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StealYourHotspur12 karma

Picked up a small bottle of the yellowbird hot sauce at REI on a whim on my way out to camp one weekend. Takes up no space in my pack and revolutionizes my camping meals. So, thank you!!

Who’s idea was it to make the tiny bottle and put it in REI because I think that’s a genius move?

Also, what’s your favorite breakfast taco spot in Austin?

StealYourHotspur5 karma

  1. How are you doing?

I listened to you on the Andy Frasco podcast and it really helped me with my own mental well-being but also how to help and approach others.

  1. How do you and the guys bring covers into your performance/repertoire? I love how you guys can play everything from Cher to Townes to Jerry and make it your own!

Thank you for all the music and fun times!