sup y’all! we made a project called ‘Remote’ during quarantine and we’re really excited that it’s finally out. we’d love to chat about it with you, or the future of wallows, or whatever else you got in mind. lay it on us. Proof:

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wallowsmusic59 karma

THANK YOU ALL FOR JOINING. hope you're enjoying REMOTE, staying safe, masking up, taking care of yourselves, etc, etc.

we can't thank you enough for the endless luv and support. we see it and it really is amazing. stay tuned for more.

till next time


ineedabettername-30 karma

Hey! I love your guys’ work, been listening for around a year now. I’ve seen a lot of people talking about how your sound is changing, people noting the differences between (for example) the Spring EP and the Remote EP. Are you guys planning on continuing to develop your sound further, or are you ever planning on going back to that older sound? Either way, I’m sure it’ll sound incredible :)

wallowsmusic41 karma

hey thanks!

honestly, we're more "wallows" now than ever before. we're making music that is much truer to our taste and more in line with what we've always hoped to accomplish. Remote is by far my favorite project we've made yet for so many reasons. that being said though, i do still listen to NH and Spring and really appreciate them, because they were definitely reflective of that place and time in our lives/careers, and reflective of us doing the best we could with the means we had.

from day one though, we have never, ever wanted to "look back" or make the same project twice, so i think Wallows will be forever evolving. i honestly can't stand when artists "go back to their roots" or try and remake something they already achieved in the past. i'm all about artists evolving.

i wouldn't say Remote is indicative of what's to come, but just a reflection of where we're at and what we're able to accomplish right now. i don't think we'll ever make anything exactly like it again, but i'd at least say it's closer to what's ahead than not, for sure.

although, these upcoming album 2 songs are already feeling pretty different than anything else already... idk if people will think it's more like "older Wallows", but to me it's definitely turning out to be the evolution i've always pictured for our 2nd album :)


wallowsmusic30 karma

ayyy! thanks! i think we will always try to surprise ourselves / always do what is inspiring to us in the moment. so it’s hard to say what exactly that might mean in a couple years but who knows !! maybe country disco ? - braeden

BubbleNorah26 karma

Do yall have secret stan accounts on Twitter?

wallowsmusic22 karma


Sterre_d24 karma

can you say happy birthday to me ?? bc it’s my bday today :D

wallowsmusic31 karma

happy birthday !!

amazingkxyla17 karma

why did you take bad remake off of nothing happens?? and will you ever maybe release it officially ;)

wallowsmusic33 karma

what's funny is Nothing Happens was going to be a 13 track album, including Bad Remake and JLAM, alllll the way up until like the day before mastering and cutting official transitions and whatnot, and it hit us at the last second that conciseness was key and super important, especially for our debut. so we decided to make the cuts. it did make for a more breezy, immediate album in the end, 100%. i don't regret it for a second! we do like all those songs though, don't get me wrong.

also, idk... probably not. just feels a little too irrelevant at this point. also, i loved finding weird deep cuts on youtube or on the internet of bands i loved growing up, so i kinda like having at least one of those out there for the "die hards" to find and cherish/be proud of haha. - dylan

obrienlevitt17 karma

i think you should do more zoom meetings what about that? ?

wallowsmusic29 karma

zoom zoom 😎

whatyouleaves14 karma

hi guys! I hope you are having a nice day, here are my questions

  1. If you could do a live concert today (as if there were no pandemic) but you could only play ONE remote song, which one would you choose?

  2. What led you to choose NGMLY and Virtual Aerobics as single?

  3. What inspired you to create Remote? I mean, what are you trying to convey to the public?

wallowsmusic19 karma

  1. whatever's most popular at that time cause that'll make for the best reaction lol
  2. good question! NGMLY was already going to be our 2nd single of the year after OK no matter what, so when we finished it in quarantine and decided to include it on Remote for that reason, it just felt right to keep it as the next single, and therefore the lead Remote single. it was also always intended to be part 2 of the video series, so that allowed us to stick to that plan too. VA we just felt like was good because it's only 2 minutes long and doesn't spoil too many minutes of the 16 minute EP runtime, and also felt like a good preview into Remote, since it's the introduction track. also didn't want to spoil the more "surprising" tracks like Coastlines and Wish Me Luck too early.
  3. we just wanted to make something for ourselves and also give our fans something during quarantine instead of just being silent! it's very much reflective of where we are at creatively right now exactly, and has opened the door creatively for us to make the 2nd album we've always wanted to now. if we hadn't made Remote and got it out of our system, i bet that our 2nd album would have been essentially a longer, more "fleshed out" Remote. but now it won't be. we don't want to do anything twice.

maglcsweater12 karma

hi cole i’m the one who posted the pictures of you as an anime character on twitter, just curious, what’s your favorite anime?

wallowsmusic20 karma

wow incredible hello!

i love hunter x hunter and my hero academia. I'm watching one piece right now which is absolutely daunting but I have to do it while I have the time.


isa_seijo11 karma

which of you guys are most likely to win a reality show?

wallowsmusic24 karma

probably dylan? he's obsessed with big brother so he'd enter a reality show with big time knowledge


sambergstylez11 karma

what song is your favourite lyrically on remote?

wallowsmusic23 karma

i love the VA lyrics cause dylan nailed em - braeden

wallowsar_11 karma

Hey there! Hope you guys are having a great day 🖤

  1. Your last q&a here was when the pandemic started and you shared some playlist, do you guys have new ones? If so, would you share what you're into right now after 7 months in lockdown?

  2. Since you guys suggested that we listen to "Remote" from front to back, did you envision the way you wanted it to take before finishing up each song? How did you choose the order?

  3. Is there any song that didn't make the cut for Remote but that we most definitely will listen to in the future?

  4. Do you guys miss touring? Are you planning any upcoming tour for next year? (Remaining positive about all of this weird situation we're living right now)

Lastly, lots of love from Argentina and hopefully this is all over soon so your shows here can be rescheduled ASAP 🖤

wallowsmusic18 karma

  1. yes, we will! we want to make a playlist that has influences on remote. so look out for that. i, dylan, always also make a playlist of favs at the end of the year, which i already have building up lol
  2. we had various different tracklists and transitions throughout the process of making it, and i'd say really narrowed it down/locked it in right towards the end. we just wanted it to feel really quick and abrupt like you're quickly changing stations on a radio with a remote control, and we wanted to make sure that even though it's only 6 songs and 16 minutes long, it really has dynamics and makes you feel like you went on a journey of sorts, so just wanted to make sure there weren't too many similar songs or tempos in a row, and that no song felt like another.
  3. yep. multiple. soon.
  4. we really do :( we absolutely cannot wait to get back out on the road and play not only these songs, which i think will be more fun than ever, but also the LP2 songs, which will probably already be out by the time we can tour again. it'll be a much, much different show than before.


hannananh11 karma

What's your favorite spooky season movie?

wallowsmusic25 karma

the original scream for me. - dylan

KvL9811 karma

3 words to describe the new album?

wallowsmusic18 karma

re - mo - te

wallowsmusic18 karma

album 2 you mean? hmm... i'd say it's shaping up to be lush/grand/fresh. - dylan

coastalines10 karma

what song from remote are y’all excited to play live??

wallowsmusic18 karma

DIG! - braeden

wallowsmusic18 karma

i'd say talk like that and coastlines! -dylan

Lollipotatoyeet10 karma

What started the curly fry obsession? :)

wallowsmusic21 karma

it was something i randomly said in the OK thing and then everyone else caught on that they didn’t curl the fries after the video came out and we thought it would be hilarious to make the videos about that haha so honestly it was whoever pointed out they didn’t curl the fries 😂 - b

drunkonwallows10 karma

would you guys consider doing drive in concerts in the future?

wallowsmusic24 karma

yesssss we saw our bud remi do a drive in show in LA and it was SO FUN. it'll definitely happen, not exactly sure when but it will

- c

colesband10 karma

why did you decide to make the vinyl pink??

wallowsmusic21 karma

dylan had the idea of pink my idea originally was a yellow - b

julieisntcoolie10 karma

what inspired cole to become sia ?

wallowsmusic20 karma

sia inspired cole to become sia

infinite l00p

waIIowsgf10 karma

OK, ngmly and wish me luck's french fries are a metaphor for marijuana ?? because if it's pretty cool

because braeden ate the fries at the door of the schaefers house party and then he met someone like him and fell in love and then they went straight to the space but in fact it was just you who had tasted the fries too. i don't know if it makes sense but I'm thinking too much

wallowsmusic16 karma

oh damn that’s a different approach haha - b

sambergstylez10 karma

what song means the most to you on remote?

wallowsmusic16 karma

idk what means the most, but i know that i feel the most when listening to coastlines. - dylan

lcmasters10 karma

what do you guys miss the most about touring? i love remote btw!

wallowsmusic23 karma

being with the freaking bros :'(

sambergstylez9 karma

fave rex orange county song?

wallowsmusic16 karma

new house

korndiddyjr9 karma

this one is a bit weird , how many claps are in ngmly at about 1 minute in? my friends and i are having a small playfight over this . i think there's only 8 (2 , 2, 2 ,2 ) meanwhile they think it's 9 claps ( 2,2,3, 2) and we are losing our minds over this lol (pls say im correct)

wallowsmusic17 karma


it's 8 claps.

2, 2, 2, 2

but that 3rd 2 is a different rhythm so I can see why it might sound like 3


dontcallmyjesus9 karma

hey guys, first of all thank you so much for releasing this ep it’s so so good I love every single song, and thank you for doing this activities (the zoom call, qna, etc) you’ve been doing it’s been so much fun, anyway here are some questions:

  1. why do you think people feel so connected to your music?

  2. would you make another trilogy of videos for another project?

  3. would you guys appear on the cover of a future album?

  4. do you think there will be a song with the three of you singing?

  5. will there be more videos for this era?

  6. the wish me luck mv is amazing; did you cry watching it like the rest of us? lmao

  7. favorite blackpink song lol (rosé probably listened to remote omg)

  8. not a question, but I really want you to come to Mexico pls do so asap take care, ily y’all <3

wallowsmusic15 karma

tysm :)

  1. gosh, I really don't know. we all grew up together, so i think there's nostalgic/youthful feelings that come across in our music? idk haha
  2. mayyyyyybe? if we have a good idea then yes. really fun when artists have connecting videos/a story to follow
  3. perhaps?? we attempted that with the "OK" cover, so maybe not album 2 but if something feels right down the line then why not
  4. yes! lowkey all 3 of us sing on Just Like A Movie and Drunk on Halloween. my voice is buried in the group vocal parts but its there haha
  5. for remote era it depends.... probably nottt????? next videos will probably be new songs of some sort
  6. lol when I saw the first cut yes I shed a single tear when the planet exploded
  7. OMG I didn't even think about that WOW. I'm partial to How You Like That bcos that was my intro to blackpink
  8. we will soon be save peace n luv


natalia_dc19 karma

do you guys actually listen to your music?, or just made it?

wallowsmusic22 karma

LOL good question. when we're making it/recording it, obviously we're technically listening to it in those moments. but for me, after it comes out I listen to it a little bit, then I don't listen to it for like a year and then by the time I do again I'm like, "wait this is pretty chill" hahah

i get anxiety when we put stuff out so I guess that's why?


raveiin9 karma

What are y most excited to perform live?? Have u guys ever considered joining the fan discord? Do u guys play among us?? Discord link for those interested: ( )

wallowsmusic23 karma

i feel like talk like that is gonna be super fun live.

yeah that sounds pretty interesting actually.

i haven't yet but cole does


artificialsoap9 karma

BRAEDEN. when are you getting a cat?

wallowsmusic23 karma

i’m allergic to cats :/ - b

_tommymck9 karma

favorite synth?? current loving the juno 60

wallowsmusic18 karma

oh nice

yeah we've got a 106 that rocks. i want to get a prophet 6 but if I'm being honest I need to get better at playing piano before just buying instruments hah


beaa_wallista9 karma

how long did you practice the virtual aerobics routine?

wallowsmusic16 karma

not enough clearly lol

wallowsmusic15 karma

not long enough 😂 - b

wallowsmusic11 karma

not long enough 😂 - b

nothinghapprns9 karma

any new hobbies that you found yourself enjoying during the pandemic?

wallowsmusic14 karma

trying to wake up at the same time every morning and drink a ton of water hahaha also i say reading and i have a list of books that i have not gotten yet lol - braeden

coastalines9 karma

what inspired coastlines?

wallowsmusic12 karma

justice/daft punk/blood orange i'd say. - dylan

donotwqit8 karma

what is the first thing you do when you leave the stage?

wallowsmusic16 karma

eat some chips and guacamole - b

jadaaaa__8 karma

will you guys consider coming back to the uk again? i didn’t get to see you guys live last time and i hope that i’ll be able to soon!!

wallowsmusic14 karma

oh yes whenever we can we would love too i love it there - b

sambergstylez8 karma

what song would you really like to cover in future?

wallowsmusic15 karma

7 Summers lol

wishelines8 karma

we have a big question, what's our fandom name??????

wallowsmusic23 karma


wallowsmusic13 karma


httpgabi8 karma

how many songs didn't make the cut for the EP and will we ever get to hear those cut songs in the future?

p.s. hope you guys are staying healthy physically and mentally during this pandemic! love you! <3

wallowsmusic24 karma

we originally started out with the idea of a "mixtape" called Remote instead, so like an album's worth of songs that we completed from previously made demos/sketches that we felt otherwise wouldn't make it on to a proper "album", but deserved to be finished. so we had about 13 or so demos/sketches to begin with i think? but eventually started narrowing it down to a surprise drop "mini LP", so like 7 or 8 songs, but then decided to ultimately just go with our best foot forward and put out the best 6 songs we possibly could and do a proper release/rollout and treat it really seriously. but we began work on about 3 other songs that didn't make it on. they're some of my favorite wallows songs by far. they WILL see the light of day sooner than later. you have my word ;) - dylan

aailen8 karma

Would you have liked remote to be an album instead an EP?

wallowsmusic14 karma

hello aailen what’s good! i think an EP was the perfect amount of music for this specific project. when we came up with the idea of just making something separate from each other durning the beginning of the lockdown we knew picking around 5-8 songs would be the perfect amount to actually finish a project in that kind of way. we thought of doing more songs like 10 or 11 but we decided not to do that very early in the process haha - braeden !

meouchhh8 karma

do u guys think u’ll still be experimenting with different music styles in the future?

wallowsmusic17 karma

wallows will forever evolve and never look back.

NotAlwaysTheSame8 karma

Are you still coming to Lollapalooza Argentina ??

wallowsmusic13 karma

hope so!!!

BubbleNorah8 karma

Who is your biggest insperation?

wallowsmusic13 karma

frank ocean - dylan

MasLuarasi8 karma

Sup Wallows! I loved Remote, especially Coastlines and the Wish Me Luck video! Just got a few questions for y’all:

How much of remote was done pre the world ending? How difficult did it become to finish the project?

What can we expect from wallows in the future?

How do you guys decide who does the vocals? Dylan and Braeden both kill it but I was curious.

Dylan, did you ever try and get your music into 13 reasons why?

Thank you for your time and can’t wait to hear more in the future!

wallowsmusic18 karma

sup! thx!

they were all at least started in some way before quarantine started, whether it be just one instrumental part or an entire arrangement without lyrics yet or whatever. but it was all finished in quarantine.

more evolving! we'll never look backwards!

that always varies. i think it depends on who's writing melodies/lyrics really.

nope. never would've let that happened. wanted them to be completely separate from each other, which they were :)

letthesunsin8 karma

when will bad remake be officially released??!

wallowsmusic17 karma


BubbleNorah8 karma

Whats your favorite song that you guys have made? :)

wallowsmusic11 karma

Coastlines. - dylan

httpgabi8 karma

what song off of remote were you most excited for your fans to hear?

wallowsmusic18 karma

probably coastlines, but honestly every single song equally i was SO excited/anxious for everyone to hear. - dylan

drunkonwallows8 karma

did san francisco inspire virtual aerobics?? also the bay area misses you <33

wallowsmusic12 karma

at least some of it yes!! i've spent so much time in the bay area. i miss it a lot. - dylan

lucilamailen8 karma

hey guys! favorite song of chip chrome & the monotones by the neighbourhood?

wallowsmusic11 karma

boohoo :)

Professional_Jelly267 karma

hi how are you guys?

wallowsmusic14 karma

pretty good! kind of hungry getting orange chicken and sushi here how bout u? -b

nothinghapprns7 karma

what’s ur favorite piece of merch that you ever released?

wallowsmusic10 karma

honestly probably the new Remote long sleeve. and the hoodie. and the Remote logo tee

erinohara7 karma

hey guys! loving Remote so much! can’t stop listening to it. here’s my question: i think you mentioned at some point that the next album is going to be somewhat of the same sound as Remote. do you think for every new “era” you’ll try out a new sound? i think it’s super exciting and refreshing to hear new ideas from you guys as you continue to make more music. -erin

wallowsmusic11 karma

hey erin ! i think we will always try to surprise ourselves with new music we make and remote felt like that to us and we want to keep that going for sure.. but it will probably be very different from remote. i’m glad u like it! - braeden

hsbraedenonly7 karma

what is the "weirdest" talent you guys have?

wallowsmusic14 karma

there is this ping pong game called around the world where u have like 15 people all running in circles taking turns hitting the ball and only one can be left standing at the end and i love that haha - b

dyIanminnette7 karma

how many songs did you make intended for remote? how many didn’t meet the cut etc?

wallowsmusic16 karma

there are a couple that didn’t make the cut.. but maybe they will still be heard somehow ? 👀 b

braedenflower7 karma

is cole singing at 0:24 in dig what you dug? idk, maybe i'm crazy but i feel it is

love you guys stay safe

wallowsmusic18 karma

hah no :/

but don't worry something cole singing wise may or may not be coming sometime in the near or distant future idk

httpgabi7 karma

do you feel the remote EP is a look forward to how your next album will sound like or is this just an artistic detour?

wallowsmusic17 karma

we'll never make the same project twice :)

mariabiosca_7 karma

who is the voice at the end of talk like that?

wallowsmusic10 karma

thats Sachi DiSerafino. and he mentions "John" who is John DeBold. absolutely love them to the moon and back


BubbleNorah7 karma

cole whats your go to colour while playing among us? i usually do black :)

wallowsmusic15 karma

lol i try to hit pink or yellow. also party hat or horns too


colesband7 karma

which is your favourite wallows music video??

wallowsmusic13 karma

1980’s II - b

mustbkatie7 karma

what has been your favourite album release of 2020 so far??

wallowsmusic13 karma

this is dylan. that's so tough. i know the top few consist of:

The Slow Rush, Women in Music Pt. III, Song Machine, Notes On a Conditional Form, 3.15.20, Folklore.

letthesunsin7 karma

what is ur favorite spooky movie?

wallowsmusic13 karma

halloween ! - braeden

BubbleNorah7 karma

what was your last favorite subject in school?

wallowsmusic13 karma

science or history!! - b

lindesideliness7 karma

What track on arianas new album are you looking forward to the most?

wallowsmusic18 karma

ALL OF IT - braeden

wallowsmusic13 karma

shut up is the best song on positions. i've heard it. heh

wallowsmusic12 karma


meouchhh7 karma

the music video for wish me luck gave me gorillaz vibes...did u guys happen to be inspired by them? luv y’all and this ep sm!!!!! <3

wallowsmusic14 karma


Life-Communication927 karma

hi guys these three questions are the most important for me if you could answer anyone i would love you more 1. what song from the ep are you excited to play live? 2. how did you feel about the zoom with the fans? I still can't believe i was in zoom with you guys, i love you so much 3. would you like or do you plan to come to Mexico to give a concert? p. s. braedon come to twitter pleaseeee❤️

wallowsmusic14 karma

  1. probably dig what you dug? thats going to be the most energetic live wallows song out of them all probably hah
  2. it was INCREDIBLE. did not expect it to go so well. seeing people happy and dancing was so so so nice
  3. YES to mexico. braeden on twitter..... who knows hahaha

thanks for you support it means a lot :)

jenniferg_6 karma

which songs were made during quarantine and which did u guys already have made beforehand? ps ily guys <3

wallowsmusic13 karma

the ideas for all the songs were written before the lockdown but it was the recording and finishing touches to the writing of them that mostly took place in the lockdown portion - b

hannananh6 karma

While making the music videos why did you choose OK, NGMLY, and Wish Me Luck, to be three continuous music videos? Even though on Remote, Coastlines, Talk Like That, and Wish Me Luck all fade into each other?

wallowsmusic11 karma

OK and NGMLY were always intended to be the first 2 singles of the year, even before Remote was a thing at all, so that was inevitable, but given COVID restrictions and everything, it's just harder to make videos in person nowadays, so we knew we had to end it at video 3 and also make it animated, so we just decided to go with whatever the "focus track" was once Remote dropped, which is now Wish Me Luck. we felt like it fit the 3rd video concept well!

coastalines6 karma

pancakes or waffles?

wallowsmusic14 karma

waffle 🤤 - b

onlythalia6 karma

which album/EP have you enjoyed making the most so far?

wallowsmusic17 karma

they've all been such different experiences, but i would say the experience of creating Nothing Happens was something we'll always cherish deeply

hsbraedenonly6 karma

what song do you think is like the 'band anthem?

wallowsmusic12 karma

right now it's 7 Summers

wishelines6 karma

do you intend to have more meetings with the fans via zoom? we love being close to you even though virtually

wallowsmusic10 karma

that was really fun, so whenever we release a project yeah for sure!

yamilawallets6 karma

what food comes to mind when u look at each other?

wallowsmusic14 karma

cole i think of like rice and curry and dylan i think of a burger haha - b

coastalines6 karma

why didn’t y’all put “ok” on remote?

wallowsmusic12 karma

ayyy we always pictured OK being a stand alone single. and before the lockdown 2020 was just gonna be 4 stand alone singles. but when the lockdown happened we decided to make an EP separate from each other as a totally new change of plans ! - b

danikuu6 karma

do you like The 1975 music???

wallowsmusic13 karma

yesssss one of the best live bands in the world right now too


braestyl6 karma

will there be any more clips from the remote or is it really the end?

wallowsmusic16 karma

hmmmmmmmmm if by clips you mean songs then yes there will be more?????????

anvic7826 karma

Did you know my dad is obsessed with you guys?

wallowsmusic13 karma

tell ur dad to rawk on :)

httpgabi6 karma

looking back to the spring EP and comparing it to the remote EP, how do you feel you/your sound have changed?

wallowsmusic17 karma

hmmm i feel like a lot of it just has to do with naturally being inspired by different music / different times making the music. i feel it’s not a specific “let’s fully change up the sound” it’s more a natural thing! also working with different producers can often change the feel of a song because it’s a totally different approach to that as well! - braeden 🌝

wallowsmusic15 karma

i think that we are more true "wallows" now than we've ever been. we're finally making music that i always hoped we'd be able to achieve one day. - dylan

braestyl6 karma

Whose idea was it to make cole strong?

wallowsmusic19 karma


it was our director Dillon Dowdell's idea. he wanted the video to take place 30 years in the future, and in that time my character had been training for the epic battle with lil schaef.


somahassan5 karma

if you had to choose between nothing happens, spring EP or remote EP what would it be?

wallowsmusic20 karma


tough question. honestly i'd say nothing happens simply because it's the most songs and it's special bcos its our first record. but i am partial to REMOTE because it's so new. idk the honest answer is I'd take our 2nd album over all of that :0000

- c

yamilawallets5 karma

will u come to amsterdam again when touring is safe again?

wallowsmusic11 karma

ohhhhhh yessssss - b

c0astlines5 karma

will there be any more songs out soon?

wallowsmusic13 karma


Emanuelly_Lima_85 karma

How do you see yourself 10 years from now?

wallowsmusic17 karma

hopefully thriving and with 6 albums out lol - dylan

sokeepnedbayou5 karma

Any videogames that you guys have been digging lately?

wallowsmusic11 karma

i’ve been playing a lot of gang beasts and fortnite hahah i was late to the fortnite party - b

onlythalia5 karma

favorite arctic monkeys album?

wallowsmusic11 karma


mae_chvr5 karma

Who's the best at Mario Kart? 😎

wallowsmusic19 karma

absolutely me without a doubt 100% i'd dust these two any day


pxnkfloyd5 karma

@ Cole: what nation would you be in Avatar: The Last Airbender?? i’d definitely wanna be a water bender

wallowsmusic13 karma

wow yes

i'd say either water or air? they're all sick for different reasons. but I love swimming and flying would be amazing sooooo yeah


scrawnymilf5 karma

cole whats ur favorite hxh character?

wallowsmusic11 karma

killua ftw

rememberwhnfilm5 karma

whichever one of you is reading this what’s your hogwarts house?

wallowsmusic11 karma

pottermore told me gryffindor

- c

mustbkatie4 karma

with having joy again on tour with you and sachi producing remote and ok, will there ever be a joy again x wallows collab ??

wallowsmusic13 karma

maybe something close to that ;)

maximoffxstan4 karma

remote was the first idea for the ep name or did they have others?

wallowsmusic11 karma

remote title came very early on before we even started recording i think! - b

letthesunsin4 karma

how do you guys feel about fans getting tattoos of ur songs?

wallowsmusic7 karma

always strange to see but pretty cool haha - braeden

hannananh4 karma

What are your favorite lyrics from Remote?

wallowsmusic10 karma

honestly probably virtual aerobics? - dylan

hannananh3 karma

Do you think this pandemic has really helped you guys find your sound more and realize what you like to write and produce?

wallowsmusic12 karma

i wouldn't necessarily say that it's helped us find our "sound" more, but has allowed us to open up and experiment in ways that we've always wanted to, but maybe wouldn't have as quickly before, and i'm super thankful for that. if that makes sense? -dylan

hannananh3 karma

How would you describe Remote to someone?

wallowsmusic12 karma

like a fun ecstasy trip through different stations inside of a radio ?