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Hey Daniel! Merry Christmas.

I read on IMDb that Joe Pesci deliberately avoided Macaulay Culkin while on-set because Pesci wanted him to think he was mean. Did you do the same thing, or were you more friendly towards Macaulay?

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Hey Jack! Been a fan for many years. The first video I watched of yours was the Jesus Christ Sponge video.

Anyway, will you be doing any more collabs with Erik (Internet Comment Etiquette)? Both of you are hilarious and would love to see you two work together more.

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Wow! I don't think a famous person's ever answered one of my questions on reddit before haha! Thanks for answering Daniel! Enjoy the holidays!

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I mean, that's still $4.5 million. I'd take that any day.

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Is there any prize or award given for someone that bowls a 300 game?