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I'm confident we should continue to push for more live events outside AND inside, to the extent that we need to keep it safe. Even this summer we've seen some organizations open their doors to a few donors while ensembles streamed a concert. i must say, playing for only a dozen people in a near empty hall is not ideal either. A drive-in concert where everybody expresses their enthusiasm (with car horns and bright headlights) is much more exciting. It's about the shared experience between players and audience !

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Scheherazade by Rimsky Korsakov

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haha! we used to joke about it with him... but he keeps pointing out now that it's a little grey

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Thank you- I was apprehensive at first to perform in such a setting, indeed with potentially losing some detail. But actually the overall LIVE feel is more important, and our audio team did an amazing job at translating what was going on the stage. We had serious wind noise issue on 7/11 because our mics were not close enough AND we played in an open field in the mid PM. but it got resolved with sound checks.

string playing is DEFINITELY safer, and we were a min. of 6 ft WITH masks on- in rehearsal too (thanks to my friend Jerry Kohl's offer to use his shaded garden). vocals and wind players will typically need a transparent shield around them to protect others, or a huge distance

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really happy musicians all around me! we were glad to experience making music together, using our sense of timing and being able to play with spontaneity