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All of philadelphia would have felt it

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How many second graders do you think you could wade through until you'd be overcome by them?

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What does the scientific literature say on ECT? Are you well versed in it?

Also, if the patients have severe brain damage and memory loss, how do you know that they weren’t given informed consent with regard to the potential side effects?

Edit: I must have misread the post. I thought OP said that his clients did not give informed consent, not that they were told "this does not cause brain damage." Again, though, wouldn't their recall of those details be tenuous with because of their brain damage? How can you know for certain that they weren't completely aware of the side effects?

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Would you rather fight one Lin Manuel Miranda sized duck or 100 duck sized Lin Manuel Mirandas?

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Why do people forget about the mole people who live in our precious sewers?