I'm a Geek Squad repair agent, and I work in the smaller part of this large concrete box. Apparently no one heard my blaring music and decided the store was empty and bounced.

Apparently if I run around the store and set off motion detectors, I can get the popo involved and get BBY a nice $40k fine. Decisions....

EDIT 1: Here is a video I made in response to my boss's text: "How is that even possible"

EDIT 2: The jig is up! The manager ended up coming to the store probably a bit sloshed. He was knocking on the door saying, "WOOO! WE GOT HIM! YOU ALRIGHT IN THERE BUDDY?". Pretty impressive, seeing as he was only off for 30 minutes. :p Now it's my turn to enjoy my weekend. I'll be back soon to respond to the rest of these questions.

EDIT 3: Ah shit. This made the front page. This cannot end well. Oh well. FREE INTERNET POINTS!! :]

EDIT 4: (EDIT 7: Bollocks.) You broke my Dropbox bandwidth quota. Let me see about getting that video uploaded to TehTubez.

EDIT 5: Mission Complete!

EDIT 6: To a job well done! Thanks for all of the messages everyone! I'll still be available for questioning for some time to come. I've had a few more beers than I had anticipated.

EDIT 7: For the record, bossman wasn't actually sloshed. He was just super excited to pick me up. Thanks for listening, everyone!

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SgtSloth1194 karma

i hope they pay you overtime.

henazo757 karma

Yeah, and I hope they don't fire you for being on Reddit at work.

chronicligua316 karma

Or fire you for the negative advertising.

SpermWhale309 karma

He should have pretended there are zombies outside, and he is trying to survive inside the mall.

thecatalyticmind415 karma

The security guards around here might as well be zombies. Zippin around in their golf carts, giving people that squinted, duckfaced stare.

Theophagist331 karma

We're just tired. Also everyone assumes we're just some meathead rent-a-pig so we tend to be bitter.

thecatalyticmind266 karma

I understand your position, and I forgive you. :]

They've never given me any problems except that one time when I wanted to play some drunken frisbee in the parking structure.

brianjpeter733 karma

The question here is what will be the most interesting pose they can find you in when they finally do arrive.

In the fetal position with a large blunt instrument and flashlight in the very corner mumbling uncontrollably about not liking being touched

Doing the captain morgan naked atop a mountain of Xbox and ps3 boxes

Turning on the music full blast and having the computers project techno lights as if you are in a rave

Or fap like you've never fapped before. Then blame ghosts.

[deleted]316 karma

I'm going with "pretending to have been murdered."

thecatalyticmind118 karma

Definitely just read this after I made that post. CREDIT FOR YOU, SIR! :]

thecatalyticmind292 karma

I'm a fan of hanging myself from the edge of "Big Joe" (electric lift thing) and pretending I alt-F4'd (CMD-Q, for you mac users) myself. Enter store: "Ah, shit he killed himself. This is going to be expensive."

retr0gamer78 karma


brianjpeter30 karma

That's good but I don't know if the op carries a flashlight with him.

Can you fashion one out of a Pringles tube and those gel wrist rests for your keyboard.

This could also be a good alternative for tonight

thecatalyticmind49 karma

Speaking of carrying strange objects with you, I like to keep a ping-pong paddle, and a tuning fork with me in my car.

You never know when there will be a spontaneous ping poing tournament, or a piano to tune!

I_would_hit_that_724 karma

Come on man, you are in the geek squad. You should totally grab a couple of cans of keyboard cleaner, go very slowly to the alarm brainbox (don't open it, it has a door trigger), empty upside-down cleaner cans into box dropping the temp inside to well below semiconductor normal operating range, thereby suspending the CPU long enough to open the panel without triggering any alarm. Pull the external power feed as well as the battery feed. Now head to an emergency exit and leave. No alarm triggered, the emergency door locks itself behind you, and you escaped like a boss.

thecatalyticmind83 karma

After being let out, I did realize that there are some perfectly good fire exits in the store. Just push the lever. Sure, it beeps and yells and the fire department comes and investigates the whole store for a couple hours (waste of time) when I could have just waited for an extra hour for people to handle their shit.

Next time BBY... next time...

nicereddy585 karma

He stopped replying 7 minutes ago, RIP thecatalyticmind, he had a good run

thecatalyticmind535 karma

I'm still alive! I was freed from the electric zoo. Now I'm enjoying my weekend at a friend's house. But, I do feel the urge to maintain my internet fame. Just... one... more... reply! AHH I CANT RESIST!

TheOnlyAshta148 karma


thecatalyticmind295 karma

Not pissed, but intoxicated. They were just happy to be able to return to their party.

nonsenseone190 karma

Call your boss.

thecatalyticmind266 karma

Already did. Apparently the closing manager is at some raging party. Naturally, the supervisors want to keep the as many people/the store manager uninformed so they don't get their asses beat.

nonsenseone70 karma

Time to play some games then :P Good luck anyway.

thecatalyticmind153 karma

Heh. I'm so tired of all the demos we run. This is MUCH more entertaining.

whoami9130 karma

Watch porn on the biggest TV on display.

thecatalyticmind152 karma

HAHA! Excellent idea. We do have one of the 108" Panasonic plasmas in out Magnolia AV center. They had to put that thing on a railroad-type system to wheel it into the store, and 8 installers to lift it 4 feet and mount it to the wall.

gawkbasher52 karma

Those supervisors are complete assholes (i'm sure you already knew that because you work at BBY) and don't understand what the word "kidnapping" means.

If you want out, call Best Buy corporate. If you don't have the number on hand you can get it through the 800 line. They will definitely get one of the managers to let you out of the store.

(P.S. I used to work for Best Buy.)

thecatalyticmind220 karma

1800BESTBUY. Easy enough, I suppose. But then I'd have to wait on hold for the next few hours as they scramble to find someone important enough to call to let me out.

I'd rather milk the cow of the internet and drink its sweet, sweet nectar.

FreeLemonade118 karma

$40k fine? Where did you come up with that absurd number? Police will respond and contact the key holder (boss/manager/etc...) if anything, BB will be charged a couple hundred bucks for the emergency call for service.

thecatalyticmind181 karma

I got that number from my senior who nearly flipped a shit when I told him I was locked in. Maybe that's some made up number corporate gives managers to discourage the caging of employees.

I chalk it up to being a worst case scenario cost. Like, police having to break down the door and sliding metal curtain and having to replace/repair right then and there.

douglasmacarthur114 karma

Too bad a Best Buy wouldn't have anything giving you the means to contact the outside world.

thecatalyticmind165 karma

Corporate firewalls be damned!

Actually I used my cell phone to call a couple of my senior and DCI. So now they're calling everyone they know that has keys. Looks like this closing manager is going to be made fun of for quite a while. Hopefully he doesn't get in too much trouble though. He's a pretty cool guy.

IAmTheGodDamnDoctor64 karma

You called drum core international? Sweet! What did they say? Are your skills good enough to land you a spot?

thecatalyticmind68 karma

I played with the Blue Devils for 2 years. I'm plenty good enough.

thecatalyticmind164 karma

That there, was a lie. See that, kids? Never trust the internet people.

Indulge_Me93 karma

I am a BBY manager, some words of advice, take your pic down before someone sees this that knows you. Not even kidding. You KNOW how they can be. The manager will likely get a pcr (written up) as he clearly did not do his closing walk correctly, if he did, he would have checked the precinct (Geek Squad room) and found you. As far as it being 40k being fined to BBY, its most likely somewhere between $200-$500, depends on what your local police would charge if the alarm were tripped and the police came to the store. Also, words of advice, you will be questioned about it heavily when the General Manager finds out as shrink (theft) will be a question. So be ready to defend yourself. Anything that goes missing within the next week or so, they will think back to when "oh, well we did have the geek squad guy alone in the store that one night." If anything does come up where they try to accuse you of anything feel free to message me with any questions. I know how to get out of anything while dealing with their BS reasons to write someone up/fire someone.

We had the same thing happen to one employee before, she ended up just up and leaving the store leaving the doors open. Fun times when I came to open the store that morning and seen the doors were unlocked. Even though it was not I who closed that previous night, I was still questioned like crazy and they tried to pin it on me. But yeah, Your GM will find out, along with the district staff when they open today as they have to review all the "security codes" that were entered and the times they were entered the night/morning before.

thecatalyticmind12 karma

Thanks for the advice! I really do appreciate your concern, and have taken into account many of the things that you mentioned above.

I mean, if they want to term me for something like this, oh well. I know my GM and DMs pretty well, so I don't have much to worry about. Though, if HR/corporate gets involved, you're absolutely right: I'm fucked.

neverwho85 karma

Make a fortress out of dvds and cds !!!

thecatalyticmind173 karma

samitoo43 karma

It's against SOP to take pics in the Precinct, CDP :-P

thecatalyticmind185 karma

It's against SOP to lock an employee in the store.

CSFFlame20 karma

careful about that, some gamestop dude got fired for planking...

thecatalyticmind63 karma

If I get fired, I'll blame it on no one but myself. I knew what I was getting into with all of this.

I guess I'm just the employee Best Buy needs, but not the one it wants. With great power, comes great potential for AMAs.

leafpeeper65 karma

Make sure you're stills getting PAID!

thecatalyticmind92 karma

Maybe even a bit more than I should be. ;)

postmixlemonade49 karma

Are you basically like locked in at the Geek Squad counter or the back? How scary is being in an empty Best Buy?

thecatalyticmind79 karma


It's a bit eerie. All of the demos and shit playing all of their music.

mryodaman35 karma

Call the Cops. If best buy tries to fire you explain the situation they cant fire you for " trying to leave the building after being locked inside"

thecatalyticmind67 karma

I'll give it a few more minutes. If I don't hear back from the people who have the phone numbers of people with keys, I'll go to plan B.

I'd prefer not to get the police involved. I mean, I've only been in here alone for the last 51 minutes. Sure if I had some super important thing I needed to do after work ended, it would make sense.

rockymountainoysters34 karma

Nicholas White tried to take his employer for all he could when he found himself in a similar but much worse situation.

He ended up never working for that company again, having ruined his own life with his litigation.

tl;dr Have a little fun but don't call your lawyer.

thecatalyticmind26 karma

Lawyers have their place. Fortunately, this could possibly be the saddest reason to start a lawsuit in the history of lawsuits. "I WAS LOCKED IN A STORE FOR ONE. WHOLE. HOUR."

nostalgicBadger7 karma

I love that your response to being locked in a Best Buy was to write an AMA.

thecatalyticmind11 karma

Found myself in an unfortunate situation with nothing to do but internet.

Please accept my humble offering, oh Internet.