My short bio: Hi everyone, my name is Alex. On Sunday night, there was a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in Cincinnati, and 307 of us, myself included, were taken into custody. Many of us were left without food, water, shelter, and blankets for many hours. Some were even left outside over night. Some videos from the station have even gone viral.

I'm here to answer any questions anyone might have about that night in the Hamilton County JC, the protests themselves, or anything of the like!

My Proof: My court document (Can provide more proof if needed)

EDIT: I'm at work at the current moment and will answer questions later tonight when I can. Ask away!

EDIT 2: I'm back, babes.

EDIT 3: Alright, everyone. I think that should do it. I've been answering questions and responding to messages for about five hours straight and it's taken a lot out of me, so I've turned off my notifications to this post. Keep fighting the good fight, and I encourage you to donate to organizations that support the BLM cause or funds to bail people out of jail. Godspeed!

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aldahuda3172 karma

Were you released on bail? How much was it and did you pay for it yourself?

alexschubs4711 karma

Yes, I was released on bail ($154) and you cannot bail yourself out. My mom took care of it. She rules.

rene-cumbubble2733 karma

regardless of what you did or didn't do, or what they're accusing you of, remember that you have the right against self-incrimination. You may want to weigh that against the decision to speak by in an open online forum about your experience.

alexschubs2511 karma

I have gone over a lot of stuff with my attorney. I know the dealio

visvis469 karma

Do you need to pay for your own attorney or are they provided by some charity?

alexschubs1257 karma

I had a friend hook me up with someone who's taking on these cases free of charge.

SpirOhNoLactone711 karma

His name doesn't happen to be Saul Goodman, right?

alexschubs809 karma

That's the guy! His brother Hugh R. Goodman is an excellent attorney as well.

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alexschubs244 karma

Only Cincinnatians will understand


schwelvis1884 karma

Did they let you wear a mask while they had you?

alexschubs2785 karma

We had to take them off for pictures. And once they took us into the station, we were only allowed to wear the clothes on our backs. I don't remember seeing an inmate in a mask.

malachai9261704 karma

How many hours did you and everyone else have to hold it in?

alexschubs2750 karma

Me, personally, about 4.5 hours. I didn't really have an emergency, so I was good.

Other people ended up pissing themselves.

EDIT: The amount of people that have misunderstood this answer is significantly higher than I thought it would be. I held pee in my body for 4.5 hours (not a crazy amount, but that's how long I had to wait). I was held in jail for a total of 14 hours.

miltondelug1313 karma

Did the SWAT or police seem to have any sympathy for what was going on?

alexschubs2032 karma

The police didn't seem to have a whole lot of sympathy for us. And the SWAT Team had even less

thepankydoodler711 karma

I really want to attend the protests but am scared of it affecting my new remote job. Is there anything to actually fear there if something like this happens?

alexschubs1028 karma

You literally have a constitutional right to protest. Freedom of assembly. It's in the first amendment.

I, personally, do not think you have anything to worry about as far as attending a protest. Just be peaceful.

EDIT: Okay, I guess I'm a little ill informed on this. Maybe employers can hold this against you? I'm not entirely sure.

cahaseler646 karma

Thank you for standing up for what you believe in. Sorry you were faced with this situation.

What did they tell you you were arrested for? Did they use excessive force?

alexschubs804 karma

The charge was "misconduct at an emergency".

And they did not use excessive force, but I was jostled around a little bit. It was the SWAT Team that arrested me, and if you didn't do exactly as they said it (as in turning a certain way) they would physically force you to.

0wey540 karma

What initial feelings, emotions, and thoughts did you have when you were arrested? I am proud of you for standing up for what is right for you. Good job!

alexschubs896 karma

Two things went through my head: "Goddamnit" and "Comply with everything they say". I complied because I was not about to add extra charges to my record.

As far as feelings and emotions, one thing I had to come to terms with was that I had to tell my folks. I've never been in jail before, so I knew giving them a collect call would be incredibly uncomfortable. That was my main concern.

As for the actual arrest itself, I knew the charges weren't terrible and I'd get a slap on the wrist at worst if found guilty, so I wasn't terribly distraught about that.

alexschubs525 karma

There are a lot of "Oh no, you didn't get food boohoo" comments in here, so I'll just clarify something.

I was one of the lucky ones to actually have gotten a meal. It was a jail breakfast of corn flakes, eggs, and blueberry bread.

I am speaking on behalf of everyone else that did not get a meal, water, or shelter.

EDIT: I'm a dummy who can't differentiate b/t jail and prison

MotherOfDragonflies81 karma

Why did you get food and others did not?

alexschubs151 karma

I was processed earlier than others. There was an inmate there who had a cart full of boxes of breakfast. Afterwards, I was like, why the fuck couldn't they have made things for the other people?

jelliedspam428 karma

Do you feel you made a point with this protest? An actual point ie people listen, and want to change?

alexschubs1114 karma

Honestly, yes.

The people leading the protests were adamant about being nonviolent. If anyone turned violent or started being shitty to cops, they were essentially ousted from the protest.

And I think real change comes from a combination of protesting and discussion. When I was able to go home after everything, I had a whole new perspective on everything and was able to further discuss things with the people around me.

BoredPoopless130 karma

Is anyone in the protest trying to follow social distancing guidelines and is there any effort to try and minimize the risk of spreading Covid?

I'm not trying to be an ass, but I hope for everyone's sake a change IS brewing, because whether we like it or not peaceful protests are still getting people killed. You just dont see it.

Edit: I got permabanned. Looks like the mods support the protestors.

alexschubs123 karma

I didn't see a lot of people following SD guidelines. They weren't like getting up and personal with each other and stuff, but a lot were wearing masks. That was the extent of the SDing that I saw.

j0nny_a55h0l3104 karma

Are you black or just fightimg for black causes

alexschubs251 karma

The latter

SloanWarrior38 karma

What's the worst media spin (lies / gross misrepresentation) that you have seen put on the protests?

alexschubs105 karma

The people that see us just as looters. The one I went to could not have been more nonviolent. There has been looting in the past, sure, but that was completely discouraged when I was there.

GreatNegotiator17 karma

What is your opinion regarding the violent members, who are not associated with your movement but are using it as a cover?

Were there any encounters that stand out to you with them?

alexschubs30 karma

Our protest was nonviolent. Any members who were violent were essentially removed and reprimanded by people actually being nonviolent.

I saw a couple water bottles thrown, but they were handled quickly.

photocist6 karma

what is the point of this ama?

alexschubs7 karma

Lot of bs going around regarding what did and didn't happen during protests and at the station.

Merely informative.

SirDukeIII4 karma

As a Cincinnatian I’ve been sharing every story I can find on this.

Is it true no one was read their Maranda Rights?

And did they resuscitate a woman with CPR after they ignored her seizure and her passing out for several minutes?

alexschubs8 karma

I was not read my Miranda Rights by anybody.

And I am only vaguely familiar with the story of the woman who had a seizure. I don't know the full details on that, so I am not the person to ask.

DeadLightMedia-89 karma

What did you steal?

alexschubs85 karma

Hearts all over America

kelvin_klein_bottle-113 karma

Oh no, you didn't drink or potty for several hours! Hour cruel! How did you ever get through public schooling?

alexschubs44 karma

By asking my teacher to go to the bathroom. Not that hard, dawg.