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Ckarini12 karma

Hey man. I discovered you a few years ago, and you got me back into bluegrass- so thank you. I thought the way you were playing was impossible, and at first I didn't even try. Then last year I learned that you were born only 7 days before me. It made me think "I can do that, he's got a fuckin week on me tops, no excuses."

I've been working at it- hard. And I'm catching up, man. I don't know how, or when, but we'll pick together sometime. Seeing how you've got through to guys like Del, Sutton, Tommy Emmanuel- it's got me hopeful I can do the same with you. Keep me on your radar. Contact me. I know you're a busy guy, but to play in any capacity will be enough. Whatever the time or place- I'll be ready by the time you are.

I guess my question is- What do you think?