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I’ve only been there for about two months now but I do have a Great Aunt who is a resident and it’s really hard to see her mental state deteriorate and see how it affects her direct family as well

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Just a heads up, we can see your full name in the your proof.

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Is it in the picture or does it just say my name somewhere else

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I appreciate it, but believe me, some of the residents who suffer from mental issues can be very hateful and abusive. It’s hard to care for someone who doesn’t want you there. It’s a fine line between mental and physical fatigue because some days you can be verbally berated and others can be the best of your entire career. Thank you

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I’m sorry to hear that. Life goes on for everyone and I wish you all the best

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Several questions from a Cincinnati Nurse of 6 years.

- Was your training expedited to get you on the floor?

- What kind of patient ratios are you working with?

- What protocols are in place related to covid?

- How often are you tested (if at all) and what kind of testing are you undergoing for your residents?

- Have your more seasoned coworkers expressed feelings of burnout during the 6th month of covid and have you been having difficulty keeping staff?

From one healthcare professional to another, thank you for everything you are doing. You are a wonderful person for deciding to show people love and care when their families aren't able to be around to do it in these trying times. That being said, we all need each other as it feels the cavalry simply isn't coming and the messaging on covid is ever changing. Thank you again and keep being wonderful.

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  • I took a nursing class in high school and was given 30 days to train on the floor with other staff, I only took 19 -I’m not sure what kind of ratio you mean but there’s like 1 aide for maybe 15 or so residents. -Anyone suspected to have COVID is placed in droplet precaution and we are required to wear gown, gloves, mask, goggles, and a face shield. Anything brought into the room cannot be brought out. -We get tested every two weeks on payday with a noseswab even though a lot of us go against it because it has hurt 2 cooks and a nurse. We’d be fine with anything but the nose. And I personally disagree with this, but the residents can choose not to get the test even though they are the highest risk. -Most of the staff don’t really mind their shifts and don’t really talk about “burnout” but when I signed on they were already short staffed and someone recently quit because of the testing.

Hope that answered everything!

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A whole month?

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2 months now, not very long but I plan on staying for a while

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How do you feel about the anti-mask folks?

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They can do what they want in public but the second they set foot on our resident’s home they would not be allowed in unless they wear a mask. Day shift is required to wear KN95s the entire 8 hour shift due to direct care

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How long have you been a Nursing aide? I’m a natural caretaker, and would thrive in a position like that. I took care of my grandma, suffering badly from Alzheimers, from age 11 to 17.

My problem is, how do I not get emotionally attached? I watch a lot of medical shows (I know-not reality) and I just think to myself damn, how do they not get attached to patients? What do you do?

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Well I’ve been a nurse aide for 2 months and I’m still 17, and to be completely honest, I don’t think you can do this job without forming attachments. To give the beat quality care you need to understand the residents livelihood and give care based on how they operate, not how you operate.

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Does your skilled nursing facility allow the use of Geri chairs? If so, how do you feel about utilizing them?

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We don’t have Geri chairs.

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Not covid-related. My gran had an array of different experiences in nursing homes as her health declined from a rare degenerative brain disease. Some carers were rude, impatient and rough with my gran (who seemed less aware than she actually was due to the nature of her condition). The majority were lovely and kind, but all seemed stretched thin. This wasn't in the states, but as someone newly entering the system, do you notice many of your colleagues behaving in poor ways to patients, or experiencing a lack of staffing required to provide empathetic care?

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We’ve been short staffed for a while now and I’m not saying my coworkers are giving poor care, but when 1 person has to provide the same amount of care to 15-20 people you kind of have to be quick and precise with everyone. No one is placed in poor care but everyone has to be dealt with and move on

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Do the elders fuck or what? Any crazy stories with like anal toys getting lost in there or something? Thanks for all ur work! :)

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I have never seen the elders fuck, nor do I have any stories about sex toys lol. But a man and his wife were recently moved in together to I guess I’ll let you know 😂