathway to the immortal. Harmony is an expression of our humanity...it hits the depths of who we are and it truly gives our lives meaning.

Spakian1 karma

What do you think is the most important instrument in a symphony (Like one that should always be in the symphony)?

What about the least important one?

MainlyMozartSD4 karma

Hmmmm, that's a good question. I'll go with the bass...a great bass section is a luxury and can be the true foundation of a orchestra.

MainlyMozartSD3 karma

Least important? Bass flute

boyerling31 karma

TIL what a concertmaster is (I assumed it was a fancy term for the conductor).

I'm a Dallasite and have loved the memorial day performances at the park but have yet to make it to a DSO paid performance. What upcoming DSO event should I not miss?

MainlyMozartSD7 karma

Come to the Mozart Requiem next season...it will change your life, I promise.

Bn_scarpia1 karma

Hello Mr Kerr,

How has AFM supported you during the performance shutdowns due to COVID?

MainlyMozartSD4 karma

Luckily, I havent needed the support but the AF of M is a vital part of our orchestral community and has supported all of our orchestras at times when we needed them most.

K-nan1 karma

Why do humans make music?

MainlyMozartSD8 karma

Because at some points, words fail.

viscountgold1 karma

Favourite soloists you've played with?

MainlyMozartSD3 karma

James Ehnes, Emanuel Ax, Truls Mork, Maxim Vengerov, Gil Shaham, Josh Bell, Stefan Jackiw, Lisa Batiashvili, Rostropovich, Argerich, Bronfman, Itzahk Perlman....I could do this all day.

enbyembroidery1 karma

Are there any pieces you hate playing or listening to? Are there any you used to hate but have come to live or at least like? And are there any you don’t like playing but appreciate when other people play?

MainlyMozartSD3 karma

Sciolse, Xenakis, a few other spectralists that I just don't get. I will gladly admit ignorance; I wish I understood them enough to either appreciate them or hate them even more.

Id rather listen to Nielsen and Bruckner than play them!

enbyembroidery1 karma

Do you have a favourite conductor you’ve worked with?

MainlyMozartSD4 karma

Mariss Jansons...end of discussion. I miss him so much.

enbyembroidery1 karma

Do you prefer larger groups or smaller groups or duos or solos?

MainlyMozartSD4 karma

I love chamber music and orchestra the exact same. In my mind, they are the same thing.

Unreal_Ncash1 karma

Hi there! Do you think there’s a trend in modern composers in their compositions (i.e. moving past the “modern” era into etherial pieces?). What advice would you give to a young composer?

MainlyMozartSD4 karma

I think that what we are seeing is a trend towards everyone being allowed to find their own voice, rather than having to be pigeon-holed into one form of "modern."This is a GREAT thing! It gives you Thomas Ades, Jonathan Leshnoff, Anna Clyne, Michael Ippolito, Jesse Montgomery, John Adams, Matthias Pintscher and so many other fantastic composers. Its an exciting time!

iiDrushii1 karma

Which well-known composer’s music do you just not “get”?

MainlyMozartSD2 karma

Nielsen...Audiences love it but I just don't connect to it!

WienerZauberer1 karma

Have you played much for operas, and if so, how does the experience compare to playing purely instrumental music for you?

MainlyMozartSD3 karma

I LOVE OPERA!!! I played many operas for the Academy of Vocal Arts and at Curtis while I was in school (and saw many a girlfriend die on stage as Mimi, Violetta, etc) and also while concertmaster in Amsterdam. It is very challenging...you always feel as if you're multitasking, your attention constantly being pulled in thirty directions, while still having to maintain ones own level. Some of my most meaningful performances have been in operas and I always look forward to the next opportunity. Luckily, my ew music director is a very prominent opera conductor, so I see lots of it in my future!

liiaammm1 karma

Do classical musicians actually hate jazz?

MainlyMozartSD5 karma

NO! We are envious of it!

MarkAttark1 karma

Tex-Mex or traditional?

MainlyMozartSD3 karma

Going more traditional these days...

thetruegeo1 karma

Most nerve-racking performance?

MainlyMozartSD3 karma

Debut at the Concertgebouw, Mendelssohn Concerto. OMG, I was nervous...

Connect-Lemon-8321 karma

I got my finger in the string, and it's stuck now. What do I do??

MainlyMozartSD2 karma

Hahaha...good luck!

barkcuban1 karma

How often do you eat pizza express bread sticks?

MainlyMozartSD3 karma

Never, but I guess I'll try them now!

barkcuban1 karma

That’s a crime! Get extra ranch and enjoy! I’ve always been so proud of our music programs, thanks for making them that much stronger & enjoyable.


MainlyMozartSD3 karma

I love the Jacobs School and ADORE Bloomington and I'm proud, as well!!! Thank you for saying that!