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What are your thoughts on the ATV: Off Road Fury videogames? Did they noticeably affect riders' behavior?

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In the TV show Bones, the main character works at and solves crime from a place called "The Jeffersonian Institute", which I always assumed was that creative universe's Smithsonian. If an FBI agent approached you with an offer to join forces and solve crimes, would you take them up on the offer?

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I saw Kitchen Frogger open for The Dave Matthews Band once

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I hate iHeartRadio. The name, the near monopoly, everything about them.

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I can field this one (my parents were Amish until the 80's, and all of my mom's siblings have also left, but none of my dad's).

The Amish have this newspaper called The Budget, but unlike most all newspapers it has a section of letters from readers that are basic life updates. It's like 10 pages full of

"John Yoder's came over on Saturday afternoon to help us clean out our shed, and little Jonas stumbled upon a mouse nest. Then this and that happened, and so and so did stuff (and so on for a few paragraphs). - Mary Bontrager: Danville, OH"

It's the closest to FB or Twitter that the Amish have. Besides circle letters, I guess.