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Hi, Jack. This is Jordan, the guy who won the Roses are Red round in your YIAY game on Zoom. I’ve been watching your videos for a long time, and I’m very excited for the YIAY board game. Here’s my soon-to-be-dated question: since there is no vaccine currently, will the YIAY tour be postponed again or will it follow social distancing rules? It’s fine if you don’t want to answer, I just wanted to come up with a decent question.

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u/francesca_smith Lately, I have been watching the complete series of “Hey Arnold!” on DVD, so I can prepare myself for The Jungle Movie. And I think you do an amazing job voicing Helga. I love it when she punches Brainy. Will we see some of that in The Jungle Movie?

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u/francesca_smith You’re welcome! I am proud to see Arnold and the gang back again. Speaking of Helga, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about that scrapped “Hey Arnold!” spinoff, “The Patakis”.

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I binge-watched the entirety of Hey Arnold!, back in October-November of last year, to prepare myself for The Jungle Movie. And I have to say, the show was fantastic. You and the rest of the HA! cast and crew did an amazing job doing the show. Same goes for TJM, I enjoyed it. And I wish you the best of luck on the future of your cartoons!

Compliments aside, here's my question. My original question was on Season 6, but someone asked that question and you already answered that. So, I'll go with this: From each of your shows, Hey Arnold!, Party Wagon, Dinosaur Train, and Ready Jet Go!, which character is your favorite? It can be either one that you've created or one that another crew member made. Take the time to respond back, when you can.