I have worked in the movies for the better part of my life, and nothing brings me greater joy. After bursting onto the scene with Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, I’ve worked with some of the biggest names in horror and beyond in dozens of projects that continue to stand the test of time. After taking time off to raise a family, I’m back in the game and celebrating my rebirth and reinvention with a poetic return to the DJ booth in Ten Minutes to Midnight. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter at @willicaroline and all things TMTM at @mainframepictures.

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BenovanStanchiano591 karma

What was it like working on a Leprechaun movie?

willicaroline746 karma


BenovanStanchiano114 karma

It’s such a fun movie! I can’t imagine having to be entombed like poor Warwick.

Thanks for answering, hope all is well.

The5Virtues131 karma

That man is a treasure. He puts up with such insane costumes and makeup to make films, and I never hear a bad word about him. He just seems to radiate joy and enthusiasm for his craft, his fans, and everything else in his life!

BenovanStanchiano24 karma

He does seem like a really good guy.

willicaroline116 karma

He's a class act all the way around. A RADA grad, has had a lifetime career where being a little person can present totally unique challenges in every way. The only actor who could ever come close to him is Michael Dunn (best known for the '70's series Wild, Wild West) and of course, Peter Dinklage, who is matching him credit for credit. We're blessed to have their contributions to film.

cr0w198037 karma

Have you seen Life's Too Short? One of my favorite performances of his, I always like to see an actor willing to go all in on a self-deprecating role.

willicaroline32 karma

Will watch! Good recommendation. . .

KatrinaMystery272 karma

What has been your favourite way to be killed? (Weirdest question I think I'll ever ask...!) Any that were a bit eyebrow-raising for you?

willicaroline435 karma

Most of them have been pretty standard. I loved being hung from my ceiling fan in Stepfather 2. You have to wear this parachute-like rig and remain perfectly still. And Jeff Burr (one of my fave directors) wanted my eyes open. Very challenging! I love stuff like that. Note: if you ever have the chance to find Straight Into Darkness, directed by Jeff Burr, see it. He's a remarkable director and wish I could work with him again!

beefwbroccoli94 karma

Here's a follow-up question: was there ever a time where you thought you were actually going to be killed while filming?

willicaroline231 karma


washamovie8 karma

Watched Straight Into Darkness tonight based on your recommendation and really enjoyed it. What a big movie in a small frame. Thanks u/willicaroline

willicaroline10 karma

Love that you loved it! Love sharing. . . .

KGA_Hedorah211 karma

What was your best scream in your opinion?

willicaroline519 karma

Dude, I worked out a lexicon of screams for TCM2. There was so much screaming in the film, we had to alternate screaming days and dialogue days. At one point in the action (ice house scene) my scream cut out in mid-scream! Screaming can be very like singing. You have to use and control the muscles in your throat to project and develop a variety of sounds. Clearly, the Maria Callas of Scream is Linnea Quigley. Her levels are amazing and her high, piercing scream is operatic! I deeply respect her instrument. . . I was worried in Ten Minutes To Midnight my end scream (at the party) would come across as comic. But the emotional temperature was perfect, thanks to Erik's direction.

Too_Many_Esses45 karma

This reminds me of Blow-out. Did you find that realistic?

willicaroline61 karma

Hmmmm. . . not really. But I do love the movie and all things DePalma

Zetterbeard40159 karma

I had no idea that this was a specific field of movie magic! How did you get started, stand out, and realize that this could be a career?

willicaroline194 karma

It has a life of it's own. It was suggested to me by a commercial director that I should pursue a film/TV career and I took the advice. You have little control of who you land in front of, depending on representation, etc. I started in Houston, a very limited market, so pickings were slim. But, as luck would have it, I landed in front of Tobe Hooper and Kit Carson. The rest is history!

BowieKingOfVampires120 karma

Surprised I haven’t seen it yet: what are some of your favorite movies? Related: who are some of your favorite actors/actresses?

willicaroline231 karma

I have so many fave movies, it's impossible to track. I love nearly everything David Fincher does. I adored Rob Savage's Host. Love Edgar Wright and Joe Wright (they aren't related, I don't think), Ang Lee is a wonder, Clint Eastwood movies always rock, Mike Flanagan is a treasure (Haunting Of Hill House), Kathryn Bigelow never fails at anything she does, Karyn Kusama same. If you haven't seen her Destroyer, for God's sake, don't waste any time. Actress Nicole Kidman never sets a foot wrong, Carla Gugino is someone I marvel at, Viola Davis is incredible and I tune into anything she does. Best actors for me are Nicholas Tucci was incredible, Adam Weppler will be getting stronger roles, it's inevitable, William Youmans from Ten Minutes is a Broadway vet of 40 years and is incredibly inspiring to me, Tony Todd is our genres Cary Grant, I adore Samuel L. Jackson never fails to satisfy. My marvelous Nicole Kang should have been cast as CW's Batwoman.

BowieKingOfVampires42 karma

Damn thank you so much, amazing answer! Destroyer has absolutely been on my list and has now moved to the top, didn't realize she also directed The Invitation which is effing crazy. And re: Kathryn Bigelow, wish she revisit the horror genre. Finally watched Near Dark the other day and what a great flick!

Thanks again for the terrific response :) I'll definitely be checking out Ten Minutes To Midnight. I'm already in love with the poster! Be well and keep repping Tony Todd :)

Edit: just scoped the trailer and TMtM looks like a blaaaaaaast!

mainframepictures26 karma

We're doing a live tweet/watch party of the movie on Twitter on Saturday night. Join us! 🦇 Special guests include Tony Todd, Catherine Corcoran, Clare Foley, and more. 7:40pm PT / 10:40pm ET! #TMTM!

willicaroline30 karma

I can't wait for this event! Tony is a dream walking, Catherine is a goddess and super talented, haven't met Clare Foley yet, but looking forward to it! My dearest friend Kreepazoidkelly will also be joining us. She's a stitch! She reminds me of CorpseBride, except funny.

asatroth22 karma

Thank you for your in depth answers.

willicaroline74 karma

It's a conversation; gotta hold up my end!

Quincyguy3116 karma

Have you ever been extremely scared on set?

willicaroline267 karma

But i"m really good at scaring myself walking down a dark street at night, wondering what's in the closet, and jumping to sudden sounds.

willicaroline261 karma

Nearly never. All the people I've ever worked with are pros and the action is scripted, so you know what's coming. The challenge is to make it look like you're working the scene for the first time. Stunt personnel always choreograph any stunt action and they are geared to safety.

willicaroline111 karma

Have to run! Thank you so much for the AMAZING questions. Follow @willicaroline on Twitter and Instagram, and make sure to join us for the TMTM watch party and tweet-along on Saturday at 7:40p PT/10:40p ET! I love chatting with the fans!!! ♥️♥️♥️

RubiesBoobies12346 karma

Who has been your favorite person you’ve worked with? Like co-star, director, or maybe even your favorite project you’ve worked on? I love horror, and I’ve met so many people who were all just awesome (Bill Moseley, Linnea Quigley, Ken Foree, so many). Horror people are so good to their fans! Except Linda Blair, she’s the worst.

willicaroline56 karma

Impossible to name just one! My career has been blessed with so many remarkable people. I've loved them all! And Linda does great work with rescue animals and animal adoption~

coobsboobs43 karma

Was TCM2 as exhausting to film as it was to watch? (And I mean that as a positive, love the movie and your performance)

willicaroline56 karma

Constant movement and action, things I adore. I don't like static, talky movies. Something has to happen!

theBishop42643 karma

You’ve done djs, journalists, medical professionals is there any type of career that you haven’t played a character in yet that you’d love to? Or one you’d love to explore more?

willicaroline77 karma

I would love to do journalist, private detective and paranormal investigator. Those would be terrific action/story choices.

Chtorrr35 karma

What is the very best cheese?

willicaroline87 karma

I love triple cream brie~

Bn_scarpia31 karma

Ever thought about working in the 'Terrifier' series?

willicaroline47 karma

Lots coming at me and taking things as they come. . . .

x24co29 karma

What is your favorite classic film in this genre?

willicaroline70 karma

Impossible to have one. Two horror films that brought the goods in the best possible way for me were The Exorcist and The Omen. You'll never go wrong with directors like William Friedkin and Richard Donner, two legends. Both films had well-developed characters and riveting storylines. To this day, whenever they pop up on TV, I watch them. The craftsmanship is stellar.

pootie196928 karma

Was the ice tub scene in TCSM 2 something you were okay with filming? We’re people respectful on set?

willicaroline58 karma

People wouldn't be on set if they couldn't be respectful of the actors. That's a given. Although I've certainly heard stories, it hasn't been a part of my experience. The ice was cold as hell!~

coryrenton25 karma

What typical scene feels most dangerous to film as an actor, that wouldn't strike most viewers as dangerous (e.g. a cooking scene with actual boiling pots and pans)?

willicaroline61 karma

You wouldn't have actual boiling pots and pans. There are ways of making that appear that they are boiling, but that gets covered with inserts. Falls are dangerous. Especially if you or your adversary have weapons. Gotta be careful with that. Fire can be controlled, but it still makes me nervous. And animals can be unpredictable. You have to have an expert wrangler and you need to spend plenty of time with the animal so that they feel confident and comfortable.

coryrenton20 karma

related question: what scenes in recent or classic movies made you nervous or anxious as a viewer for the actors because you know what it takes to get that shot (that most viewers wouldn't think twice about)?

willicaroline63 karma

I always grow nervous at any scenes involving heights. I have a terrible height fear. I know they are cheated a lot of the time, but that dang Tom Cruise is going to bring it at the top of the fucking Burj Khalifa no matter what. All the action thrillers will have a scene like that, because they all have to outdo one another. Btw, no mean comments about Tom. He treats his crews and cast like gold. Ok, I know he yelled at the crew in London on MI7, but he wasn't necessarily wrong. Major studies are gambling on the top budgets and that production had already been shut down twice. I like Tom. He gave me a killer job, lots of $$$ and his role in Tropic Thunder kills it so fucking hard.

theBishop42623 karma

Any dream projects or roles you’re working on or developing?

willicaroline29 karma

Waiting on the dream project!

MarcelloD22 karma

Loved watching you on "In Search of Darkness." It looked like a lot of fun. If you ever got the chance to produce your own script, what story would you want to share with the world?

willicaroline20 karma

There are so many, so many different genres to entertain. I love to read, it's a disease for me. I have my head willed with stories and words and dialogue and characters all the time. Lots of choices. The key is finding the write creative team. When you find them, everything falls into place.

Lur7z620 karma

What was it like working with Tobe Hooper on TCM 2 and are you happy with the finished film? I know there was some behind the scenes arguments about the humor and final cut.

willicaroline44 karma

Tobe was cutting Invaders From Mars at the time he was directing TCM2, so he was harried and hurried part of the time. But his love of being a director was always evident. I never knew about behind the scenes arguments. Once my job was done, I moved on to the next. I adore TCM2! It gave me everything I have. And since Tobe said that the original TCM was a comedy that people didn't get, he flipped the script on TCM2 to make it a little more obvious.

Feral_Dog15 karma

Sawed, bitten, hatcheted, blown up... dear God are you okay? How'd they put you back together again so well??? 😉

A real question in the same vein: I've heard people can be primed to see a dummy hand as their own even though they know it isn't. Have you ever had a prosthetic limb or fake skin get damaged and felt like it was real for a moment?

willicaroline17 karma

I've done a full body for Leprechaun 3, totally nude, with the delicious Gabe Bartolos applying the alginate. Loved every minute!

robxburninator13 karma

You really have been killed in so many movies that I've watched and loved, but I wanna know about the other stuff:

Do you have a favorite movie where you weren't killed?

willicaroline33 karma

I did a TV movie with Mare Winningham and Peter Gallagher, directed by Roger Young, where I play an LGBTQ woman in unrequited love with Mare's character. I try to keep her from falling for Peter Gallagher who is in the process of committing a murder. I don't die in the movie, but I get to have some cool scenes where I confront the cops pursuing her. I loved the role, which was taken from real life.

theBishop42613 karma

What drew you to the role in 10 to Midnight?

willicaroline20 karma

It was such a well developed character among well developed characters! Every scene boosted the story along and it moved at a fast clip. Also, I had seen #LongLost and was deeply impressed with Erik & Carson Bloomquist creative instincts and story telling ability. Also, Adam Weppler and Nick Tucci were mesmerizing. I relished the opportunity to bring the story to life~

theBishop4269 karma

As a performer do you have a particular process in creating a character and bringing them to life? I know some folks aim toward certain schools of training like Meisner or they journal out character history and such......

willicaroline11 karma

Not really. I make sure I have access to the writer, who gives me his process. I get the history and all the creative inspirations from the writer. Having director and writer in close relationships to each other is priceless. The rest is simple human behaviour

fuzzycuffs12 karma

How do you think you'd fare in a real zombie apocalypse?

willicaroline45 karma

I know the rules. And Greg Nicotero and Tom Savini. I'm good.

dazmo12 karma

You look a lot like the lead guitarist in The Electric Mayhem. Any relation?

willicaroline19 karma

Don't know the band, but I'm going to assume she's awesome! One of the points of pride that I have about the film is that we have great music and my dear friend Wednesday 13 let us use two signature songs from his Condolences album, What The Night Brings & Death Infinity, two of my faves! #MusicIsMyLife

Quincyguy311 karma

would you a extra in the legend of Billie Jean?

willicaroline19 karma

Not an extra; small role; Girl In Truck

Quincyguy38 karma

Better then nothing. I love that movie

willicaroline12 karma

Me, too!

AstronautHungry414511 karma

When i saw City of Dead (1960) with Patricia Jessel some time ago i instantly thought of you, Caroline. You look like her pretty little sister:) You could be perfect in such role. Do you interested in occult themed or withcraft horror films? And if you do, which one you like the most?

willicaroline15 karma

Not familiar with the film, but I'll take the compliment! Would love to play a paranormal investigator, or a Lovecraft film. Those would be awesome stories. I'm a big fan of Zak Bagans Ghost Adventures. It's a big favorite of mine. . .


what kind of role do you see yourself playing in a Lovecraft world? Is there a particular story you want adapt. I love your work.

willicaroline11 karma

The short stories have a wealth of possibilities. Any or all could be developed into long form.

The_Stuph10 karma

Is there a type of monster you want to face off against but haven't yet? If so, how would you want to be killed by them?

willicaroline25 karma

If you haven't seen Lovecraft Country (Jordan Peele, Misha Green, JJAbrams) give it a look on HBO. That would have been heaven to have been a part of. I loved it so much!!!

willicaroline20 karma

Lovecraft again. So many incredible inventions. But he deals in what seem like a lot of water dwellers, tough production challenges, working with water. The reason Ang Lee's Life Of Pi was so effective. He made it seem effortless.

willicaroline9 karma

Have to run! Thank you so much for the AMAZING questions. Follow @willicaroline on Twitter and Instagram, and make sure to join us for the TMTM watch party and tweet-along on Saturday at 7:40p PT/10:40p ET! I love chatting with the fans!!! ♥️♥️♥️

baulrog768 karma

Who played letherface in Texas chainsaw massacre 2?

willicaroline15 karma

Bill Johnson played Leatherface in TCM2. Bob Elmore was a stunt double.

Dogon_Ascension6 karma

What are modern movies missing that 90’s and 80’s films did so well?

willicaroline29 karma

Story! Character development! I hear the same comments over and over from conventioneers. We also love practical SFX. They are a unique and functional art form that we must keep and promote. Greg Nicotero, Tom Savini, Rob Bottin, so many great artists who have contributed some of the greatest scares in horror. Gotta keep what works and bring it forward ~

DH-day6 karma

What was your favourite film role and why?

willicaroline14 karma

Clearly Amy Marlowe! I haven't played a character with this much development and depth since TCM2. They are marvelous bookends to my career. I only want to have more of what Amy Marlowe has. . .

qquicksilver6 karma

Holy crap, youve had a prolific career!

My burning question is, what was it like working with Angela Lansbury?

willicaroline11 karma

The woman was incredible. Old school. Solid gold. Classy. Loved sitting around with her and William Windom and Walter Grauman (who directed 5 Characters In Search Of An Exit for Twilight Zone) talk about their careers and the stars they worked with. Sorta what we're doing now!

jmmmke6 karma

I'm looking forward to seeing 10 Seconds. Was there a role you turned down that you regret not taking?

willicaroline12 karma

Not really. Anything I've turned down didn't have budget, or the director was inexperienced, or it didn't feel like a good fit.

dazedan_confused5 karma

Considering all you suffered over the 40 years, have you considered wearing a helmet and protective gear when you go out and about?

willicaroline18 karma

However, when I was a child of about 5 I was hit by a car in a shopping center parking lot. For months after I had to wear a football helmet to go out and play. Also to avoid an aggressive mockingbird nesting outside the front door.

willicaroline11 karma

It's all only make believe~

AstronautHungry41455 karma

Do you like Quentin Tarantino films? (I'm suprised he didn't cast you in one of his features yet. Death Proof was all about Texas, grindhouse, drive-ins, etc!)

willicaroline12 karma

Oh, for God's sake, the two of us share the same birthday, along with Tennessee Williams! I covet the opportunity to work for him in nearly any capacity. He's a major risk taker (as Uma Thurman's car collision with a tree will attest!). His films are so well written, the dialogue is priceless and stand alone. He is a true Peckinpah for my generation. To work for him would be a dream come true. OUATIH is so perfect in nearly every way.

ricardosanch55 karma

Do you experience the emotions of what you are acting in the moment? Or is it completely impersonal like you would prepare a meal or make your bed?

willicaroline8 karma

Sure. You can't remain passive while playing scenes with another actor. That would be reading or reciting and would not be an effective performance.

memegoblin04034 karma

How was working with Bill Moseley on the set of texas chainsaw massacre 2? Also what was your favorite scene to shoot?

willicaroline16 karma

Billy is a gem and a great friend. The Saw really is family! All of us have stayed friends over the years and that's one of the greatest gifts of TCM2. One of my fave scenes was the scene on the steps of K-OKLA with Dennis Hopper. He taught me nearly everything I know about acting for film. His wealth of knowledge and suggestions to me were priceless. I still ask about lens size and check out the lighting schemes. I'm not shy about asking for extra light. Especially if I'm supposed to look good in a shot. Thomson Nguyen on TMTM is a master of light. He had a special lighting scheme for Amy's character in the DJ booth. So flattering! He did an incredible job with our film!

_Tiguan_3 karma

Is there any true easy way for a regular joe without training to get a role?

willicaroline4 karma

Directors and producers hire their friends for small film roles all the time. But, like any job, being familiar with film acting is an asset.

Goatzinger3 karma

Do you consider a hot dog a sandwich?

willicaroline10 karma

A very special sandwich.

chanceofcloudyday3 karma

Have you ever been to Halloween horror nights? If so did you like it?

willicaroline6 karma

I still haven't made it out! Dying to do it this year!

littleredteacupwolf3 karma

Did you like working on the documentary “In Search of Darkness”? I’ve just got both parts in and I really enjoyed you in the documentary!!

willicaroline5 karma

Thank you so much for the warm words! I absolutely loved working with David Weiner on a project that I knew would be enjoyed by pros and fans alike. It was so packed with great stories and information. Very honored to have been included. Can't wait to see Part 2!

replywithalie3 karma

If you could recommend one film of yours as the first to the watch in your filmography? Can I ask what that would be?

willicaroline12 karma

It would obviously have to be TCM2. That film put me on the map and is still a terrific sequel.

Totally_PJ_Soles2 karma

Not including Texas Chainsaw, which series do you prefer, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, or Friday the 13th?

willicaroline4 karma

I think I like Nightmare the best. I only liked the first two Fridays, the Halloween sequels didn't really work for me. But Nightmare had the first two, which were great, and 6 Dream Warriors, which was rad. So I would have to say Nightmare.

kendebvious2 karma

Do you prefer crunchy or creamy peanut-butter? And are you a breakfast person?

willicaroline5 karma

breakfast. .. meh~

willicaroline5 karma


ATLhawks132 karma

Hi Caroline! I’m a huge fan of yours from TCM2 (Stretch rules!) and Lep 3 is easily my favorite and the most entertaining of that series.

What was it like working with Dennis Hopper? Is he as...intense... in real life as he is in the movie?

I love seeing you pop up in random stuff and I can’t wait to see you in more things! Thanks for doing this AMA!

willicaroline11 karma

Thank you for being here! I've never done one of these before, and I"m having fun. Yes, Dennis was an intense man. He had powerful influences in Nick Ray (Rebel Without A Cause) George Stevens (Giant) and others. His craft was well honed by stage time at the Old Globe Theater in San Diego. He was a modern art collector (selections from his collection travel around the world to museums) was incredibly well-educated and well-read and a great conversationalist, when he could be enticed out of his reticence. He musical tastes were developed through his friendships with Miles Davis and Thelonius Monk. I took him to see one of my faves when we were shooting in Austin, Kirk Whalum. He'd never seen him before and was intrigued. The next day on set, he told people he took me to see one of his favorite jazz trumpeters, Kirk Whalum. Heh~

Specialist_Interest62 karma

You have played so many amazing roles over the duration of your career. What attracted you to begin a career as an actor?

willicaroline12 karma

In Houston in the '80's lots of runaway production from LA was streaming into town. I was working for a small production company that did a lot of commercials in Mexico and we also ran drugs. I could see it was a growth industry and loved the idea of acting. I love words. I love the visual language of film. It was a natural. And my career caught fire very quickly. Within 6 months of beginning Chris Wilson's Studio For Actors (she was a gem! very Jo Van Fleet) I was cast in Alamo Bay, opposite Amy Madigan and Ed Harris. Louis Malle was the director, an international genius of film. They teach his movies in film school. A high water mark that is very hard to match.

redlion4966 karma

You wanna elaborate on the "we also ran drugs" part?

willicaroline6 karma

Saving that for the bio.

ConsciousnessWizard2 karma

What was your most frightening experience while working on movies?

willicaroline21 karma

I did not like running behind the camera team mounted on an ATV, while Bob Elmore was swinging the running chainsaw inches from me as we ran over extremely rocky and uneven terrain. That was fucking scary. John Moio was our stunt director and Bob was an experienced, veteran stuntman. I had confidence in them all, but being sandwiched between the ATV (which could have crashed or stopped at any time) and Bob (who could have taken a fall) was unnerving. And we went multiple takes on that. Next up was car stuff in Hatchet 3. Once again, the dance of death between the inimitable Robert Diago DoQui, and the camera crew on a tailgate.

Ryangrant1232 karma

What can you tell us about your movie Cold Blooded Killers?!? When does it come out?

willicaroline3 karma

Not sure; had a title change and multiple fixes. I only co-star, but Becky Cross is another of those great roles that I'd like to explore further. Time of my life on that film. Shot in Bakersfield in 115 weather. Ricky Bird has an amazing career ahead of him.

AllMemedOut2 karma

Are you on cameo?

willicaroline6 karma

I'm on ZobieShouts

s1l1c0n32 karma

First. I crushed on Stretch like wow.

Second. If you had a chance to go back and make any different choices in how you portrayed a particular character who would it ben and what changes might you make?

willicaroline5 karma

Every once in awhile, I'll wish I'd done something differently, but after so many movies over so many years, I never remember unless I see it pop up on TV. I love every moment of TMTM. Erik gave me such specific, perfect direction that every moment sings. Very proud of it.

Courtie1 karma

Just popping in to say I absolutely loved 10 minutes to midnight and you looked like you were having a great time. Was it fun playing in the weird world you guys created?

willicaroline4 karma

We have a watch party on Twitter SAturday night. Check Mainframe or my Twitter for the deets!

willicaroline3 karma

It always feels like we have a private playground to romp around in. It was 12 hours a day of lots of dialogue and psychology. But I love that, and the physical action.

theBishop4261 karma

You’ve produced a couple things- is that, or other areas in the creative process, anything you’re interested or thinking of pursuing on top of your amazing acting career?

willicaroline5 karma

The producer credits were vanity credits or compensation for a small paycheck. It happens that way. I came close last year to delivering my first producing project (with a hefty role for me, natch) but Covid sunk our dreams. Could still happen!

DJHevC1 karma

Whats the best way to get into a voice over work?

willicaroline4 karma

No clue. I don't do it.

norieeega1 karma

Do you rehearse screams? Do different directors want different screams? Do you have screams you're feeling extra proud of?

willicaroline3 karma

There's an answer in the thread above. Very comprehensive. It's a big part of the job!

ConsciousnessWizard1 karma

How did you first come into contact with acting and has it always been your dream job?

willicaroline5 karma

See answer above. It's very comprehensive!😁

i_give_you_gum1 karma

Are you going to miss eating garlic?

willicaroline8 karma

I eat the hell outta garlic. And I'm not Italian!