Thanks everyone for taking time to talk with me! That was a blast, I really enjoyed the questions. Sorry I didn't have time for all of them but let's do it again sometime. Take care of each other and stay safe out there.

What’s up Reddit! Billy Strings here. You can check out my latest album HOME wherever you get your tunes. I’m hanging out here at home on this fine Friday and waiting for you to ask me anything.

Proof, love and light:

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denmark_walker83 karma

Was wondering if we’re real friends or just work friends?

officialbillystrings74 karma

You're my boyfriend.

FSCaster40 karma

How's green shirt guy doing?

officialbillystrings50 karma

I assume you are talking about barefoot Ben. IDK I havent talked to him in years.

FTLBrews39 karma

Do you have any plans to collab with Sturgill? Loved your livestream at the Ryman btw, the shirt I got is now my favorite piece of clothing

officialbillystrings53 karma

I would love to collaborate with Sturgill. We've talked on instagram a few times but we're not close friends. I love everything he does.

sailorman7934 karma

BMFS my man!

So many Q's, but here's the one : When DEEP in a solo where you go mentally?

Do you have your phrases, scale shapes or notes reletive to key you consistently go to to launch from? OR Are you thinking about fishing while the subconscious does the playing?

Keen to know where yr head's at / what you thinking about when eyes are closed all hell is being released.

ps. Bring the boys to New Zealand one day!

officialbillystrings49 karma

I try to talk through my guitar, have a conversation with the audience.

ryanmich31 karma

Would you rather fight one Paul Hoffman sized duck, or one hundred duck sized Paul Hoffmans?

officialbillystrings43 karma

I think I could take the duck. Id have that fucker in a rear naked choke quick.

zyenchik28 karma

yo billy! you got a favorite dead show?

officialbillystrings66 karma


JaredDenen28 karma

Do you recall visiting a guitar shop in Columbus Ohio a couple years ago and being given a Fuzz pedal in a Jar? That was me.

I had a bunch and noticed a few were acting up, just wondered if you ever messed with it and if it worked.

This has been bothering me for years.

officialbillystrings46 karma

Yes I remember walking into Double Bit Guitar Co. I still have that jar and it works just fine. Thanks again for your hospitality.

goblue24828 karma

American Beauty or Workingman's Dead?

officialbillystrings54 karma

Workingman's Dead. That's a hard question, they are both so great.

redrocksromance25 karma

Who would you like to play music with In the future, that you have not already played with?

officialbillystrings93 karma

Les Claypool

ba4x21 karma

How do you think taking antidepressants would affect someone's guitar playing?

officialbillystrings72 karma

I take trintellix 20 mg as prescribed by my doctor and suggested by my therapist. Its helped me untangle the knot in my head.

Pepperoni_Admiral21 karma

Billy MF Strings!

Are there any old videos or recordings of you in your electric guitar metal-band days? Ever play any Sabbath these days for old times sake?

officialbillystrings32 karma

Search Youtube for "To Once Darkened Skys." Yes I do they are one of my favorite bands.

Galaxy54120 karma

Hi Billy! As a lifelong bluegrass fan/player and deadhead I must say you are the perfect combination of style, skill, and just my absolute favorite. My question is (I know it’s hard): if you had to choose one Doc tune as your favorite to play- what would it be?

officialbillystrings32 karma

Black Mountain Rag

redrocksromance18 karma

Jeff Austin, When and how did you first meet him? Did you two play music together right away? I appreciate you keeping him alive in terms of the music world. It is an honor to hear you play his songs. Thank you.

officialbillystrings27 karma

The first time I met him I think was in Baton Rouge when I was playing with Don Julin. We opened for JAB, back when Danny Barnes was in the band. He invited me on the bus to jam and was super kind and gracious and we've been friends ever since.

redrocksromance17 karma

What is your dream venue to play at with a full capacity crowd?

officialbillystrings50 karma

Madison Square Garden

bacc_in_blacc15 karma

Hey Billy, where’d you get the idea to incorporate psychedelia in your bluegrass playing? Was it a gradual process or a conscious decision?

officialbillystrings43 karma

I grew up listening to Hendrix, the Beatles, the Doors and when I started hanging around greensky bluegrass I realized they were taking their music on a ride and it was really fun. In a way, they showed me how to have fun with the freedom in music.

thesnotnosedkid13 karma

Hey Billy, do you prefer to play shows stoned or sober?

officialbillystrings43 karma


koukizenki13 karma

But for a real question, if you could be in any other current band, what band would it be?

officialbillystrings51 karma

Widespread Panic

officialbillystrings45 karma

or Dead & Co.

Ckarini12 karma

Hey man. I discovered you a few years ago, and you got me back into bluegrass- so thank you. I thought the way you were playing was impossible, and at first I didn't even try. Then last year I learned that you were born only 7 days before me. It made me think "I can do that, he's got a fuckin week on me tops, no excuses."

I've been working at it- hard. And I'm catching up, man. I don't know how, or when, but we'll pick together sometime. Seeing how you've got through to guys like Del, Sutton, Tommy Emmanuel- it's got me hopeful I can do the same with you. Keep me on your radar. Contact me. I know you're a busy guy, but to play in any capacity will be enough. Whatever the time or place- I'll be ready by the time you are.

I guess my question is- What do you think?

officialbillystrings17 karma

Hope to see you out there pal. Keep picking.

fatpool8712 karma

your guitar playing is amazing. are there any exercises you use or used to use to build up that kind of speed and accuracy?

officialbillystrings50 karma

I was very lucky to have started out really young playing with my dad. I pretty much played every day. I don't sit and practice scales, I just pick up my guitar and play. Ive been doing it for 24 years and Im 28. Just lots of practice man. Playing with other people is a good practice too. Try to fit into a musical group setting.

Galaxy54112 karma

Hi Billy, would you like to come fish the famous Rogue River in Oregon with us? Fishing, weed farm tours, and home cooked Appalachian food awaits 🥰

officialbillystrings21 karma

F***ing right

redrocksromance12 karma

When and how did you meet Jarrod Walker?

officialbillystrings24 karma

We unfortunately had to part ways with our previous mando player and Royal suggested we bring out Jarrod. We flew him out the next day. His first show was the 8x10 in Baltimore.

lionNacoma11 karma

Billy can you tell me of a good Vince Herman story?

officialbillystrings27 karma

We got pulled over the other day on the way to the lake. That was pretty funny. The cop probably thought he was my dad.

Dave_Schools_Sandals11 karma

Billy man. I gotta know. When you slice your sandwich do you cut it down the middle or from the corner?

officialbillystrings77 karma

I eat that shit whole

PsychologicalStop86510 karma


Fellow East Nashvillian here.

Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for ripping my face off during your set at Keeneland on a fistful of mushies. The energy at all of your shows is so palpable. Thank you for getting folks to dance again. Wishing there was a String the Halls 3 this year!

What is your favorite thing about living in Nashville? And your favorite place to eat? Any snacks/ food on the road that you have to get in certain towns? I've always been curious about the touring musicians diet

officialbillystrings20 karma

That I'm surrounded by amazing musicians. Arnold's in Nashville. Arthur Bryant's in Kansas City Missouri. And Gus's Fried Chicken in Memphis (Jeff Austin showed me that place). Also Red Iguana in SLC!

Redjack42010 karma

Do you smoke weed in the morning?

officialbillystrings41 karma

Right now I'm not even smoking at all, but usually its all day everyday.

jaredsmith8310 karma

How awesome was it to play a show alongside Michael Cleveland? Both of you guys are so incredibly proficient at what you do. I was blown away by what I've seen of you together and hope to see it again!

officialbillystrings20 karma

I absolutely love playing with Michael. He's one of the best fiddle players Ive ever heard. And he's a sweet ass guy. I can't wait to jam with him some more.

sexyfatman10 karma

Hey Billy! Huge fan, Denver Ogden run was amazing!

What is the coolest story David Grisman has told you?

officialbillystrings32 karma

I was hanging at Dawgs house and we went into the basement where his studio is and I was showing him some of my new shit and he goes "do you want to hear how a real record is supposed to sound?" And then he pulls down the master reel from the Doc & Dawg sessions, puts it on the tape machine, and plays it thru the studio monitors. When the music started playing it was "Summertime" and it sounded better than real life. He told me that they just cut that after dinner one day, and I thought that was just so cool.

LandersPannell9 karma

Hey billy! Huge fan here. Just wanted to say thank you for your music and introducing me to so many greats. Doc Watson is now one of my all time favs. What are some of your biggest inspirations besides Doc?

Hope to see you live again soon!

officialbillystrings17 karma

Clarence White, Tony Rice, Norman Blake, Jimmy Hendrix, Tony Iommi

ThatWasTheJawn9 karma

What are your thoughts on hanging out in parking lots with a bunch of freaky people?

officialbillystrings15 karma

I'm f*cking down.

st3llablu3229 karma

Hi Billy! Do you dream every night? Do you have vivid dreams? Are there any recurring themes? Do you have any thoughts on what dreams mean?

Hope you are doing well. Stay safe out there

officialbillystrings8 karma

I have a lot to say on this topic. DM me on instagram.

jgorbeytattoos8 karma

Hope this comment finds you well!! First, I wanted to say I am a huge fan. I even got to see you at red rocks last year!! I listen to your music almost daily and it has had such an impact on my life - I’m not sure I could ever fully articulate it. Thank you so much for what you do.

Anyway, on to the question - please don’t feel pressured to answer if it’s too personal.

I have always loved the song “While I’m Waiting Here” from the Turmoil & Tinfoil album. It always seemed like such a personal story with so many intimate details.

Can you explain what the last verse means? I have always been very curious about the line, “they carried me away to a place where I’ll get older if I cannot prove to them you never died.”

Thanks again for doing this and everything you do! Can’t wait to see you again!

officialbillystrings17 karma

First of all, thank you so much. It means everything to me that you enjoy our music. When I wrote While Im Waiting here, I wrote the first couple of verses one day and then I set it down. And when I came back the next day to finish it, I wrote the last verse and I realized that this wasn't only a love song. Ive always believed that its up to the listener to interpret the meaning. But it sounds like homie is out of his mind or in denial about what actually went down.

sparkster1858 karma

What are your thoughts on playing larger venues as you grow in popularity? Do you see yourself playing arenas or amphitheaters eventually, or do you want to stay in medium sized halls like you've been doing? I'm torn because I want you to touch as many people as possible but I love the intimacy of smaller clubs.

Thank you so much for everything you do. Your music truly touches me in a magical way and I really do love it.

officialbillystrings19 karma

I wanna take this thing as high as I possibly can. Thanks for the love.

FSCaster7 karma

If ou could collab with anyone past or present who would it be? Ps. Come to the Netherlands when you are able to tour again 😁

officialbillystrings32 karma

Doc Watson

mjmusic337 karma

Hey Billy! We played together outside of TWest last September! What’s your biggest advice for a young musician looking to make there way into the modern bluegrass/jam grass world? I’m also Majoring in Bluegrass, Old-Time, and Country Music at East Tennessee State!

officialbillystrings19 karma

Leave your musical boundaries at the door.

GR8FUL-D7 karma

Pipe, bong, or joint?

officialbillystrings16 karma


unclejohns_bed7 karma

I love hearing you talk about your playing and how it's grown over the years. Can you tell us about your singing and how it's developed? You pierce my soul with your VOICE. Thanks for always bringing it from EVERY angle! Love ya, Billy!

officialbillystrings23 karma

When I was in high school, I went to a party and I was singing songs around the bonfire and some kid who I assumed knew nothing about music told me he couldn't hear me and that the guitar was louder than my voice. That really stuck out to me, so ever since I decided to sing loud because it's a big world. I was probably 16 at the time.

HomegrownMusicNJ6 karma

Hey Billy, huge fan here. I play guitar with my mom and we’ve been really influenced by your music. Over the past year I’ve written a ton of songs, many of which are bluegrass oriented. Would you be willing to take a look at a couple of them, and if so, what’s the best way I can send you my stuff? In case you need enticing, one is a bit of a response to Watch it Fall! So much respect for you as a performer and songwriter. Thanks, Lucas

officialbillystrings7 karma

I'd love to hear it man, keep writing.

TerminallyTrill6 karma

Billy!!! I can finally play through away from the mire. Thank you for introducing me to a whole different way of playing and a new genre of music.

Are you cookin up anything with post Malone?

officialbillystrings7 karma

Maybe ;)

etxsomm6 karma

Will you be doing any more drive-in shows in the near future?

Also please come to Texas 🙏

officialbillystrings52 karma

I'd love to, I just don't want to be gathering people at the moment. I just want everybody to stay safe so we can get past this thing.

jbirdlives6 karma

I saw you last November in Cambridge, MA and Mattie & Debbie opened up for you. Those guys were something else, at one point one of the guys was laying on the stage and then next thing they were headbanging and screaming. It was like an out of body experience. What was it like to share the stage with those legends?

officialbillystrings14 karma

We usually don't have openers but I really wanted to have these guys on the show. Stash is one of my favorite guitar players out there hes just so unconventional and he thinks outside of the box. I just f*cking love those guys.

wisdomandwander6 karma

Hey Billy, after seeing the picture together, I'm wondering...when can we expect a Post Malone collab?

officialbillystrings28 karma

I love Posty, he's the sweetest dude ever, and Im really glad we're buds. Id love to do something with him in the future.

mrpotaytahead6 karma

Hi Billy! Thanks for doing the AMA. I have two questions.

My first question is about John Mailander. He is a superstar fiddler! I think you referred to him as the “unofficial fifth member of the band” at the NYE show in GR last year (awesome show!). Hypothetically, if Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers were to end, would you invite Mailander to officially become the fifth member of the band?

My second question is about Phish covers. On 01/23/20 you guys jammed Home of the Red Fox > Also Sprach Zarathustra at Mars Music Hall in Huntsville, AL. That was epic! To my knowledge, that was the one and only time you guys played Also Sprach Zarathustra. What’s the reason for shelving that one?

officialbillystrings8 karma

Im constantly thinking of ways to steal John from Bruce. But nothing has panned out yet. I don't know what Also Sprach Zarathustra is. It must have been a coincidence.

Gib00216 karma

Hey Billy, wondering where you started with your tattoos and if you have one that stands out to you? keep killing the tunes man, big fan from Canada

officialbillystrings10 karma

Matthew Stafford gave me my first tattoo at Front St Tattoo in Traverse City, MI. My favorite one is a frog riding a turtle.

the_zou5 karma

How do you and the band decide what tunes you’ll play covers of for shows?? Your rendition of Willin’ was AWESOME!

officialbillystrings7 karma

We started doing this thing at the beginning of the year where we play a new cover each show. So before every show we have to learn a new song. I usually bring them to the table but other band members do too. I think Believe was Jarrod's idea.

swamphounddc5 karma

I’ve seen pictures of you wearing metal shirts. I think bluegrass and metal share a lot of technical aspects in common. Did you ever play in any metal bands? How big has it been an influence on Billy Strings, and do the other members share that common interest?

officialbillystrings24 karma

I learned how to play music playing bluegrass. I learned how to perform in a metal band. I definitely torture the guys sometimes on the bus when Im blaring my death metal.

actionjackson955 karma

Will we ever see a collab with Marcus King?

officialbillystrings6 karma

You have.

either_ebola_or_isis5 karma

Hey Billy!


Also thanks for making quarantine rock!

Can we hang out next time you're in NYC?

Thanks for everything!

officialbillystrings12 karma

I would love to do a metal album someday or at least jam with some of my old friends I used to play in a metal band with. Maybe we'll do a live show someday as To Once Darkened Skies. That shit would be sick. Sure just hit me up.

ryanmcdonough185 karma

Any plans to come to the Uk/Ireland? Never thought I would be interested in bluegrass music but you got me in hook line and sinker. Shredding on an acoustic is an outstanding skill!

officialbillystrings4 karma

I hope so, Ireland sure looks beautiful.

Dry-Gold-74785 karma

How did you and Posty met up? Please tell me you discussed about some type of collaboration. Thanks love you Billy. Come back to Indiana soon 💗

officialbillystrings18 karma

He sent me a message one day saying he was a big fan and it blew my mind.

BDL_4205 karma

Yooo!! When did you start fishing?

officialbillystrings18 karma

When I was about four years old with my dad on his bass tracker. He tied on a frog for me and taught me how to bounce it across the lily pads. It was fun, like playing with a toy.

NotoriousBIG-Lick5 karma

I’m assuming you use a Blue chip pick? What size are you using. I’m about to buy one but I’m torn on making the jump from teardrop shape to triangle. Suggestions?

Ps. I’ve been through some real hard stuff in my life the last 18 mos. I’ll spare the sob story. But I picked up my guitar and dove HARD into flat picking. I got turned on to your music in March and I’ve listened to you everyday. You and your band really help my mind set with your music. I just wanted to say thanks.

officialbillystrings5 karma

TP48. And thank you so much man that means a lot.

StealYourHotspur5 karma

  1. How are you doing?

I listened to you on the Andy Frasco podcast and it really helped me with my own mental well-being but also how to help and approach others.

  1. How do you and the guys bring covers into your performance/repertoire? I love how you guys can play everything from Cher to Townes to Jerry and make it your own!

Thank you for all the music and fun times!

officialbillystrings5 karma

I'm doing well thank you for asking. We just play songs that we like.

Admiral-Awesome5 karma

What is your greatest memory at a show you weren't performing in?

officialbillystrings18 karma

Seeing Doc Watson with my mom and dad.

Johnnypizza915 karma

Top 3 metal albums?

I highly recommend nocturnal by The Black Dahlia Murder if you haven’t heard it before.

Thanks for doing this.

John from St. Louis

officialbillystrings5 karma

None So Vile - Cryptopsy Planetary Duality - The Faceless Desperate Man's Diary - Glass Casket

99Direwolf4 karma

I know it's rough with covid now but any new projects in the works? New album or songs you're working on? Loved Home such a good album!

officialbillystrings11 karma

Yeah Ive been writing a bunch.

ryanmich4 karma

How did you first meet the guys from Greensky? Some of my favorite memories are the beer garden shows at Bells with you joining for the second set. Good times...

officialbillystrings5 karma

I met them at a Sam Porter event up in TC I believe was called Oktoberfest and the Grand Traverse Commons. I was hanging out with Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys who were opening the show. We all jammed before doors.

LordSkuWeejie4 karma

Firstly, how often are people surprised by your age?

Secondly, I happen to be a leather craftsman and would love to make you a belt or wallet if you're interested!

Third, who are some of the artists that design your posters? I love their work!

officialbillystrings7 karma

People often think Im younger than I am. Im 28 but I look like Im 12. I really want some leather pants like Jim Morrison. Ive had the same wallet since I was in 6th grade so... Half Hazard Press. Those guys are my jam.

shmegthegreat4 karma

What’s that little life hack you spoke of that Anders taught you???

officialbillystrings28 karma

If you go to a restaurant and you really want breakfast but they aren't serving breakfast, you order a BLT.

elesley7274 karma

Billy, who is your favorite artist outside of bluegrass?

officialbillystrings5 karma


fray14044 karma

Hey Billy are you thinking youll ever start your own festival? If so where? You should call it strings land if you do

officialbillystrings11 karma

I'd love to give back to my hometown Ionia Michigan. If I ever throw a festival, I'd like to have it there.

acidfreelarry4 karma

Like many of us, you’ve been doing a lot of “remote work” with streaming shows, interviews, podcasts, etc. I’ve found that when I go back “on-site” to my work, I’m struggling to adjust back to things that were second-nature before the pandemic. When you go back to touring for in-person concerts, what do you feel will be the biggest adjustment you struggle with? Also, what would you tell someone who has only been to your streaming concerts to prepare for experiencing your music in-person? Thank you for the fantastic tunes, which have been a shining light in these crazy times and will for generations to come (my toddlers LOVE your music-my 4yo wants to know if you’ll ever make a dinosaur song).

officialbillystrings8 karma

Just being around a bunch of people. I miss that but it might be weird now that Ive been home for so long. You're going to make friends and smell some smells and feel some feels. You might be like sardines in a can but I hope you enjoy it. I better get on that dinosaur song right now!

mhh00204 karma

Any chance of shows with one electric set and one bluegrass set in the future?

officialbillystrings8 karma

That would be dope.

InitialPristine30094 karma

Who have you been listening to that's up and coming/undiscovered? Not necessarily bluegrass but any genre?

officialbillystrings8 karma

RMR and Cryptopsy

aiidaanmmaxxweel4 karma

What’s up billy. I think Turmoil & Tinfoil is an incredibly composed music piece. What inspired that style? It’s so unique and original, and is obviously based in bluegrass roots.

Who were your inspirations that developed your music style?

officialbillystrings6 karma

I think that came from a mixture of being a bluegrass dude and playing in a metal band. I try to incorporate some of those demented chords.

seanpjohns3 karma

Hey man, big fan! Your Red Rocks virtual concert remains the best live stream I’ve seen this year. (And I understand there’s an encore showing of it coming up!) Are there any talks of releasing it as a DVD/Blu-ray? It was such a well produced concert, with an absolutely killer performance by you and your band, I know there are many people, myself included, who would purchase a copy.

officialbillystrings5 karma

What's a DVD? ...JK No plans to do anything like that yet, but thanks for the suggestion.

HelpSlipFrankie3 karma

How hard is too hard?

officialbillystrings10 karma

crack rock

TheSkyWasYellow3 karma

Did all the hair shit posting on Facebook actually get to you or did you know it was a joke?

officialbillystrings6 karma

I dont know what you're talking about.

kashmir_stg3 karma

Hey Billy. Thanks for keeping us somewhat sane in a time of insanity!!

What song do you have stuck in your head right now?

officialbillystrings6 karma

On the Road by Post Malone

tdunningphotog3 karma

Are there any instruments you've never picked up that you'd like to learn to play?

officialbillystrings14 karma


LivLiefNOW3 karma

Your posters have become quite popular. Do you collect all of them? Or if just a few, do you have a favorite?

officialbillystrings16 karma

We archive 1-2 of each poster. I really liked the recent Ryman poster because it has small mouth bass on it.

zeteticminds3 karma

Hey Billy! Thanks for doing this. Do you find yourself utilizing cross picking, or alternate picking more in your playing style? And which would you recommend more to someone looking to improve flat picking in general.

officialbillystrings8 karma

Master both if you can. I do both.

Tight_grapefruit_5123 karma

Hey Billy appreciate everything that you, Jarrod, Royal, Billy, Andy and everyone involved do to give us one of the best experiences in music!

After seeing those Tennessee muskies caught on the fly, any plans to pick up fly fishing in the future?

officialbillystrings6 karma


FTLBrews3 karma

At what age did you start writing your own songs, and how does the song writing process go for you? Like what mindset do you have to be in to write?

officialbillystrings16 karma

When I was a preteen I helped compose the songs in my metal band, but I never wrote lyrics. I wrote my first song with lyrics when I was 16. I usually procrastinate until I hate myself enough to squeeze out a song. And I have to be totally alone because Im embarrassed to write in front of anybody.

MyMourningJackit3 karma

Who is on your bucket list to collab with?

officialbillystrings7 karma

Les Claypool

CruiseDude3 karma

BILLY! We met last August at Hot August Music Festival. It was my birthday, and we got to chat a bit during the Pigeons set. After seeing you for the first time live, I was totally struck.

Can we look forward to any more live streams for the awful year of 2020?

Thanks for Streamin' Strings, Red Rocks and the Mother Church shows. Please stay safe, and keep being you. Also, what nail polish do you like? I'm trying to branch out and try new shit.

officialbillystrings3 karma

I hope so! And idk my girlfriend paints my nails.

ba4x3 karma

Any thoughts on rosewood vs mahogany? It sounds like mahogany was your goto for a while but now you're on RW guitars for the most part.

officialbillystrings5 karma

Yeah I used to love mahogany and I still do, but I fell in love with the bass response of rosewood. When you listen to Tony Rice recordings, his guitar sounds so deep and at some point, I started trying to get that sound a little bit more than the pointy sharp tone of mahogany. However, in an acoustic jam setting, I'd rather have mahogany because it will cut through the mix over a banjo and fiddle a little better than rosewood.

MHBomber3 karma

In your early years did you consciously think about pick angle as a technical consideration?

officialbillystrings5 karma

No, I just looked at my dad's hands while he played and tried to make mine look the same.

fatpool873 karma

how'd the writing session go with Luke Combs? anything we can look forward to hearing soon?

officialbillystrings8 karma

We got two songs out of the deal. You'll know if he records them.

Butterball_Adderley3 karma

Hey Billy, thanks for all the great music. Did your dad invent the harmony he sings on Little Cabin Home on the Hill? Do you have a favorite version of Last Train From Poor Valley?

officialbillystrings4 karma

We learned the harmony from Lester Flatt and Bill Monroe. Favorite version of Poor Valley is Norman and Nancy Blake "My Dear Old Southern Home Movie".

BhaliMali3 karma

What video games have you been playing lately?

officialbillystrings6 karma


T0BYs_Grundle3 karma

Whoa! I love your Red Rocks footage on youtube. I found you while going down a psychedelic rock rabbit hole and some of your music videos lead me to believe you're probably a fan of psychedelic substances. Whats your favorite experience while on them?

officialbillystrings7 karma

Just listen to Spinning

jommiles3 karma

Will you be doing anymore Bob Dylan covers?

officialbillystrings6 karma


jenroth3113 karma

Hey Billy! First of all, I want to thank you for your music. I haven't felt like this since the passing of Jerry, and for that I thank you. Your music crosses so many generations. My granddaughter is 2 and when Billy comes on she's dancin'! I would love to see a children's bluegrass album from you! Any chance we might see one of those in the future? P.S. Please come back to Bean Blossom and see us sometime! <3

officialbillystrings4 karma

I love Doc Watson "Songs for Little Pickers" and Jerry and Dawgs "Not for Kids Only" I know a lot of songs like "Froggie Went A-Courtin" "Crawdad Hole" "Muskrat" and stuff like that. It's really fun to play those songs. You should check out "The Clouds are gwine to Roll Away" by Doc Watson. That's one of the best children's songs I know. Maybe someday.

GR8FUL-D3 karma

Have you ever considered playing a show without a set list and instead allowing the music to just "go where it will"?

officialbillystrings9 karma

Fuck yeah we've done that a few times when I was squeezed on time and stressing. I was like "sorry dudes we're just gonna wing it tonight"

CompetitiveCouple3 karma

Do you do any hand/finger stretches or exercises to keep things nimble? Any suggestions?

officialbillystrings11 karma

My shit's always sore. I'm always trying to stretch and get massages and acupuncture regularly. I also take tumeric and it helps keep me loosened up. And also just trying to learn how to play with better technique constantly. It's like a zen thing. The art of playing without fighting.

Connaroo3 karma

What’s the biggest fish you’ve caught?

officialbillystrings7 karma

15 lb blue cat

Highflyingbird123 karma Hey Billy, if this cover of Watch it Fall is accessible, could you give a listen and offer some words of encouragement for a young dude, love you so much Billy Strings!

officialbillystrings6 karma

I'll check it out. Thanks man.

ba4x3 karma

Do you still have/play that D-18? The one from the living room performance with barefoot ben

officialbillystrings18 karma

That thing is in the Country Music Hall of Fame at the moment.

cmlittle913 karma

Any possibility of a live album in the future?

officialbillystrings13 karma

Nothing planned, but absolutely it's possible. I love the WSP live albums they did with studio transitions. That shits badass.

inyerwindow432 karma

Hey, thanks for doing this!

What was it like getting to play on stage with your dad?

officialbillystrings5 karma

Its always really special to play with him anytime, but to be able to take him on the road and show people how badass he is was really great for me. He taught me everything I know and I just f*cking love him ya know.

Kitchen-System-9832 karma

I have been wondering what is the make and model of the open back banjo that you play on stage? Thanks and happy thanksgiving😎🪕🍂🍁🦃

officialbillystrings3 karma

It's a Bart Reiter standard.

FSCaster2 karma

What lesser known band or group can you recommend to us?

officialbillystrings8 karma

Cane Mill Road

brianlahrman2 karma

Hey Billy! Long time listener, first time caller. Thank you for doing these shows during this crazy time. I can speak for the masses when I say these shows have helped us and gave us all a little bit of normalcy. Since you've been touring have you had a chance to see any live concerts yourself or is it too difficult with all the traveling? Also, please keep the Clyde in Fort Wayne, IN on the list when we get back to having shows! Thanks brother!

officialbillystrings3 karma

Thats one of my favorite parts about playing music festivals, that we get to see other bands. Especially bigger festivals like ACL music festival and Bonnaroo and stuff because I get to see a lot of different bands... like I saw Rosalia at ACL and Widespread Panic at 420 fest and Claypool and Lennon at Hangtown.

MyMourningJackit2 karma

Hi Billy! Love seeing you play and your Delfest late night 2019 is one of my favorite concerts ever! I also love seeing you sit in with other musicians! Who was your favorite artist/band to sit in with? And who was the favorite that came to play with your band?

officialbillystrings4 karma

Widespread Panic was really fun to play with. F*cking love those guys. What an honor to be asked to play with them. My favorite guest with our band was probably Jack Pearson. He's such a badass. His tone makes my toes curl.

madcrazystupidhi2 karma

Been working on turning my 14' jon boat into a decked out bass boat and trying to think of a good question to ask.

what's your PB smallie & large mouth and in what state were they caught?

what species are on your bucket list?

and did y'all really hop on a train for the watch it fall video??

officialbillystrings4 karma

I love jon boat conversions, that would be badass. I would say my best bass either largemouth or small mouth is under 5 pounds. Ive never caught a huge toad yet. I really wanna land a tarpon. We didn't but the guys who filmed it did.

lewie07182 karma

HEY BILLY! huge fan buddy and im beyond proud that such an amazing talent is from my home state! what would you like to do for a job/career if you didn't play guitar?

officialbillystrings4 karma

Pro bass fisherman or auto mechanic.

TakeAShowerHippie2 karma

What's the funniest thing you ever did on mushrooms?

officialbillystrings7 karma

Staring at the political map in my high school classroom, about 6 inches away. My teacher was like WTF.

TallCardiologist60362 karma

What is your process for writing lyrics ?

officialbillystrings5 karma

I usually come up with a melody and then try to imagine what those notes make me feel.

pantyscrambler2 karma

You give to a lot of charitable organizations. What inspired you to do that? Did you/do you volunteer to help those in need in person at times too?

officialbillystrings12 karma

I've been lucky and fortunate and I want to give back. I hate seeing people go without. No matter who you are, if theres any way I can help you Im gonna do that.

Deke992 karma

Hey man , when the U.S and Canadian borders open up , do you have plans on performing in Canada , Nova Scotia to be more specific ?

officialbillystrings8 karma

I've always wanted to come play in Canada. I got in trouble back in the day that held me back from crossing the border. I think I'm past that now. So hopefully when the world opens back up we'll be up there to see ya.

here4thefreeparking2 karma

Hey Billy! You done anything new to that '66 Chevelle you got? Or what's a car that you ultimately wish you had?

officialbillystrings3 karma

Getting ready to do a disk break conversion on it. The last thing I did was the EFI.

muffinpoots2 karma

How much formal training have you had on the guitar/music in general?

Also, how much, if at all, would you recommend it?

officialbillystrings9 karma

My dad taught me G, C and D and gave me a capo. The rest has been by ear.

HenryAlSirat2 karma

What kind of fish would you be?

officialbillystrings3 karma

Largemouth bass