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Rockonfreakybro170 karma

As a life long Orioles fan I can’t help but feel like the Orioles did you dirty. I understand “it’s a business” but there seemed to be more of a relationship between the city of Baltimore and you than that.

Do you feel any hard feelings towards the Orioles?

Also, I’m curious whether you still are doing things for the Baltimore community even though you’re no longer in the US.

Rockonfreakybro71 karma

Hey Bo, my girlfriend and I saw you perform in Baltimore. If you recall, some douche canoe named Conor kept continuously interrupting you throughout the show until you finally called him out, had them turn the lights on so that everyone could watch him walk from the front seats all of the way out of the theatre. My question to you is, do you have reactions like that semi prepared beforehand, or do you just react?