** My Bio** Hey it's Geoff Keighley, the guy behind The Game Awards and now working on Summer Game Fest with the video game industry. I'm sure you have questions about this new thing so ask them here!

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thatjesushair582 karma

Was the Summer Game Fest thought up because of Covid-19, or were you always planning on hosting this event?

Either way, looking forward to it!

geoffmk804 karma

COVID-19 accelerated the plans, but the idea of doing a big global, digital, interactive festival has always been a dream of mine. We sort of started this last year around TGA with The Game Festival.

Luck88425 karma

Is Kyle Bosman taking part in this ?

geoffmk290 karma

He is welcome to be a part of it! Hopefully he will work on gamescom with us.

Bruce_0539423 karma

will nintendo be there?

geoffmk475 karma

Nintendo is always welcome!

Modal1297 karma

Hi Geoff! Thanks for keeping the spirit of E3 alive during this crazy time. I was just wondering, how difficult was it to convince developers to take part in this event? Were studios eager to have an event to show off their projects? Thanks again!

geoffmk359 karma

Well it was an ongoing conversation -- I only really wanted to do this if we could get full alignment from all the game publishers and platforms around a central idea. And that took time, especially given the current global pandemic. I wanted to be sensitive to everyone's current situation. But yeah, it's not easy getting all the companies to align around one idea....there are always days when it feels like it's falling apart, or difficult conversations to have with people. But all that matters is that we got there, and that's the best thing for the industry and its fans.

-Multi-258 karma

You've shared an image which shows all the partners who'll be participating in the Summer Games Fest. What exactly does Phase 1 mean? Are there going to be more phases over the summer?

geoffmk279 karma

There will be more phases of partner announcements to come, yes.

UmbraTrainer207 karma

Will Reggie be involved?

geoffmk403 karma

I was texting with Reggie yesterday and we were talking about some ideas. We'll see, I'd love to get him involved. I'm going o be on his new podcast with the New York Critics Circle soon.

Gamashisha175 karma

So how is the Final Hours of half life Alyx coming along?

geoffmk304 karma

I finished writing it, it's the longest Final Hours I've ever written -- over 25,000 words. We're in the middle of production on it now and hope to share it with you soon. We're doing some really cool, interactive things around it and it's taking a bit longer than I wanted. But it will be COOL

loveengineer51 karma

Will it also be released on Steam like the other reports you did?

geoffmk65 karma

Yep! It's coming to Steam.

DecentAssistance5150 karma

When will the specific schedule for this be announced?

geoffmk158 karma

On a rolling basis.

Hobrick02139 karma

Will there be any playable demos for big AAA games?

geoffmk279 karma

That's a great question! There will be playable content, and maybe some big surprises. There are also things like alpha and betas on big games. I would not expect that every major game is going to be doing a demo for you -- maybe eventually, but also let's be realistic about the world we are in right now. Work from home is challenging for studios and they need to finish their games too. But I see a day when yes, all major games have playable trailers or slices.

keshavb11131 karma

How will the schedule for this work? Will it be each publisher hosting their own events or events with many together?

geoffmk208 karma

Correct, it's four months of events that start this month and the finale is the big gamescom show I will do on August 24. We are just supporting/amplifying each publisher's individual events.

iam8bit120 karma

Hey guys!! The iam8bit crew is hanging out here too. Happy to answer any questions you have about producing this event with Geoff, or really anything that's on your mind. We're stoked to be collaborating on this.

Proof: https://twitter.com/iam8bit/status/1256251233997737984?s=20

geoffmk68 karma

Welcome guys! Excited about what we are cooking up!

C4GG113 karma

Would you consider the official use of the phrase "Keigh3" in marketing ?

geoffmk79 karma


iammajorm98 karma

When is Warner Bros conference?

geoffmk144 karma

Each publisher will decide to share news when they can -- and note that we aren't saying everyone on that list has a "conference" per se, each publisher will likely have different approaches this year to how they communicate news. Many folks may have multiple "beats" across the summer.

Twoinches87 karma

Are you hiring? :) Honestly, you are doing amazing stuff for this industry Geoff! Keep it up.

geoffmk94 karma

We're always looking to work with talented people. Email us at [email protected]

JuniperSniper79 karma

When will we see more of From Software's new upcoming masterpiece, Elden Ring?

geoffmk81 karma

You'd have to ask From that question.

jmac857872 karma

What games have you been playing during quarantine?

geoffmk175 karma

A lot of Half-Life: Alyx, also Doom Eternal and Valorant. I want to play AC soon too.

Revenger10966 karma

How do you even organize this stuff seems like its takes a lots of effort?

geoffmk155 karma

It's really just a lot of listening to people and trying to build consensus. And I'm highly motivated because as a fan this is something I want to see happen.

gitrektali51 karma

Will we see Elden Ring there?

geoffmk39 karma

No specific title announcements today.

dsaherni50 karma

How big is the presence from Playstation? 😚

geoffmk108 karma

We'll let each publisher and platform share their plans when they are ready.

aadiman2346 karma

How will this we visible, streamed for free for everyone to watch?

geoffmk82 karma

Correct, all free to watch/stream!

Arachnid143 karma

Do you like jalapeños in your popcorn?

geoffmk57 karma


botit-n39 karma

When can we expect reveal dates for these companies ?

geoffmk73 karma

They will be revealed as publishers are ready to share their dates -- and we'll have a schedule on the website that launches on Tuesday.

SageWaterDragon36 karma

One thing that your announcement didn't make clear was how an event spread over a third of a year is any different from these companies doing their own unaffiliated events. What is Summer Game Fest bringing to the table in terms of a unified experience?

geoffmk47 karma

Summer Game Fest is a central hub for all the programming -- you'll be able to watch all the events from the website and see a schedule/set reminders etc.

Brad_Edmonds9633 karma

Would you consider yourself the Ryan Seacrest if video games?

geoffmk47 karma

Ryan's a great guy and businessman so sure, I'd be honored to have the comparison.

thisisfr33dum29 karma

How long will each "phase" roughly be?

geoffmk53 karma

Phase 1 refers to the publishers -- there will be a phase 2 with more publishers added. The Phase doesn't mean a specific time period really for the events.

OguzHanTDK7824 karma

Any updates on new Batman and Middle-earth games? Thanks in advance.

geoffmk41 karma

Best to direct that question to the game publishers or developers.

almarhuby21 karma

Will we finally get some gameplay of Ghost of Tsushima?

geoffmk181 karma

Since the game is coming out in July, I feel relatively confident you will see gameplay by end of August ;)

Vidas51419 karma

Hey Geoff, who would you like to see added to Smash Bros Ultimate?

geoffmk113 karma

Doom Guy

Lugia_Blizzplanet19 karma

Hello Geoff,

To which email should we contact if we work at a Studio/Publisher and wish to be present at the Summer Game Fest?

geoffmk16 karma

kosmicmc18 karma

Opinion on next gen consoles?

geoffmk65 karma

It's a really exciting time when a new console cycle starts! The things I've seen....it's going to be an AMAZING summer!

GermanStrands18 karma

Starting TODAY?

geoffmk25 karma


Bigking1217 karma

how many of ps5 and xsx games will be shown ?

geoffmk42 karma

I have no idea.

FieldersChoice917 karma

Super excited about this! Have you been in discussion with Nintendo? I know they are a proud partner during the Game Awards. Also - you mentioned Phase 1 - when does Phase 1 end? How many Phases?

geoffmk27 karma

Phase 1 is the first phase of publishers -- not tied to a specific time period for the events. Yes, certainly have been talking with Nintendo and would be happy to welcome them as well when/if we can be helpful.

flyinglasorcat14 karma

Hey! Will the event just be a direct source for events planned by companies involved or will it all be hosted and shown by Summer Game Fest?

geoffmk21 karma

It will be a directory -- we aren't producing these events for publishers. But we'll have some fun programming in the mix too!

FlattedFifth12 karma

What did you mean by playable demos!? Like we can download from home? Or you’ll play the demos and then tell us about it?

geoffmk63 karma

Did you see The Game Festival on Steam last December or around GDC? There will be another one in June with games. And Xbox will also be doing a playable festival. More platforms to be announced. You can download and play from home!

astroid09111 karma

If you had to pick one of the companies or publishers you are excited for on the phase 1 list based on what they are announcing, who would you pick?

geoffmk31 karma

Hard to pick! Obviously this is a new console launch year so it's exciting to see what Xbox and PlayStation have in store.

Donato_Andrea9 karma

Will Ubisoft be there in phase 2?

geoffmk24 karma

You'd have to ask them! We're happy to include Ubisoft if it wants to participate.

Sepherux7 karma

Hey Geoff, I am very glad to see you are doing this. How did you even come around to getting this whole event set up?

geoffmk45 karma

I did a lot of listening over the past few months -- and it just seemed like publishers, fans, and the industry needed some kind of central organizing principle this year. I started talking with the iam8bit guys, all the major publishers, developers, and streaming/media sites.

This is a different approach -- it's not a show, but more of a TV guide to what's happening. And we'll have some unique programming inside of it too with developers, and LOTS of playable content for you at home too.

Direwolf4847 karma

Hi Geoff! Have a massive amount of respect for your work on the Game Awards and Opening Night Live at Gamescom. With Summer Game Fest, is the upcoming Inside Xbox showcase for Xbox Series X games a part of what you're doing, or is Xbox involved in a different way?


geoffmk10 karma

Yep, Inside Xbox is one of the events. Xbox will be sharing more next week on their overall plans, but it's safe to say they have multiple events planned inside Summer Game Fest.

ZachDunkin5 karma

When will the schedule release on the website?

geoffmk9 karma

We'll start listing things on Tuesday, and update it as dates are announced.

Wisploth5 karma

What ties everything together? Are we to expect streams full of news? Or random news on random days?

geoffmk10 karma

There will be a schedule on the website with links to the events!

Atharva13994 karma

Playable events by this do you mean demos of some sort for the upcoming games?

geoffmk7 karma

Correct, and also in-game content and events

Natzore4 karma

Can you tell us if Nintendo will take part in this, and if not why?

geoffmk2 karma

Nintendo was not announced as part of today's announcement, but we're happy to welcome them to SGF when/if it makes sense for them!

e_king0154 karma

Hey Geoff, how is this event going to be done. Like is it gonna be a livestream for individual reveals of upcoming games or will you have a big stream to showcase all the new Games and Announcements?

geoffmk7 karma

It won't be one "show" -- it's a season of events from publishers that we are helping coordinate. Inside of it I will also host some special events to be announced, and we'll have a big industry-wide finale with the gamescom: ONL show on August 24.

KiknK4 karma

When is the schedule gonna be revealed if there is gonna be one?

geoffmk10 karma

Yeah the schedule will start to be populated on Tuesday! Sign up on the website to see it

nathanmcinnis84 karma

Hey Geoff, thanks for all your hard work!! Any demos coming to consoles over the next four months or will it only be steam again?

geoffmk5 karma

Xbox has been announced as a new partner for the demos. And we'll be announcing more platforms soon!

cameronken3 karma

Hey, Geoff! In what form will these announcements be presented? As articles or video packages with multiple announcements together, or will individual companies drop information on their own under the Summer Game Fest banner?

geoffmk10 karma

Each company will develop its own strategy! We are happy to support however we can.

xNiall3 karma

How often can we expect to see new content - will it be daily videos, weekly live streams etc? And will it be dropped in large chunks or drip fed?

geoffmk4 karma

Won't be daily, it will be spread out when publishers have news to share.

Slamsammy2k13 karma

Can you give any list pf any specific games that will be showcased?

geoffmk3 karma

Not yet!

Slamsammy2k13 karma

When does it start and what evwnts can gamers partake in, specifically?

geoffmk6 karma

It starts this weekend and will run through end of August. We'll update events soon on the website.

Coda-Reaves3 karma

Will Nintendo be involved in any way? I heard they canceled their June Direct, so will they be doing anything with this event to make up for it?

geoffmk7 karma

Great question for Nintendo, I'm not familiar with their internal plans but obviously love Nintendo and its role in the industry.

blablablabber523 karma

If you're allowed to answer, then how will these "phases" be divided? Will there be 4 phases, one for each month, or will there be more/less? Is the method for dividing each company's presence in phase 1 decided yet, or are you still in the planning stages? Will it be solely in livestream format, or are there other plans for announcing game related news as well?

geoffmk6 karma

the PHASE 1 is the first announcement phase -- which means those publishers will have news to share between May - August. PHASE 2 will be an announcement of more partners and events joining the party.

Gintaro982 karma

Hi Geoff! What are the most difficult part you've face while initiating this Summer Game Fest?

geoffmk3 karma

The most challenging part is getting all these big companies to agree to work together around a central idea -- I was up until 3am last night getting the final sign-offs....

Baily971 karma

Will this be a one year thing or do you plan on continuing this for upcoming years as well?

geoffmk3 karma

Just for 2020 right now. We'll see how it goes!

stolersxz1 karma

What inspired this format? Is this mainly a result of isolation or are you planning to continue this for the foreseeable future?

geoffmk2 karma

Honestly this is kind of the way I see things going in the future anyway.

Tmfwang1 karma

How many "phases" are there?

geoffmk2 karma


bingoflaps1 karma

Hi Geoff, would you ever consider naming your daughter Keighley Keighley?

geoffmk2 karma

What an interesting question. Why? I don't have any kids, but if I did I would consider the choice. I do know a few women named Kayleigh.

LinkSwitch231 karma

What do you mean by "phases"? Is there going to be a Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4?

geoffmk2 karma