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Ooh a have you considered doing a video about kinetic rubber powered traps? I think such devices would be right up your alley.

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Why are you advocating discrimination?

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Fuck you rob zombie is awesome

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I wouldn't call that irony. More like diligence.

What safeguards are you considering to ensure that this weapon technology isn't used on people against their will?

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You have to download it for it to work. Unless someone made you download the extension, it's still up to you. Also, you can modify the settings on the software at any given moment.

I don't mean your software. I mean the technology. Can you think of a way to keep people who don't want to sacrifice intelligence for a good feeling from being unfairly targeted by your drug creation when inevitably it is reverse engineered or ripped off by less scrupulous individuals?

Can I use it to blur you out?