Hi Reddit,

I’m Lena Paul, an adult actress and an adult film director/producer/writer. I’m also a chronic Reddit lurker who’s over the moon to actually be doing a real AMA!

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Thanks for hanging out and asking me some amazing questions! Love you all <3

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kadyglare184 karma

How much of your job is social media versus actually making porn? How important is twitter and reddit for promotion?

agentadventure301 karma

Holy fuck, it's so much social media. I literally can't physically sift through the amount of messages I receive each day, it would take me twelve hours and people need to get connected to resources like flashlights, clip stores, custom commissions, etc. I have an assistant that handles filtering out a lot of those types of things but I still spend hours each day trying to keep in contact with people.

Twitter is amazing, but it requires effort and tending on my part, reddit is much more of a self-promotional machine with people sharing my content autonomously for me.

ProcsMO64 karma

So do you pay someone to be an extra pair of hands for social media stuff? How does one get a job like that if that's a thing?

agentadventure159 karma

Yeah I have two assistants who basically one just filters spam for me, she's just a part time friend of mine who needed a little work

The other is more qualified in like, the sales side. So if they just want panties or a video of me saying happy birthday, she replies on my behalf

Then I handle most of the chit-chat stuff bc I think it's really pivotal to retaining fans.

Runbunnierun158 karma

Is Angela White as amazingly fun as you two seem to have?

I love you both. Thanks for having more natural bodies and giving me more confidence of my own.

agentadventure225 karma

She's honestly one of the best fucks of my life.

asstittieslover145 karma

What advice would you give to a guy who’s never had sex but is in college?

agentadventure406 karma

So I actually didn't have sex until my sophomore year! Do not stress it. You're not even fully done developing until you're 25. I know one actress who lost her virginity at 24. The biggest thing is not to get into your own head about it, once you let it go that's usually when the right experience comes along (and I think that's universally true to everything)

TheOhioRambler132 karma

How big is too big?

agentadventure359 karma

anything above 8" is absurd, like who needs that much dick? Lord.

dreamingglowingcloud119 karma

How do you stay in with new and younger girls coming out every year? Do you feel insecure about your body? How do you overcome it?

I’m a girl and really like you from Brazzer house but it seems nuts to have the confidence you girls have.

agentadventure461 karma

Great question honestly. I think all of my porn girlfriends have had an honest moment of vulnerability with each other about how comments or comparisons affect us. But in general when I find myself wanting to go down that path mentally, I remind myself to be present in MY body and to know that comfort in my own skin is a) attractive to others and b) not based on anyone else's body but mine.

Also a man will fuck a trash can LOL

TheCaprican72101 karma

Do you prefer to work in front or behind the camera or behind the scenes?

agentadventure285 karma

So BTS fuckin sucks, what I did NOT get into this business for was spreadsheets and emails.

BTC is pretty fun but STRESSFUL

In front of the camera, I get babied and get to have sex, so of course it's my fave.

perfect_fifth_note87 karma

Casually scrolling when I see Lena Paul with "BTS fuckin sucks" and I'm all geared up for a hilarious tirade about the boy band...

agentadventure145 karma

I was more of an EXO kinda girl lol

Gordonj5286 karma

Do you ever get nervous knowing so many random people will see your work if so how do you cope ?

agentadventure150 karma

So initially, especially because my career really took off faster than I anticipated, I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of attention I received. Obviously I know the reach of the internet, but I really was (not to flex, there was a lot of reasons outside of my control that contributed to it) a 1%er in terms of reach and it can be pretty scary getting skyrocketed into such notoriety. Especially with doxxing and death threats.

But now I'm older and more comfortable with my skin and my life choices, so it rarely bothers me anymore.

HenryJonesJunior286 karma

Out of these 3, which would you take to the back and bang?

agentadventure144 karma

My head says Mac but my heart says Charlie

jasondozza70 karma

What’s your Netflix binge right now?

agentadventure281 karma

The Midnight Gospel has replaced the hole Bojack left in my heart. Love the combination of weird psychedelic style and at times really neat philosophical content.

pbass173865 karma

What sexual acts do you NOT like IRL that you do just for film?

agentadventure166 karma

DAP, using toys on women besides a Hitachi, deep throating/face fucking (I have TMJ) and step sibling shit.

bailandox58 karma

How do u see different private platforms could change the industry?

agentadventure212 karma

So private platforms have already changed the business. They've made porn inherently more ethical especially with their widespread popularity. Platform content creation means the performers control the partner, setting and tone of the scene, none of which we usually have a say in during studio scenes; although we always can refuse anything, it's like taking a gig contract.

Studio system is also made more ethical because women have economic independence from it by finally receiving residuals and no longer have to work for them to keep themselves relevant. This puts pressure on companies to retain top female talent and enforces more rigorous production safety as a result.

futureGAcandidate2 karma

So supporting an OnlyFans actually helps in two different ways then?

agentadventure11 karma

Yes!!! OF to porn is what free range antibiotic-free products are to eggs.

Emmanuel_The_Khan58 karma

What was the brazzers house really like? The hosting experience and the being there. I kind of imagine there was a lot of sex off camera or are where people just mostly chilling/talking. (Its my favorite and go to content of yours)

agentadventure116 karma

Being on ZZ house was a surreal experience. It's like porn big brother. Tbh I'm kind of introverted and need a lot of private space and I sort of hated it.

HOSTING HOWEVER was one of the funnest days I ever had. I was just supposed to host but I wound up fucking basically everyone and participating in the orgy (with everyone's consent and my testing valid) and I had the time of my life.

MrOglon56 karma

What are your favorite movies and games atm?

agentadventure217 karma

Right now, my guilty pleasure is animal crossing! But as far as console games go, the latest God of War is AMAZING, I haven't had this much fun in an open world since Skyrim.

bailandox46 karma

U were married throughout ur whole career till september 2019 right??

agentadventure137 karma

So I get this question a lot but I moved out in march of 2019, I just only talked about it publicly in September. In terms of career, it's something of a shortcoming but I'm actually a somewhat private person and don't like putting my business out there.

andr3_carvalho42 karma

Do you listen to podcasts.. if so what are you listening to now?

agentadventure77 karma

So I have an obsession with self-help podcasts and my fave right now is Terrible, Thanks for Asking -- basically a woman who lost her husband when she was pregnant to cancer interviews people about the hardest moments in their life and how beautiful things came from it.

My fiction binge is Tanis and Archive 81, I love weird sci-fi shit.

BelliniQuarantini41 karma

Do you save for retirement / how do most adult film stars prepare for retirement? Does your employer (or maybe you're self employed?) offer 401k match or other retirement benefits?

agentadventure159 karma

I do! Although getting a divorce is not the best decision for one's lifesavings lol recovering a bit there. There are no W2 employers in porn, although there is legislation in CA that aims to change that which I'm neutral on. So instead of 401k I max IRA contributions.

Regarding other talent, it's a lot like athletes, it's for a limited time in your life and then you'll have trouble transitioning. Some people take that seriously, others don't. I always encourage new girls to save as much as possible so they can be safe for life.

theprofapmeister38 karma

Have you ever had a shower action with a male costar after the scene?

agentadventure76 karma

A few times! You kinda turn into animals on the day of, if you really care about your work, I basically am a cavewoman all day and basically you have to stay out of my path if you aren't trying to get more.

theprofapmeister25 karma

This is a relatively close question but how about when directing? Are there male performers that wanted or had sex with you off-camera in-between takes as a director?

agentadventure61 karma

Only my bf, and after usually, it’s kind of rude to disrupt a talent’s flow like that and would work against me to get a good scene

hornyhellblazer38 karma

I know you are nerdy. So i have to ask if you could cosplay who would you cosplay as? I think you would make an awesome Starfire.

agentadventure91 karma

I want to be Lux from LoL for Halloween!

CaKe32g38 karma

Ever peg a guy? Who enjoyed it more: you or him?

agentadventure100 karma

So the 2nd guy I ever had sex with, which was after a serious long relationship, I fisted his ass on the first date (amongst other things) -- it was pretty mutual but I'd say him more bc he literally still texts me all the time about how memorable it was.

Heidiklum515037 karma

How often do u have sex with troy? How many times in a day?

agentadventure90 karma

Usually like 3 times a week but I've been sheltering with my family for the past week and I think my vagina may dry up and wither away like dust at this point.

EDIT: I meant 3x a day! Fuck

Bartok_and_croutons36 karma

Do you have any tips for someone who's not very confident in their body/sexually?

agentadventure108 karma

It's easy for me to get into a ruminative loop about my appearance, especially because I think objectively I don't fit the traditional mold of what a model looks like.

When I go there it's important for me to redirect my thoughts and recognize that it's about the FEELING and not about the REALITY. I've met lots of 5s that were more comfortable in their skin than 10s. I try to constantly accept things for what they are instead of trying to fight the reality, like I don't want to give you the bullshit of like "ohh everyone's beautiful!" when we know that's not the type of world we live in. However, regardless of attractiveness, healthy self esteem and self image are absolutely electrically magnetic and refreshing.

RoundReputation235 karma

Hey Lena! It is great to see you here.

My question is why do the adult movie companies photoshop your beautiful birthmark? Can’t you stop them from doing that? Or do you want them to do that personally?

agentadventure89 karma

So I have no contact with the company past the moment I take my paycheck and hop in the shower. It's probably just some editor working remotely going "ahh that's kinda a blemish, does the boss want that gone? Eh better safe than sorry." Doesn't faze me a bit.

unbelivable134 karma

How do you deal with fans on street?

agentadventure91 karma

Most often people are chill and just wanna wave and say hey, I really love when girls come up because they always want a photo and they're so precious about asking. I feel like a 1D member lmao. But as long as you're cool, I'm happy to say hi for a second as long as I'm not in a rush.

It always seems to happen that I'm like late for something is when I get noticed.

Wretch66630 karma

Lena do you work out? In some of your older scenes you were pretty thick and it seems recently you’ve slimmed down. Both results are pretty hot!

agentadventure70 karma

I used to be really good but when I started directing I fell off -- I actually get skinnier when I'm NOT working out for some reason. Trying to get back to my curvier form, which I'm most comfy in.

ta771177167829 karma

How do you deal with people saying things like “I wonder what her parents think of this” etc.?

agentadventure125 karma

Honestly, I'm reallllyyyy lucky as far as sex workers go because I have a super close and loving relationship with my family. One time someone actually called my parent's house to give them an earful about what I'm doing and they just went off on them and terrified them into never calling again lol.

But it is irritating. Like I'm my own person and entitled to make my own decisions regardless of what my family things about it, I'm not chattel. Such a weird archaic way of thinking. Like it's fine to disagree with the production of pornography but why ya gotta bring my mama into this?

jasminechiquito23 karma

How u fell in love with troy francisco? How was ur first time sex with him and where did it happen and how was it?

agentadventure60 karma

I hired him lol, he was an extra on a scene of mine and he hit me up to do content together before the scene. I had hired him as an extra to see if he was worth hiring as talent so I figured I'd try him out.

We had sex at my place recording on cell phones and then fucked off camera twice, I lived far from the city and told him he could sleep over if he wanted (definitely don't extend that to just anybody) -- he slept over and we went and worked out together in the morning. We'd work together and hang out, and over time it grew into something. It was there from the beginning I just was still kind of recovering from my breakup and wanted to take my time getting into it.

He came over to my house in august and we basically never parted.

Frogpuppet22 karma

Will you ever shoot another DAP? Your first one was so hot!

agentadventure111 karma

Fuck. No.

I'm sorry that's not the cute answer at all hahaha but absolutely not. Two dicks in my ass just ain't it for me, chief. I like keeping my ass tight.

Frogpuppet18 karma

Hopefully you’ll keep shooting DPs though?

agentadventure74 karma

Ughh yesssss I love DPs, they're better than regular anal.

trapself21 karma

Hi I’m a big fan. My question is: Obviously exposing your body a lot online leads to exposure. Sometimes I go through pornstars’ social media and the replies are filled with creeps who say some out of pocket shit. How do you deal with this?

agentadventure65 karma

Man, it’s rough. I’ve answered a version of this but I’ll continue. It’s been helpful in some ways to give me a tough shell and really stick to my guns, something that wasn’t my forté prior to porn and I actually think most of them are really sad people.

I’ve found the most therapeutic way to respond is with kindness. Any person who hops online to be shitty to vulnerable women has a terrible life themselves. There’s a kind of power in maternal energy and a simple “Poor thing, you must be going through it” and they crack like eggs.

HandRailSuicide120 karma

Favorite book?

agentadventure60 karma

House of Leaves by Mark Z Danielewski -- highly recommend if you're into weird experimental vaguely horror/scifi shit.

Loved Tolkien growing up.

Love Pablo Neruda for poetry.

Breddell18 karma

Hey Lena! What’s a musical artist you’ve been listening to lately?

agentadventure84 karma

I'm on a nostalgia kick right now! Listening a lot to old favorites from my teen and tween years like Paramore, Mumford and Sons, MGMT, Empire of the Sun. Also I've probably listened to Cigarettes After Sex's entire discography like 20 times.

BlueFlame5v17 karma

Which of your fleshlight textures is the best o wanna buy one?

agentadventure30 karma

I would say my ass is tighter, but my vag is fancier with the internal design. It's kind of a preference thing.

Guycool245616 karma

Do you have a favorite scene that you have done?

agentadventure41 karma

Ok here's my top 5:

  1. The whole movie of Sleepless Nights that I wrote, directed, and starred in.

  2. Pure Taboo's airtight DP, I wrote that one too

  3. A scene I just shot for Vixen at home with my partner! Some of the best sex I've ever had tbh

unbelivable112 karma

And you're amazing in "deeper" , being dom suits you ♥️

agentadventure22 karma

I loveeee my work with Deeper, Kayden Kross is my creative idol and I love the power play portion of sex.

I used to have a really cynical view of all sex being inherently about a power exchange. Like that Frank Underwood quote "everything is about sex, and sex is about power." But I've since mellowed in my old age, however it's fun to kind of dive back into that old part of me, even if for a day.

PrudentExtension16 karma

How good are you in physics or maths? What subject interests you?

agentadventure38 karma

Horrible at math, terrible in physics. I loved history and foreign languages, I was always good with English and any type of writing.

Keegaztheebm16 karma

How’s life? Anything exciting going on during this coronacation? Got any hobbies you really wanna let us know?

agentadventure59 karma

I've been doing a lot of gardening! I have a whole back patio full of tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, peppers and herbs, plus even a little tree started. I can't wait for my first harvest, I've been babying them with bougie fertilizers.

I've also really been putting in hours on Animal Crossing.

I've gotten back into fishing! I grew up on a lake and I used to fish a lot as a little girl, it's been a nice way to reconnect with my dad while I've been sheltering in place with them.

johnefrix16 karma

Are you really happy with this life ? And if you chosen between pornstar and other work what's can be lena paul??

agentadventure47 karma

You know, I never would have thought when I was in college or working on my startup that this would be where I would end up. At times, I've questioned whether this was the best decision, but you know, you get older and hindsight is 20/20. I wouldn't be the person who I am had I not gone on this weird, at times harrowing, but ultimately enriching journey. Most of the good things in my life wouldn't be possible.

I have a house, my pre-existing condition is taken care of, and I have the freedom to plan for my future which is what I always intended to do, own small businesses. Working on acquiring commercial property and some small franchises next year.

un-natural14 karma

Hey Lena, have your boobs been getting smaller? And how do you feel about that if so?

agentadventure111 karma

Bro, fucking this much is cardio, I straight humped my titties off

Vexen13011 karma

Do you enjoy getting the I am sure are thousands of messages every day? or would you prefer it lower to more like a couple hundred?

agentadventure20 karma

This is a great question, while of course I know that thousands of messages is a GOOD thing, I'm frequently overwhelmed by the amount of written correspondence I have to do. Like for example right now there's 126 unread texts in my phone.

mateo_rules8 karma

If you could be any type of tree what tree would you be an why?

agentadventure29 karma

A fiddle leaf fig tree! They're cute as fuck and impossible to kill, so basically me.

Frogalter267 karma

If you could travel on holiday for example once to Paraguay?

agentadventure20 karma

I've been so wrapped up in work for so long I really haven't gotten to travel much. After this lifts I want to start at one corner of Europe and work my way across.

malaikaarora00004 karma

Wot is d craziest place did u have sex with troy and how was it?

agentadventure26 karma

In an actual doctor's office. He came with me for an appointment and the doc was like "ok I'll be back in 10 minutes" and we set up our camera because you know when they say 10 it's always 20+ and I came like three times. It was one of the few instances of public sex I had that was fun and not stressful.