Hi Reddit! I'm here today to answer your questions and chat about my game YIAY: The Board Game! It's currently completely funded and available for purchase through Kickstarter right now!

YIAY (Yesterday I Asked You) is the game that settles the debate on who's the funniest in your friend group. Cards provide prompts from 8 different categories, and each category places a different rule on how you have to answer the prompt. It could make you draw, write riddles, rhyme, or even think of slogans. There's different ways to play with your friends and compete to get the most laughs.

I partnered with Juniper, a Toronto-based studio that specializes in creating custom products for content creators, to bring the game to life, and we've been working on this for almost a year now. We're on Kickstarter to be able to mass manufacture the game and get it into everyone's hands, and also to make a really cool expansion pack while we're at it.

I'm also going to be hosting a Charity Livestream event on Twitch on November 21st at 7pm ET, called YIAY Gives Back, with some amazing content creators you know and love. We're going to be playing YIAY: The Board Game to compete for a jackpot to go to the charity of the winner's choosing. All funds donated during the stream will also add to this pot. Join us and help us raise money for a good cause!


Now, that being said, Ask Me Anything!

Edit: 4:30PM now, been a blast answering your questions! Signing off now, remember to check out the Kickstarter and come to Twitch on Nov 21 for the Charity Stream!! Thank you all!

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OminousGray3050 karma

Isn't this just JackAsk with extra steps?

Jacksfilms2673 karma


tonyisdark2953 karma

If there were a sequel, would you consider using the title “Jack, Off to the Future: The Squeakuel”?

Jacksfilms2217 karma

Plz delete

Cyber-Gon1932 karma

Why did you choose the name "jacksfilms"? As your name isn't Jack and you don't make films.

Jacksfilms3636 karma


poetictumblrname1169 karma

Have you ever read fanfiction about yourself? There's a surprising amount out there and it might be fun to do a video on it :)

SwissMyCheeseYet1597 karma

"Erin Reads Fanfic About Me" will generate 4.5 million views, guaranteed!

Jacksfilms1937 karma

Don't tempt me

Ej_memes998 karma

I have 3 questions, you can choose to answer one, two, or maybe all 3

1.What’s your thoughts on the current memes?

2.Are you gonna get any of the next gen consoles, or what games are you looking forward to?

3.Any recommendations for music? music you really like and want to express that to people or just want to give an underrated singer some recognition

I hope Mr.John sees this

Jacksfilms1654 karma


  1. Memes change too much and too quickly for this old man. I am embarrassed, hurt, and ashamed to admit I still frequent KnowYourMeme just to stay hip with the kids.

  2. Yes! PS5 is finally on my radar after a long period of not giving a shit ("It's too early! New consoles need time to build their library and have developers become accustomed to the new hardware/software!") because the tech behind the new controllers sounds fascinating, with the haptic feedback and tension in the triggers.

  3. I'm honestly the last man on earth who should dole out music recommendations. I still listen to Dave Matthews and Ben Folds and Red Hot Chili Peppers. My taste in music has not advanced since 2005

Borby13579855 karma

hey are you ever gonna bring this guy back?

Jacksfilms1052 karma

Hahahaha, ahhhh the age of "Dark" and "Evil" and "Reverse" personas that wayyyy too many 'tubers used in the late 2000's and early 2010's. I don't miss it, but man, what a time capsule!

Browithdahoe840 karma

Why do you only talk to us when you're trying to sell something John?

Jacksfilms1089 karma

How dare you accuse me of trying to peddle the YIAY Board Game

Top-Measurement6878827 karma

A. Is The Croods: A New Age going to be a hit the second it hits theaters?

B. Are you planning on watching The Croods: A New Age?

C. Please help me, I can’t stop watching the trailer for The Croods: A New Age

Jacksfilms909 karma

Great questions. Croods: A New Age is really about family

JacksfilmsAmino808 karma

what should my yearbook quote be?

Jacksfilms1245 karma

"I lived through 2020 now buy me a beer"

PM_me_a_bad_pun495 karma

Hello Jack. How are you doing today?

Jacksfilms849 karma

I'm okay so far! I love answering these questions but I feel a weird pressure because our puppy Chipwich will NOT stop whining and I wanna throw her in the disposal

xd_Rgdragon7450 karma

Hello Jack, I wanted to ask what video do you look back on and cringe at the most? Hope you are doing well!

Jacksfilms730 karma

Not at all. I'm proud of all my works, especially Jack to the Future 2

mr_clydethecat413 karma

Simple question: How much time does it normally take you to find enough good YIAY answers to make an episode? There’s probably a lot of shitpost answers that you have to scroll through

Jacksfilms608 karma

Just finding a decent amount of answers for a YIAY takes a LONG time. I'd guess 3-5 hours for that process. Lots of scrolling. A thrilling life I live.

Then editing takes another 3-5 hours.

kylerfox10409 karma

What are your thoughts on a second Emoji Movie?

Jacksfilms926 karma

F̴̛̱̼͉̜̪̍̀̃̔̂̇̈ū̸͖̩̬̿̕̕ļ̴̢̨͉̳̱͍̥͔͕̟͕͚̪̣̎͆̉͑ͅͅͅf̵̧̧̛̹͖̹̺̖͍̮̭͕̜̦̻̖͇͔̓̑̐͋́̕ǐ̴̡̨̡̨̛̝̬͔͚͔̻͇͔͉̰̯̮̦̑̉̈́͊̎̍͆͋͑͒͆͒̀̕̚͝ͅl̶͎̦̘̾l̶͈̲̙̻̤͒͐̄̌̉͆̉̓́̽̌̎̌̑̔͘͠ ̷̩̭̪̱̩͕̩̹͍̞͉̏̈͑͌͒̽̓̽̅̅̆̈́̓͐͠͝ẗ̶̢̩̫̠͚̮̮͔̺̲̻̻́̃̏̐̌̍͑̊͊͂̐̇̈́̐̈́͑́̉͘͜͜͜͝͠ȟ̴̡͍̹̬̠̹͈̹̦̩͕͆͌̑̄̾͋̉̈́̐͊̀̂̾̚͝͝͠͠ȇ̶̲͖̜̺̟̳͊̓̋̍͛̐́̒̇̊̕ ̵͎̮̩̼̭̬̙̣͙̹̺̬̮̺̤͉̦̦͍͊̍̀̆̒p̶̺̝̪͚̙̳̻̥̞̋̂̈́͆͑̂̆͋̽̎̀̽͐͌͘͝͝r̷̢̪̙̟̫̳͂̿̄̓̅͑̈́ö̴̡̢͇̖̺̖͇̹̩́̎̉̽̑̐͐ͅp̵̡̧̪̻̘̰̠͕̙̭͓͑̊̉̀̑̊͂̿̄̓͑̾͝ḧ̵̫̫̳̭͉͙̳͔̣̣̦͔̫͎͇̭͙̣́̐͜ͅę̸̢̨̯̬͚̹̭̙̠̜̱̫̰̼͉͎̗͛̂̆̑̇̂̓̈́̈́̉͛̈́̕̕c̴̲̘̃̽̀͌̌͋̀̔̍̉̒̈́̅̍͆̾̑̕y̶̧͖̻͙̩̮͍̩̱̼̙͉̩̻̩̱͙͔̰̬̋̑̈́̀̀́̂͒͐̃̈̿͑̎̒͘͝͝

IronOfBeagle398 karma

Since you’ve recently ended JackAsk are you also planning on ending YIAY soon? Or changing it up in any other ways?

Jacksfilms639 karma

I have no intention of shutting down YIAY any time soon because YIAY provides SO MUCH flexibility! There are so many formats and paths I can take with a YIAY. I can write original music through a YIAY, test out a new mini-series, do sketch stuff, etc. I never had that flexibility with JackAsk or YGS.

zevhara2345 karma

Hi Jack! I'd love to play the board game if I had friends to play it with! I have a few questions:

  1. I was wondering, is it generally harder to find good answers for YIAYs or to have to only pick a few answers? Are any of us actually funny?
  2. Sorry if you've been asked this before, but who are your favorite YouTubers to watch/who would you recommend?
  3. Why does only Klondike get merch? When will you admit the other two are clones?

Jacksfilms508 karma

Before I answer your other questions, I'm just gonna say that the board game works great over zoom! I know because I've done it a bunch with friends! And you only need 1 person to have the game - the rest can use paper/pen to show their answers!

  1. Much harder to find good answers. I never have a problem with "too many." It's mainly because I only get pickier over the years.
  2. Oh I'll never get tired of this question - my tastes change a lot! RedLetterMedia Comment Etiquette Conner O'Malley OneyPlays MeatCanyon videogamedunkey RedLetterMedia a second time
  3. No shit, I think we're talking about making "bad" merch for Sundae, the shit dog

havingfun89334 karma

Me me big boy?

Jacksfilms540 karma

No. WE WE big boy.

Quarteg334 karma

Hey Jack! Been a fan for many years. The first video I watched of yours was the Jesus Christ Sponge video.

Anyway, will you be doing any more collabs with Erik (Internet Comment Etiquette)? Both of you are hilarious and would love to see you two work together more.

Jacksfilms410 karma

Yes yes yes. Erik's a good friend and legitimately one of the funniest dudes out there. His wit's unmatched, his kindness genuine, his beard untamed. I think you'll see him on next Saturday's twitch stream!

mc395686313 karma

Hey Jack! I was wondering how you came up with the idea for the Clone Podcast? It’s such an interesting concept.

Jacksfilms310 karma

Haha I'm not sure! I think I took some inspiration from the incredible twitch streamer SushiDragon who basically makes live music videos on the fly.

MetaMaestro1310 karma

How much alcohol did you consume during the latest election?

Jacksfilms633 karma

Okay, this pisses me off. In my old age (32), I've found my tolerance to go WAY down. Last night I couldn't even finish my 2nd glass of sauvignon blanc. So my plans on drinking heavily during the election, and then following the joyous outcome on Saturday, were thwarted by my aging, spiteful body

JeffSoltman303 karma

It's been 5 years since you last had an AMA. Since then, you went to the world premiere of the Emoji movie, created your own YIAY board game, and wed your wife Erin. What do you think has changed the most about you since 5 years ago and what do you hope to accomplish in the 5 years to come?

Jacksfilms328 karma

Besides being a married man now (!) I'd say my overall attitude toward video-making has changed. It's become a lot harder to get inspired to make a video. It still happens, of course, but not at the same rate. 3-5 years ago I was cranking out videos like a factory; now, I'm much slower and take my time with it. It's not nearly as hectic, and it gives me more time to diversify my interests and goals.

figgycity50262 karma

How come you still enjoy YIAY even though you have done more of it then JackAsk or YGS, what's unique about it that keeps the burnout away?

Jacksfilms481 karma

To me, YIAY is as fluid as PMS (Parody, Music, Sketch) because it can be just about anything. For example, I'm considering launching a "48 hour film festival" as a YIAY, where I give viewers 48 hours to make a short film with specific requirements. Then myself and possibly some guest judges screen the videos, grade them, pick a favorite, etc. But that's just an example - YIAY isn't just "Describe the new iPhone in 4 words!", because it can be a LOT more, and that's what excites me the most about it.

Mikailk237 karma

Hey Jack! Long time viewer, never been a fan :) I see on Twitter that you sometimes have battles with getting things done and I am relating to that now more than ever. How do you get over humps like that and still get content out when you're uninspired?

Jacksfilms238 karma

Hahaha incredible intro, hater. Getting over blocks and creative hiccups is really hard for me. They can last days or weeks. Not fun. In the past, I've gone on walks to clear my head, and every once in a while something fun or funny will come to me then. But honestly, at least in my experience, there's not a lot you can do but just to wait for the creative strike to hit.

EsuccE236 karma

Answer my question before the rest find out it's on this sub and not the jacksfilms one

I wanted this to be in the last jackask but can you for one last time answer:- Are you Gay?

Jacksfilms338 karma

I'm gay for nostalgia

Stuckinmonkey231 karma

Do you think you’ll ever bring back short shorts?

Jacksfilms302 karma

Ooooo maybe! If there's an appetite for this, I'd love to bring it back.

call_m3_claudia192 karma

How has life with 3 dogs have been with quarantine?

Jacksfilms360 karma

Super tough, at first. Somehow raising our newest puppy, Chipwich, has proven to be harder than raising our other 2 dogs (Klondike and Sundae) combined. She's much better now, but still pees every 30 minutes and has severe attachment issues. But man does she bounce high

thecutelittlepuppers191 karma

what was it like seeing one of your biggest projects surpass 100,000 Dollars in 48 hours?

Jacksfilms291 karma

Un-fucking-real. I didn't think that would happen. I was hopeful we'd be able to fund the game in a few days, but to reach the 100k milestone that fast?! Not in my wildest dreams. It was such a cool, crazy moment. And it gives me a lot of confidence to try out new things!! Also, THANK YOU to everyone who's backed it so far!!

Chickenfool170 karma

As much as you joke about furries, what is your actual, honest stance on the furry community? Do you like the costumes at all?

Also, are trans rights human rights?

Jacksfilms445 karma

I dunk on furries because they can take it and they dunk on themselves. I've come to learn they have a fantastic sense of humor, and I really, really admire that. If only we could all laugh at ourselves as well as furries do.

And trans rights are human rights!

SalientElk161 karma

What do you think of the evolution of your audience over the years? Have they become funnier?

Jacksfilms276 karma

Ohmygosh yes. My viewers constantly piss me off because I'll see a comment or answer for a YIAY question and think, "Shit, why didn't I think of that"

notgoodatmath5228151 karma

Hey jack, i've been watching your channel for about 300 yiays. There have been times when I'm less/more interested in what you put out, but overall, you've made a lot of enjoyable videos that have kept me subscribed to your channel for 5 years, so thank you for that.

  1. Where do you see the future of your channel going? With your board game, live shows, and other new ventures, it feels like you're becoming more of a businessman and less of a youtuber. Although I respect the hustle, I hope to see you start to make funny, original content especially after god knows how many episodes of YGS and jackask.
  2. What happened to your site injust4words.com? I feel like I'm one of the only people who remembers that. Maybe because the 1 comment I left on the site was featured in a video (yiay 273), but I still would like to know.
  3. How do you think your channel will end? How do you want it to end?
  4. What's Erin's day job?

Jacksfilms287 karma

  1. Much more experimentation! I wanna get weird with it. Try out new formats that don't make sense on paper. But even more than that, I wanna burst out of my YouTube bubble a bit with a podcast and some interactive stuff.
  2. Oh boy. That was more of a requirement of the brand than an actual site. Good memory! Scary memory!!
  3. Hm. Interesting thought. Would love to end with a big ol' musical finale, with many cringey inside jokes and such, for all the old timers that were along for the ride all these years.
  4. She shows me the TikToks worth watching

3Dee8149 karma

When do you think YouTube changed from what it was to what it is now? And if you could, would you revert it back to 2005?

Jacksfilms337 karma

Tricky. YouTube's changed so much and so many times from when I started (2006) that it's impossible to pick just 1 date or even year to pinpoint when it shifted. Right now, so much of it is money-based, aka "I gave my friend a Tesla" or "We spent $300,000 on a Pokemon card" or "Our $9,000,000 mansion tour!" A few years back, like 2015ish, it was more personality-based, and before THAT, at around 2008, everything was sketch-based. Let's take it back there again!

ohmygoshjosh1128 karma

Hey Jack, what's the stupidest answer to a yiay question you've ever seen?

Jacksfilms295 karma

Any answer on twitter that misspells the hashtag as YAIY

superminer644121 karma

Hi Jack! long time fan since around YGS 30. got a few questions for you if you don't mind.

  1. Have you ever actually found a name for this? It's honestly a beautiful piece and I was so excited to see it remastered on YIAY.
  2. Do you have any advice for writing a script, specifically for sketches? How do you get out of writers block?

Jacksfilms122 karma

What up ol' timer!

  1. I never did, and I think I'd like to keep it that way. I think giving it a firm title would ruin it for a lot of people, as I'm sure they've formed their own titles in their mind.
  2. First off, scripting out a sketch alone is such an important step. You flesh out the beats and find out where there's room for tightening, or for improv. I love writing an idea out and then killing all the fluff - so cathartic! Make every comedic sketch as TIGHT as it can be! Writer's block is a whole other story - the only way I get "out" of it is when inspiration strikes, which means I'm kind of at her mercy.

SpMarfy115 karma

Hey Jack! Long time watcher!

  1. Where did you learn to play and create music?

  2. Any chance we could expect the return of GamerGod88 for the nextgen consoles?

Jacksfilms151 karma

  1. Self-taught! I learned music theory in college, but for me writing music is just noodling around with chords until shit sounds good.
  2. Now there's an idea. The GamerGod88 vids are so fun to do, but I struggle with the angle. So new parodies will come if I can think of a decent-enough punchline!

PhotographyPhreak91 karma

Hey Jack, it seems like you’ve been dealing with some burn out lately. Are you still enjoying what you do and what plans do you have to mix it up?

Been watching since WTF blanket days and really excited to see the next era of your channel. :)

Jacksfilms121 karma

Yo! Yea, I still enjoy what I do, but it takes me a bit longer to get inspired to make something. I'm running with it, though, because I'm optimistic it'll lead to better quality material. I'm at my happiest when I'm experimenting with a weird, wild format, like The Clone Podcast, so expect more stuff like that!

IllustriousBad287 karma

Hi Jack, there's this super old video that used to be on your channel called something like, "When normal things happen to whiny emo people," it featured a crying person eating pages out of Harry Potter 6. What happened to that video, and why has my search been fruitless for over 10 years?

pls respond

Jacksfilms120 karma

Hahaha I think that one was called "Most Unfortunate"? And it was a vid of small inconveniences happening to a dramatic trio of people while the song Untitled by Simple Plan ("How Could This Happen to Me") played in the background. I took it down ages ago because of the copyrighted music, and I didn't want a strike on the ol' channel

ArtWithoutMeaning78 karma

Is Semi-Charmed Life still your go-to karaoke song?

Jacksfilms103 karma


SaltyFries47_YT77 karma

What inspired you to make the game?

Jacksfilms113 karma

A lot! Over the years, I've learned that people enjoy playing YIAY like a game. I'm on a weird lil quest to "game-ify" YIAY more, hence the twitch live show, the LIVE live show last year (and tour sometime in 2021!), and now board game!

-Furny-74 karma

I’m in my history class and was presented with the question “are the Irish white?”.

So are they?

Jacksfilms193 karma

Sir this is a Wendy's

Taiga54070 karma

What is today’s sponsor?

Jacksfilms111 karma

Why, it's backing our Kickstarter for the YIAY Board Game, of course!

epictoyseries0269 karma

Hi, Jack. This is Jordan, the guy who won the Roses are Red round in your YIAY game on Zoom. I’ve been watching your videos for a long time, and I’m very excited for the YIAY board game. Here’s my soon-to-be-dated question: since there is no vaccine currently, will the YIAY tour be postponed again or will it follow social distancing rules? It’s fine if you don’t want to answer, I just wanted to come up with a decent question.

Jacksfilms74 karma

Yo Jordan! Yes, the tour will once again be postponed. Last I heard, it might not be til late 2021, but I'll make a formal announcement once me and the team at Real Good Touring know for sure!

mcgood_fngood57 karma

Hi Jack! Firstly, just wanted to say that I love your videos and all the work you put into them. I've been watching since around this time of the year in 2017, and I've loved every bit of the journey on your channel since then to now. Keep up the amazing work! Anyway, here's my question:

Your Lenovo Jack to the Future sponsor is one of your most controversial videos to date. What are your thoughts on it? Did you enjoy the episode and being a part of it? How do you feel about the reception to it?

I know that you joked about not discussing this particular episode in your last JackAsk, but it's just such an intriguing topic (at least to me), that I figured I'd bring it up.

Jacksfilms93 karma

Hey! Thanks for watching!

So "Jack to the Future" was a cool opportunity to do one of my series on a much larger scale, and I very much enjoyed being a part of it. Of course, it wasn't received well, because it wasn't really "me," and I'm very aware of that. But it was a great lesson in not accepting every opportunity that comes your way. Still, every cast and crew member was incredibly kind and easy to work with, and I feel bad saying anything negative about the video. Simply put - too many cooks. Too corporate.

ComradeLQP57 karma

jack please I just want to know

is big chungus funny?

Jacksfilms95 karma

Like anything, it can still be funny given the right context

FootRestsForToilets55 karma

Have you considered the joy of having a footrest for your toilet? Leaning back and dropping sacks with ease?

Jacksfilms61 karma

Username checks out

nosam55554 karma

Though in the past you've never really interacted with politics in a non-joking way, this election on twitter you more clearly showed which presidential you wanted to win. What do you think the role of the "influencer" is in the political process, and how has the opinion changed over the years?

Jacksfilms76 karma

I can't really say generally what the role of an influencer is in this regard, as it's their choice ultimately. This year, and really the last few months, I felt more compelled to say something, but I can't speak for other (ugh) influencers, and I don't think I should.

Hideteko052554 karma

hey Jack, love your videos, thanks for doing this AMA! So, do you have anything special to do when you reach 5 million subs?

Jacksfilms128 karma

Nudes on main

uselessguy6942052 karma

Do you see the forehead jokes as banter or insults?

Jacksfilms79 karma

Banter! I know it comes from a place of love

notelonmusk94946 karma

What’s your honest opinion on sporks?

Jacksfilms53 karma


KikoValdez44 karma

Since you're a tech YouTuber now, what is your opinion on the LG wing and other "expanding" phones without a bendable screen?

Jacksfilms66 karma

I'm very for it. Phones need to get weird and fun again. Folding screen, expanding screens, give it TO me. I'm over the current model of a phone just being a large, flat slab of glass. We've perfected that. Give me that Avatar tech

SpriterMike43 karma

Will YIAY with 100 people ever be released or was it just unusable for a video?

Jacksfilms66 karma

I'm sad to say it's unusable - the video's completely fucked and moves like a powerpoint presentation because I tried running both zoom and streamlabs obs simultaneously on a laptop. Hopefully I'll give it another go on a proper big boy computer.


how long did it take for you to create your board game?

Jacksfilms61 karma

Juniper and I have been working on the game since January! It's gone through a lot of phases, and it's beyond cool to have the final thing sitting next to me here, looking better than I could have imagined.

JacksfilmsAmino37 karma

if you went on tour with YIAY live, would you consider going to ireland? we miss you <3

Jacksfilms52 karma

Are you kidding?!?! I'd love to do an Ireland-exclusive tour!!

robdenbleyker34 karma

What are the ideal ingredients in a burrito?

Jacksfilms68 karma


-black beans

-brown rice



-vegan cheese


-chicken OR barbacoa

-mild pico de gallo



-bell peppers

-cup of guac

Bantino33 karma

Hi Jack! How long have you been thinking about making a board game for? Btw, I’m totally ordering on day 1, since you’ve been giving me great content for so many years :)

Jacksfilms36 karma

Great question - I tried tackling a board game a few years ago, I think around 2016 or 2017, but I couldn't find a way to do it. Then, in January of this year, I got an email from Juniper (the Canadian company that I partnered with to make the game) that included a mock-up of what a board game could look like, and that was that. I was hooked - and we spent the majority of this year tightening up the game, questions, look, and pieces that come with it!

wilzet33 karma

Hello and sorry, but is your forehead actually as big as everyone makes it out to be?

Jacksfilms90 karma

Lot of people that have met me IRL start with, "Oh, it's really not that big," and I can't tell if they're disappointed or trying to make a compliment

stumper9332 karma

What’s your favorite line of dialogue from your new film “Croods: A New Age”?

Jacksfilms85 karma

"Mr. Crood, tear down this wall"

matsmeffert30 karma

When you have such a interactive series as YIAY and Jackask where you get so many responses from different people, what is your process for finding the best answers? Is it just reading 10.000 comments, do you use wordsearch or just see what gets the most likes on twitter or Youtube?

Also, have you found any twitter users or youtubers you now follow because of a great comment or answer to YIAY?

Jacksfilms48 karma

I'll use wordsearch (specifically on twitter) if I'm looking for something specific or think, "Ooo it'd be funny if someone said this" etc. Huge help! And yes - I found TheRealSullyG through his incredible answers and submissions, give his stuff a watch. It's wonderful.

test1222333333455628 karma

What should my Zoom background be?

Jacksfilms54 karma

A landscape from The Croods: A New Age

ProsteTomas28 karma

As a fella from Czech Republic, I would like to know more about your Prague ""visit"" What's the single best and worst thing about Czech Republic and would you ever want to visit it again? Love your vids since 2016!

Jacksfilms48 karma

Best thing? At the risk of sounding like a frat bro, the beer there was incredible - and CHEAP. Miss it so much. Worst thing? The locals hated us; though to be fair, I'd hate drunk 20 year old me too

Squigglypeople625 karma

Maybe I'm stupid and missed some information about the game, but is it going to be released later to buy? Like from your store or other general department stores?

Jacksfilms32 karma

Yes - after the Kickstarter campaign, the game will be available for purchase on yiay.store!

Chardgarb25 karma

Do you ever miss Maryland? I'm from Silver Spring lol, like 30 minutes from where you were.

Jacksfilms30 karma

Besides my family, I also miss the Mall in Columbia (very creative name)

TheSlimSlendey23 karma

Hey Jack! Just one or two questions. What challenges have you had when creating this board game? And also, what major challenges go in to creating a typical YIAY episode?

Jacksfilms36 karma

A fun challenge was coming up with all the questions! We had a spreadsheet just to tackle the questions across the 8 standard categories, plus the 2 expansion pack categories. It took a while, but we ended up with 500 final questions that we really think players will enjoy. So many opportunities to roast your friends/family in various ways. Creating a YIAY episode is its own challenge - half the time I can't use the question I posed on twitter or youtube because it didn't yield the quantity or quality of answers I wanted. There's a LOT of self doubt involved in making a YIAY ("Is this question good?"), and sometimes it takes a few questions to make one stick.


Out of 10, what would you rate The Croods: A New Age?

Jacksfilms53 karma

You can't rate a movie like Croods: A New Age. You can only count the number of moments it made your heart sing

UltimatePleb21 karma

Do you think YIAY will ever be retired? I feel like it has gotten harder and harder for the episodes to stay in touch and for the content to be fresh.

Jacksfilms72 karma

fuck you YIAY is very fresh and hip with the kids everyone's talking about how timely and relevant YIAY is how dare you

thelarkshark20 karma

How's life?

Jacksfilms57 karma

it's good but i have to pee

VixaZ18 karma

  1. How would you describe yourself in just 4 words?
  2. Where do you see yourself in 10 or maybe even 20 years? Still making YIAY?
  3. Will you ever visit Prague again? It's been a decade.

Thanks for the years of content mate! Cheers.

Jacksfilms37 karma

  1. Muscular, Handsome, Girthy, Delusional
  2. Hm! I'd like to be creative content in some space, but realistically I doubt I'll still be a "YouTuber"
  3. Would love to. Beautiful city. Missed it ever since I left.

Horseonacid11 karma

What is your favorite video you’ve ever made?

Jacksfilms17 karma

I'm proud of the photoshop ones like "Fix Your Flags" or "Fix Your Pix," but I might enjoy music videos more. Finishing a music video is an incredible feeling - it's a mix of relief, pride, and eagerness to have others see/hear it. Tough to beat that feeling.

IceCreamTaste10 karma

Lately I’ve been feeling down about what I upload to my YouTube channel. It’s hard to upload consistently and I feel as if I don’t upload for awhile, I’ll lose subscribers. So my question is, have you ever felt down about what you upload or like, ever felt bad about the type of content you’ve made?

(Sorry if this sounds weird I’m terrible at English, even though I was born in Texas!)

Jacksfilms14 karma

I feel bad about content I upload when it feels obligatory, or my heart wasn't in it, or if it was rushed. And unfortunately it happens more often than I'd like, but that's the risk you take with brand deals and deadlines. My advice for you - don't feel pressured to upload at a consistent rate if you're not feeling it. You need to be confident in your work, because that confidence shows in your videos, and your viewers will see that. Take a break/time off to get inspired, and I promise it'll be worth it.

bllczrvs9 karma

What are you planning on replacing Jackask with?

Jacksfilms28 karma

P O D C A S T ?

Conerpanerp8 karma

Opinion on the upcoming Croods movie?

Jacksfilms14 karma

I've never seen the first but goddamn I'm excited for the 2nd

Mauroke87 karma

Soooo...the question we've all been wondering.. what's your favourite dinosaur?

Jacksfilms9 karma

Any dinosaur featured in the holiday blockbuster The Croods: A New Age