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jonesey! been following you on twitter since your account was private; you “get” social media, unlike most athletes (thank you for replying to a few of my tweets over the years). i’m a mets fan, but i’ve always been a huge fan, and wished you signed with us after baltimore.

i know you’re a big nike guy, especially air monarchs haha.... i always see crazy equipment coming out of japan (especially gloves). have you seen any heat that caught your eye in japan?

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100k km in 3 years won't even qualify you for basement level status on most airlines. this is a joke.

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chiming in here, if you're in the US and you or a family member have damage similar to the OP, two of the best people you can see are susan mackinnon in st louis and l. scott levin in philadelphia.

not to give false hope to anyone, but the work that both of them are capable of is nothing short of amazing. this includes their pain management, which can sometimes (unfortunately) end up being deadlier than the original trauma.

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have you considered reporting about the angle that certain workers are unintentionally overemployed during the pandemic?

i have a feeling that not every senior citizen or immunocompromised person who is working in my local supermarket is there by choice. they're exposed to the public, including non-maskers, daily and in an indoor environment. their companies aren't even checking temperatures, never mind providing any sort of routine testing.

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100k km over three years isn't even 25k mi/yr. i think that's the minimum even for A3/TK *G.

bottom line: someone flying that little is by no means a frequent flyer qualified to give an AMA as an "expert/hacker". i'm UA 1K with plenty of industry knowledge, yet i wouldn't dare to call myself an expert - nevermind have the hubris to consider doing an AMA. "flight guru" haha.... good one. OP doesn't even know what a FD is.