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dontcallmyjesus9 karma

hey guys, first of all thank you so much for releasing this ep it’s so so good I love every single song, and thank you for doing this activities (the zoom call, qna, etc) you’ve been doing it’s been so much fun, anyway here are some questions:

  1. why do you think people feel so connected to your music?

  2. would you make another trilogy of videos for another project?

  3. would you guys appear on the cover of a future album?

  4. do you think there will be a song with the three of you singing?

  5. will there be more videos for this era?

  6. the wish me luck mv is amazing; did you cry watching it like the rest of us? lmao

  7. favorite blackpink song lol (rosé probably listened to remote omg)

  8. not a question, but I really want you to come to Mexico pls do so asap take care, ily y’all <3