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Great question! Miss alot of my friends and Family (Uncle Ell, Grandma Carolyn, the polites) there. Abbyburger, Foodmarket and Marketa, Jakes, the Winemerchant and Mike at the gas station there for filling my tire up haha...miss the Millers, Drummunds, Flamholtz, Abels, Bensons, The Weinmans - Dennis your laugh and great collection of O's memoriabilia, The Chipereli's (the restaurant).

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I probably was drunk too, so glad I wasn't a prick.

I think it was my upbringing. Sports have always been big in my household and community. Once drafted by the Mariners, I was taught leadership and such. Mike Gauff was important in my development along with Willy Blumquist (sp). We would take hundreds of ground balls and he would say don't stop until you draw blood. They pushed me not be good, but to be great. I am very supportive of my teammates from day one because it is important to win as a team and not an individual.

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Yuppp and to manage.

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As a fanbase/City they have some history of it. After my incidence I got a lot of support from other players about their experiences in Boston. Good question, there should def be a bigger forum on this issue. Hard to get it all here.

I got cussed out alot, someone threw peanuts at me etc..

However, Boston is still one of my fav cities to play in because of the intensity and their love for sports. One time I watched the Ravens v Pats game and heard alot of nonsense.

People think because we make the big bucks that we should have to put up with anything. People do not have the right to degrade another human. Heckling is fine, cuss me out too, but provocative words should not be fair game unless we are in ring where you will get knocked the fuck out !

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Thank you guys. I am shutting it down! Hope you enjoyed, hit me up on Twitter!

Enjoy your evening stay safe! Coronavirus the shit is real!