Greetings reddit and thank you for stopping by! We are Out of the Blue Games, a non-centralized Indie games company with people spread across Spain and Greece! We just released our very first game as a company, adventure puzzle game Call of the Sea yesterday and making it has been such a thrill!

Check out the release trailer if you want to get an idea!

From working with incredible voice talent such as Cissy Jones and Yuri Loventhal to collaborating with groups like Ia Ora Tahiti to make sure that we paid proper respect and accuracy to the Polynesian culture depicted in the game! It's been a journey.

We’re here today to answer any questions you have about the development of the game, how it has been developing and releasing a game in the needless to say tumultuous year of 2020 or anything else you might be wondering! We’re here and happy to talk!

We’ve also brought with us some friends from our lovely publisher Raw Fury for backup so please don’t hesitate to ask questions more relating to their work as well or our collaboration in general!

People and proof below!

Out of the Blue Games:

Tatiana Delgado - Cofounder & Creative Director /u/arilea75

Manuel Fernández - Cofounder & Producer / Programmer /u/likantropia

Álvaro González - Senior Game Designer /u/yipikayei83

Eduardo de la Iglesia - Music composer & Sound designer /u/Duba_music

Raw Fury:

FX Labescat - Game Producer /u/Arathaur

Zeke Lugmair - Social Media Manager /u/TheLetterZ

Gina Tavarosso - Community Manager /u/RawFuryGina

UPDATE: The post-release tiredness is starting to kick in so we're gonna ease out of the thread for today to get some rest! We're gonna try to dip into the thread and answer more questions tomorrow though so feel free to keep them coming! Thank you all for your questions and your interest in us and the game!

The game is available TODAY on Steam, GOG, Humble, Xbox and Xbox Game Pass

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Action-a-go-go-baby9 karma

Serious question:

If you are out of the blue games, will you consider making red or green games to complete the gaming colour spectrum?

Asking for a friend

Theletterz5 karma

This is a big brain time/10 question

Action-a-go-go-baby4 karma

Now that I have your attention - another serious question:

How do you produce such high quality experiences with such a small team?

Is it your diet? Do you do a lot of squats? Are kettlebells involved somehow?

Tell me your secrets game wizards

Theletterz5 karma

I can't speak for the dev team but as for myself I tend lubricate my mind with cheap boxed wine! I also enjoy nice long bike rides!

DMan97974 karma

Pizza rolls or bagel bites?

Theletterz10 karma

I am terribly sad to say that as a European, I've had neither :(

Edit: As a long time Redlettermedia fan though I'm gonna go with the Pizza Rolls!

SpeedyDesiato2 karma

Hey there! I’ve started playing and am really enjoying it so far. I was wondering how you went about getting heavyweights like Cissy Jones and Yuri Lowenthal involved, and how you found the directing voice actors process? :)

Theletterz4 karma

I'm gonna leave it to the devs to properly answer your question however we did do a stream with Cissy and Yuri where you can get more insight on our working together! :)

Naekh2 karma

I wanted to say that I played and finished the game yesterday and it’s absolutely brilliant. One of my favorite this year and most definitely one of the best puzzle game I ever played , close to The Witness.

On the question side: considering this is your first game , and what a first game damn, do you already have plans for the next one? And if so , will you stick to the puzzle genre?

likantropia2 karma

Woha you have finished it in record time. You don't know how happy we are to hear your words. We like to tell stories, we like puzzles and it's hard for future titles to take that away from us. In any case, the truth is that we like to explore new ways to tell new things and try to make puzzles more and more part of the scene and integrated into the game world.

Naekh2 karma

Spend the whole day on it to be honest. Loved the pace as well, no puzzles were stupid and the game did not overstay it’s welcome. Really great stuff. I’ll definitely keep an eye on your studio. I was not expecting this game and what a surprise.

Theletterz1 karma

That's so awesome to hear!

FleetingSand2 karma


Theletterz5 karma

Hey! The lovely people here today is not the full Out of the Blue team, there are definitely both 3D artists and Animators as part of the team!

Domin0e2 karma

Congratulations on the (hopefully successful!) launch.
First of all, did you celebrate yesterday and if so, what were your alcoholic beverages (and snacks?) of choice?!

Second, how did you end up in Raw Fury's talented, helpful hands? Would you min shedding some light on your pitching stage? <3

Edit: I also require additional proof of Zeke, standing next to the Furymas Tree if possible, thanks! 🙃

Theletterz3 karma

I'm not in the office today! :(

To answer your question though I enjoyed a couple of beers and finished with two healthy glasses of wine!

AashishandSingh1 karma

How did you marketed your game, how did you know when your game is finished and no new features are required, how do you know if your game are really interesting and people are gonna have fun playing it?

Theletterz1 karma

I can touch a little bit on this having covered a lot of the social media for the game! A challenge with a game like this, not too long and heavily story based is that we can't/don't want to show too much of it before people get their hands on it so one imo really clever thing we planned out was a series of prequel stories in form of letters between Norah and Harry (her husband). With these we could build up the story without ever really "spoiling" anything from the game itself and I really enjoyed them!

ToodleyNZ1 karma

Hi there,

Really loving your game.

The puzzles are challenging, the world is beautiful, story and characters are fascinating.

I don't mean to 'nit pick' or make a big deal / step on toes etc, though would you be open to receiving feedback on some potential written mistakes that I've found throughout the game?

Just some mistypes in the dialogue / Journal etc. If you'd be open to it, I'd be happy to contact you somehow to advise you with the utmost respect. They may be correct and it may be my misunderstanding though just some things I stumbled upon. Cheers.

Theletterz1 karma

We appreciate it! The best way to feedback is to submit a bug report through our servicedesk! That reaches the devs! :)

JNighthawk1 karma

Any platform info or store links in the OP?

Theletterz1 karma

Actually forgot to add that but the game is currently available on PC through Steam, GOG and Humble as well as on Xbox and Xbox Game Pass!

Goatzinger-1 karma

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Theletterz2 karma

My brain says yes but my heart says no.