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High School teacher here. My best is advice is to not focus on whether or not you go to college. We just had a staff meeting that discussed moving towards alternate paths towards graduation, including increasing the certifications and courses we offer to students who don't feel the "Graduate > Go to college" path is for them. Stick with school, at least through high school diploma, but spend your free time continuing to learn and grow in the subjects that pique your interest. By the time high school is over, you'll have 18+ months of growth in those fields, and as you continue to mature, you'll have a better grasp of which field is your calling. Or at the very least, which subjects and skills you want to commit to continued growth and mastery. You're in a great position in the sense that tons of new jobs and fields are emerging, while old positions in the work place are becoming increasingly vacant as a large chunk of the work force enters retirement. Learn to engage with others who have common goals, seek a mentor in one of those fields, and if it is something that interests you, find a way to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit. You may find that, as graduation arrives, your outside commitment to growing in the fields that actually interest you will open up unexpected paths for your life.

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Hey Billy, after seeing the picture together, I'm wondering...when can we expect a Post Malone collab?