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wallowsar_11 karma

Hey there! Hope you guys are having a great day 🖤

  1. Your last q&a here was when the pandemic started and you shared some playlist, do you guys have new ones? If so, would you share what you're into right now after 7 months in lockdown?

  2. Since you guys suggested that we listen to "Remote" from front to back, did you envision the way you wanted it to take before finishing up each song? How did you choose the order?

  3. Is there any song that didn't make the cut for Remote but that we most definitely will listen to in the future?

  4. Do you guys miss touring? Are you planning any upcoming tour for next year? (Remaining positive about all of this weird situation we're living right now)

Lastly, lots of love from Argentina and hopefully this is all over soon so your shows here can be rescheduled ASAP 🖤