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THANK YOU ALL FOR JOINING. hope you're enjoying REMOTE, staying safe, masking up, taking care of yourselves, etc, etc.

we can't thank you enough for the endless luv and support. we see it and it really is amazing. stay tuned for more.

till next time


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hey thanks!

honestly, we're more "wallows" now than ever before. we're making music that is much truer to our taste and more in line with what we've always hoped to accomplish. Remote is by far my favorite project we've made yet for so many reasons. that being said though, i do still listen to NH and Spring and really appreciate them, because they were definitely reflective of that place and time in our lives/careers, and reflective of us doing the best we could with the means we had.

from day one though, we have never, ever wanted to "look back" or make the same project twice, so i think Wallows will be forever evolving. i honestly can't stand when artists "go back to their roots" or try and remake something they already achieved in the past. i'm all about artists evolving.

i wouldn't say Remote is indicative of what's to come, but just a reflection of where we're at and what we're able to accomplish right now. i don't think we'll ever make anything exactly like it again, but i'd at least say it's closer to what's ahead than not, for sure.

although, these upcoming album 2 songs are already feeling pretty different than anything else already... idk if people will think it's more like "older Wallows", but to me it's definitely turning out to be the evolution i've always pictured for our 2nd album :)


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what's funny is Nothing Happens was going to be a 13 track album, including Bad Remake and JLAM, alllll the way up until like the day before mastering and cutting official transitions and whatnot, and it hit us at the last second that conciseness was key and super important, especially for our debut. so we decided to make the cuts. it did make for a more breezy, immediate album in the end, 100%. i don't regret it for a second! we do like all those songs though, don't get me wrong.

also, idk... probably not. just feels a little too irrelevant at this point. also, i loved finding weird deep cuts on youtube or on the internet of bands i loved growing up, so i kinda like having at least one of those out there for the "die hards" to find and cherish/be proud of haha. - dylan

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happy birthday !!

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ayyy! thanks! i think we will always try to surprise ourselves / always do what is inspiring to us in the moment. so it’s hard to say what exactly that might mean in a couple years but who knows !! maybe country disco ? - braeden