New life, same world – From San Diego, living in Kobe, Japan playing baseball for the Orix Buffaloes. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is now everywhere. My baseball season is postponed – WTF. US Department of State Issued a Do Not Travel Level 4 Health Advisor - WTF. Meanwhile slap-dicks are still out thinking they're invincible, but please continue to live your life. I am staying in Japan.

Happy to talk about anything. Baseball, Japan, Coronavirus, what it's like living in Japan during the Coronavirus outbreak (Short Answer: not bad at all). Not topic off limits.

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10:33AM Japan Time.

That concludes the AMA. I have to run be with my kids since this is my off day. Sorry I couldn't answer all your questions but maybe I can get back on here one day. Thank you for the love as always the questions were great!

Have a great evening and stay safe.... and stay classy San Diego!


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railbirds961 karma

We miss you in Baltimore. Thanks for being the face of the franchise for the generation of us fans that grew up in the cellar years.

What do you miss about being in Baltimore? Not necessarily as a player but as a person. Places to eat, culture, favorite spots, people, etc.

Wish you well in Japan!!

SimplyAJ10665 karma

Great question! Miss alot of my friends and Family (Uncle Ell, Grandma Carolyn, the polites) there. Abbyburger, Foodmarket and Marketa, Jakes, the Winemerchant and Mike at the gas station there for filling my tire up haha...miss the Millers, Drummunds, Flamholtz, Abels, Bensons, The Weinmans - Dennis your laugh and great collection of O's memoriabilia, The Chipereli's (the restaurant).

InspectorMidget543 karma

Hi Adam! As a lifelong Orioles I loved the way you played the game and the strong leadership you brought to the club. How did you develop such a strong leadership style and who helped cultivate that?

Also we met once while I was super drunk in a Sarasota bar and you were really cool so thanks for that too.

SimplyAJ10640 karma

I probably was drunk too, so glad I wasn't a prick.

I think it was my upbringing. Sports have always been big in my household and community. Once drafted by the Mariners, I was taught leadership and such. Mike Gauff was important in my development along with Willy Blumquist (sp). We would take hundreds of ground balls and he would say don't stop until you draw blood. They pushed me not be good, but to be great. I am very supportive of my teammates from day one because it is important to win as a team and not an individual.

SimplyAJ10316 karma

Thank you guys. I am shutting it down! Hope you enjoyed, hit me up on Twitter!

Enjoy your evening stay safe! Coronavirus the shit is real!

thegrooseisloose18176 karma

First off, as a Braves fan I have to say you've always been one of my favorite non braves players, and I love the way you play.

My question is about the player side of sabermetrics and advanced stats. How much of an impact do they have on how you play the game or approach it? Around when, if at all, did you personally start to become more conscious of advanced metrics? How big of an impact do you think they have on the game?

SimplyAJ10223 karma

How did you come up with your name?

I think sabermetrics and Stats are important. Info is important to make calculated decisions. However, if you live by it you can also die by it .

Going from 14-15 years, I have Kakis and Deaza which helped get me the gold glove. The next year I have Snyder and uhh Trumbo/Reimold and that was probably my best year in CF.

One thing I understood is if the CF is faster and gets to the ball and misses it and guy gets a triple its the CF fault. The metrics make it tough. Most important part of the game is to prevent runs but if runner advances than you get a bad grade.

I have never and will never change my style of play. It got me the hardware that I've earned. It is keeping people employed.

Rockonfreakybro170 karma

As a life long Orioles fan I can’t help but feel like the Orioles did you dirty. I understand “it’s a business” but there seemed to be more of a relationship between the city of Baltimore and you than that.

Do you feel any hard feelings towards the Orioles?

Also, I’m curious whether you still are doing things for the Baltimore community even though you’re no longer in the US.

SimplyAJ10292 karma

Well I live in the U.S... but you have to maintain the professionalism about it and some times their are casualties in business.

No hard feelings towards anyone. Maybe one day I'll be back to manage the O's with a new regime... I have been talking to my guys at Bmorearoundtown about coming back for the tailgate. Thank you to Trey for taking over for now. My work will never be done.

kingfiasco167 karma

who really shut down the end of game pies? it was mark trumbo wasn’t it? birdland isn’t the same without you.

SimplyAJ10248 karma be honest, I believe it was ownership. Maybe some lawyer... However I have smacked a few people a little too hard. Busted a lip or two. Not Trumbo personally, he actually liked it. Hope it answered the question!

hossboss69158 karma


What was better: robbing Manny in the WBC or unleashing a dong on Mariano?

SimplyAJ10303 karma

Great name, Hoss!

Mariano was awesome let's be honest. To get a hit was a blessing. Not to mention, HR, blown save and get the W. Lets Go. He is a famer so yeah.

acribbs619157 karma

Do you plan on coming back to the Major Leagues?

SimplyAJ10405 karma

Yuppp and to manage.

squid50s102 karma

What’s the single greatest moment of your professional baseball career?

SimplyAJ10207 karma

I do not have a single moment – I have not won a world series...

Awesome moments in me being able to share my experience with my family and friends.

Birdamus98 karma

So for real how bad is the racism in Boston?

SimplyAJ10339 karma


As a fanbase/City they have some history of it. After my incidence I got a lot of support from other players about their experiences in Boston. Good question, there should def be a bigger forum on this issue. Hard to get it all here.

I got cussed out alot, someone threw peanuts at me etc..

However, Boston is still one of my fav cities to play in because of the intensity and their love for sports. One time I watched the Ravens v Pats game and heard alot of nonsense.

People think because we make the big bucks that we should have to put up with anything. People do not have the right to degrade another human. Heckling is fine, cuss me out too, but provocative words should not be fair game unless we are in ring where you will get knocked the fuck out !

TheVaccinator94 karma

Adam - I met you at a signing at TMobile in DC. You were very friendly despite so many people. I brought an Orioles painting I keep in my office. You were always my favorite modern player. We miss you on the O’s so much. Keep enjoying life!

Four questions:

  1. What’s your best story getting confused with Adam Jones, guitarist for Tool?

  2. What are your thoughts on Bmore-style crab feasts? You come from a seafood town on the west coast and we have a particular style out here.

  3. Any fun Buck Showalter stories we wouldn’t know about?

  4. How many OPACY crab dogs can you eat in one sitting?

SimplyAJ10172 karma

Damn right I will keep enjoying life.

Whatta great question.

One night in vegas for my big bros bachelor party. We get back around 3am and my room key didn't work. I knock and someone answers the door (I knew who it was) guitarist for tool. I was kinda mad that my key wasn't working but it was kinda cool to meet him under those circumstances.

Never cared for the crab feasts too much. Eating crabs is so much work for so little. I know it was the culture so I participated a couple times, and my fav part was the beer consumption.

I come from a seafood town. I like the king crabs better but at the same time I am not the biggest crab fan.

I plead the 5th with buck question. Clubhouse talks will stay in the clubhouse.

I have not had a crab dog. While I am a fatty I have never had one. If you took off the crab and had a hot dog eating contest, I would be game. I defer all my crab inquires to Patrick Thomas @PTifFLY

Benyadingus74 karma

AJ, wish you were still a Dback man!

My question is, what is your favorite thing to do in Japan that you can’t do anymore right now?

Oh and what is your favorite sweet?

SimplyAJ1091 karma

Me too, it was a great time!

A lot of things we can still do here in Japan. No one has completely isolated COVID but the Japanese Gov has stepped in awhile back with a list of Do's and don'ts.

Fav Sweet: doughnut (AZ fans go to the local doughnut - ya feel me!)

ricky_burns56 karma

Not sure if it’s in here, but I know your a big wrestling fan, what’s your favourite Wrestlemania match?

SimplyAJ10113 karma

You Canadian?

Fav match of all time.... I am a big Stone cold and Rock fan, but Undertaker v Mankind. Great match right there. It showed us that it was ENT but these guys really put their life on the line!

SemiColdIcePack31255 karma

Wow! I’ve been a fan since of you I was four. Thanks for doing this.

What was it like playing under Buck Showalter? I’ve heard in many ways he’s not your conventional manager.

SimplyAJ10118 karma

Who is your source!?!?

I enjoyed it thoroughly because he held each player accountable. He is not my father, he was the manager and we were there for one reason - to win. If you have emotions go get yourself a dog.

codyisoldandshort51 karma

Hey Adam! As someone who is learning the Japanese language right now, what is your take on it. Did you learn Japanese? A lot or just basic questions? Are you conversational and can talk to fans and teamates? Or do you know little and use a translator. What’s your favorite parts of the Japanese culture? Thanks!

SimplyAJ10134 karma

I am SLOWLY learning the language. Ofcourse I use a translator. I now have way more respect for foreign players who came to the US.

Here, I cannot read signs when driving but google maps is a god send.

I am learning to talk to my teammates more as I am picking up the language.

The culture is amazing. The fans are great. The temples and Japanese history is something my family and I are taking in and learning about in my free time.

HoneyBunchesOfOhtani50 karma

Such a cool AMA I feel so lucky to be on time to.

My question: has there ever been a positive fan experience with a single individual or small group that was so good, for any reason, that it stood out among all the rest of the fan interactions in your career?

Also shoutout to you for being a cool ass guy forever man 😎

SimplyAJ1055 karma

You must be from So.Cal. Thanks.

There has been many tremendous experences. There was a vid from detroit when I was talking to fans over the dugout. I didnt remeber that.

Pieing people was always great. Some people took pecan pie which must have hurt.

I know there are dirty birds in LA so it was always good to have a home crowd wherever I played and I always tried to throw you guys balls.

dreijer_84858742 karma

Hey Adam, do you remember playing against the Yankees in New York on August 1, 2018? I was on a ballpark roadtrip with my buddy and sitting in left-center that afternoon and I noticed on the JumboTron that it was your birthday. I attempted to shout you birthday well-wishes but sadly you ignored me for several innings ;) For good reason too, you most likely thought I was just some asshole Yankee fan shouting at you but I want you to know that I'm not and I really did mean the birthday wishes! :) and you guys won that day!

Best of luck to you in Japan and again, happy belated birthday!

SimplyAJ1099 karma

I appreciate that.

If i heard you I would have acknowledged you, but again, I prob thought you were some yankee fan, and if i looked back you would have flicked me off.

Next time, beers on you!

ledelleakles38 karma

Have a favorite on-field moment for the Birds?

Bmore misses you!

SimplyAJ1081 karma

So, so many. A great game was sept 6th 2012 when Cal got enducted with his statue. We took a 6-0 lead against the yankees. They got 6 runs and then I hit go-ahead HR in bottom of the 8th then CD hit one. I think we hit 6 HR that game. Unfortunatly it was one of our biggest crowds when we were making a big playoff push. I think fans thought we had a good chance to go the distance and the attendance was some of the best ever.

kaitekate34 karma

Hiiiii Adam!

Fav stadium to play in?

Also. I was planning a trip to SD to see our boy Manny. When I do go out, top place to go to dinner?

Was lovely meeting you this past summer. Hope you’re doing well in 🇯🇵

[email protected]

SimplyAJ1061 karma


Camden was obvi great. I also love Anaheim because its close to home but not home. It is a beautiful stadium, the surface was amazing. san Diego is a close third because the fresh air off the ocean is something that I grew up with.

Dinner at Searsucker and the Brigintien.

MaineSoxGuy9331 karma

Hi Adam! Always appreciated the way you played the game. Who was the hardest pitcher to face in your career?

SimplyAJ1086 karma

Are you flash?

Roy Halladay. PERIOD

Reason: he could throw 5 pitches for strikes and they were all dirty. he had a stretch against the O's at like 20-1 (you can fact check me). Everytime we faced the bluejays, he generally went 7and2/3's atleast.

ServingHumblePie27 karma

I’m playing baseball for the first time since high school in a men’s league. What basic fundamentals are there to your swing that you would suggest I focus on? Thanks!!

SimplyAJ1087 karma

1 Swing out of ya ass. But try to take the pitchers head off. Its a good focal point. Try to use your backside and legs and put the barrel on the ball. Try not to do too much or you will do nothing at all.

OhioRebels2427 karma

Adam, thank you for giving up your time to do this. My question is, who was your favorite teammate to mess around with and prank in the clubhouse?

thank you again!

SimplyAJ1055 karma

I never was a big prankster. I have a few, but my fav was Kakis. He is probably the most professional I have played with. Another was Danny V. We had a connection outside of the clubhouse that was very respectful. Manny and Schoopey as well. I was like their big brother. Seeing their relationship and watching them grow into husbands and Schoope a father was amazing. And my locker mate was Chris Davis. We have been lockermates since 2011-2018. We shared many great experiences and stories that I will cherish for life.

BCtheWP27 karma

How widespread do you think sign stealing through unethical means is? Over/Under half the teams? (PS: 2017 WBC catch is Top 5)

SimplyAJ1058 karma

Tha catch was dope! I actually blacked out!

Sign stealing has been a part of the game for a very long time. I have never seen it live and with no one on base. However, when you get to second base, you have stuff that can be deciphered that you can let the hitter know.

The old-school way was when they caught you stealing signs the hitter would get hit with a 96mph fast ball. Like Nolan would hit you when you try to bunt him. CC would get in my ass when I tried to bunt on him hahah.

But sign stealing is part of the game for as long as I could remember but never live or with use of technology in real time. Same reason why football has audibles and such.

OriolesF126 karma

Jonesy! Favorite Japanese food that you're not finding here in the States?

SimplyAJ10139 karma

Beef without Nitrates hhahah!

Beef here is so much better and you don't shit bricks after consuming 7-8 oz.

NegativeWaltz525 karma

What was a typical day as a major leaguer? Certain time you had to be at the ballpark for a 7:05pm game? Pregame ritual?

SimplyAJ10123 karma

Alot of fans think the players get to stadium at 6pm when fans arrive, but alot of players get to stadium aroun1-3pm. Every player is different. For me, I usually got a bowl of watermelon for hydration – not a black thing, everyone likes watermelon haha.

My pregame involves visualizing what I would want to to happen. Then I usually facetime my wife and kids right before I head onto the field.

propoach25 karma

jonesey! been following you on twitter since your account was private; you “get” social media, unlike most athletes (thank you for replying to a few of my tweets over the years). i’m a mets fan, but i’ve always been a huge fan, and wished you signed with us after baltimore.

i know you’re a big nike guy, especially air monarchs haha.... i always see crazy equipment coming out of japan (especially gloves). have you seen any heat that caught your eye in japan?

SimplyAJ1034 karma

The mets didn't ask me to come to their org.

The japanese market for Nike is dope! As players we cannot have swag on our cleats which I don't understand. They have stuff you can only get here in japan like airforces – im gonna get a few pair.

IONTOP24 karma

Hey AJ!

Any good Greinke stories?

SimplyAJ1070 karma

I have some, but to respect his privacy, I refrain from talking about our convos. I can give one though: when he hit a HR off of Kershaw, I was up next and gave him some knuckles and he asked me to take the first pitch. And I did which was a strike haha

Greinke as a person is very sharp and well informed about everything. He can rake!

stankfinger223 karma

Who was your favorite MLB player to be around on the field? The one that allways made you smile.

SimplyAJ1063 karma

Why yo finger stank?

Manny and Schoope. No matter how the game was going or how we were playing individually it was always a smile. Also Wayne Kirby. He also had the energy to push us and kept the game fun all the time

MeowMeow80622 karma

Did knowing how much harder it is to be a pitcher influence you to want to be a position player more to increase your chances of making it to the big leagues ?

Do you miss Sarasota at all?

At what point in your life did you realize you were damn good at baseball and realize the opportunity you would have in the future ?

SimplyAJ1064 karma

Who says its harder for pitcher than hitter?

So, I was drafted as SS and Pitcher. The director who signed me asked me what I wanted to do. I chose SS because projections said I wouldn't make it past double AA. So if my arm didnt hold up I would have another option.

Sarasota: Kinda do miss it. Really enjoyed the beaches and the sunsets! The red tide wasn't fun. The farmers markets were kids loved the doughnuts. The Ritz beach club. Reggie got wasted.

Damn good at baseball: at about 16 when my highschool games would have like 20-30 scouts per game. The best part about that was my teammates were also able to get seen. Q Berry and Bruce Billings etc.

ericthomasnardin22 karma

How did it feel to get traded so early in your career? Did you enjoy Seattle?

SimplyAJ1055 karma

I really enjoyed seattle! It was all I knew. Being traded however, gave me the ability to play everyday and I ran with it.

For young players, I tell them to don't feel bad that you got traded. Be grateful that someone else wanted you that badly.

TheDolphinMan21 karma

You can pick two outfielders in their primes, from any time in history, to play alongside you, who are you going with?

Thanks for doing this, Adam. Go O's!

SimplyAJ1042 karma

Well, I had a conversation with THE KID (Griffey Jr.) this morning. Hard to say but you gotta take it from the ones that have many gold gloves. Also Bonds - i think he was the best in the game has 8 golds. Andrew Jones, Tony Gwynn, Ichiro - who I got to play with. I cant limit to two. However I would say Mays, Griffey, Bonds.

aikisean19 karma


Do you see much use for sports psychology for players who are struggling to perform, recovering from serious injury like a fastball to the face, or other reasons?

SimplyAJ1044 karma

Whats the saying: baseball 90% mental, 10 % physical.

Some players need to understand why they are big leaguers. Its because they can play! Sometimes it is hard to understand that which we all get. Sometimes we need to look in the mirror and remember that. The outside world will never know what it is like between the lines.

halfbornshadows15 karma

As a DBacks fan, loved seeing you play for them last year, hope things go great for you in Japan! Who were your favorite pitchers to face?

SimplyAJ1046 karma

Thank you Hashi-tashi!

My fav pitcher to face was Carston Charles (CC Sabathia). Faced him the most and he faced me the most. Our battles throughout the years were epic. I got him 4 times, and he struck me out way more times maybe contributed to 15-20 of his 3k strike outs. I respect that guy probably the most of any player.

MattHoppe115 karma

Hey Adam, you and Kakes made a lot of not great seasons fun to watch. You guys were awesome ambassadors for Baltimore. 2014 was the best baseball year of my life and I was in the stands for Delmon’s go ahead double with my dad and it was pretty emotional to see how far the team has come, so thank you for the ride!

My question is just how much did the 2014 run mean to you, Buck, and the ballclub?

SimplyAJ1037 karma

Hey Buddy,

2014 represented an opp to do something really special. Obvi we came up short against KC because they played lights out and made every single play. We had a great group of men that pulled for each other. It was great to see the fans come out to support us. Big diff from beginning of the year but Sept was diff and the support was unbelieveable. When D hit that double I think everyone on the bench blacked out. It was probably one of the loudest moments I have been around.

BWat1510 karma

What do you anticipate will be the biggest on-field adjustment you’ll have to make in the NPB once the season starts?

SimplyAJ1028 karma

Taking infield everyday. Im getting too old for this shit, Riggs! haha

But i have been trying to do everything that they do. THe manager has been great to make me ease up and tells me to relax.