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How long have you been a Nursing aide? I’m a natural caretaker, and would thrive in a position like that. I took care of my grandma, suffering badly from Alzheimers, from age 11 to 17.

My problem is, how do I not get emotionally attached? I watch a lot of medical shows (I know-not reality) and I just think to myself damn, how do they not get attached to patients? What do you do?

j_o_h_n_b2 karma

Thank you for the insight. Wonderful work you are doing. I suppose it also depends on the patient you work with. I’m sorry for your loss, it can not be easy.

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Yeah I suppose there’s a lot of truth in what you’re saying. I’m a teacher, and although I try not to get too invested, you cannot help but get attached because you need to know how they tick so that you can bring out the best in them. Thanks for the reply and good luck.