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Great question honestly. I think all of my porn girlfriends have had an honest moment of vulnerability with each other about how comments or comparisons affect us. But in general when I find myself wanting to go down that path mentally, I remind myself to be present in MY body and to know that comfort in my own skin is a) attractive to others and b) not based on anyone else's body but mine.

Also a man will fuck a trash can LOL

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So I actually didn't have sex until my sophomore year! Do not stress it. You're not even fully done developing until you're 25. I know one actress who lost her virginity at 24. The biggest thing is not to get into your own head about it, once you let it go that's usually when the right experience comes along (and I think that's universally true to everything)

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anything above 8" is absurd, like who needs that much dick? Lord.

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Holy fuck, it's so much social media. I literally can't physically sift through the amount of messages I receive each day, it would take me twelve hours and people need to get connected to resources like flashlights, clip stores, custom commissions, etc. I have an assistant that handles filtering out a lot of those types of things but I still spend hours each day trying to keep in contact with people.

Twitter is amazing, but it requires effort and tending on my part, reddit is much more of a self-promotional machine with people sharing my content autonomously for me.

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So BTS fuckin sucks, what I did NOT get into this business for was spreadsheets and emails.

BTC is pretty fun but STRESSFUL

In front of the camera, I get babied and get to have sex, so of course it's my fave.