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Several questions from a Cincinnati Nurse of 6 years.

- Was your training expedited to get you on the floor?

- What kind of patient ratios are you working with?

- What protocols are in place related to covid?

- How often are you tested (if at all) and what kind of testing are you undergoing for your residents?

- Have your more seasoned coworkers expressed feelings of burnout during the 6th month of covid and have you been having difficulty keeping staff?

From one healthcare professional to another, thank you for everything you are doing. You are a wonderful person for deciding to show people love and care when their families aren't able to be around to do it in these trying times. That being said, we all need each other as it feels the cavalry simply isn't coming and the messaging on covid is ever changing. Thank you again and keep being wonderful.

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A bit of a crass question but the answer is yes.

Human beings like to have sex and if they form relationships or are together already sometimes they do.

We are trained to let them do it but educate that safety is a priority as skin and bones become way more fragile into old age. The more adventurous stuff like anal play is less common and I've personally never heard of residents doing anything like that.

On the Alzheimers unit I worked on there was a woman who was more sound of mind (still confused) and she was trying to seduce one of the residents who was extremely confused. She convinced him she was his wife and his true wife was not happy about it. In that case we kept them separated because he couldn't consent and she was not of sound mind either.

Edit: In independent living or skilled care units it's more common but very rare. What people do in the privacy of their rooms is their business.

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Fantastic. Thank you for your responses and you nailed it with patient ratios. 1-15 is pretty standard. When I was working we'd get up to 20+ some times. I had 40 as a nurse one night... didn't stay there long tho and the facility didn't stay open much longer than that.

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Sorry, didn't mean to hijack is answer haha

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This question depends exclusively on what type of unit the he works on.

Alzheimer's/ dementia, yes. If a person is confused and will accidentally injure them self because they forget they can't walk or stand without falling, it is a helpful tool to prevent injury.

It is considered a restraint so there are strict guidelines surrounding their use.