I’m Kirby Sommers and I am the author of ‘Jeffrey Epstein: Predator, Spy.’ I am a former sex slave to a billionaire who was pals with and ran in the same circles as Jeffrey Epstein & Company. By the time Epstein was arrested in New York City on July 6th I’d been researching my abuser and his network of powerful and wealthy friends/associates for over two decades.

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I am here to answer your questions on Jeffrey Epstein, Leslie Wexner, Ghislaine Maxwell and their co-conspirators! AMA!

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butterfree202037 karma

My question is we now know after the financial crisis of 2009, Epstein's Liquid Funding Ltd received secret federal reserve bailout money. Do you know an active investigation into this matter? His money allowed him to act with impunity and for the abuse to continue, so I would think it's critical to know exactly how much he received and trace back all his steps. Is there an active federal/state investigation? How about investigative journalists seriously looking into this? Have you discussed this in your own book/research?This is jaw dropping scandal if bailout money paid to his company was used to run child sex trafficking operation.... I mean it doesn't get worse than that taxpayers indirectly funded Epstein's abuse ...

Thanks for answering all of our questions.

LandlordLinksNet58 karma

I agree with all the points you have made. Here is the problem: Jeffrey Epstein utilized every tax evasion, every tax shelter, every tax incentive, every single trick and then some (b/c remember not all his money is traceable - there was cash) -- that there is no doubt taxpayers funded his criminal enterprise.

Here is an excerpt from my book 'Jeffrey Epstein: Predator, Spy'

“Teaching the Mata Hari Lolita's was a full-time job. His victims believe he “never worked” because he was receiving as many as three massages every day. It was, I believe, the opposite. He was always working. So was Ghislaine. Hunting for new girls and training them was done in a very organized fashion. In fact, the whole trafficking operation was run like a business. Under a corporate name with paid employees. Taxes were reported for some of the employees and others, like the victims, were paid in cash. He created a trafficking network of underage teens, a workforce, who did not legally exist.

What Epstein and Maxwell ran was an interstate criminal vehicle. It was a Federal RICO case and should have been investigated accordingly.”

shaokim23 karma

Hey ms. Sommers, thanks for doing this.

To kick this off: do you think Epstein killed himself?

LandlordLinksNet56 karma

Hi, thanks for opening the AMA with a really good question.

No. I do not believe Epstein killed himself.

TheRemoteViewer2312 karma

How do you think he died?

Do you fear for your own life?

LandlordLinksNet70 karma

I will answer your second question first. There was an attempt on my life in 1991. There were at least two more attempts. I was lucky to have survived these attacks on my life. So to answer your question: I am here. I am talking. I am outing my abuser. I am being supportive to Harvey Weinstein's #silencebreakers #metoo, am supportive of Epstein/Maxwell survivors, and everyone else who has decided that it's time to step forward and continue to heal.

Regarding how Epstein "died" - I have mixed feelings. I do not believe he killed himself as I stated earlier; however, there is the element of deception that runs throughout the entire Epstein matter. We have been deceived on every level. And so I no longer just push away the idea that he might have been escorted out of jail.

Aria-Vida14 karma

Do you think, perhaps, he might even still be alive, maybe disguised and living discreetly somewhere in the world?

LandlordLinksNet46 karma

Initially I believed he had been assassinated. However the more I research and the more people I interview - the less I believe the official story we have been told. Since there is no transparency I am questioning everything and will not be guided by a narrative that is contrived. Therefore I believe it is possible he is still alive.

bburton4208 karma

Honestly I haven't heard a theory that he still may be alive. That's very interesting to me. Is there anything in particular driving you to that thought?

LandlordLinksNet28 karma

Aside from the obvious - that there were so many mistakes with the cameras, with the security, with the previous "suicide" attempt - and remember this happened a long time ago - in August. So here we are six months and 9 days later and nothing has happened except for scapegoating the guards. I am skeptical of buying into anything we have been told. We've been lied to.

BlueViking720 karma

Dear Ms. Sommers,

Thank you for participating in this forum today. I actually have 2 questions.

  1. Rachel Chandler (who trafficked children to Epstein) left this picture on her Instagram page. Some believe that this picture is from the Epstein island security camera. Some believe these are images of children that were imprisoned underground on his island. What are your thoughts on this picture? https://twitter.com/qblueskyq/status/1108611847819849728
  2. There is underground ventilation on the Epstein island, so there must've been some facility down there. What was happening underground on the Epstein island? What was the nature of the activities?

LandlordLinksNet12 karma

Yes, I saw the same images in the early days after Jeffrey Epstein was first arrested.

There are questions that have been left unanswered about Rachel Chandler. I've looked at the photos she's posted and see the photos for the modeling agency. I've also read the comments/threads asking about the validity of whether or not it is an agency or some other thing entirely. Many of the photos are disturbing. I believe she is showing signs of PTSD. I believe she is a trafficked victim. I believe she may have stepped over the line. She is now married to a very wealthy man - so I hope she gets psychological help if that is what she wants.

newfie_cooks16 karma

Hey Kirby, what aspect of the Epstein case do you think is most overlooked and deserves more attention?

Love your work, keep it up!

LandlordLinksNet39 karma

First, thank you for following my work and for being here today. I love this question because I believe there are several aspects and persons that are overlooked and deserve more attention. One of these is Jeffrey Epstein's friendship with magician/illusionist David Copperfield.

A quick excerpt from my book: "The Mossad takes pride in being illusionists, in magic – in fact one of their early covert activities was dubbed ‘Operation Magic Carpet.” Epstein and Maxwell played their roles like magicians."

I would be curious to know what tricks of illusion Copperfield shared with Epstein and Maxwell.

There are many people who have received little to no scrutiny. One of them is Eva Dubin. Her role in Epstein's life is much more complicated than has been reported according to my sources.

ALiddleBiddle4 karma

I completely agree. Along with hubby Glenn. I think she was the original Ghislane.

LandlordLinksNet18 karma

Yes, I have been told as much. Eva was the original Ghislaine. I wrote a little more about this in another comment - but if you have additional questions - please feel free to ask.

Ifandorbutz3 karma

Copperfield is an interesting comment to associate in context. Is there a connection between Epstein and Copperfield?

LandlordLinksNet2 karma

There is a very deep connection and correlation, frankly between Jeffrey Epstein and David Copperfield.

5243542394516 karma


LandlordLinksNet21 karma

There are some people in the Hollywood area that have links and loyalty to Jeffrey Epstein. Some of whom participated but have not been discussed openly.

billy_bob1254e4 karma

Why are you/other victims not naming them? (If they have been named sorry)

Does this all lead back to the saville case in the UK? (Which was never finished) p.s your a hero of our times

LandlordLinksNet6 karma

Thanks for the "hero" comment and for the question. When someone is raped, threatened, assaulted by a person who has infinite resources there is the very real possibility of being killed. You are only witnessing a very small percentage of women and men who have the courage to stand up and say no more. Please remember we are doing what was once believed to be impossible. I am very proud to be one of hundreds of people who have stepped forward. #silencebreakers #metoo

edmanet11 karma

Everybody talks about Clinton's and Trump's connections to Epstein. Do you believe either of their denials and is there any proof/testimony about either of them?

LandlordLinksNet16 karma

I do not believe either one of their denials. There are plenty of things that MSM has shown regarding the close relationship Jeffrey Epstein had with both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

I am going to circle back to this question, b/c I'd like to add additional information but right now I have to take a call. So please check back and stay tuned.

Ok I am back to finish answering this question - thanks for waiting.

Epstein, post his first brush with the law in Palm Beach, went about "business as usual" - even when he was supposedly in jail.


It is my belief that Epstein was arrested in New York City on July 6, 2019 because there were credible rape allegations against now President Donald Trump by a then 13 year old girl, Katie Johnson. Johnson, fearing for her life withdrew her lawsuit against both Trump and Epstein right before the Presidential election of 2016. Johnson accused both men of raping her in Epstein's Upper East Side mansion.

Additionally, re: Trump, Alex Acosta became his appointed head of the Labor Department. So that by having Jeffrey Epstein arrested - Donald Trump could further suppress any information alleging he'd committed a crime.


It is now a well known fact that Bill Clinton was pretty close with Jeffrey Epstein and flew on the Lolita Express as many as 27 times. Clinton, as we can see by the number of women who have accused him throughout his career, has assaulted a number of credible women.

Clinton went to bat for Epstein during his first arrest and submitted information whereupon he claimed that Jeffrey Epstein helped start his non-profit 'The Clinton Foundation.' (court records).

Both Donald Trump and Bill Clinton (as well as many other powerful people immediately made statements distancing themselves from Epstein in 2019).

I want to emphasize this is not a partisan issue - the sexual assaults cross party lines. I am not for one person and against another based on party preferences or on nationality. I am following credible reports and credible lawsuits and my own knowledge of these people since I was part of that world and heard things during the 8 years I was a sex slave to a friend of both Clinton and Trump.

gozersss11 karma

Is Jeffrey the scapegoat? Or just another piece of the puzzle?

LandlordLinksNet41 karma

I believe Jeffrey Epstein was one piece of a very large puzzle.

Andyman197311 karma

Who is Eva Dublin?

Really proud to be one of your supporters/contributors!

LandlordLinksNet19 karma

Eva Dubin is a former "girlfriend" of Jeffrey Epstein. She is now married to Glenn Dubin, a hedge fund manager who recently stepped out of the spotlight. Dubin like other men have stepped out of the spotlight because the intense scrutiny the Jeffrey Epstein scandal has placed them front and center. While researching the Epstein/Maxwell crimes against minors I've spoken to some first hand persons. These have been people that were either victims or people who knew Epstein/Maxwell. It has been alleged that Eva in 1989 worked in a separate prostitution ring with Epstein. The one person who told me of her experience in this "house" said she met Ghislaine at the time too. So, there are a couple of new threads in this:

  1. Epstein is connected to a second prostitution ring that happened before his first known cases.
  2. This prostitution ring was allegedly run by Eva (the person who told me this said she was only there for a very short time and she believed Eva was on break from school) -- and another woman who again, is allegedly, very connected to someone at the CIA.

Oldtinfoilhat8 karma

First question are you aware of Whitney Webb and her research into this, and if so what do you think of it? It seems she has unveiled quite a lot.

Second question. Do you think this is so big that it is actively being covered up by intelligence agencies and the DOJ not just in the USA but in the U.K. and other countries?

LandlordLinksNet15 karma

I think we owe a debt of gratitude to all the investigators, reporters who are working on this story and keeping it alive. Whitney Webb is among these people. Working on the Epstein story takes a tremendous amount of time because it is deeply layered and expands into so many different areas. Personally it has been a 7-day/week for a long time on my behalf and I am sure it has taken a huge bite out of the time for everyone who is seriously working on this story.

Re: Do I think the Epstein story is so big that it is actively being covered up? YES YES YES.

Financial-Substance18 karma

Hi Kirby, thanks for doing this, and for all your work regarding the case.

Ghislaine Maxwell was last living with Dr. Scott Borgerson, CEO of Cargometrics in Manchester, MA. After this was discovered, Maxwell faked the LA photos nearly a day later to divert media attention away from him. We’ve recently learned that Borgerson formed a trust with her sister Christine, despite his claims that the two hardly knew each other.

Do you believe that Borgerson / Cargometrics is more involved than we currently know? Could she still be hiding out in his home? Why would Christine and Borgerson have a (well-hidden) LLC / Trust together?

LandlordLinksNet10 karma

Thank you for this question. In my research I have found a lot of CIA and Mossad front companies doing business out of Massachusetts. I think anyone connected to either Epstein or Maxwell and esp from places that have hosted or are currently hosting cut-outs (espionage fronts) needs to be investigated properly. This said: who will conduct the investigation b/c so far it's fallen on the shoulders of a few independent journalists, reporters like myself. We lack the resources to delve too deeply into the rabbit holes. One of the reasons I can do this on a full time basis is I have great contributors - but that arm of my investigating process (as with others on the Epstein case) needs time and attention too.

DuMondie7 karma

Hi Kirby - I do not doubt the number of girls who passed through Epstein's doors, but wonder why more haven't come forward like they did with Weinstein. Do you have thoughts why this is? Their testimony is key to the world paying attention to the case.

LandlordLinksNet18 karma

I have spoken with a couple of Epstein's victims. Some of whom are TERRIFIED. They are in fear for their lives. These wealthy men who have been outed, Weinstein and Epstein, as examples have been known to employ harassing tactics and it's not like they do this one time and stop. They do them for years. Many times. So that while some of these women have talked to the FBI and to the appropriate authority in their respective countries - they have chosen not to proceed beyond that point.

OverallGeologist7 karma

Thanks for doing this Kirby and for your work at /r/Epstein. Do you know if the victims who have talked to the FBI but not the public feel that the FBI is effectively following up on the information they provided? Do they have faith that there will be justice or do they think this will continue to be swept under the carpet?

LandlordLinksNet9 karma

It is my opinion based on questions I have posed to a couple of women that the FBI has some of their junior people on the front lines. So these people are listening to these really incredible stories and they probably have very little frame of reference. If the FBI were serious, imo, they would have more experienced "greeters" to accept the information that has been brought to them.

RE: HOPE. Victims, survivors need hope to heal. So no one contacts the authorities without hope.

RE: JUSTICE. While many of Epstein and Maxwell's victims want justice I do not believe they will get everything they ask for. There will have to be compromises. I personally feel they have been compromised enough with what they have been through and with their fight of many years (whether they have been public or not -- they have still fought) -- so I hope they get enough to give them a sense of closure on the Epstein / Maxwell crimes.

Chicken_Run_27 karma

Did you ever witness or get the impression that those involved practiced some kind of occultism? Do you believe this type of conspiracy theory has any credence at all?

LandlordLinksNet16 karma

My research indicates there are aspects of magic which in turn signify the occult. I don't think it's a "conspiracy" - I think it was part of the way the spy community works. There are some survivors who have spoken with me about mind control techniques and about rituals.

ZeroAccess5 karma


LandlordLinksNet9 karma

The question that should be asked is how do you have "sex slaves" without "mind control?"

vorgonaut6 karma

Hi Kirby, contributor here. Thank you for your vital work. How would you change oversight of CIA and foreign spy agencies like mossad, if you could wave a wand?

LandlordLinksNet10 karma

I don't try to think of things that are impossible. Their excuse will always be "for national security;" and there are things we've already experienced where transparency and information to the public was never considered. We live in two separate worlds although it the way it has been presented to us is that we elect and they serve. Btw, thanks much for being a contributor - all the people who have helped, even w/ small donations have made it possible for me to work on the Epstein case full-time.

ImFuckingSparticus6 karma

Hi Kirby can u tell me more about how u have been harrased or followed and who you think these people might have been? Also the attempted murders, are you safe now or still in fear for your safety?

LandlordLinksNet13 karma

I have been naming my abuser publicly since 2008. He has made every mention disappear. These powerful and wealthy abusers hire Black Cube-esque companies to either catch and kill your story (a-la-Ronan Farrow/Harvey Weinstein), or pay others to remove online content. This is an example of one of the companies my abuser owned. https://technical.ly/philly/2015/05/04/brand-com-bankruptcy/

This is an example of one of the things that was done to frighten me: https://www.kirbysommers.com/blog-1/2019/7/16/the-hello-kitty-note-left-on-my-doorstep-to-scare-me

And here: https://www.webwire.com/ViewPressRel.asp?aId=197624

And here: https://www.kirbysommers.com/blog-1/2019/7/13/the-connection-between-meshulam-riklis-bernard-cornfeld-and-my-landlord-arthur-cornfeld

Many things that began in 1991 and then escalated after I left him in 1993 and then continued to present day.

Even here on Reddit where I posted with my real estate business my content was downvoted by my abuser’s paid persons – so that he attacked my life, my business, and there was interference with the men I dated with whom I got serious. It was really just non-stop harassment, stalking and terrorizing.

shangri136 karma

Hi Kirby, big thank you from Switzerland. What about Melania? Do you think she was an "Epstein girl" and then met Trump through Epstein?

LandlordLinksNet5 karma

Switzerland is the 3rd largest following I have on my blog. I guess it's because a lot of the banks are there. Thanks for popping and and for the question.

I believe there were two women who loved Trump as wives (in the way that you and I recognize love). Ivana Trump (his 1st wife) and Marla Maples (his second wife). It seems to many people that his third wife is a transactional union.

This said: Melania has received unfair bashing, imo, from everyone. She was chosen based on how she would visually look standing next to Trump. As an accessory, so to speak; and for reasons that were initially sexual in nature. This makes her a victim. It reduced her status as a woman to a sex toy. No woman is just a sex toy. And no woman should be mocked when it should be clear she is being used.

Women who stay in these types of abusive relationships do so b/c of several factors. The most understood is financial (which is also the reason women in lower socioeconomic classes stay with their abusers).

expresidentmasks5 karma

Who is the biggest predator who the news doesn't cover often?

LandlordLinksNet4 karma

There are many predators who are outed and then they disappear and go back to their lives. Sometimes these predators will set up one of their victims and the victim ends up getting trashed in the press or thrown in jail. These are all tactics meant to silence victims. I believe when there is smoke there is fire and for a story to disappear or for a victim to be found "guilty" of something in the immediate aftermath -- we have to be suspicious of this.

justdan765 karma

Hello, thanks for doing this.

My question is about the reasons that the elite carry on these activities- is it just because they can? Because they want to be able to do the worst things with impunity? Or as a lot of people are claiming, that Epstein was running a honey-trap/blackmail operation to compromise powerful people? In other words, do you get the impression that your and others abuse was being put to some purpose, or that it was just to entertain the desires of privileged sickos?

LandlordLinksNet12 karma

What happened to me was b/c a man with very deep pockets who felt he could purchase anything became obsessed and fixated on me. So that in my case the only purpose that was served was for my abuser. (My safety and well being was compromised, however). In the Epstein case there are I believe thousands of girls who were abused - who are now women. We know that many of them were used for the purposes of blackmail. For the purposes of granting favors. For purposes that did not include their safety or their well-being.

BlueViking74 karma

You have mentioned that both Leslie Wexner and Jeffrey Epstein had "sacrifice pits" on their property. Could you elaborate more on this?


Could you detail the extent to which human sacrifices occurred in the Epstein/Wexner/Maxwell trafficking ring? Were these sacrifices done for convenience or done for a more Occult purpose?

Thank you.

LandlordLinksNet9 karma

There is information that I only share with my contributors and this is one of those items. Some of my deep dives I share exclusively with people who have amplified my voice and helped me to stay on the Epstein story by financially contributing to my work. It would not be fair to these people if I didn't honor my word to them.

Mystic_Crewman2 karma

I understand your position on this, though I think it is disappointing. This is an aspect of Epstein I think many haven't heard about yet. Will this information be available to the public in the future?

LandlordLinksNet4 karma

This will be added to my book "Jeffrey Epstein: Predator, Spy" as I am updating it based on information the public appears to be interested in.

The updated version will be available today after 12 noon. Thanks for the question and for the support.

zuzab1 karma

Why wouldn’t you share that info?

LandlordLinksNet1 karma

It is very flattering to know people are interested in my research; however at the same time it is important to understand that I fund my work with contributions from the public. So that this question becomes "Would I expect you to do what you do for a living for free?"

I am here answering questions to help people understand the complexity of the Epstein/Maxwell/Wexner case and I *am* doing this for *free.* I am only requesting a form of professional courtesy and respect for my time and my boundaries.

zuzab1 karma

I understand that what you do costs money but if you are actually looking for truth to help other people, hiding what you find isn’t helping, you are trying to control the narrative.

LandlordLinksNet1 karma

I believe I own the intellectual property of my research. I am sorry to see you are disappointed in my not wanting to share Exclusive Content. I have seen other AMAs and the person(s) who have written a book usually *never* reveal everything. They tend to give teasing answers. I am being very transparent and trying to help everyone understand the gravity of the Epstein crimes. However it has been said one cannot please everyone and I welcome your critique.

Fucking_Mcfuck4 karma

Do you think that pedophilia or pedophiliac acts are pushed onto people in positions of power in order to have them blackmailable? That it is some sort of rite of passage, and that between somebody who won't have sex with an underage prostitute and someone who will, the one who will will be given the position, appointment or whatever it is?

I find it incredibly difficult to believe that so many people in power are pedos. I know that there are loads in society but it seems staggering how common it is, almost like it cant be incidental.

LandlordLinksNet8 karma

I will start with reminding you child victims of sex trafficking are not "prostitutes." They are "trafficked." Big difference.

There are a lot more pedophiles than we will ever know. We hear about cases that involve powerful people (like Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Peter Nygard); however there are regular people who you might know that commit this unspeakable crime against perhaps an underage child that you personally know.

Dark secrets are held by both the victim and the perpetrator/predator sometimes forever. When I was in junior high school, for example, we sort of knew about some of our male classmates who were being propositioned and paid money by men who had the means and who lurked at our school.

What Epstein did was to compromise his targets by gifting them a minor or by entrapping them with a minor. Even if a person is caught cheating on their significant other - it can be explained away. However if that person happens to be underage - a) the stigma cannot be erased away; and b) it becomes an actionable crime.

Momzilla_MTL4 karma

Hi Kirby,

I followed you here from twitter. Thank you for taking the time to do this AMA. I am from Canada and following the story I find this whole Epstein/Maxwell/Wexner enterprise is disturbingly deep-rooted and tenacious.

I only started digging as Epstein was arrested that second time. I also thought it was a covered up murder, but now I am starting to think he is alive power peddling with a new master.

I have a few questions.

  1. Who do you think pressured Accosta into cutting the original deal allowing Epstein to not serve any real jail time?

  2. Given we are talking about Mossad collection and exploitation of information on other countries people of interest, which seems to be extremely well backed in the US political, entertainment and intelligence spheres - what chance is there to see real justice and through which government is it more likely? Would there be a strategy we could consider to propell the topic back into national news? (Kinda like putting #EpsteinDidntKillHimself everywhere)

  3. I saw that recently a judge approved serving Ghislaine Maxwell via email since she has been hiding. Would that mean that if she doesn't show up there will be a US warrant for her arrest?

Trying to piece things together... And wondering if the jurisprudence is not too prudent when it comes to pedos and rapist and reckless when it comes to victims.

LandlordLinksNet3 karma

Answer to your Q1. Mueller

Answer to your Q2. Keep talking about the case applies pressure to both MSM and gov agencies.

Answer to your Q3. It is not a federal matter. It is a civil case. I do not know the procedures for a civil case but that is something that should be easy to find out with a simple search.

ALiddleBiddle3 karma

Is anyone really investigating Ghislaine?

LandlordLinksNet9 karma

Great question that deserves an honest answer. Independent journalists, reporters such as myself and others are diving deep. I have been told by insiders that both SDNY and the FBI are "on it." I don't have much faith left but I remain hopeful. Annie Farmer just sued Ghislaine and b/c no one knows where she is (supposedly) the court allowed Farmer's attorney to serve her via email. That's a start. However this is again a civil case and not a criminal case.

Porkins_Policy3 karma

Has Ira Riklis ever attempted to sue you?

LandlordLinksNet3 karma

No he has not. I have attempted to sue him, however.

charistotle__3 karma

Do you think Prince Andrew played a bigger role than people/the media are making out? And do you think any other members of the royal family knew about what was happening?

LandlordLinksNet2 karma

Yes and yes.

Chip_Buttwhole3 karma

Do you think Maxwell will ever be charged with a crime? Or is she protected by the Mossad or some other agency?

LandlordLinksNet4 karma

If those people in positions of power who have agency in this want to change the disturbing narrative that has developed in the wake of the Epstein/Maxwell/Wexner sex crimes against children - their best way to do this is by charging Ghislaine Maxwell.

corrie853 karma

Hi, thank you for doing this, I see above you answered you don’t think he killed himself, I tend to agree, there are really only other two alternatives, do you think a man that connected would really return to a country to be knowingly arrested? I’m not a conspiracy nut in anyway but he must have had options. Clear he was linked to Israel, if not other states. Thank you

LandlordLinksNet14 karma

Let's remember that Jeffrey Epstein believed and behaved as if he were above the law and was an untouchable. So that despite the fact that in all probability he was tipped off about his arrest he felt nothing much would happen. After all he'd been arrested before and jail was literally nothing. We don't even know if he really slept at the jail -- all we have are the words of people many of us do not trust anymore.

corrie852 karma

Thanks for your reply, I totally agree with what you are saying, so many of these men act like they are above the law, I hope the whole truth is exposed one day. Be safe, your work is appreciated

LandlordLinksNet9 karma


LandlordLinksNet5 karma

Thank you for your show of support.

corrie854 karma

Been reading more through your Twitter and your page, just made a very small contribution through PayPal, sorry it can’t be more, just not in the position at the moment. You are some Woman, keep up the good fight. Be blessed.

LandlordLinksNet3 karma

Thank you for that. All these "small contributions" add up and help me stay on this case. That was very kind of you.

Nogochoslow3 karma

Hi Kirby! I got a question that I’d like your opinion on. Do you think it’s possible Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were possibly in love when they worked together?

LandlordLinksNet14 karma

Both Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell from what we've been able to see are/were very self-involved people. It is not possible, I believe, to love or fall in love when one is that self-centered. There are other things that bring these types of personalities together and those are transactional - they each had something the other one needed. Epstein had the money (or access to the money) and Ghislaine had access to influential persons.

Nogochoslow2 karma

Interesting. I have always thought they might have had a thing for each other since they are both such twisted people. Thank you for the response! I do have a follow up question if you don’t mind.

Do you think Epstein had any genuine friendships or relationships when he was an agent? I imagine that kind of life would make him hesitant of ever trusting the people around him and I can easily see him feeling a heavy social isolation because of it. To better phrase my question was Epstein’s interactions with others all a facade or did he have some genuine friends?

Edit: Spelling and grammar

LandlordLinksNet2 karma

Spying is not an occupation that allows one to forge "genuine" friendships. We have to remember that in the end Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and several others in that circle were and continue to be spies. Add to this these "spies" work for a foreign government.

IronRT3 karma

Do you think they were mossad? CIA? Both?

LandlordLinksNet2 karma

My research seems to indicate they were both and at times MI6. But as with Robert Maxwell a deeper tie with Israel. One of my sources who is an insider tells me the US looks the other way when Israel misbehaves.

PeterC693 karma

Hey Ms. Sommers I am a monthly contributor and I deeply appreciate your work. I wanted to ask you about potential ties between the Franklin Scandal, Dutroux Affair, Westminster Dossier, and other elite pedophile cover ups with the Epstein saga. Do you think these cover ups are connected to Epstein?

LandlordLinksNet9 karma

Hi Peter, thank you so much for being a contributor - the help you and others have extended allows me to do this on a full time basis now.

My research indicates there are links to several of the child trafficking rings. For example: the Franklin scandal and Epstein's "Lolita sex slave ring" have a couple of things in common. The Franklin Child sex ring reached Bush/Reagan White House and there was a definite cover-up. The Epstein crimes against children reached the White House during Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump. And as we've all been witness to: the push-back and the cover-up are on-going. In these two examples there were two spies at the helm.

SummonedShenanigans3 karma

You've stayed elsewhere in this AMA that the cover-up is ongoing. What needs to happen to break open this case so all co-conspirators are held accountable? Is there any reason for optimism?

LandlordLinksNet6 karma

I think we need to talk and talk and post and post and share and tweet and talk some more. They're listening and have responded with some tidbits here and there. As long as the public is interested and showing our collective outrage for our children there is hope.

fredsterchester3 karma

What can I do as an American citizen to push for Justice, Truth, and reparations to the victims?

LandlordLinksNet3 karma

I answered a question similar to this but will state again that it is important to keep the conversation alive. MSM is ignoring many of the aspects of this case. In particular the intelligence aspects of Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and Leslie Wexner. If there is enough public demand the press (who I sincerely believe are owned by the same powers that are involved in this coverup) will bow to the pressure and expose more pieces of the puzzle.

adviqx3 karma

Can you elaborate on what you think Barr's connection is to this whole ordeal? I know his father had a relationship with Epstein as well as similar "interests."

LandlordLinksNet3 karma

I believe Bill Barr is a political fixer. He however is not the only one.

flapjacksandgravy3 karma

How far up do you think Epstein has connections with? Besides Trump. Who are we to least suspect?

LandlordLinksNet3 karma

I think it is safe to say that all the Presidents knew about Epstein. It is safe to say that all the Attorney Generals knew about Epstein. It is safe to say the Department of State knew about Epstein. Possibly since Clinton to present day. And maybe one administration earlier.

SCOLE383 karma

This is amazing marker of what we have become. This is very personal for me. My oldest daughter was raped from 12 to 14 by my ex’s boyfriend. He is in prison. And I have pull. I want so badly to inflict pain on him. God help him the day he’s free and I get a terminal diagnosis. I know it’s supposed to be wrong, but it doesn’t bother me at all. I’m more a light em on fire at super bowl halftime show. This coddle em attitude doesn’t work. Prosecutors defend them. It’s a sickness they say. Well I’m an addict. But my first one I went to prison like a man.I thought about leaving the choice to my kid. I am a part of things for this purpose. Should I let her chose his fate? Ps. My youngest asked a friend if me laying on couch with her was ok and bc I was a felon on parole I lost a year of my life fighting an endangerment charge because of this also. Please someone tell me it’s ok to seek a fathers justice! Cause I don’t think I can live with myself knowing what he did to her.

LandlordLinksNet3 karma

For years, when I was younger, I longed to have a father who would right the wrongs that were done to me. My father was institutionalized when I was 3 - so I grew up in a single mom household. However, as I grew up and became a teenager, then a young adult, I realized there wasn't a knight on a white horse that was going to save me. I knew if I needed to be saved, I'd have to do it myself.

While I understand your desire for revenge on the part of your child and applaud your courage for stating this so publicly, it would do your child wonders if you armed your kid instead with tools on how to avoid it happening again. I am sure your child knows about your desire for revenge and that alone is a big plus. But creating another trauma for your child to have to survive is not fair to your kid in the long run.

Thank you for being part of this movement to end child abuse and violence against vulnerable individuals.

follow_the_graph3 karma

Hello Kirby -- appreciate your courage in keeping this story alive.

I don't feel that it has really been spoken about explicitly, but has there been any indication of what was achieved through the blackmail? If Epstein is alleged to have been working for, among other intelligence agencies, Mossad, are there any particular policies that we have evidence for that were pushed through as a result of this blackmail?

I can't help but wonder which military engagements in the Middle East may have been pushed as a result of blackmail.

With whistle blowers like Sibel Edmonds, we know that there was Turkish pressure through bribery and blackmail to prevent the US from recognizing the Armenian Genocide -- involving Dennis Hastert, another well-known pedophile. I just can't help but wonder what sort of detrimental policies were enacted as a result of the Epstein ring--it's current manifestation as well as going back as far as prohibition and possibly even earlier, if the reporting is to be believed.

Thanks again!

LandlordLinksNet2 karma

Some of the types of things that are achieved with the sort of blackmail that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell had can be compared to the U.S. government turning a blind when Robert Maxwell sold PROMIS to our nuclear facilities in New Mexico. They knew Israel was stealing our nuclear secrets. They allowed it. Why? This and other things are good examples.

denisesurvivor3 karma

Hi Kirby,

When your research has concluded and you can take a break, will you treat yourself to a vacation? ❤

LandlordLinksNet2 karma

That sounds like a lovely goal. Thanks Denise for participating in the AMA!

C3R3B32 karma

Can you name the billionaire you worked for or was a slave to?

LandlordLinksNet6 karma

The billionaire who turned me into a sex slave is an Israeli American and is similar to most of the billionaires in Jeffrey Epstein’s circle. I’d say the person he comes closest to imo is Leslie Wexner (in terms of wealth, however, my abuser is wealthier). Do I want to name him? Why? That only gives him more power and he’s done enough harm. People need to support survivors and the way to do this is to listen to the survivors’ stories – not by glorifying their abusers.

edupreneur2 karma

Hello. Title of my 2/6 post to r/Epstein (+40; 93% upvoted):

[Updated] Seems at least somewhat likely that Jeffrey Epstein was a big part of an existing* variant of the defunct** Bank of Credit and Commerce International (1992 US Senate report on BCCI: "[L]argest case of organized crime in history, spanning...72 nations"; keywords: "very young girls")**\*

Re: "Updated" (excerpted from the 2/6 post):

From a February 4, 2020 article in The New York Times (my emphases):

In the years after Jeffrey Epstein registered as a sex offender, he . . . set up a bank.

. . . [Epstein’s] bank was created under a territorial law [in the Virgin Islands that lacked many of the oversight requirements banks are usually subject to . . .

. . . These specialized banks have drawn scrutiny because of their potential for abuse, including money laundering.

Thoughts about the case I make in my 2/6 post? Questions? Thanks much for any insight. Best,

LandlordLinksNet2 karma

Looking at Jeffrey Epstein is important but do not forget he is the stick. The carrot is elsewhere.

edupreneur2 karma

Agreed. Hence my write-up (keywords: "part of"):

[Updated] Seems at least somewhat likely that Jeffrey Epstein was a big part of an existing* variant of the defunct** Bank of Credit and Commerce International (1992 US Senate report on BCCI: "[L]argest case of organized crime in history, spanning...72 nations"; keywords: "very young girls")***

LandlordLinksNet2 karma

Don't go down empty rabbit holes. BCCI is gone.

edupreneur2 karma


part of an existing* variant of the defunct** Bank of Credit and Commerce International

The case made in my 2/6 post is that 1) it's likely Epstein is/was part of a group that wants to leverage HUGE fraud to become politically influential and DANGEROUS (e.g., violent), 2) BCCI is an IDEAL template/playbook for said group.

Keywords re: the group: ~77 million people IMPERILED by 1) advances in molecular genetics, 2) police want "universal genetic databases," 3) "indefinite detention” of group members could/should ensue by 2034, according to a leading researcher who’s tenured at the University of Pennsylvania (i.e., members who haven’t committed a crime could be imprisoned), 4+) . . .

LandlordLinksNet2 karma


Hi, I am doing a generic AMA. You are asking me to take a deep dive in the middle of what I believe is helping the general public understand the issues at hand.

I am happy to see you doing your research into the financial crimes JE & Company have committed and conspired to commit. And I can possibly take a look at all your links when I can give it the attention it deserves. Thank you for posting it here - it may pique the interest of others who have already dived into it. Best regards, -Kirby

donkeykong52 karma

Thank you for your bravery. How much is the MEGA group involved you think? What's your opinion of Ryan Dawson's map? Does it line up with your info? https://www.ancreport.com/report/jeffrey-epstein-crime-map-july-18-2019/

LandlordLinksNet2 karma

I want to say that I read your question and will be circling back. Please stay tuned. Thank you.

chaoticmessiah2 karma

In your research, how many of those involved with Epstein and your abuser would be globally-known (as opposed to just being known within specific and niche circles)?

Which thread should people tug on in order to unravel the entire thing in regards to these people and their abuse being exposed finally?

LandlordLinksNet2 karma

A couple are or have run for President of the United States (who have been involved w/ either my abuser or Epstein and who have not been identified).

lrrc492 karma

How many corporate CEOs, politicians, and billionaires can you link to being basically child molestors?

LandlordLinksNet2 karma

Idk. I think sexual exploitation has to be expanded outside of the minor category - although it is particularly egregious to hurt a child. However all forms of sexual abuse cause severe damage to children, men and women. So that when we talk about abuse it would be to all our benefit to speak in broader terms.

As an example: Virginia Roberts Giuffre was 17 years old when Prince Andrew is alleged to have had sex with her at the direction of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. In New York and in London the age of consent is 17. So that *technically* Andrew is not a pedo as it pertains to Virginia. However Virginia was a sexually trafficked victim - and Prince Andrew had to know this. So that his crime is having sex with someone who was coerced into the act.

Prince Andrew as it pertains to the alleged orgy on Epstein's Little St. James in all likelihood did engage in sex with minors who were present.

Phatbrew2 karma

Hi Kirby, thanks for taking the time to educate us and answer our questions despite the very real danger it puts you in...

Was this sex trafficking ring a function of Mossad?

LandlordLinksNet7 karma


Mystic_Crewman4 karma

Do you believe Trump's connection with Epstein and his zealous support of Israel are part of this puzzle?

LandlordLinksNet5 karma

The problem extends beyond Trump and beyond Epstein.

Phatbrew4 karma

I find this deeply disturbing, a country set up to be a homeland following one of the greatest atrocities in the last 100 years, now feels it must win at all costs, gathering info and activities of the depraved to insure it’s country can exploit the rich and powerful, blackmailing and insuring support financially n otherwise...

I can’t imagine the very brightest of minds in a think tank or board room even coming up with this plan: I’ve got a great idea, let’s start an under age sex trafficking ring to blackmail the richest and most powerful men in the world, imagine the benefits, and will make tons of cash!!! What about the girls??? Collateral damage to insure our country survives and succeeds!?!?!?! WTF???

If this is true how the mighty have fallen, Machiavellian beyond ones wildest nightmares, I say this with trepidation, they have become what they abhorred, this behavior is Nazi n SS like n very saddening for a country that was created as a refuge for a tortured people n culture...

Thanks for answering...

LandlordLinksNet4 karma

Yes, I agree. It is very sad and incredibly disappointing. But they did not act alone and that for me is heartbreaking.

Phatbrew2 karma

So there are other players as well? Could you elaborate on those? I’m asking about those countries and other agencies that are at the top of this pyramid of shame...

ReEdit: what makes others involvement heartbreaking?

LandlordLinksNet4 karma

I am an American. I my lifetime I have witnessed the disappearance of many of our freedoms. Speech being one of these. We no longer have "Freedom of Speech" as is evidenced by what MSM does not cover; and the very real danger to journalists who have been murdered by trying to be good Samaritans.

I have also experienced the ever expanding divide between the regular public and the very wealthy. The gap is larger than it has ever been historically. Add to this the homelessness problems in our cities. There are encampments of homeless people, forgotten people, lining the streets of New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Florida, etc.,

These very wealthy people who call themselves "philanthropists" (and really when u see that word describing someone be on alert) -- these people could put their money to eradicate many of the problems that plague us. But they don't. They use their money to start wars, fund wars; to falsely market products and medicine that do nothing for the public other than to keep them perpetually in debt. This saddens me deeply.

The great America that I loved is no more.

Phatbrew3 karma

Very well said!!! I agree 100%!!! Having grown up during watergate and the Iran contra scandal, it now seems no one cares any more like they did just 30 or 40 years ago, very sad indeed!!! It started in the 60’s w the assignations of our leaders, the hippies failed to make any real change and things have gone down hill from there, just as you have highlighted, apathy reigns...

Thanks again for posting and responding!!! Be well and be safe!!!

LandlordLinksNet4 karma

President Nixon, and btw, not sure if the public is aware but Nixon's nephew worked with Steven Hoffenberg, who was Jeffrey Epstein's business partner in the Tower's Financial Ponzi scheme -- Nixon and others waged war with student protesters. We were kids. I was 14 when I marched against the war in Vietnam. I saw what happened at Kent State. It's not that the students, hippies didn't succeed, or even those who fought for civil rights so that all people could be treated equally in this nation -- it is that we were killed and our voices silenced. I say to all of you who care about our rights and the safety of our children if ever there was a time to voice your concerns that time is now.

Phatbrew3 karma

If you believe this organization goes back to the early 20th century(pre ww 1) then who and or what govt started this??? I kinda feel stupid n naive thinking Israel came up with this on their own, although their involvement still speaks to what I wrote earlier...

This smells like rich powerful American men of the Industrial Age???

LandlordLinksNet2 karma

Israel has been in the making long before WWII.

subwaygreen20042 karma

Hi Ms Sommers. Just a quick question, apologies if you have answered it already in the thread, I scanned through and saw a question but no answer as yet.

Where does Prince Andrew fit in this. Was he there for a gratification, was he part of the bigger plot or is there other answers pertaining to him?

LandlordLinksNet3 karma

Everyone is aware that Prince Andrew enjoys a good party despite his protestations. That said: he is a member of the Royal Family. MI6 and MI5 answer to them (as well as to the PM). So that imo he had to have known Epstein and Maxwell were spies.

Add to this that Ghislaine's father was a well known spy who was a visitor at Buckingham Palace. Charles is old enough to remember since he was an adult at the time of Robert Maxwell's visits.

While Andy might appear to be "immature," he also has the arrogance that accompanies most people born into wealth and power, and so I believe he knew what he was doing and decided to do it anyway.

subwaygreen20043 karma

Thank you . It’s all very interesting.

LandlordLinksNet3 karma

My pleasure. Thanks for being part of my AMA. I will remember this for a very long time!

the_machine12 karma

Thank you so much for doing this, Kirby Sommers. I have followed you on Twitter ever since Epstein died-- you have not only been a source of accurate information and reporting, but also inspiration for other victims to come forward. Your survival has a huge impact.

For my question-- how do you handle the trauma that you have been through? Do you go to therapy, do you engage in any self love, do you navigate your past experiences with other trauma survivors?

LandlordLinksNet3 karma

Hi, I love to hear from people who have followed my journey on Twitter since July – so thank you for being here.

To answer your question, “How do I handle the trauma I have been through?”

For starters I don’t dwell in the past. I don’t engage in self-pity conversations with other survivors. When they talk to me, I listen and lend a sympathetic ear.

I do not believe in psychoanalysis. I was psych-op’d enough in my role as a trafficked victim and as a “sex slave” that I learned throughout the years how to cope. Prior to this I’d experienced trauma as a child – and so there is a certain amount of resiliency one learns in order to survive. The idea of paying someone to listen to me whine is too self-indulgent for me to buy into. This said: psychology has been of use to many people in helping them overcome trauma and assault, so I am not disparaging it – it’s just not my thing.

Survival is a basic human instinct that we’re all born with.

Some of us tap into it easier than others – but we are all capable of surviving the most horrendous atrocities.

I do engage in self-care and self-love and applaud my accomplishments every day – even the smallest ones: like I got the dishes done or I made it to the post-office; and of course the large ones too, like I just finished another book. All of these are HOORAYS. And they are all part of a one step at a time process that I employ in my life.

If you’re into more of this, a friend of mine (actually someone who was a real estate client, Justin Constantine) did a Tedx Talk. I am the second person he speaks about. Here is the link – a portion of my story of survival is in minute 7-ish. The entire thing is worth a watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUGwvw68RzA

Once again thank you for being part of my AMA!

okayifihaveto2 karma

I read LW owns many original Picasso's($$$) and he and his wife are big in the jewish community. I still cant figure out why he gave the house to JE? Why do you think he gave him the house at 9 E 71st?

LandlordLinksNet3 karma

That is a good question; however, you have a brand new reddit handle and I am always somewhat cautious when someone appears out of nowhere - so I will wait to hear if you have a second username you want to share. Thanks.

okayifihaveto3 karma

I am your follower on twitter joblow and I totally support you ($) and support and believe all of these women. I thank you for all your hard work. I live in florida and have been outraged over this epstein scandal since his first sweetheart deal. I think je is still alive as that was not a photo of his dead body. thank you for answering my questions.

LandlordLinksNet2 karma

Hey Joeblow - thank you. I recognize you!! We just wrapped up the AMA, but, as you know, we talk about all this stuff on twitter. You're so kind to tell me who you are. Thanks again for coming out to Reddit to support the AMA!!

Leather_Term2 karma

Hi Kirby, I'm new to reddit too. I signed up after you tweeted about your AMA. I'm guessing you may not want to reply to my 'essay' (quite a few questions!) for this reason - should I just delete it or does this thread close anyway after the session is over?

LandlordLinksNet3 karma

Hi, I haven't had time to read all the questions - what is your question?

Leather_Term2 karma

I asked a few but you've touched on some I think throughout the thread so I'll narrow it down.

1) In regards to suggestions that G. Maxwell was Epstein's handler - do you know if it would be instructed to handlers to not just facilitate but participate in such abuse in order to construct these blackmail operations? 2) Also do you know of any reports that GM ever acted alone (rather than instigated/with Epstein) in that matter? - my theory being that she'll claim she was also his victim if ever facing the music so to speak!

I asked some other questions but it's in the thread if you get time. Thanks once again.

LandlordLinksNet3 karma

Question 2. It is my understanding based on my work/research that Ghislaine Maxwell committed crimes under the direction of her father and without the help of Jeffrey Epstein. Your point about Ghislaine trying to claim she, too, was a victim of Epstein's is one of the subjects I've discussed with the people in my mailing list. Yes she will go this route if ever a criminal charge is brought against her.

Question 1. Spies are given some generic instructions to follow and some leeway into how to get results = hence the Mossad's reliance and use of the word "MAGIC." One of my sources has told me that Ghislaine was having sex with other women as early as 1989 - so I suspect that she might have enjoyed participating when Epstein raped the young girls. Although I also state in my book 'Jeffrey Epstein: Predator, Spy,' that Ghislaine was in fact TEACHING them how to perform.

Msdebb7572 karma


dachsj1 karma

I'm genuinely curious how you prove you didn't have sex with someone? Unless he comes out and says he doesn't have a penis, what other way can you "prove" that?

Msdebb7571 karma


LandlordLinksNet4 karma

I believe Virginia Giuffre.

EDIT: The question that was deleted (not sure why) had to do with Alan Dershowitz and his denials of the claims made by Virginia Giuffre.

Momzilla_MTL3 karma

I would like to see that Dershowitz getting caught too..

LandlordLinksNet3 karma

It is my opinion that Dershowitz is a Mossad attorney. Therefore it is unlikely that he will "get caught."

crippylicious2 karma

Do you think the rumors about Spacey's accusers dying mysteriously are plausible?

LandlordLinksNet3 karma

I know people in the entertainment industry that believe there is something going on. But I have not personally had the time to delve into Spacey.

ALiddleBiddle2 karma

Would you please clear up the controversy surrounding the question: Did Bill Barr’s father hire Jeffrey Epstein to teach math?

LandlordLinksNet7 karma

Yes, Bill Barr indeed hired Jeffrey Epstein. He left Dalton in June after hiring Epstein for the following semester. And the reason he left was allegedly b/c of another scandal. Scandals appear to plaque the Barr family.

Do not let anyone tell you differently. It is noise meant to distract.

augiedog342 karma

Thank you so much for your research! Have you been in contact with Corey Feldman? I have been following his story for years now and he says he is finally going to publicly name his abusers. He has said he has been constantly threatened and stalked as well.

LandlordLinksNet2 karma

Hi, no I have been too busy with the Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Leslie Wexner and company crimes to add anything more to my plate. I do wish Corey luck and hope he receives the closure he needs so that he can heal.

ChristopherPoontang2 karma

Why hasn't Maxwell been taken into custody? Do you think she will be eventually?

LandlordLinksNet2 karma

It is not in the interest of "National Security" to bring charges against Ghislaine Maxwell. Although as the Epstein scandal has exploded it would be in their best interest to prosecute her for perhaps other things so that it would appease her victims to some extent.

ChristopherPoontang2 karma

While I appreciate the reply, it seems a rather vague and unsatisfying reply, as there is just as much "national security" interest in Epstein's prosecution as hers. Care to elaborate?

LandlordLinksNet2 karma

This is a case about spying. It involves the United States and a foreign government. It is a case that brings ridicule to the U.S. It is a case they have shown us they have ZERO interest in pursuing. Epstein did not "die" b/c of reasons other than he would be exposing things that are kept from the public realm.

Cheetocheeto672 karma

Hello Kirby, thank you for this ama. Do you think this will really help with getting people to be more aware of human trafficking?

LandlordLinksNet9 karma

It seems that it already has made people more aware of human trafficking. There are more people actively talking about this on social media. And it's important to continue the dialogue. Without exposure there will be no solution. Thank you for taking part in trying to solve this massive problem by being part of the dialogue.

Cheetocheeto672 karma

When I was 12, my family were missionaries in the Dominican Republic. We were waiting for a missions group to pick them up. I saw two girls getting trafficked. I wanted to help but my parents said I was too young. It has torn me up since then. Do you have any ideas on how to prevent trafficking besides more awareness, and sting operations?

LandlordLinksNet3 karma

Thank you for the question. If I may ask, what specifically did you see that makes you think the two girls were trafficked?

Cheetocheeto671 karma

They were both teenagers. They were herded around the airport by a man who looked to be in his 60s. The girls were Dominican, while the man was Caucasian. My dad said they were trafficked. That is what made me believe it. He saw human trafficking when he was staying at a hotel above a brothel. He didn't know it was a brothel at the time.

LandlordLinksNet4 karma

Got it. Thanks for the explanation. Human trafficking has become larger than drug trafficking. As the Epstein case has shown it happens in the United States and it happens in third world countries too. Many people find it more believable when you spot it in another country - like the Dominican Republic, for example. But it happens everywhere.

There are places in each of these countries that offer Prevention of Human Trafficking resources - so I would encourage you if you were ever in another situation where you believe you saw something to try to find one of these resources. Write everything that you saw. Take pics if you can do so without risking yourself in any way. Keep in mind that sometimes a family member may have willingly sold his or her child - so that no matter how hard we may try to fight this and save everyone - it seems to be an impossible task.

Do not blame yourself - it was out of your control. You are here partaking in this conversation and you have shown to me and to anyone whose watching where your heart is. So please again don't tear yourself up over it. Just put it somewhere that it becomes a place you revisit to examine whether or not you see it again. In the U.S. there is this resource https://www.state.gov/20-ways-you-can-help-fight-human-trafficking/

LBJ4USA2 karma

Would you consider it possible that William J Clinton was involved in this, (or that any other head of state was (Clinton just came to mind))?

LandlordLinksNet6 karma

When you ask "is it possible that William J Clinton was involved in this" what do you mean exactly? We know he was friends w/Epstein and visited his properties.

isarealboy7722 karma

Hi Kirby, thank you for this and all the work that you do!

Somewhat generic question: how far back do you think all of this goes? We know Wexner was using Air America (which is public knowledge that it was a CIA operated airline) for his shipping, and the Air America days go all the way back to 1946. It just seems like it's always the same players in this disgusting game.

Also... Any chance you'd go on TrueAnon? I bet Brace and Liz would love to chat with you about Epstein, as that was their original focus.

LandlordLinksNet3 karma

I think the "organized effort" goes back to before WWI, not WWII as is believed. Depending on my schedule I would be happy to speak with them. I will listen to one of their podcasts today or tomorrow (I have been, as u can imagine, too immersed to listen to many except for Shaun Attwood - I love how supportive he has been of Virginia and all the women).

yunibyte2 karma

Have you checked out Epstein’s bitcoin involvement/investments?

LandlordLinksNet2 karma

No, I haven't gone down all the rabbit holes yet. I have found some interesting things indicating he was committing financial fraud while he was supposedly in jail, aside from continuing to abuse minors.

editorreilly1 karma

Do you think the people involved in the cover up are actively following this thread to figure out what you know?

LandlordLinksNet2 karma

I believe people involved in the cover-up as well as players of Epstein & Company keep a close eye on what we're all saying. I stopped making blog posts and began to send out Exclusive Content to my followers b/c of where the traffic to my website was coming from.

okayifihaveto1 karma

Wexner married at age 55 or later he and je were lovers maybe? what did he get out of the trafficking scheme? was it money only or was he a 'client'? what does Virginia say?

LandlordLinksNet2 karma

Epstein was very clearly a front for Wexner. Wexner is turn is Mossad extraordinaire. Virginia claims in court documents that Epstein gave her to Wexner in the same way that he gave her to Prince Andrew (whose birthday, btw, is today).

JustSayIvan1 karma

Hi Kirby. Question: That fake pic of Ghislaine she did of In-N-Out burger with that book in her hands. Could she have put a hit on Epstein and she is In-N-Out of peoples lives? That it's her sly cryptic confession?

LandlordLinksNet1 karma

I do not believe Ghislaine had Epstein killed.

jdog2222221 karma

Hi very interesting thread so far, my question is have you seen the movie Chef by Jon Favreau?

LandlordLinksNet4 karma

Yes, I saw 'Chef' the movie the first couple of days after it opened.

GoggleGeek11 karma

What can we (as normal citizens) do to bring down the people who were involved with Epstein?

LandlordLinksNet1 karma

Expose them. Look past MSM attempts to whitewash white collar crimes.

Always question the narrative of MSM who was purchased decades ago. While some things like human interest stories get through - most are designed as propaganda pieces.

At a recent event at Columbia University a well known reporter for the New York Times made the following statement, "We're the real media, the fake news are all the things you find on the internet."

This reporter, a woman, said this about people like myself and others who are working on exposing Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein and others who have essentially given up paid jobs/businesses to work on ending violence against women.

lady-oeuvre1 karma

Hello Ms. Sommers. Thank you for the work you do and my deepest condolences to the abuse you suffered.

What can a layman do to be more aware of trafficking victims? It seems as though Epstein (and co.) built a “harem” of underage girls and kept them prisoners. Were the girls ever out in public? Is there a way to pay more attention/notice signs of someone being trafficked? What do you suggest someone does if they believe they see someone who is trafficked? Authorities don’t seem to be trustworthy. How can we help, if the situation arises?

LandlordLinksNet3 karma

I'd like to clarify two of the phrases you use in your question: "kept them prisoners" and "were the girls ever out in public."

When Epstein or someone employed by him lured minors to his private island in the Caribbean Little St James -- there was literally no way to escape. The only way out was on a boat. So in that sense, these girls were held against their will (which is called false imprisonment and is a crime).

In some cases there was physical force (like with Maria Farmer on Leslie Wexner's property in New Albany, Ohio who was assaulted by both Epstein and Maxwell and who, even after calling the police - had to wait to be rescued from Wexner's property by her father).

In other cases there was a psychological entrapment. Meaning that they wore down a victim so much or used other ways of coersion that they turned the victim into a broken down version of herself (think Stockholm Syndrome) and in this way they "prevented" the victims from leaving.


There is a well known photograph of Naomi Campbell on a yacht starting at a young Virginia Roberts (now known by her married name Giuffre). Neither Campbell or anyone else at this event did anything.

The same goes for the employees who witnessed abuse, washed sex toys, saw the girls in distress and did nothing.