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Is Angela White as amazingly fun as you two seem to have?

I love you both. Thanks for having more natural bodies and giving me more confidence of my own.

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Your eyes always give you away. I love it! Thanks for hosting this.

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If this is miles better I have to see it. I loved box trolls!

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There was no time for the family before my great aunt was cremated. Her immediate family made a circus of her memorial. This was not her style at all and would have much rather had more respect in death. My Nanny (her sister) never got to say goodbye. The last she saw of her sister she was on a hospital bed in the middle of a living room that looked like it belonged on horders. For my nanny having that as the last memory of her sister still hurts her.

Here in the south we have amazing funeral directors that do everything they can to make the body look as safe rested as possible. (I don't know about other states)

Sometimes having that moment is the most a family could ask for.

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It's my favorite! I'm glad to say I've never seen someone remove it. I love that it's so natural and you.